Anyone want to bet Sandusky was abused by that twisted fuck of a father of his?

News today is that Jeffrey Sandusky – son of Penn State perv Jerry Sandusky, who is hopefully getting violated by a lot of large, angry men in prison for sexually abusing 10 children – has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting two minors.

Pennsylvania State Police detained Sandusky on six felony counts: statutory sexual assault; involuntary deviate sexual intercourse; photographing, videographing, depicting on computer or filming sexual acts; and unlawful contact with a minor; sexual abuse of children; corruption of minors.


According to police, Jeffrey Sandusky attempted to obtain explicit material from a minor under the age of 18 — referred to as victim No. 1 — via text messages in March 2016. The minor’s mother was dating Sandusky at the time and had been for six years. Sandusky lived with the woman and her children for five of those years.

The look on my face as I sit here and read this is one of sheer disgust so profound, that my face actually hurts.

jeffrey-sanduskyI have to say, though, is it possible that the younger Sandusky is the product of his twisted, repugnant father’s abuse? I mean, I’m not trying to make excuses for this slimebag. I’m just curious if it’s possible that Sandusky became the twisted kiddie diddler he is because he was living with an abuser himself. I can’t imagine that the elder Sandusky didn’t take advantage of having his own little victim living inside his house, and if he did, what are the chances that he created a sexual predator?

I watch too much Special Victims Unit.

But that said, I did stumble upon some research that addresses child sexual abuse.

Among 747 males the risk of being a perpetrator was positively correlated with reported sexual abuse victim experiences. The overall rate of having been a victim was 35% for perpetrators and 11% for non-perpetrators. Of the 96 females, 43% had been victims but only one was a perpetrator. A high percentage of male subjects abused in childhood by a female relative became perpetrators. Having been a victim was a strong predictor of becoming a perpetrator, as was an index of parental loss in childhood.

So while roughly a third of the men who were sexually abused as children became abusers themselves, it doesn’t end there. Family environment, neglect, and a lack of supervision increased a boy’s chances of becoming a predator, according to a subsequent UK study.

“The message here is that sexual victimization alone is not sufficient to suggest a boy is likely to grow up to become a sex offender,” study author and psychiatrist Arnon Bentovim tells WebMD. “But our study does show that abused boys who grow up in families where they are exposed to a great deal of violence or neglect are at particular risk.”

As I said, I’m not making excuses. I do remember the younger Sandusky being daddy’s ardent defender a few years ago, and I have to wonder whether he has some kind of Stockholm syndrome going on. I don’t know what kind of faulty wiring makes one think it’s OK to take sexual advantage of a child. I do know I wouldn’t be surprised if that bastard used his own kid as a sex toy, and in potentially doing so, he at the very least helped create the monster who today was charged with having sex with minors.

Damn these people! I feel unclean just having read and written about this.


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  1. A far as I’m concerned the only suitable punishment for a convicted sexual predator of children is TOBSIH…Take Out Back, Shoot In Head.

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    1. Shoot in head, yes, but it should be done in public ‘pour encourager les autres’

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      1. Tie them to a post. Leave the head mobile. Executioner tries to put pistol to forehead. If the convict tries to duck, tell him that his other alternative is to be shot in the gut.

        Either way, leave him tied to the post for a week or two.


  2. How ’bout FCTTOBSIH. First castrate then…

    It don’t get much worse than this…..

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  3. Yes, I’m not a licensed shrink or have any particular training in that direction – but I am one of those people with an apparently kind face and nonjudgmental attitude who gets confided in a lot … and yes – altogether possible that the older Sandusky did behave inappropriately with the younger. As the twig is bent, et cetera.

    One of the reasons that I did not date much, as a single parent was the uncomfortable knowledge that there would be scumbags who would romance me in order to get close enough to have access to my daughter as a child and adolescent – and THAT was something I was not going to risk, in any way, shape, or form. Even if the odds were relatively small, I was not going to allow anyone that close. Not until the kidlet was a Marine and presumably capable of handling scumbags herself in the appropriate manner.

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  4. I am now 56 years old. It is a difficult position to be in, since as a man, I have an innate love for beautiful women. The problem is that now with a daughter aged 34, I feel guilty that beautiful women that I look at might be younger than her, and that is a tough position to put myself in, as I have always made sure to never allowed myself to allow to get into any position that would compromise my ethics. It is perhaps a testament to me knowing the human nature that exists within myself, or the fact that I at one time attended Bible college, but I think that mostly, it is from a result of my respect for women that was forged as a high school student and many of my closest friends were female, and I never would have done anything to make them feel disrespected by me. Probably that is why the only females that I have slept with have been the two women that I have been married to. I know, tmi. I don’t think that I have missed a thing.

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  5. It wouldn’t be surprising if he is the way he is because of sexual abuse, or even as you mentioned “faulty wiring” (that’s a nature vs. nurture question, but maybe in this case it’s both?)

    An interesting documentary, if a little hard to watch, I came across on Netflix was called Pervert Park:

    It details the lives within a post-incarcerated community of sex offenders, and as you listen to their stories you can really see in so many of them how the cycle of abuse was passed down.

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  6. Your headline was the first thing Left Brain said to me when I told her; well, not verbatim, but the same sentiment.

    The perp is Sandusky’s adopted son……

    “Because, that made it easier for you to sleep at night, huh Jerry?”
    Good Gawd, I look forward to the day we hear about the elder’s beating death in prison.

    The sad part is that Graduate Assistant Coach Mike McQueary told officials in 2001 about a shower incident involving Sandusky and a young athlete and PSU Athletics Admin covered it up.


  7. Evil prick. Look at those eyes – absolutely dead and empty.


  8. IT’s probable that the elder Sandusky was abused as a kid as well. And another one of his kids did wind up accusing him of abuse. I get that there are some twisted sickos in the world, but if you’re otherwise normal, how do you cover up such awful crimes?


  9. Aaaahhhhh, Sexual predators, rapists, pedopiles, all along the same lines, what some of us ex-Marines refer to as MTP. AKA “moving target practice”….. nuff said….

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  10. It’s not uncommon for the abused to grow up and be abusers. My ex’s father sexually abused all four of his children. When my sister-in-law tried to tell her mother, she was punished “for lying”. In later years, my mother-in-law admitted she was skeptical at first, but then realized it was true. Yet, she stayed married to him until the youngest child left home, then divorced him. I will never forgive her for that.

    We found out in later years that both my ex’s brothers in turn abused their own children. My ex and his sister escaped developing that perversion, but they had a myriad of emotional and psychological issues. They never got over what their father did, nor their mother’s betrayal.


    1. It is such a sad story, made even sadder by the fact that we have all heard it before, and probably most of us have known someone who have experienced it first hand. How some of then are able to later in life have a normal relationship is a testament to the resilience of the human psyche. I know several women who were abused as young girls, and they have all gone on to marry, and raise a family. That they didn’t let this make them hard in their hearts towards men, or for that matter, older women who allowed it to go on, is amazing. So when I see stories like this, of how the younger man was abused, and went on to also be an abuser himself, I can not find all that much room in my heart for sympathy. Certainly I am sorry for what he went through as a young man, but that is simply not a factor that bears any part of what he himself chose to do. No more than saying that someone who turns to heroin started off on marijuana. Sure they do, and so most people who turn to alcohol start off on mother’s milk. Sorry, but I can’t find cause and affect there, because most people who are abused do not turn into abusers themselves, unless there is data that shows that they do. In any case, I feel no sorrow for the man, only for his victims.


  11. Pretty bleeping sad.


  12. I have to agree some sexually abused children become abusers themselves if parents don’t get them the help they need. My son was sexually abused for 5 years starting at age 6 when he’d visit his father. I have had him in therapy since he was 7. My son has NEVER re victimized. I would like to address one thing though. I think re victimization is also caused by lack of us officials to make a reform in the system. More than 1/ 2 of sexual abusers walk free. Our society has taught us rape, molest, touch or fondle it’s OK because as long as your the accused you get a free attorney, and literally the abusers here have more rights given then the victims. What are we teaching these abused children I mean really? Speak up feel the shame and he’s gonna walk anyways and your gonna be just the kid that lied smh


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