Hypocrisy, Doublethink, and Trashcan Fires

First off, a little introduction is in order. Recently, the esteemed Nicki Kenyon invited me to contribute to The Liberty Zone. I can only say that she is my sister from another mother in many respects, especially the ah… extensive use of colorful language. I go by a few names, but Thales will suffice for the moment. Why Thales? Well, the original Thales of Miletus used his comparatively advanced knowledge of astronomy to correctly predict the scale of the olive oil harvest, and profited handsomely from the whole affair. He and his fellow Ionians believed that their prosperity resulted from their own initiative and endeavors.

If this was a properly Progressive blog, with all the usual trigger warnings for special snowflakes, any post of mine would require several pages of pointless consent forms to read. Of course, her readers don’t give a flying fuck. Special snowflake disease does infect the Right wing from time-to-time, but never in such numbers as it afflicts the Left. So with that being said… let’s head to the topic at hand.

Everybody can be hypocritical at times. We often fail to live up to our own standards. Indeed, if you’re a Christian, this concept is already very axiomatic. Everybody fucks up. Everybody sins. But the Left takes hypocrisy to new heights. Rather than admit they have failed to live up to their standards, they double down on the delusion.

Love Trumps Hate, you see. But it’s okay to torture a poor disabled man on a livestream. No big deal. Why, the four perps were just angry at the racist-sexist-homophobic Trump. Their home lives were troubled, or some such festering bullshit excuse pulled out of some Progressive proctological disaster’s ass-mouth. It’s like when they tried to cast the Orlando club shooter as some kind of conservative, because he was a Muslim who hated gay people. Everything that happens, they say, is our fault. Even if it’s someone on their team who did the deed.


Love Trumps Hate. Amiright?

They don’t just fail to live up to their standards from time-to-time, they openly and obnoxiously flout their own standards, and then have the utter, unmitigated gall to tell us that we need to live up to their standards perfectly, flawlessly, and 100% of the time. It’s a uniquely idiotic and malicious form of doublethink. Orwell would be proud.

They’d call Trump a dumpster fire (the jury is still out on this – we must give our new President time to impress or disappoint us), while at the same time literally lighting trash cans on fire to protest his election:


You want to protest a so-called dumpster fire by starting dumpster fires. Got it.

But the most fascinating thing about this may be just how readily and obnoxiously the news media not only covers this stupidity, but deliberately tries to inflame it. We all know they weren’t fans of Trump. Of course, they hate anybody who isn’t a Democrat, and a fair number of people who are, but they did seem to reserve a special loathing for him. My operating theory is that Trump is regarded as a heretic from their own celebrity class. And we all know that in history the most intense hatred is often reserved for the heretic, the one who leaves the ideological plantation on his own. Whatever the reason, however, their hate for him has caused them to reveal their idiocy and intolerance in full public view.

Madonna, of course, is put up as a shining beacon of hopey-changey vaginatude. As if the crusty old hag who offered her bloated and disease-infested reproductive organs as a reward for casting a Hillary vote has anything to say worth listening to. But this was a consistent feature in the campaign, too, where has-been celebrities were trotted out periodically to ritualistically display their devotion to the Clintons. I don’t know how Hillary expected that would appeal to a factory worker in the Rust Belt, but hey, I’m obviously not as smart as the pollsters.

When they didn’t get their way, it was time to throw a temper tantrum. It was like a Maoist struggle session, where the star of the show was a Trump effigy. The journalists, of course, ate this up.

Here they are, obsessed with somebody trying (and failing) to light another dumpster fire.

Just look at how intensely interested they are in lighting trash on fire. They should have stuck a burning faggot up Madonna’s ass. That is a trashcan fire I’d be interested in watching. Hell, the Secret Service could even claim it was in the interests of protecting our new President, since she was up there making ridiculous threats and stating how she wanted to blow up the White House.

That would be news.

Unfortunately, we are still stuck in a world where this intense hypocrisy and blatant doublethink is still a thing. And the idiocy shows no signs of abating. Indeed, in the wake of inauguration, the idiocy continues with this women’s march, which Nicki has already covered in-depth.

The only thing I might add, is that our intrepid Leftists are disgusting litter bugs. I remember attending a few Tea Party protests, and it was remarkable how clean and responsible the attendees were. Trash bags were distributed, most people took their signs home and disposed of them on their own. The rest used the provided bags and made cleanup easy and simple. For a bunch of supposed environment-hating rednecks, we sure did clean up after ourselves.

The Earth-friendly environuts? Not so much. Observe:


If there is a better metaphor for the failure of Progressive politics, I can’t think of it presently. They are children, screaming that life isn’t fair, because they didn’t get their way. And, quite frankly, we ought to treat them as such until they grow up and and stop acting like spoiled little brats.


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  1. So… guy. You looking for any arguments to THAT…????

    Not likely!

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    1. FNG is pretty fantastic, isn’t he?

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  2. Not too shabby, Thales, and nice to see you resurrected from your ancient tomb.
    I addressed something very close to that subject, but from a more pragmatic view, that these overgrown children are completely unprepared to be responsible adults. It’s here: and while I did briefly watch those trashings of buildings in downtown WDC on videos provided by a friend, I just found the entire event repulsive. This is not the 1960s, when there was a war going on that was concocted by Lyndon Johnson, who subsequently lost his job over it. We got Nixon as part of that bargain.
    This is not the start of something new, no matter what the SJW howler monkeys may think. The ‘new’ part has long since come and gone. This is more along the lines of watching someone fart and set fire to his own ass.
    I do appreciate the photos of after-march trash. Those are priceless.

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  3. Yup. And when I remember how the various Tea Party rallies left venues where they were generally cleaner … I am just about spare with angry frustration. (I know — because I was on the planning board for a HUUUGE Tea Party rally in San Antonio — that we had a dedicated clean-up crew working in the Alamo Plaza as soon as the rally began winding down. And yes – the volunteers were at work, with dozens of trash bags,)

    This latest bit of fuckwittery is about enough to declare that I no longer want to be identified as a feminist. Since “feminist” is apparently prog-speak for self-centered hysterical assholes who can’t be bothered to do the hard work of things like — cleaning up after yourselves. Oh — and how the establishment so-called “feminists” treated Sarah Palin? Yes – done with y’all.

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    1. Back in the sixties, “feminism” all sounded so good to me. Then my mother asked me what my specific beef was and I didn’t have an answer. I was embarrassed at realizing that I was operating on emotion and not intellect. My point of view began to shift at that point and I renounced “feminism” as soon as they started burning their bras. These women started to look ugly to me — they were ugly inside. I decided I actually liked it when a man held the door for me or told me I was smart.

      And I decided that some boobs really, really needed a bra.

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  4. If I had to compare the current media to anything, it would be a fish thrown on to the bank. They’re making valiant efforts to prolong their life, but in the end, they’ll just be another meal for a stray raccoon.

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  5. Yes indeed, they are lying hypocrites — still in control of the media, the academia, and the deep state gov’t bureaucracies.

    It would be very refreshing if Trump plus Reps in Congress would be diminishing the power of those hypocritical Dem stronghold institutions — but I won’t be holding my breath.

    Tho I’ll continue to dream.

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  6. Feminism is the Radical Notion that Women are People

    and Men are Not.

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  7. Protest is a wonderful thing, and one of the rocks upon which our Republic stands. It of course started way back in colonial times, with things like the Boston Tea Party, rebellions to the stamp act, the whiskey rebellion, et al. But protests such as those had a clear and achievable goal. The people who protest now not only have no idea of what they are protesting but also have no goal in mind as to what they hope to achieve with their protest. If I were to be a protester today, I would be ashamed to be associated with people who protest simply for the joy of protesting, without having any real desire to affect change, or to bring attention to an injustice, thereby forcing others to view things the same way that I do. A protester who is merely trying to become a celebrity due to their protest, is not a protester at all. They are a narcissist.


  8. “If there is a better metaphor for the failure of Progressive politics, I can’t think of it presently. They are children, screaming that life isn’t fair, because they didn’t get their way. And, quite frankly, we ought to treat them as such until they grow up and stop acting like spoiled little brats.”

    So very apt. And like children, they have zero self-awareness. To the point that it boggles the mind. I really don’t get the disconnect. And trust me, I’ve tried. And to think I once thought of fairness and justice as simple concepts with reason as the mediator. *Sigh*

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  9. Sanitized Chaos. Clean garbage, safe fires.
    No one much breaks a nail or loses makeup.

    I guess the rest gather around a burning trashcan with age.

    It must be nice to be safe and warm without getting dirty in the process.

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  10. re: Signage ‘litter’:

    I read something yesterday said the signs were intentionally left in that particular spot as a form of protest (it’s near some government building, I forget which one).

    A rather silly and wasteful form, but meh…..

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    1. Perhaps it was that way for some (I’m not sure I believe it, but the possibility exists). However, this was not the only such photo. Take a look at this:


      1. I was referring only to that one spot.

        And yes, these types of protests always seem to be accompanied by large amounts of abandoned trash.

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        1. Sadly, yes. They do tend to be. It’s filthy. Disgusting. I’ve seen pop concerts that were cleaner.


  11. Baron von Cut-n-Paste

    “The Earth-friendly environuts? Not so much.”

    Spot on. It’s been my experience that those who pontificate most sanctimoniously about the dangers of climate change are also the ones most likely to neglect to turn off the lights when they leave a room, set the oven more than an hour ahead of time to make sure it’s hot when they need it , and generally waste electricity for convenience’s sake. It makes it really hard to take them seriously.

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  12. Thales…..bully. (In the most honorable T. Roosevelt vernacular)
    And kudos to Sister Nikki for providing the space.

    Man, the slugging percentage on this site is rockin’ it.

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  13. ” It’s like when they tried to cast the Orlando club shooter as some kind of conservative, because he was a Muslim who hated gay people. Everything that happens, they say, is our fault. Even if it’s someone on their team who did the deed.”

    That must have been an interesting day for the alt left, trying to figure out how to interpret and spin this. Didn’t an LGBT community in Orlando come out in support of Trump after this? I know some have:

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    1. Yeah, Milo came down to Orlando and spoke out against militant Islam and spoke in favor of Trump.

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