Dumbest Thing I’ve Seen on the Internet Today

Maybe this should be a regular feature. I don’t know.

Today’s stupid was actually published yesterday, but it’s blindingly imbecilic nonetheless. So much so, in fact, I had to actually check if it was satire. Apparently it’s not. It comes from the UK’s Independent, which operates a website called

indy100 isn’t like most news sites. That list of stories, numbered from 1 to 100? The order isn’t set by us – it’s not a list of what our editors think is important. The article at No 1 isn’t our top story, it’s your top story. The journalists at indy100 write all the articles, devise all the quizzes, and process all the data as maps and charts, but the readers are the ones with the real power.

See the red ‘upvote’ button on each article? Click it to make it green and you’ll help to send the story to the top of the list. If you share the story, read it, or post a comment, up it rises. Why? Because we are putting you in charge.

Because indy100 is from The Independent you can still trust us to take our facts very seriously (even the funny ones). Some of the stories will have been inspired by the brilliant work in The Independent. Most will be from the crack team of indy100 journalists.

It’s this last bit that made me snort my coffee all over my screen this morning, given this. Apparently the President-elect is now comparable to Hitler, because Hitler was once Time’s Man of the Year, claims the Independent. It blathered on about demagoguery, trust, and truth, while comparing Donald Trump to Hitler, because “Hitler once held that title too.”


You can’t make this shit up. Seriously.

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows I’ve never been a fan of the President-elect. I’ve been extremely critical, and taken my share of flak for it, because HILLARY!

That said, this level of stupid needs to be nuked from space. Trump/Hitler comparisons because Hitler was once Time’s Man of the Year too? REALLY?

Well, post World War II, Persons of the Year also included John F. Kennedy, Pope John XXIII, Martin Luther King, “American women,” “The computer,” “The Endangered Earth,” Pope John Paul II, Barack Obama, Pope Francis, the Ebola fighters, and the American Soldier. I guess they’re all like Hitler too? And is President Obama twice as bad as Hitler, because he was named twice?

What. In. The. Everloving. Fuck?

The intellectual laziness and lack of objectivity in this article is stunning! It’s also stunning that readers “upvoted” this garbage, instead of ridiculing it and relegating it to the bin, where, in a sane world, such superb dreck should reside.

The author of this particular load of garbage Narjas Zatat claims in her Twitter account that she’s a “journalist.”

Reporter for and For enquires and collabs: views my own n all that

She’s responsible for such hard-hitting pieces as “A sex researcher just handed out the only sex tip you’ll ever need to read,” and “Cleaner mocked for staring longingly at jewellery gets the last laugh,” as well as profound interviews with such people as director Lee Kyoung Mi discussing what it’s like to have a vagina and be a director in South Korea.

Given her previous work, is it really so hard to believe she would publish such an intellectually lazy, disingenuous piece as one comparing the U.S. President-elect to Hitler based on their presence in an annual Time Magazine feature?

I would submit that the Independent needs to quit referring to itself as “brilliant” or even remotely journalism-related.

Alternately, they could relegate this daft bint to cleaning graffiti in their bathrooms.


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  1. My question is valid: when you employ a bimbo who has the ‘all show and no go’ airhead presence, do you really expect people to take you seriously?

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  2. Oh, and there was the time they put a shiny silver square on the cover and announced that “YOU” were the person of the year.

    So I guess we are ALL Hitler.

    Or someone is breathtakingly stupid.

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    1. Everyone is Hitler. (Which means no one is.)


    2. “In the future, everybody will be Hitler for fifteen minutes.” (not Andy Warhol)


  3. […] that honor, also, and that this is somehow evidence for the implication Trump is a fascist. My friend Nicki dissects this intellectual turd of an argument (and note, for the record, that she hates Trump and […]


  4. I didn’t read the article, but I hope the daft bint included the fact that Donald Trump, as did Hilter, combs his hair weird. That would CLINCH her argument!

    Just when I think the outer limits of dumbfuckery have been reached on the InterWebNet, something comes along to prove me wrong.


  5. This needs a quote.

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. Albert Einstein

    Pure double distilled Industrial Strength Weapons Grade Stoopid™

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  6. The more I read stuff like this the more I find myself rallying around Trump. Being a Cruz supporter, do you know how difficult this should be? But, the Left has done it. Damn!!


  7. Ya know, I can totally see why they’re so worried about ‘fake news’ sites. They’re really unable to control their narratives any more.

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  8. Cheer up, I’m sure someone will do something even dumber. 😉

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    1. Can’t wait. LOL

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      1. Nicki, you should totally do “Dumbest Thing” as a regular feature, perhaps on a weekly basis. I mean, it’s not like you’d have any problem finding subject matter for it.


    2. New drinking game: take a drink whenever someone exceeds the preceding maximum level of stupidity.

      Or, you could go buy a gun instead.


  9. You Trump defender are all missing the obvious fact that they both have bad combovers too. Can’t you see the historical parallels?


  10. Well…we all know Hitler was a vegetarian, and who hasn’t made the obvious connection to other vegetarians? Not for nuthin, but he was also a mediocre artist.


  11. “Most will be from the crack team of indy100 journalists.”

    That crack is involved in this definition I have absolutely NO doubt…..


  12. “Trump/Hitler comparisons because Hitler was once Time’s Man of the Year too? REALLY?”
    Why do they conveniently forget that Obama was the Times Person of the Year also or does that not count because of racism/democrat?


  13. I think this says more about the whack jobs that select the person/thing of the year than those selected.


  14. Hitler drank water. Trump drinks water. Q.E.D.



  15. Check out her twitter comment today about how Palin deserves cancer…

    Liberals. You can’t make this crazy up!


    1. Actually she’s quoting a tweet. Someone with the Twitter name “Interior Sec Palin” added this dumb twat to a list called “deserves cancer.”


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