Shut your foul maw while you still have teeth left. How bou dah!

I intentionally try not to know the latest fads, not to follow pop culture, and not to pay attention to street slang. 

Daniel had to explain to me what “bae” was, and I felt dumber just having understood that particular term. 

I always insisted that my kids use proper grammar – even in text messages. Yes, I was that mom. And even now I crack up when Danny corrects others’ grammar! Yeah, I taught him well. 

So when this latest “How bow dah!” slang thing came out, I really just ignored it. I didn’t understand it. It was like a foreign language. I had no time to decipher it. I suppose I could have asked one of the kids, but they’re busy being a full time Marine and being a Soldier and student. I figured it would just go away. 

But it didn’t. It was everywhere. It was even in my Bitmoji menu (it’s a comic strip you that you design and use, that supposedly looks like you, instead of the usual emojis available on your phone)! 

Literally this thing was everydamnwhere, and for some reason people were either angry, incensed, or just down right outraged about it. So of course, it piqued my curiosity, because otherwise normal adults were using this phrase, and not in a flattering or positive way. 

So on went my Google machine, and I pulled up this

Back in September 2016, 13-year-old Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli and her mother appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss the teen’s “out-of-control” behavior. If you’re a regular viewer of The Dr. Phil Show, the two women’s segment was nothing out of the ordinary. One teen with attitude and a mouth to match + one anxious mother = some solid television (it always does). “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime,” proclaims the The Dr. Phil Show website entry about them. Are you hooked? I am.

[No, I’m not. Because I’m not a chip chomping culture fad whore. I have a job I work 10-12 hours per day, and no time for daytime trash TV.]

The segment likely would have faded into daytime-television obscurity had it not been for one perfect moment. “All these hos laughin’ like there’s something funny,” Bregoli says, gesturing to the audience. “Did you say,” Dr. Phil responds, judiciously pausing and moving his hands as though attempting to sort through Bregoli’s meaning, “the hos are laughing?” The audience begins to applaud. At which point Bregoli unleashes the line that would soon make her an internet star: “Cash me outside, howbow dah?”

So this trash bit whore, who commits petty crimes, dresses like a savage, and talks like she’s got a mouth full of shit becomes an internet sensation, instead of getting her ass beat and being sent to juice for a spell, right?

What’s the message here? The message is: if you’re outrageous enough, disrespectful enough, and ballsy enough to be exactly that on national television, you will be a star. With impunity. 

You don’t have to study and get good grades. You don’t have to respect others. You don’t have to work and achieve. You just have to be a pernicious little shit in public, and you will be rewarded. 

Of course, the sudden popularity of the meme has also thrust the teen who started it all back into the spotlight. Earlier this week, a story claimed that Peskowitz Bregoli had committed suicide after she was bullied by classmates for her appearance on the show. The story was later debunked by Snopes, which notes it ran on fake news site “” which, unsurprisingly, isn’t related to the real NBC. Peskowitz Bregoli is alive and well and keeping her fans updated via Facebook, where just yesterday she streamed a live video consisting largely of her counting dollar bills to the camera for nearly an hour. It has since been viewed over 45,000 times. “CASH ME LIVE!” Well … how bow dah.

Know what? “How bow dah” smells like bad fucking parenting to me. 

It smells like instead of applying some discipline and teaching this mouthy little harlot some values, mommy dearest decided to appeal to the public in the worst possible way – on national television. 

It smells like parenting FAIL. 

Mommy decided to garner some attention and maybe some sympathy from the stupid by parading her rude, repulsive jackass of a kid in front of an audience of millions. She didn’t really want help. If she did, she would have taken this pathetic little hood rat either to a good shrink, or to a juvenile facility, instead of a talk show hosted by someone who could have dedicated his life to helping people, given his education and background, but chose instead to exploit trash and make millions doing it. 

Instead of parenting, she decided to give the little rat exactly what she wanted – attention and notoriety. 

And the stupid public ate it up, falling right into that trap. 

I get the feeling the brat learned that behavior from mommy dearest, in which case, mommy dearest deserves a good, swift kick in the ass for wasting society’s time with her classless, ornery spawn. 

Like mother, like daughter. 

The only cure for that stupid is to stop giving it time!

Stop making memes, videos, and gifs glorifying classless, loutish assclowns. 

Stop making them famous! 

They’re not funny. They’re embarrassing. 

If that were my kid, she’d get a kick in the teeth and some military school therapy. She’d be doing push-ups on my kitchen floor until she had no more energy to be a rude shit clown. And if she decided to commit a crime, she’d be sitting in the back of a police car on her way to a juvenile facility. 

Don’t like that, little girl? Too fucking bad. 

How bow dah!


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  1. How to become famous in ways you (Hopefully) never wanted to.

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    1. Oh, I have no doubt she wanted it. Badly.


      1. I think this might invoke the old “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

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        1. She’s getting MONEY from this. Seriously. We, as a society, need to stop rewarding shitbaggery.

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        2. Oy, I concur. Mockery would be deserved. Money? Not so much.


        3. Well, welcome to society of stupid. We glorify it. We give it recognition. We give it money and memorialize it in pop culture. And then we wonder why our elected officials and celebrity spokespeople are just as dumb as we are.

          And I mean “we” in a very general sense.

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  2. The little shitbag needs to learn the pain of a slap and the taste of Lava soap. Our kids are all grown and the Daughter is having some of the same issues with one that she caused. Sometimes Karma isn’t a bitch, it’s sweet.


    1. I had some definite problems with the kids when they were teenagers. And somehow, we took care of it, and only one turned out to be a complete bag of desiccated shit. And in that case, i got that one when she was 11, so the behaviors were hard wired.

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      1. I have 5 kids, 3 biological, and 2 adopted with my present wife. We got the two when they were about 5 and 2. The older one ended up being trouble. She found her biological parents and moved out west to live near them. I have said that when you adopt, you don’t get a blank slate. I feel for you, Nicki. It is not easy to pour all of yourself into someone only to end up with that result. But of course, we know it is not our fault, it still sucks. As to this piece of crap on t.v., it is no different than the drug problem, as long as there is a market for this outrageous behavior on display, someone will put it on. First Phil Donahue, then Sally Jesse Raphael, Morton Downey Jr., Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Jenny Jones, etc. it seemed like a rush to the bottom. Ross Perot was wrong. That great sucking sound was not NAFTA, it was American daytime television.

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  3. Two days ago the mother daughter tag team of trash was booted off Spirit Air for brawling with another passenger in the aisles. Naturally the interwebs went crazy.

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    1. Yes, I linked to that at the end.


  4. Damn I’m grateful I have good kids

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    1. And adults I know think kids are bad for talking back to adults or being messy…


  5. When I saw this… mother… and her evil shitkid the first time, I wasn’t really sure which one needed their ass kicked the most. Add in 1 more ass kicking for Phil too, just for aiding and abetting those two human failures.

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    1. Hey, he makes millions off this type of sub-human detritus.


  6. I’ve never heard that “expression”. Good on me, I guess.

    So, Nicki; is the redheaded cartoon chick you? If so, I won’t lie, it makes me kind of hot. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Nicki, who do that?


    2. LOL! Well, it’s supposed to be me. But I have longer hair now. The photo on the sidebar is actually me from a year and a half ago, and it’s pretty much accurate.


  7. In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes. – Andy Warhol, 1968

    As long as the kid is allowed to get away with it, she’ll do it until someone smacks her silly for it. Her mother? Even from here that smells like cash-hunting whorism to me. No brains, no headaches. Just wait until the tax man shows up for his share.


  8. In a more just world, one of the audience members would have beaten the stupid out of that kid until she came out a Rhodes Scholar.


  9. The Unknown Professor

    I’ve often told my kids that they will either be well-behaved or dead. They know I don’t do physical violence, but they have a lot of respect for all the ways I’d eventually figure out how to make their lives miserable if they acted up.

    And it appears they’re learning. 16 Yo daughter is getting a rep in the high-priced development next door as the Queen of All Babysitters. She watched 4 under the age of 8 the other night and had no problems whatsoever. As a condition of doing it (She’s good enough that she sets terms), she made sure with the parents that she could give the munchkins sundaes. She told them that any misbehaving would lose them a topping for each offense. And that if they misbehaved enough, she’d eat their ice cream, and that since she was bigger than them, they couldn’t stop her.

    So right from the start, she established that the house rule was “thou shalt not fark with the babysitter”.

    I’ll take credit for that attitude.

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    1. Good on the girl, and good on you. Hope she is paid well for her babysitting!


  10. Why do i feel like i would hear that in a brothel in Thai-land?

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  11. Every kid remembers their parent’s “look”. I started early with my son. We had an understanding. At the age of 2 or 3, when he saw the look, he knew it was time to shut it down.

    My look was best described as an “Elvis Lip” and was way more effective than any shouted words or spankings. Silent, but deadly…..if you will.

    As far as Faux Ghetto THOT, her psyche and demeanor have only progressed this far due to the action/inaction of her mother. I regretfully predict that this girl’s future will be filled progressively horrible incidents. When I learn of stories like hers, It just makes me want to hug my mama and say “thank you, thank you, thank you”.

    I wanted to read a bit more about this before I posted. From this article, seems like Nikki was slammin’ the head of that nail.


    1. My dad (LtCol D) had a look that would have you confessing to things he had no idea you were guilty of. I haven’t quite perfected it yet but I’m getting there!


      1. I turned to my DS voice when needed. It scared the shit out of the kids sometimes. 🙂


      2. My brother had a friend who had dropped by to talk to him. My father was in the country at the time, and needed to get to the Department of Foreign Affairs, so the friend offered him a lift.

        Through the whole ride, my father was talking loudly on his cellphone – Dad would shout into it, or raise his voice above speaking level, for some reason. Probably to be heard over the traffic. Since Manila is a concrete jungle with lots of vehicular fly-overs and a rail system that cuts through it, there are frequent signal deadzones. Whenever the call got cut or dropped, he would swear with great vigour and vehemence. He would do the same whenever someone would jaywalk in front of the car.

        When they dropped him off, my brother’s friend asked Dad what time they should pick him up again. Surprised but grateful, my father named a time and thanked him.

        On the drive back, the friend confessed to my brother that he found Dad, roaring congenially to his friends, firing affectionate insults back, incredibly scary. This guy was a big burly guy, one of those who look really intimidating, and commanding. “I wanted to stop the car, kneel and loudly confess all my sins and beg for forgiveness!”

        The friend also made it a point to rush back, through heavy traffic, to ensure he arrived half an hour early.


  12. “I intentionally try not to know the latest fads, not to follow pop culture, and not to pay attention to street slang.”

    Probably for the best. Since acting brain damaged rather than intelligent is a trend among young people, there’s no end to the mind-numbing memes that are out there.

    “Daniel had to explain to me what “bae” was, and I felt dumber just having understood that particular term. ”

    It irritated me too. I like Urban Dictionary’s take on it:

    The most fucking annoying way to say girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, or any other sort of significant other. Commonly used by ghetto folks, swagfags, and annoying fucktards

    Yo Yo she’s my bae
    Jesus Christ, this person is fucking retarded.


    1. LMAO!!!!!!!

      I just died! I really need to make Urban Dictionary a thing!


  13. I had literally never heard of this before reading this post. Now I’m thankful for my heretofore blissful ignorance, and sad that it’s now gone forever.


  14. […] my visceral reaction to the shit-chewing, smug cretin, whose tits eclipse her brains made famous by the equally repulsive, tabloid “doctor” […]


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