World’s Dumbest Criminals Try to Rob Gun Store

One gets capped.

The owner of Dixie Gun and Pawn on Veterans Memorial Parkway in Cobb County, along with one other worker, had just opened the store when two men with ski masks and guns came in, according to investigators. Police say the owner pulled out his gun and fired, hitting one of the gunmen.

The second gunman took off in a silver Dodge Magnum and headed east down Veterans Memorial Parkway. Police are still searching for that man, and said they believe he is armed.

I wonder what kind of defective genetic material created two sub-moron cretins so stupid, they would try to rob an establishment in which the would-be victims are sure to be armed!

potatoSomeone so imbecilic, that I had to take time out from spending holiday time with family to point and laugh at the desiccated carcass of the glue-sniffing retard that was created when two idiots had drunken intercourse one night to spawn this nitwit!

DERP POTATO must have been strong with those two!

Good for the store owner! This is what I like to refer to as chlorinating the gene pool. Anyone who is stupid enough to attempt to rob a gun store, where they sell… you know… GUNS, and where the employees or owners are… you know… more than likely armed, because their establishment sells valuable merchandise that’s in high demand by savages who think they’re entitled to use violence to relieve others of their property, is much too stupid to be allowed to walk the streets without adult supervision, and probably would have throttled himself with his own shoelaces while trying to tie his shoes one fine morning in the not too distant future.

I wonder how long before the donors of the defective genetic material I mentioned above come forward and complain about how the gun store owner didn’t have to shoot their precious little boy!

In 3…2…1…


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  1. […] from over in The Liberty Zone tells it much more…colorfully…than I […]


  2. Too bad he only got one of them.

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    1. Allow me to enthusiastically second that.

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  3. I know of at least one gun shop/range where the customers are not allowed to be armed at all, The staff do NOT carry, either; presumably they have something ready nearby. Kinda weak.

    Most “gun” places here don’t mind open carry. Most do it themselves (the exceptions being the big box places like BassPro and Cabelas).


  4. Most gun stores in CO that I am familiar with, have signs that expressly tell you, if your pistol clears the holster for any reason other than by their request, you will be facing down several pistols pointed at you. It’s a sound policy. 🙂

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