For the record…

I couldn’t give less of a spinning, flying, toothless, bleeding rat’s fuck about the size of the crowds at Trump’s inauguration vice Obama’s. 

I did not attend the women’s march. As a matter of fact I don’t know or understand what it was about, and the senseless screeching of Ashley Judd about her vagoo did not help clear things up. 

I have never felt marginalized as a woman… or a Jew… I have made my own way and worked my ass off to succeed. And I have. Hard. 

I have never felt the need to wag my vagina at the general public as a source of pride. It’s my body part. If you feel the need to express your pride at your uterine lining exiting your cunt in a gush of blood every damn month, perhaps you need a sense of actual achievement.

They already pay for their razors, you screeching imbeciles!

For the record, demanding that other people pay for your tampons is not feminism. It’s retarded. 

I don’t find the word “cunt” offensive. 

For the record, I find these vapid celebritards, who have all of a sudden found a new respect for the Constitution, because it’s now fashionable to virtue signal “concern” for the country, now that someone they don’t like got elected to be supercilious. I took that oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States when I joined the Army, you daft sows. And I joined when Bill Clinton was President, even though I didn’t vote for him. I joined because I love this country, not because it’s en vogue to take an inconsequential vow. When you put on that uniform and defend the entire Constitution, including the Second Amendment and the Electoral College, perhaps I’ll take you more seriously. 

For the record, I’m glad the demonstrations were largely peaceful. 

For the record, if you snottily proclaimed that the President’s children are off limits and cannot be attacked, and yet think it’s acceptable to ridicule and bully the current President’s 10-year-old CHILD, you are beyond a cuntastic, hypocritical, noxious fuck goblin! You’re not even a fucking human being! You deserve derision and a bitch slap. 

I thank my friend Rebecca for the above, although she was a lot nicer about it than I am. 

For the record, if you applaud clothing designers who publicly refused to have the First Lady wear their designs, but want bakers who won’t cater gay weddings punished by law, you’re a hypocrite. 

For the record, I think if you’re walking around dressed like a vulva, you deserve ridicule. 

For the record, I support your right to demonstrate peacefully for WHATEVER reason, but if you demonstrate against the current President, publicly admit you dream about burning down the White House because a guy you dislike got elected, but called opposition against the former President “treason,” you’re a hypocritical ass weasel. 

For the record, I think Trump’s inauguration speech was a campaign speech, filled with vapid platitudes, nothing more. It wasn’t interesting or engaging. I tuned out. 

For the record, I’m beyond thrilled that Jim Mattis and John Kelly are now Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security. I consider them beyond competent and perfectly suited for those jobs! I will give Trump credit where credit is due. 

For the record, those of you clutching your pearls that the White House webpage no longer contains Obama Administration policies are uninformed fuckwits. Obama’s White House website has been archived by Obama staff, not Trump. 

And for the record, all the Godwin’s law-violating hanky wringing and petty nonsense about crowd size shows a lack of seriousness and maturity on both sides. No one needed to watch unwarranted chest-thumping with the CIA’s wall of fallen heroes in the background! Much like no one will take you seriously if you act like a retarded monkey and screech about Trump being as bad as Hitler. 

Fucktards to the left of me, clown show to the right. 


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  1. “stuck in the middle with you” Oh I was singing instead of watching the news. Since fake news seems to be in vogue… I only listen to weather 🙂 But I think they were marching for tampons and abortions.

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    1. Seriously. Tampons? WTF?

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      1. My sentiments exactly

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  2. Stuck in the middle with you. . .

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  3. Trump has brought a lot of this on himself.

    The usual formula for the period between the election and the inauguration is for the PEOTUS to reach out to those who voted against him in an effort to try and bring everyone TOGETHER. It doesn’t mean that he has to cave in to the policies he ran against, but it DOES mean that he shouldn’t continue to act as if he were still running against everyone.

    Instead, Trump has continued to tweet out his anger against people or groups that he thinks are ‘attacking’ him.

    Yesterday, at one of the balls, he continued to call people who voted against him “my enemies”.

    I remember Richard Nixon very well. I am seeing a LOT of parallels between Trump and Nixon’s second term.

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    1. Yesterday, at one of the balls, he continued to call people who voted against him “my enemies”.

      Considering the behavior of the people who voted against him being displayed, and listed by the lovely Nicki, ‘My enemies’ is the correct description.

      But that seems to bother you more than the threats against a ten year old boy. And your implication that Trump ‘brought this about’ implies you’re fucking okay with that.

      But thanks for showing a neat demonstration of the hypocrisy that Nicki was describing. You’re a fantastic case of ‘horrible example.’ Congrats!

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      1. “But that seems to bother you more than the threats against a ten year old boy.”

        O.K., I’ve been a bit OOTL (skiing in Flagstaff), but I didn’t hear about any ‘threats’. Just a really despicable attempt at a joke. Did I miss something?


        1. I had to dig. I remembered reading an article that there was a threatening letter sent to Trump’s son during the campaign.
          First: I misremembered (so, my apologies there.) -it’s a bit more complicated than that. The letter was received by Eric Trump – rather, his wife.

          Last Updated Mar 18, 2016 7:35 AM EDT

          NEW YORK — The Secret Service, FBI and New York Police Department are investigating what sources tell CBS News is a threatening piece of mail sent to Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump.

          The mail, sent to Eric Trump at his posh Manhattan residence at 100 Central Park South, also known as Trump Parc East, was opened by his wife Thursday.

          A source close to the investigation said the letter had a Massachusetts postmark and warned that if Donald Trump doesn’t withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination — paraphrasing — harm will come to the kids.

          Eric Trump has no children. His siblings, however, do; and there’s Barron. So, the threat could be against Donald Trump’s children (Both adult and child), or the grandchildren could also be included.
          (several parts because links.)


        2. A different news source says:

          The letter, which the New York Post says was opened by Eric’s wife, Lara Yunaska, had a postmark from Massachusetts and issued a warning that if Donald Trump doesn’t cease his presidential run, harm would befall his kids, a source close to the probe tells CBS. White powder reportedly fell out of the envelope when Yunaska opened it, and a source says the powder has been sent out for lab testing, though a preliminary field test noted the unknown substance didn’t appear to be dangerous.

          (Emphasis mine.)

          So in this article, the threat seems to be against Donald Trump’s children. Barron is one of them.


        3. The NYPost says: The letter contained a threatening message that implied that Donald Trump’s children would be hurt if the GOP candidate did not withdraw from the presidential race

          ABC News says that the letter had a Boston postmark.


        4. Trump’s children are not the only ones to have received threats. His sister apparently also received a threatening letter a day later, though it is not clear if they were sent by the same person.


        5. The NYPost said “was opened by Eric’s wife, Lara Yunaska, had a postmark from Massachusetts and issued a warning that if Donald Trump doesn’t cease his presidential run, harm would befall his kids, a source close to the probe tells CBS. ” (the comment with the link went to moderation, so… )

          Jumping around the news reports, the common factors are:

          1) This was opened by Eric’s wife.
          2) There was a white powder in the envelope, deemed nontoxic
          3) The letter demands that Donald drop out of the race or
          4) “the kids” or “Donald’s children” will be hurt.

          The CBS report makes it a bit more vague about which children are being targeted, but they are children related to Donald Trump that ‘will be harmed’ if he did not drop out of the Presidential race.


    2. Why should he bother reaching out? The people you’re talking about are convinced he’s “literally Hitler” and that he’s going to round up LGBTQ people and put them in camps and other stupid horseshit like that. I didn’t vote for him, but the histrionics from the left are so distasteful to me that I find myself almost subconsciously rooting for him.

      No matter what he does, they’re still going to foam at the mouth and act like two-year-olds who need a nap. He could cure cancer, end world hunger, invent a source of infinite, clean, and renewable energy, usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for all humankind, and issue a decree that everyone gets a free puppy, and the left would STILL insist that he’s a fascist.

      The left is giving him no reason to want to be gracious. If you treat me like dirt no matter how I treat you, what incentive do I have to treat you nicely? None.

      The #notmypresident crowd will never take his outstretched hand, should he ever choose to offer it. Thus, why would he waste the time and energy to do so?

      Furthermore, I seem to recall Obama making remarks that weren’t exactly conciliatory. Something about “elections have consequences.” Something about “I won.” Something about “I don’t want them to do a lot of talking.”

      I have to ask, were you so concerned when Obama referred to his ideological opponents as “enemies”? Were you so concerned when he encouraged Hispanic voters to “punish our enemies”? If not, then you’re a hypocrite.

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      1. Note that the format he puts it in is the same kind of format that a serial abuser would make it.

        “It’s all (other person’s) fault, because they didn’t BEHAVE the way I want them to! I treat them badly because they didn’t do what I want them to do, so my abusing them is their fault! And if they don’t put up with the abuse with a smile and let me slap them more, then I’m perfectly justified in behaving even worse towards them. If they hadn’t disobeyed me, then I wouldn’t be doing it, see? Really.”

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      2. Really – this. I was … not even lukewarm about The Donald at the start of this farrago. I thought his campaign was a joke in not particularly good taste … but that was then, and this is now. The people he has tagged for cabinet posts – more than good – excellent. And that he has all the right enemies … and doesn’t seem to be willing to sit there and be a pinata for every lefty domestic and foreign to line up and take a bash at.

        Like Lincoln said when he was criticized for backing Grant – In so many words –“I can’t spare this man – he fights.”

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    3. And here’s the bloviating concern troll, once again.


  4. The stupid I’ve been laughing about, and mocking since my last night were the crowds in the UK, Philippines, Australia and other places marching against Trump, proclaiming “Not My President!”; shrieking they wanted equality for women NOW (all those places are not Saudi Arabia or Muslim-centric nations) and demanding rights …which generally they already have, but want someone else to take responsibility for.

    But hey, I’m glad to hear that we’re all apparently the US now. I’m looking forward to getting my conceal carry license; and buying an AR-15. I heard there’s a literal wall of rabbits that need exterminating in the general region heading central Australia, and I wanna help with vermin extermination.

    All the hypocritical cuntweasels and asshamsters showing up now and freaking the fuck out? Only proves to me that Trump was the best candidate to win. Because right now? He’s pissing off ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Making me wish I could’ve voted for him!

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    1. Yeah, I don’t really understand all these foreign protests over him either. Unless we suddenly and secretly annexed most of the rest of the western world what these people have to say about US domestic issues is irrelevant.

      I didn’t vote for the man, but I think most of his cabinet picks have been excellent. And your right, he pisses ALL of the right people off. I find that glorious.


  5. I guess I find myself in the category you have to call lukewarm. I run hot and then cold on the whole thing. At times, I find myself feeling optimistic, when I think that perhaps this could be the right time for an outsider to turn things around, and to head the nation back towards the constitution. But then, I consider all the irrational hatred from the left, based upon nothing other than the fact that somehow their feelings got hurt, or something. And so I go back and forth, not knowing how things are going to play out for our nation. It used to be that no matter how awful the leadership of our country was, I could always comfort myself with the knowledge that the people of America are what makes us great, not some politicians, not even the constitution which I hold so dear. Based upon the events that have taken place ever since Dec.8, I am not so certain of the greatness of our people anymore. Never have I sensed such hatred from such a large part of the country. Not disagreement, not anger, not sorrow, but out and out hatred. It is almost like the people that are spewing such hate are doing so gleefully, as if that is somehow a catharsis for having lost the election, like it was going to make that much of a difference in their lives. At least of one thing I am certain. If ever a president needed the prayers of those who are of a mind to do so, Donald Trump will probably be number one on that list. And I also agree with Nicki, that his picks for Sec. Def, and Homeland Sec. could not have been better. Thank you, Nicki, for the work you put in these past days and weeks to help ensure things went smoothly in D.C. I know it is part of your job, but it is also something that goes unnoticed by everyone, and so I wanted at least one person not in your sphere to tell you Good Job!

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    1. That made me tear up a little. Thank you!


    2. One part about what you said stood out to me; that part where they made this election’s win/lose being so much part of their lives… and I realized that it is because they would have used the presidential power to interfere in even more things, that affect ordinary Americans, that they fear Trump so much.

      I realized that the stuff that they fear he will take away, is what they wanted for everyone else – the ability to take away the choices of those they have Othered, to be able to limit the lives of those Othered. Their behavior speaks more clearly than their incoherent ranting, their incoherent slogans.

      Hell, their “I don’t want to perform,” double standard really, really hammered it home. “Rules for thee, but not for me.”

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    3. I am convinced that leftards are herd animals. There is nothing more vicious than a herd dealing with the not herd.

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      1. Thank you vonzorch for giving me just was trying to how explain Prognazis actions and inidiotism (I know it’s not a real word in the dictionary :=). Good to add a word to mock the Prognazis! And Nicki, I have to echo Pigpen, it was a good work in trying to keep everything kept on the rails.

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        1. And great to see you back!


  6. Can I borrow your Pussyhat? Don’t make me reach out and grab it from ya, its legal now in all 50 states. One more Public Prayer by people in funny outfits an I am turning Atheist. Peniphobes to the left of me and Jew blood drinking righteous on the other. This should be fun. Women hate my penis and most, or at least some of them have never met my penis. I like pussy but gotta pass on the Jew blood…thanks.


    1. You’d be screwed there too, mate. Didn’t you see the Atheist Satanists marching in DC?

      (I related that to my atheist housemate. Whatever expression you’re wearing right now, is probably close to what he had when I told him about it.)

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      1. Atheist Satanists *blinks* What a bunch of oxyMORONS.

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        1. That’s the video of the group calling themselves Satanists AND atheists.

          The mental gymnastics that go into the explanation of HOW this is ‘works’ is : “atheistic satanists use ‘satan’ as a metaphor for natural human nature, not an actualy deity.” (from the comments in the main tweet.)

          – kind of highlights the whole ‘never grew out of being a rebellious emo teenager’ thing. “Must call myself an atheist satanist, because that’s more edgy than just being either!”

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      2. I…erm, uh…I…I got nothing.


  7. So a bunch of people march. So what? If gathering a crowd of people in ridiculous outfits were part of the American political process then Harry Potter would be the President of the United States.

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    1. Particularly meh, when they don’t even seem to know why they are marching.
      Collective virtue signalling is what it is. You can tell by the blissful smile on many of the faces. Religious ecstasy.

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      1. They replaced actual religion, with something else.

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        1. They’ll get what they deserve, mockery.

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        2. And look at how they respond to the mockery.

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        3. sjw always double down. :o)
          It doesn’t matter, all the not quite completely brain dead will back away. Out-grouping is a powerful tool used on a prog. It’s really all they care about.


        4. Yup, worship of the Holy State Almighty.


    2. Marching peacefully would be fine – we’d probably laugh at their incoherence, but that’d be all. Burning bins, smashing windows, destroying cars, assault and vandalism? Not so much.

      It’s the hypocrisy, the blatant display of ‘if they didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.’

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      1. Apparently the people arrested yesterday (over 200) will all be charged with felony rioting. 10 years in Pound Me In The Ass prision and a $25K fine for the SJWs. And I doubt Trump will be pardoning them.

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        1. There really isn’t any reason TO pardon them. =/

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        2. Obola never needed a reason; he pardoned all sorts of unsavory characters that (frankly) would have looked better at a closed-casket funeral instead of in jail.

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        3. On second thought, an actual reason to pardon them might have dissuaded him, his sense of justice is so fucking backward. “Let me find the most despicable rotted piece of shit in our prison system and I’ll pardon him.”

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      2. The excuses I’ve read on this are “Oh, those were anarchists. They weren’t real protesters. Don’t lump them all together.”

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        1. I’ve heard that excuse before. Oh yeah. Applied to Islamic terrorists.

          Sooooo, that’s why they condone Islamic-condoned bad behavior, I guess?

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        2. Patrick Chester

          …and yet one sign out of many means all Tea Party protesters are raaaaacist.

          But then Shadowdancer did mention double standards being SOP for progressive.


  8. I was the liberalest libtard of them all until some time in maybe 2009. Maybe that’s what “woke” really means. So go Trumplestiltskin. Run that bulldozer over Marxist Progressivism. And I’m sorry I was so stupid.

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  9. When someone can point out to me what enumerated rights others have (see: men) that I don’t have, I’ll march, too. Until then, I consider all this a freak show. Because walking down the boulevard in a “pussyhat” bearing a sign demanding free stuff is just that; a freak show.

    I have no sympathy for, nor do I feel any affinity with, these harridans. Many of them are batshit crazy. Not a coherent argument among them. It’s embarrassing.

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  10. […] Indeed, in the wake of inauguration, the idiocy continues with this women’s march, which Nicki has already covered […]


  11. Patrick Chester

    “…I need to find a REAL job.” -er, sorry. Thought of Londo Mollari instead of Bob Dylan.


  12. Headline from alleged news source Yahoo News: “Model Tess Holliday Breastfed Baby at Women’s March, Slams Critics Who Told Her to ‘Cover Up’”

    I have no problem with public breastfeeding (or any other kind), but some of the marchers seemed so hung up about tampons that I suppose were just lucky they didn’t change them in public.


  13. AMEN completely agree


  14. Marches everywhere. Apparently 1/45 of the population of California attended a march:

    Aside from the fact that they’re marching for (what was it again? Birth control? Funding planned parenthood with federal dollars?), this process severely impacted other essential services since this was held in the downtown capitol area, which is both a workplace and a residential district. My spouse there and attested to how difficult the protests made parking (a couple miles away), getting to work, fielding security, and so forth in the state capitol. I’m sure the regular commuters really appreciated it, to say nothing of the traffic and cleanup afterwards.

    And on the note of trustworthy media–I tried to leave this comment on the sacbee website, and they of course edited/deleted it.


  15. […] maybe without the usual Hollywood histrionics, virtue signaling, and political messaging, maybe we’d have some interesting movies to […]


  16. i think its high time the north east and California seceed from the union, and create the rich liberal country the us deserves to be. enough of supporting poor folks who vote in no ones best interest but corporations. washington can have them.


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