Enough Already!

Over the past couple of months I’ve been seeing more and more friends of mine, who didn’t like Trump and didn’t vote for him, boarding the Trump Train. 

I’ve found myself telling people, “I don’t even like the guy! Stop making me defend him!” This is not because he somehow magically won them (or me) over, or because they (or I) have all of a sudden begun to agree with his ideas. 

No, it is because the petulant, whiny, violent, ignorant, condescensing, petty, vengeful left’s puerile screeching has reached such cacophonous levels, that I find myself supporting and defending PEOTUS just on principle – as a slap in the face to these douche canoes. 


At first, it was attempts to kill the legitimacy of the election and calls for the abolition of the electoral college. 

Then, it was the recount demands. 

Then, it was claims that the Russian meddling in our elections somehow handed Trump the presidency, instead of acknowledging that the left wan such a flawed, unlikeable candidate, that even Donald fucking Trump was able to trounce her, despite all the advantages she had, including advance knowledge of the debate questions! 

We had the condescending, supercilious denigration of those who voted for Trump as toothless, uneducated, racist trash that, as many I know have put it, voted against their own self interest, as if anyone, except the voter him or herself understands what said voter’s self interest is!

We had out-of-touch, billionaire Hollywood actors, ivory tower academics, and snotty artists demeaning and harassing the rest of America, and denigrating the incoming President and his family. Because the rest of America struggling to eke out a living and get ahead really wants political lectures from clueless elitists, who make millions by pretending to be other people. 

Now we have self-important celebrities and politicians claiming they won’t attend the inauguration, because TRUMP, and protesters planning to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power

The left’s temper tantrums were amusing at first, but the more they dominate the news cycle, the more irritating they get. My schadenboner, which was at first turgid, has now become deflated and been replaced by a desire to throat punch the next self-aggrandizing progtard who does his or her shit-flinging chimp impression on my news feed. 


For those of you who still don’t get it, I want to make this perfectly clear. 

If you have decided that your dislike of the incoming President is more important than preserving America’s fundamental system of government and the peaceful transfer of power, you America-hating loons, get the fuck out of my country! You don’t fucking belong here!

If you claim he’s not your president, unless you’re an illegal alien or are giving up your right to be an American, I have news for you: he is and will be your fucking president for at least the next four years! Deal with it. 

If you want him to fail, you want America to fail. And if you want America to fail, I cordially invite you to get fucked with a rusty jackhammer wrapped in concertina wire. 

If you think you’re so important, that your absence from the inauguration is newsworthy and will be noted or somehow missed by the average American, it won’t. No one gives a fuck about your very public refusal (read: concern trolling) to perform at or attend the inauguration. 

If you think the rest of the world isn’t watching the chaos you’re sowing you’re sadly mistaken. Your histrionic antics are embarrassing America much more than the election of a narcissistic, ignorant, reality star clown shoe ever could. 

All your drama is succeeding in doing is turning thousands and thousands of people who have previously opposed the President-elect into hesitant Trump advocates.  

So here’s some advice: you don’t like what’s happened? Take a good, long look in the mirror and ask yourself why. Why did you support a candidate that was so awful, that she couldn’t even CHEAT her way into the White House! Get involved. Get educated. Engage with the very people you now demean and convince them with facts and logic of the righteoussness of your position, instead of arrogantly looking down on them and airing your disdain. Run for public office. Work to change the education system. Learn from your mistakes. Act like adults. 

Yes, criticize the policies of the President. You are absolutely within your right to do that. It’s one of the most critical foundations of our country! But you might want to at least wait until he actually BECOMES President and you get a good sense of how those policies will impact America, instead of venting your ignorant spleen about sexist/misogynist/racist/whateverist Trump ruining this country.  

But ferfuckssake, grow up! 

I, for one, am sick and goddamn tired of listening to you. 


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  2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Even before the election I thought the best advertisement for Trump was the people who were against Trump.

    Now, the idiots are making my vote for Trump look better and better.

    Note, I’m in Illinois and thanks to Chicago, Illinois went Hillary.

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    1. Here’s my response to the idiots who are making me regret not voting for Trump:

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  3. Yup. I was more of a “vote against Hillary” voter – but the unhinged reaction to a Trump win (plus the good sense revealed in his cabinet picks so far) convinces me that we may inadvertently elected a very good and effective president. Won’t know for certain for a good few years, though.

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    1. Celia, my feelings exactly. All the screechers are doing is showing their true colors and lack of ability to think for themselves.


  4. Two things: 1. Trump won and Hillary lost. 2. Spellcheck does not take the place of proofreading. The wrong word spelled correctly is still the wrong word.

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    1. What are you talking about?


      1. I think your last full paragraph: “…how those policies I’ll impact…”

        “I’ll” should be “will”?

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        1. Probably. I quickly wrote this on my phone and I keep finding autocorrect errors. Damn phone! Thank you!


  5. now, now, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel

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  6. Christopher George

    Nicki, I’m not a fan of the man, didn’t vote for him, but my sincere hope is that he is a good/great president. If he’s not, I’ll be at the forefront of people campaigning for whomever is running against him in 4 years. If he is, I’ll campaign for him.

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  7. I was for Cruz. But I voted for Trump, simply because I could NOT allow Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit back into the White House. I thought that her winning would spark a second Civil War.

    Now, I halfway expect we’re going to have one, anyway. . .

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  8. “No, it is because the petulant, whiny, violent, ignorant, condescending, petty, vengeful left’s puerile screeching has reached such cacophonous levels, that I find myself supporting and defending PEOTUS just on principle – as a slap in the face to these douche canoes.”

    In a nutshell. Their conduct has ripped the eyelids off of my eyes.

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  9. I’ve never subscribed to the theory that “liberalism is a form of insanity” argument. But it now seems so many on the far left are obviously living in their own version of reality that something certainly seems to be wrong with them.

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    1. They’ve surrounded themselves with media, professors, references, and pundits all pushing that line, as complete and thorough a write of the world as Orwell imagined in 1984, only here one *can* break out of it with some effort to look at the things they dismiss as “right wing conspiracy.”

      It’s no wonder they believe their tripe. They’re as certain of tripe as you are that Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492. They’re certain of their tripe because everything they see says so.

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  10. There are a couple things that make the left’s hysterics hard to stomach.

    First, when Bush won in 2000 and 2004, the left went into meltdown mode. To this day, they scream about stolen elections. They are, of course, doing it again this time around. Rather than admit that Hillary lost in a fair election, they’re clinging to “Russia hacked the elections!!!1” They simply cannot lose gracefully. Compare and contrast with how conservatives reacted to Obama’s victories. There was grumbling and griping, but not the full-bore mental breakdown we’re seeing now. Hell, the left can’t even win gracefully.

    Second, if conservatives had reacted this way to Obama’s victories, the left would have lost their everloving minds. If conservatives had thronged the streets screaming “Not my president!” and openly announced a desire to disrupt the inauguration, the left would have been demanding martial law and the arrest/imprisonment of anyone who dared to protest the Lightworker’s ascension. Hell, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted the other day that martial law should be declared to stop Trump’s inauguration.

    So yeah, I totally agree, Nicki. At first, the shrieking and tears and rending of garments from the left was highly amusing. After eight years of smug bullshit, they got their asses handed to them, and rather than ponder if their ideology or strategy needs some work like the GOP did after 2012, they insist that THEY’RE perfect, it’s America that’s the problem.

    But the immaturity and hypocrisy have stopped being amusing and started being concerning. I’m frankly surprised there hasn’t been an assassination attempt, given the unhinged lunacy they’re demonstrating.

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  11. The left obviously does not regard this nation and its history and heritage as being as important as the power that they wield. That said, when they lose power they lose their relevancy to the rest of society and that is an anathema to them.

    Imagine you have cornered a large mountain lion that has been running amok throughout the valley for years. This Lion has been killing and plundering as it cared to and causing fear and forcing the citizenry to keep their flocks close and forcing them into their homes out of the real fear of losing them.

    Now, this Lion has been forced into its last safe place and its safety and future are seriously in jeopardy. This is when the Lion is at its most dangerous and when it will risk all to save its skin. Even though the citizens have successfully driven the Lion into this position they are most vulnerable at this time.

    Such is the situation we see now with the vocal left screaming and hollering as loud as they can that the incoming administration has them cornered and that they are growling and threatening all who dare come any closer. It would be wise for the conservatives and federalists to take notice and proceed to deal with them with great caution. I am not saying that no one should attempt policies that limit the power of the left any further and far from it. I am merely saying that every step taken now should be well planned and that the possibility of anyone being harmed by the left be minimized as a part of the planning.

    In other words, make sure that every insane ranting of the left is met with logical rebuke that disarms and disables their ability to create an alternate mantra in the media. For 20 years (Reagan, Bush I and Bush II) we let the left control the narrative and as a result suffered setbacks in the electorate as a result of the BS of the left being accepted as doctrine even when it was nothing but bullshit.

    The dignity of the office of the president be damned. Take control of the narrative and educate and inform constantly. Trump has done so and when he could not get the ear of the media he went straight to the people via social networking. Reagan did get to the people some of the time but we cannot allow the left wing communist socialist media control the narrative any longer. Bush I and II were abject failures in this.

    Trump supporter or not; now is the time to come to the aid of your political philosophy and stand up for what you believe in. Not with arms and fists but instead, by supporting those who seek to preserve and perpetuate our values and beliefs. Face down those who seek to destroy this with solidarity and commitment.

    Socialism and other left winged beliefs are founded in more abstract ideals that are always flexible to their needs. They bend and reshape their statements of beliefs to support the current narrative all seeking one thing. CONTROL of the society at all costs.

    Against such a malleable and resourceful enemy the fundamentalist needs to be focused on teaching and maintaining quality of life and home. Making our society great again will result in helping perpetuate this.

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  12. I have a couple of things to impart here.

    1 – “All your drama is succeeding in doing is turning thousands and thousands of people who have previously opposed the President-elect into hesitant Trump advocates. ” — Exactly that, and if you really do want other people to detest Mr. Trump, then shut up and stay shut up.

    2 – I wrote an article this morning on This Ain’t Hell which addresses the real issue, which is this percentage of unhinged idiots who are children in adult bodies. It’s at this link:

    If they don’t shut up by Inauguration Day next week, and continue this angst-ridden twaddle and sturm und drang crap, they practically guarantee an era of conservative politics for the next 80 years. Not a joke. Western civilization barely dodged a bullet this time, and it appears that the fall elections in Europe are going to follow the same pattern as the UK/Brexit vote and the US Presidential vote. Real people like you and me are completely fed up with the ‘feelz good’ bull shit.

    I would not normally say let them howl and cry, but their bitter tears are having an effect the precise opposite of what they expected. They are driving people away from them to the opposite of the political fence. Reality is coming at them quickly, and Mrs. Reality is, like my high school history teacher, a cold, harsh, bad-tempered mistress who will not treat these children in a kind way. Speaking of Miss Purcell, she used to break pencils and throw blackboard erasers if we didn’t study our history lessons. I think we need more teachers like her.

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  13. Nicki, I woke up to the sound of that whiny Reince Priebus complaining about how John Lewis (and by extension, “The Left”) is actively trying to ‘de-legitimize’ BLOTUS.

    I’m sorry, but we are now complaining about the ‘legitimacy’ of a president? AFTER EIGHT FUCKING YEARS OF HEARING ABOUT THAT “KENYAN-BORN USURPER-IN-CHIEF”?

    From Donald J. Trump himself?

    I’m sorry, but my “give-a-fuck” button doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

    ==== The above describes my attitude this morning. Below is my comment on your post ====

    At first, it was attempts to kill the legitimacy of the election and calls for the abolition of the electoral college.

    Then, it was the recount demands.

    1. Who was it that brought up the legitimacy of the election to begin with? Who was going to “wait and see” what the election results were going to be before he decided if he was going to ‘accept’ the results or not?

    2. WHO was demanding the recount? Clinton certainly wasn’t. She had quickly conceded and went off into seclusion.

    No, that was Jill Stein, the nobody that got about 1 percent of the vote. Whatever HER motivations were. But as we know, once someone manages to trigger a re-count, then all the campaigns have to ramp back up in order to protect their interests in the count. Both Hillary’s lawyers AND Trump’s lawyers had to show back up during the recounts.

    Of course, whenever you get to the point of ANY election being recounted, the losers of that election will no doubt become energized in hopes that somehow that recount will turn things around.

    And there WAS a bit of hope there for them. The actual margin of victory for Trump was only around 70,000 votes over three states. Enough to have given the election to Clinton.

    I knew that there was a better chance of Prince performing at the Inauguration than a reversal in the recount. MOST of us did. But the only way you are going to shut the recount people up is to — RECOUNT.

    The recount was done, and surprise — Trump actually gained a few votes. But at least THAT one was put to rest.

    Then, it was claims that the Russian meddling in our elections somehow handed Trump the presidency, instead of acknowledging that the left wan such a flawed, unlikeable candidate, that even Donald fucking Trump was able to trounce her, despite all the advantages she had, including advance knowledge of the debate questions!

    1. I concede up front that Hillary was a flawed candidate. NOT because I bought into any of the Right-wing smear campaign that has gone on for the past 35 years, but because we were all tired of HEARING about the bullshit.

    2. As you know, Russia DID meddle in our elections with the intention of either denying Clinton a victory or at the very least damage her as a POTUS. The only reason we don’t know if the Russians were successful is because the IC has no way of really determining whether Russia’s actions were successful. It was not in the scope of their investigation.

    3. There are about thirteen different reasons as to why Clinton lost the election. It could have been just one or a combination of those reasons that a person used to decide NOT to vote for Hillary. To point to just one as THE overall reason is not valid.

    4. Hillary had ONE debate question up front. Frankly, it was a question we ALL assumed was going to be asked.

    What I find HILARIOUS about the kerfuffle over the debate question -gate is that the only people whining about it are Republicans who were trying desperately to change the narrative away from Trump “grabbing [women] by the pussy”.

    Now we have self-important celebrities and politicians claiming they won’t attend the inauguration, because TRUMP, and protesters planning to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.

    1. I’m not going to the inauguration either. There. I said it. But then, I’ve never attended any of them.

    Which brings me to 2.

    2. Who cares who attends or doesn’t attend? This isn’t a popularity contest, regardless of how Trump would like to bill it as. His team is predicting 3 million people attending. Trump himself has been saying that this will be record-breaking and historical.

    The problem is, less than a THIRD of the population approves of this clown. He has the lowest approval ratings of ANY PEOTUS in modern history, and probably in the entire US history. The QUESTION is, “Why is that?”

    Well, let’s see… I would make up a list of people and/or groups that Trump has attacked and/or denigrated over the past two years, but that would take hours. It is probably easier to list those people that he has praised.

    His family.
    Vladimir Putin specifically, Russia in general
    Saddam Hussein
    Kim Jong-un

    He has gone after women, blacks, Mexicans, gays, Liberals, Republicans, Independents, Right-handed people, Left-handed people, brown people, “blacks”, and numerous other groups.

    He has REFUSED to attack the KKK, the Alt-Right (a rebrand of White Nationalism) racists, bigots, or any of the other groups who support him. He is also the “Birther-in-Chief” who spent the better part of Obama’s term accusing Obama of not being a citizen and therefore a … wait for it… a de-legitimate president.

    So are you still confused as to why there is a wide swath of the American population who are not-so-enamored by this clown?

    If you have decided that your dislike of the incoming President is more important than preserving America’s fundamental system of government and the peaceful transfer of power, you America-hating loons, get the fuck out of my country! You don’t fucking belong here!

    WHOA, there, Bessie!

    You are talking about the MAJORITY of people in this country who dislike the incoming president. MOST of us are resigned to the fact that yes, this fool is going to be “our” president for [up to] the next four years. That doesn’t mean we are going to like it, or that we are going to keep quiet whenever he DOES or SAYS something that we don’t like.

    (I had to include “SAYS” because this will be the first time in history that we have a POTUS with diarrhea of the Twitter fingers. I don’t know if HE knows it or not, but virtually every word that a POTUS utters can have either a good or bad effect on something really important. He’s already demonstrated that a Tweet can effect stock prices of whatever company he is currently Tweeting on)

    Nicki, most of the complaints that I’ve heard from the Left CONCERNS the ‘peaceful transfer of power’. And TRANSPARENCY. And ETHICS.

    I think you make a HUGE mistake thinking this is a “Left/Right” issue. Or that this is a “normal” transition. It’s not, and it isn’t.

    Trump is by no means the ‘worst’ POTUS we’ve had — we don’t know THAT yet. But given his actions as PEOTUS, things do not bode well.

    That said, we’ve had some bad POTUS before. A lot of people point to Nixon. I tend to point to LBJ followed by Nixon. I would almost add Kennedy, but we don’t know how that administration would have ended up. But he wasn’t heading in a good direction…

    A “normal” transition where the PEOTUS won the Electoral College by a small margin but lost the popular vote, would have that PEOTUS and his team working hard to try and bring as many of those people who voted against him together. Maybe include a couple of members of the opposition Party in the Cabinet. DEFINITELY not continuing through the transition as if he is still in CAMPAIGN MODE.

    Nicki, if you are looking for people to “blame” here, BLAME TRUMP.

    Not so much for his ‘policies’ (whatever they are — if you can spell them out, then you know more than Trump does) but for his post-election Tweets and public rally comments.



    The above was my general comments on the WHY. Below is my personal feelings…

    President-Elect Trump will be the next President of the United States. This is an inescapable fact. Until there is actual evidence to the contrary, he won the election ‘fair and square’. So far all we have is … (which begs for some sort of investigation)

    This doesn’t mean that I have to like it — I don’t.

    This doesn’t mean that I will shut up if and when he does something I don’t like — I won’t.

    This doesn’t mean that I won’t poke fun at this guy every chance I get — I will.

    Basically, I am willing to give the same consideration towards Trump than the Right has given to Obama for the past eight years. I will just be more FAIR about it.

    Finally, let’s not forget the difference of the minority Party in 2009 and now in 2017.

    On Inauguration night, while everyone was at their balls celebrating the Obama inauguration, Republican Party leaders met at the Caucus Room to stratergize and pledge that they would RESIST President Obama at EVERY TURN with the expressed intention of making Obama a “one-term president”. Even if it meant that it would keep the country in a recession, just to make sure that Obama never got any positive credit. (sounds pretty “American”, doesn’t it?)

    Today, we have the opposition Party (the Democrats — including Representative John Lewis) pledging to work with Trump and the Republicans in areas where they can agree, and will work against him and them on areas where they don’t agree.

    Notice the difference? Opposition IS American. Almost uniquely. But not for the sake of just being against SOMEONE.

    I am TRYING LIKE HELL to keep an open mind here. But as I’ve told you in the past, there are some REAL life-challenging FEARS that I personally have with the incoming Trump Administration.

    The word “fear” here is not hyperbole.

    Maybe those fears are about nothing. In time, we will find out. But in the mean time, my fears are solid and I will keep them personal.


    1. You are talking about the MAJORITY of people in this country who dislike the incoming president. MOST of us are resigned to the fact that yes, this fool is going to be “our” president for [up to] the next four years. That doesn’t mean we are going to like it, or that we are going to keep quiet whenever he DOES or SAYS something that we don’t like.

      No, she wasn’t. You quoted her yourself:

      If you have decided that your dislike of the incoming President is more important than preserving America’s fundamental system of government and the peaceful transfer of power,

      Unless you’ve decided you want to trash America’s fundamental system of government.

      You asserted you don’t, but you reacted to this as if you really do.

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      1. I wrote the comment in four sections.

        The first section is immaterial to the post, other than to describe the basis for my mood at the moment.

        The second section, the one you are referencing, was my attempt at explaining the WHY.

        I can’t answer for anyone else’s actions. I can explain WHY there are people who are questioning Trump’s “legitimacy” — and MOST of those reasons come from Trump himself. His post-election Tweets all by themselves will give you a MAJOR reason as to why there are people who are SO dead-set against Trump.

        Then there is the cognitive dissonance coming from most of Trump’s “spokespeople”. Not to mention the out-and-out lies put forth by Kellyanne Conway. (Rule of Thumb: Whatever Kellyanne says, think the opposite)

        The crux of the post here is about “The Transition”. What, if anything, in this transition seems ‘normal’ to you?

        Have you paid attention at all to what the Cabinet nominees are saying in the hearings versus what Trump has campaigned on and is currently spouting in his post campaign rallies?

        (and what PEOTUS has EVER had ‘post-election rallies’ in which he CONTINUES to put down everyone but those who actually voted for him?)

        Then there is this quote from the maw of Trump himself:

        “If Putin likes Donald Trump, guess what, folks? That’s called an asset, not a liability.”

        So, if someone expresses to Trump that they like him, then that person is A-OKAY with Donald Trump.

        If that is the low bar for Trump to approve of someone, then I’m waiting for Trump to normalize relations with North Korea if Kim Jung Un says that he likes Donald Trump…

        So if you are looking for REASONS as to why two-thirds of the country is against Donald Trump even before he is sworn in, there are hundreds.

        What I find amazing is that there are even a small group of you who are willing to give this guy ANY room. He is SO OBVIOUSLY as far from being “Conservative” or even “Libertarian” that it is almost comical.

        And when someone starts throwing out accusations of not being “American” or even “Anti-American”, only goes to show that person really doesn’t know what being an “American” actually is: The ability to speak truth to power and not be punished by the government for it.

        Donald has advocated for doing away with the “freedom of the press” by wanting to have the ability to sue the media if they say something that he doesn’t like.


        See the difference?

        So there are a lot of people who AREN’T going to show up for the inauguration itself. Instead, they are showing up for the march AFTER the inauguration. I read a story the other day where there are 200 bus parking permits issued for the day of the inauguration and 1200 bus parking permits for the day AFTER.

        In 2008, there were 3000 bus parking permits.


        What it tells ME is that Trump has done absolutely NOTHING to change from campaign mode to PEOTUS mode. He’s pretending he has won this huge landslide, complete with this huge mandate. He seems to think that it is only a handful of dissenters who are against him, and that most of them are ‘Hollywood elites’. (which is something that must be eating him alive, since HE is one of those ‘elites’.)

        As I mentioned above, — and I am relying on HISTORY here — it is traditional for a PEOTUS who won by a narrow margin to try to bring in those people who voted against them in the general election.

        It’s an entirely different story if that PEOTUS had won by a landslide.

        Reagan — won by a landslide.

        Obama — won by a landslide.

        Trump — won by 70,000 votes.

        Even when PEOTUS who have won in landslides don’t continue to trash the people who voted against them once the election is over.

        Trump seems to have no problem continually attacking those who didn’t vote for him and has done so relentlessly since he was elected.

        So are you STILL wondering why there are so many people who are vocally against him and/or supporting his inauguration?

        Maybe he should just make it a private event where he can invite his family and the Putin family…


        1. Sorry but this is a titanic non-sequitur.

          Nicki said, in essence, “if you want to trash the fundamentals of government go away”

          You then responded with “how dare you, most of us don’t want to trash the fundamentals of government!”

          To reduce it to symbols:

          Nicki: “If A, then B”

          You: “How dare you assert B”

          She wasn’t asserting B in a vacuum, it doesn’t apply to people who are not A.

          In response to my pointing this out you posted a long obfuscative rant I gave up reading, since what I read was utterly ungermane to what I had written. You just want to rant against Trump and his supporters, rather than actually comprehend and respond to what anyone might have to say.

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        2. Hey, Toots! You could have saved some space by compressing your resentment of Trump into two sentences.
          1 – You didn’t like Trump, and you like him even less now.
          Fine, we get that. Next.
          2 – You hoped he’d lose and he didn’t and now you’re upset.

          What you have completely missed in Nicki’s article, while you were feeding your ego in her space, is that the louder the howling by the minions of the Leftards, the further THEY have driven and continue to drive ordinary people who might have voted for Clinton to the OPPOSITE side of the political fence.

          End of story.

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        3. Deej, I think you’re over-analyzing my point.

          No one is wondering why people who are vocally against him. *I* have been vocally against him – primarily because of his lack of understanding of foreign and economic policy and national security. He is ignorant on a number of issues that are absolutely CRITICAL for a POTUS, and unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to want to learn.

          That has nothing to do with it – or the point of the post.

          Fact: no matter by how much or how little, he won.

          Fact: he won fairly. There is no evidence that the Russians’ efforts have done anything to tank Hillary. Hillary tanked Hillary. No matter who revealed those emails, they said what they said, and there’s nothing to indicate they were false.

          Fact: while there was a contingent of absolute nutjobs who maintained Obama was not born in the US, is ineligible for the presidency, etc., the vast majority of Americans did not believe that, in 2009 only 24 percent believed Obama was born abroad, and other than weirdo conspiritard sites like WND the mainstream media ignored that shit.

          Fact: the loons who refuse to believe Trump won legitimately are getting a shit ton of press, including the venerated John Lewis’ comments that Trump’s victory was “illegitimate.” Celebrities like Meryl Streep are getting tons of press for lecturing the rest of America. The protester kooks are in the mainstream media bloviating about how they don’t want a peaceful transfer of power. Those are the people about whom I’m writing.

          YOU are not the problem. Normal Democrats are not the problem. But the loons far outshriek and outcrazy the normal in this case, and the media is gobbling this shit up like a porn star in a bukkake scene.

          The lunatics are the loud ones getting the press now. They’re not marginalized. They’re loud, and they’re petulant, and they’re everywhere. And they are the ones who are pushing many of us to turn toward Trump.

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        4. DJ, your verbose screeching has pretty much put you in the position of proving the point of Nicki’s blog post. Congratulations, poster boy!


  14. Yes. Completely.


  15. Ditto. I didn’t vote for Trump and I still has reservations about his fitness for the job.

    But I am so fed up with the whining and vicious slurs that I’mm starting to regret NOT voting for him.

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    1. The more I look at that one middle finger, two middle fingers, eight middle fingers, I’m-not-going-to-bother-to-count-how-many middle fingers cartoon the more I like it.

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  16. Trump is not the issue, just the excuse. The issue is the mentally-challenged libtards becoming unhinged because they can’t believe America is being restored back to a Representative Republic rather than a Democratic People’s Republic. The reality is that we are seeing what happens when America dumbs down our population and allows non-productive and thoroughly-propagandized morons to vote for these lying Monte Hall types we call political candidates.

    California talks about secession. Let them go. And Massachusetts. And New York. And Illinois. And Maryland. And my much beloved Connecticut. And all these other Worker’s Paradises run by statists. These places are hell holes anyway, destroyed by decades of socialist policies that destroy and desecrate. Let them go.

    Donald Trump never has been my champion. I agree with some of this plan, disagree with some too. He’s not a saint, but neither am I. He won the election based on our Constitutional system, so there we go. It’s over.

    What’s NOT over is the destructive termites in our great land known as statists – liberals, democrats, Bernie Sanders lunatics, and RINO Republicans. And I, for one, want to see every single one of them defeated politically and held to account for their lawlessness, should they engage in it. Not to mention calling them out for their political lunacy – *COUGH* John Lewis *COUGH*.



    1. Illinois? No, it was Cook County that shifted the vote over to Clinton. The rest of the state voted for Trump. Cook County has the highest count of Democrat votes in the entire state. If not for Madigan’s gerrymandering bitch slap at voters, it might have been different.
      The vote for HRC was heaviest in Cook county, which is a swamp infested with people whose brains were removed when they were born.
      In the majority of counties, Trump won the popular vote by a wide margin:
      Unfortunately, Lake, Will, McHenry, and the other collar counties and a few downstate had more Democrat voters than Republican/Other, and HRC won the state.
      If you bother to look at state vote maps, you’ll probably see the same results for New York as opposed to New York City, which has a population that outvotes the rest of the state. It is not California as a state that is full of Leftards. The majority of them live in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and those votes outweigh the rest of the state.
      Maybe it’s time we discussed separating voting by state in certain states, e.g., Illinois and New York, from the major cities that inhabit them. The city state of the MIddle Ages was a response to a need for local government. People who live downstate in Illinois seldom get heard in the state legislature because it is iron-fisted by Dan Madigan, who has controlled it for 30 years. And there is where the problem is.
      It’s a false assumption that the electoral votes went to one candidate based on the results of a single population group, and that this represents the rest of the state’s voters.


      1. Somewhat the same phenomenon occurs in Colorado.

        We just can’t seem to shake the slight “blue” majority here. US senate and gubernatorial (should be spelled “goober”) races come in with a narrow win for the Democrat. They get a ONE SEAT majority in one or the other or both houses of the legislature.

        And it so happens that the most leftist…hell, the most communistic…county (Boulder) is often the one that takes the longest to count its votes. Really does make one wonder.


  17. I don’t worry much about the snowflakes; their bitching is just more of the same whining they used on their parents.

    I do worry about those paid to protest/riot. While I can’t care less about what happens to them, I do care about those caught in a bad situation, and the damage to private property.

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  18. It was just a first date, from the internet. I wasn’t going home with him. But he had all the right enemies. And then he made all the right appointments. So even though I’m not that kind of boy, I decided to give it up – all of it- on that first date.

    Don’t tell my mom.


  19. “No, it is because the petulant, whiny, violent, ignorant, condescensing, petty, vengeful left’s puerile screeching has reached such cacophonous levels, that I find myself supporting and defending PEOTUS just on principle – as a slap in the face to these douche canoes. ”

    That’s what it’s boiled down to. What I’m seeing across American voters in particular is that they are tired of being pressured (virtue signaling, intellectual bullying, etc) or intimidated into voting a certain way. When someone calls them a bigot for casting a vote, it will only solidify their decision, not open up another viewpoint and turn them back to Hillary.

    “If you have decided that your dislike of the incoming President is more important than preserving America’s fundamental system of government and the peaceful transfer of power, you America-hating loons, get the fuck out of my country! You don’t fucking belong here!”

    This is how partisan we’ve become. I closed my eyes and held my nose when casting a vote, but regardless of the outcome, I hoped for the best. My friends did the same. If Trump won, I hoped he’d do a good job. If Hillary won, I’d hoped she’d do a good job. Someone actually *hoping* for presidential failure has really lost sight of the big picture, and is just cutting off their nose to spite their face.


  20. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying but your ranting and lashing out. I don’t think you realize what the disparaging words from a president to be has caused a lot of people. The election results were a tough blow for just for a lot of folks. Us people of color are more use to the feelings of hopelessness for our future but some people are not use to the new vibe. Go easy. Why are you so upset?


    1. Actually, sorry, I’m on my phone and read the comment in the wrong post. That said, a lot of people didn’t want Obama to win 8 years ago. But did we see the kind of bullshit we’re seeing now, with the celebrity drama and the designers’ refusal to dress the First Lady, and the idiot artists demanding that Ivanka remove heir art from her apartment, and he pearl-clutching idiots demanding impeachment – IMPEACHMENT – of a guy who hadn’t even taken office!

      I get people are upset, but to be unreasonable drama queens about it? It’s ridiculous and embarrassing.


  21. He’s massively mentally ill. Deal with it.


        1. I have no love for him, but “massively mentally ill?” Come on! A little over the top, don’t you think?


        2. There’s a lot of evidence to support it. One example: the father of a 10-year-old child crippling his own country’s efforts to adapt to climate change? That is in itself psychotic.


        3. Oh ferpetessake! Come on. Look up the definition of actual psychotic. The histrionics are helping no one. You are literally proving my point.

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        4. No histrionics here. Inform yourself before it’s too late.


        5. Yeeesssss…. typical nutjob reply. “Inform yourself.” SMDH

          The evidence for anthropogenic climate change is flimsy at best, and the biggest polluters aren’t here in the United States anyway. Scientists who question the accuracy of the IPCC claims about anthropogenic global warming include Reading University meteorologist Lennart Bengtsson, the former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology Judith Curry, and the former president of Greenpeace, among others. Yes, they’re all psychotic too. *rolls eyes*

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        6. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

          Nicki, you beat me to it. 👿


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