Some Butt Salve for the Clinton Voters

So… the Democrats helped choose Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the 2016 election – the one they thought would be the weakest of the lot.

Hillary Clinton proceeded to get trounced – whether it’s because of her issues with mishandling classified information, her apparent health issues, her cheating Bernie Sanders out of a fair fight, the FBI investigation, low turnout, her obvious disdain for states such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and those miserable low class wretches she looked down upon, the Russians, the French, the Martians, the Hufflepuffs, vampires, dragons, whatever – face it, she lost.

Then came Jill Stein’s recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania fleecing of gullible ignorami, who hoped to overturn the results of the November 8th election, out of millions of dollars that resulted in the exposure of massive voter irregularities in Detroit.

There was gnashing of teeth and massive calls for the elimination of the electoral college. Because what we REALLY need is populous, states running roughshod over everyone else when electing this country’s leadership. What we REALLY need is politicians licking the collective taints of New York and California, and ignoring the remainder of the country.

Then there was the bowel movement to pressure electors to turn away from Trump and “vote their conscience.” Hollywood celebutards took to their soapboxes to preach the virtues of electors shirking their obligations.

Electors were bullied, harassed, and threatenedDeath threats were issued. The phrase “faithless electors” was tossed about as one last hope to install Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The left then tried to whine that Trump’s victory was invalid, even though the revelations about the Intelligence Community’s assessments of Russian meddling in our elections did not judge that the Russians succeeded in helping Trump, did not implicate Trump or his campaign in any way, and certainly did not show that they successfully hacked any election results!

And in the end, Trump secured 304 electoral votes to officially win the 2016 election. Despite the wailing, pearl clutching, threats, and appeals from the left to the members of the Electoral College, more electors tried to defect from the Clinton camp than they did from Trump.

By my calculations, the left is somewhere between the bargaining and acceptance stages of grief. They seem to have accepted the inevitable – Donald Trump will be our new President – but they’re still floundering, twisting, spinning, and acting like pouting children in an attempt to tarnish Trump’s victory as somehow invalid.

He doesn’t have a mandate. He’s not popular. The New York Times Old Grey Hag reports his Electoral College victory is one of the lowest ranking (46th) in the last 58 elections!

They can’t just accept the fact that Cankles lost. They can’t accept the fact that they had the weakest candidate possible – a candidate that was defeated by a narcissistic, braying jackass, with zero knowledge of national security, the military, foreign and economic policy, or the Constitution. A candidate that the Democrats essentially hand picked to face Queen Pantsuit, because they thought she had the best chance to win against him.

yodaSo now that their every effort to install Hillary Clinton in the White House has failed, they’re soothing their abraded anuses by bringing up how unpopular Donald Trump was compared to other Presidents.

OK, I haven’t been a Trump fan, and I didn’t vote for him, but guess what! He’s still going to be President, and Hillary is still going home an epic fail who lost the election despite having every advantage.

Your every effort to thwart a fair victory of a candidate of whom you do not approve, paints you as sore losers with zero self awareness, zero recognition of just how bad your establishment-installed candidate really was, and zero understanding of just how your snotty accusations of racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and every other vile thing toward your fellow Americans helped put the very candidate you despise over the top.

He may have one of the lowest ranked Electoral College victories in our history, but it’s still a victory over the cackling shrew you hoped to bring to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

butthurtoAnd if you’re so petty, so small-minded, and spiteful that you continue to toss these duds at the President-elect, filled with nothing but trifling rhetoric merely to soothe your chafed labia, you deserve the mockery and ridicule you’re receiving now.

You’re using the New York Times Old Grey Hag article as butt paste to soothe your raging case of Trumparrhoids.

Get over it.


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  1. Let’s see – Aleppo is already his fault. We’re going to go from 8 years of “Bush’s Fault” to the last 8 years being “Trump’s Fault”. FFS.

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  2. Turns out this is the SECOND time Hillary has got the most popular votes and lost the election, Yes she got more votes than Obama, but HE got more delegates. So? If a Democrat brings up Hillary’s lead in the popular vote as delegitizing Trumps win? Just respond with–Then Obama should not have gotten the 2008 nomination?

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    1. *grin* Glorious. Bet pointing that out would make their heads explode. Obama got the presidency via electoral college, then it’s valid, but if Hillary loses because of electoral college, then waaaah not valid?

      They want it both ways, but that’s not how it works.


  3. The alphabet networks, and liberal news agencies, were also losers. Instead of fading into the sunset, like Hillary, they’ll find they either become credible, or learn to understand bankruptcy law.


  4. Maybe you think Trump was the “people’s second choice” but millions disagree with you. I supported him from the start and was not the least bit surprised when he won over the most evil, crooked, political candidate in American history.


    1. I’m not sure if you think *I* said he was the “people’s second choice,” because I didn’t write that. I don’t like many of his policies. I don’t like him. That said, he’s the President-elect, and I’m fine with that, despite my misgivings.

      That said, remember there were 17 candidates who started out in the primary. Kasich stayed in just long enough to screw Cruz and then got out. I can’t remember where I saw this, but something like less than 30 percent of the GOP actually wanted Trump from the start. Everyone else split the vote. That’s a plurality, not the majority of the party.

      But again, that doesn’t matter. In the end he will be POTUS.

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  5. I don’t remember if I sent. Did you see these? (the extreme left butthurt, and the rebuttal)



  6. Not sure I have anything to add to this. The places disdained by shrillary, commonly referred to as ‘flyover country’, contain a lot of people who are tired of being looked down on as unimportant. If Kalifornication doesn’t like it, tough bananas. They can defect to become their own supreme state – or at least the three fattest cities can (SanFran, Sacramento, Los Angeles) and leave the rest of the state alone.

    The real disconnect was plain in July last year when shrillary started her campaign in Iowa. She said she’d put solar panels on every building across America – this, to an audience of farmers whose interest is commodities prices for crops and livestock, and who looked as though they wondered if she’d fallen off a spaceship. She was completed disconnected from her audience. And guess which candidate got the vote in Iowa? Not shrillary.

    Even more ironic is the defection, as reported, of more electoral voters FROM shrillary than from Trump. One of those votes went for Faith Spotted Eagle in Washington state. That was funnier than watching a cat with a catnip toy.

    Well, we have four years to try to pull things together and get some respect for this country going again. Let’s just give Trump a chance. So far, his cabinet choices (Mattis for SecDef) are good ones.

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  7. […] I excoriated the hysterical left for their frothing, lunatic hatred for the President-elect and their refusal to accept that he won […]

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