Guest Post: SJWs Empowering Ugliness – Both Inside and Out

In the ever-continuing battle against Social Justice Warrior wankery takes us to the dank basements of their puny brains, in which they attempt to denigrate and demean every man for not cheapening their ideals by choosing the ugliest, the most worthless among them and lying to themselves and the world about their value.

I’ve written about this type of woman before – the type that fetishizes her victimhood and tries to force society to accept not her virtues, but her oozing sores!

Rob and I at the retirement of the best Command Sgt. Major I have ever had the privilege of knowing!

Rob and I at the retirement of the best Command Sergeants Major I have ever had the privilege of knowing!

As I have stated before, I’m hardly the supermodel type. I have my flaws, much like anyone else, and I claim them. I work to change them when appropriate, and I accept them when I can’t. I’m not supermodel thin – far from it – but I’m stronger than your average female, I hike, I shoot, and when needed, I can fight. I work hard at losing weight and keeping healthy, a feat made more difficult by a hypoactive thyroid post-treatment with radioactive iodine and poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. I’m not a stick figure. I have curves. But I eat right and I work out, to prevent blimpage.

I don’t worry about whether or not men find me attractive. It’s enough that my husband does. But I certainly don’t demand that men change their standards of what they consider beauty, just so I feel better about being overweight, and then call them names for not abiding by my diktats!

And now, my buddy Jon – a fellow military vet and writer – tells it from a man’s point of view. I urge you to read it, because you should have this perspective from someone who is marginalized by the SJW and Howler Monkey movement as sexist, misogynist, privileged, racist, *insert stupid label here*, but who is, in fact, an intelligent, loving husband and father who has something to say.


Even as feminazis screech from the battlements of Fortress Tolerance about how men are awful for not accepting every body style without hesitation, there are some musicians and performers understand that we the paying customers like to see certain things.
If women truly desired thin gawky useless pajama boys that parade around in urban outfitter murder hobo gear, there would be swathes of movies about such men. Instead what we see is Rambo, Thor, Dr. Strange, Creed, 13 Hours.

If all men truly were supposed to enjoy the feminist ideal of the female physique, then Ghostbusters the remake should have sold tickets and outsold every other movie in existence.

But it didn’t. Because all men are different. And different is not bad. My friend Jason is married to a lovely brunette reminiscent of Natalie Portman. Another friend, Roy, prefers southern women. I think his wife Cheryl could be considered the most perfect archetype of Southern Dame with whom I have ever been privileged to speak. I like musically talented blondes – I married a band geek. Or as my wife puts it – she’s a band geek who married the biggest jock she could find.

pigNonetheless, we chose those things for ourselves, and feminazis cannot stand choice – at least where other people are concerned. Why? Because so often those choices don’t include them. If you haven’t taken a look at Alexandra Erin, her writing, and her Twitter feed, go ahead and do so. Now ask yourself two questions:

1) Is there anything desirable about that personality? At all?
2) Is there anything physically desirable about that physique?

The answer to both – for me – is no. Rather than change unacceptable or unattractive behavior or appearance though, the modern feminazis refuse to admit fault with anything related to their current status in life. They are the epitome of zero-defect model carried out to its fullest. In their mindset, if they admit anything, physically or mentally even emotionally, is wrong with them, they are entirely invalidated as a person. More so, their movement is invalidated, and that cannot happen. Ever. Therefore nothing is wrong, and that 380 pound behemoth in trouble glasses with hair that looks like she got bukkaked by unicorns is entirely “normal” and “healthy.”

Nobody wants them around, for a long list of reasons, therefore the only means they feel that they have to gain the acceptance they crave is to force people to like and accept them. Hence all the stupidity of the last 3 years. I hear so much about fat shaming, but and very little about the fit women who get copious amounts of grief piled on them socially because they dare to post pictures of themselves in good shape and physical ability.

A progressive’s response to this would be, “Well Jon, you’re just being prejudiced against bigger women.”


My wife currently weighs as much as I do. Because of the stress and circumstances of the last year, she has not lost an ounce of pregnancy weight.

For a time she actually refused to have sex with me because she didn’t feel pretty enough to be in bed with me. The matter has since been rectified; I took her on a date, just the two of us, sat her down and said, “Honey, I love you. You are the mother of my children and my every fantasy. I burn for you in a way that can only be expressed with my actions. Weight can be lost over time, you’re still the woman who stole my heart at midnight on a beach in Hawaii.” There was no further arguing. Part of what will happen when we move to our new place is that we’ll be working together to both lose weight. She wants to wear a sexy red dress for the Birthday Ball next year. A professional seamstress I’m friends with will be getting a visit to her studio next summer to get my wife fitted with some of her brilliant handiwork. I personally would like to be 100 pounds lighter and be able to properly dance the night away with my bride.
We made that choice together, we choose to change together. It’s how relationships work and thrive and grow.

Having said all that, I turn back to my original point.

Who here has watched Britney Spears new music video “Slumber Party”? Don’t be embarrassed if you have. It’s a well-executed piece of work. Speaking as a father, I hope my daughter does not choose to flaunt herself in such fashion, mainly for her own dignity and peace of mind. The girl from the “Stacey’s Mom” music video walked away from a potential career in entertainment because she was so severely stalked by perverts. Speaking as a man, I appreciate the dancing ability and beauty displayed throughout Britney’s performance in the video. I admit that because as a man, I’m hard-wired that way.

The sight of a lovely lady exuding such a sensuous performance is one which pleases me – just as the sight of my wife dancing at the Birthday Ball in an evening gown made me extremely happy. Speaking as a Marine… thank God we live in America where women can wear whatever the hell they want! OORAH!

I continue to encourage the fight against these SJW types because I want for my son to grow up and express himself intelligently without being berated by these fascist jackasses just because he likes (as an example) a hot busty blonde in thigh high leather boots and a sexy mini dress. He should free to make that choice and enjoy it of his own accord. Just as I am free to make out with my wife playing some old Alabama, naughty Britney Spears and maybe a pinch of Prince.

Let the angry hippos high on Fortress Tolerance prattle and bray; we are bringing our mortars and howitzers into position. Let us tear them down and drive them from our midst, for we as a society can do quite a bit better without the feckless oxygen thieves in our midst.


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  1. Ooooo! First! Okay, this is my view of this body type obsession.

    A – It is not mentally or physically healthy. We ALL know that.

    B – Muscles are sexy in men, because they appeal to the primitive part of the brain that says hunter, food finder, etc. It is a primitive response generated by the survival instinct/drive. I spent years looking at horses’ butts. I look at men the same way. (Sorry, guys, just a bad habit!) Can this guy run fast enough to chuck a spear at a moose? And can he drag home the carcass or am I going to have to do it for him?

    C – Curves are sexy in women, for the same reason. The fashion industry has been run for decades, maybe centuries by gay men dressing their sex partners. If you have doubts about that, look at the clothing from the Renaissance. ALL upper-body clothing could be worn by both men and women, but women wore corsets with busks to push up the girls, and bum rolls to make their hips look wider. C-U-R-V-E-S!! Women with narrow pelvises had a harder time giving birth than women with wide pelvises. Take a look back at historical fashion and see how little things have changed.

    D – Frankly, I blame the food industry first for most of the morbid obesity I see, because they load food with salt and sugar, both of which make you retain water, and fat is mostly water. And my favorite is high-fructose corn syrup, which will do the same damage to your liver that heavy booze intake does, so start reading labels. The ‘natural’ jams and peanut butter are on the shelves.

    It is unfortunate that, if your weight is normal for your height and bone structure, you’re considered overweight if you have higher muscle mass than fat. I know the military is obsessed with body size and weight, too, because I hear about it all the time. It is also unfortunate that if you have a metabolic disorder which affects the way you look (e.g., skeletal thinness or heavy-set, etc.), you’re viewed as some kind of freak by the media. I blame them for that crap. The internet has a lot to answer for, too, in that regard. I also blame the media for destroying the dignity of middle age and elder years by employing only people who ‘look good on camera’ because they think it draws an audience. That is SO-O-O-O-O 1950s!!! You have to be either a blonde white woman or a skinny black chick. You definitely cannot be a redhead, even though it’s been statistically proven that redheads make great saleswomen. Whoever is at the helm in broadcast media is behind this crap and those people are definitely far from perfect. And yes, the camera does add 10 to 15 pounds to the way you look.

    It is equally unfortunate that the SJW howler monkeys have to make asses of themselves in public. I disregard their appearance, because not one of them looks or acts physically or mentally healthy. It’s the sociopathic things they do that make them so completely unattractive.

    Their behavior is antisocial to a peculiar degree. Not one of them seems to have contributed anything worthwhile but they get right in your face about ‘LOOK AT ME! I’M GROSS AND DISGUSTING AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME!’ That’s all I see. It’s a form of self-hatred that never used to be so lewdly or widely flaunted. Unless I’m mistaken, that’s the key to it: self-hatred, self-loathing, and self-disgust.

    Of course it’s repellent. No one in their right mind wants to be around someone whose behavior is so repugnant that it’s worse than her freak-show appearance. That’s a sad thing to say about anyone: I want nothing to do with you because you are a dandruff-flaking jackass! I will outlive you! You’re an asshole, so shut up! And you smell like an outhouse, too! Go away!!

    I’ve worked with plenty of overweight women whose lives were full and wonderful, who were dignified, wonderful people with plenty to offer merely as human beings. I’ve been overweight, too, but lost the excess. Weight gain is partly associated with aging, when we tend to slow down and fat replaces muscle. Schwarzenegger is my age, but still he looks like Conan. Most people don’t do what he does, but you don’t need a gym membership to do that. You can use cans of soup to tone muscles, gallon jugs of water to increase muscle mass. There’s all sorts of free stuff online, too. Okay, I’ll stop that lecture now.

    The point is that these anti-social dysfunctional people hate themselves much more than you can imagine. They act like freaks and make themselves look like sideshow freaks because they don’t dare say ‘I’m a wonderful person, I want to have a lot of friends’. It’s far easier to take that self-hatred and throw it in YOUR face. It justifies their self-disgust if you turn away from them.

    Take heart, though: you will probably outlive all of them, no matter what your age is.

    Sorry about the long comment. I like to be clear.

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    1. The point is that these anti-social dysfunctional people hate themselves much more than you can imagine. They act like freaks and make themselves look like sideshow freaks because they don’t dare say ‘I’m a wonderful person, I want to have a lot of friends’. It’s far easier to take that self-hatred and throw it in YOUR face. It justifies their self-disgust if you turn away from them.

      Ever notice how most of their pictures depict them with neutral expressions at best (I’m being generous) and most of the time, a sneer or some other ‘superior’ expression? Their default expressions aren’t pleasant either. Their general aura is sullen, unhappy, and they seem to expect offense at every turn so they can snap and snarl at the world because that’s easier for them than actually trying to be happy – and you can’t work at getting your happiness and joy if you don’t know what makes you happy. Which, I think sometimes, is one of the problems. They don’t have ‘true’ hardship so they make life hard for themselves and everyone around them, and call that suffering and martyrdom and victim-virtue. Don’t they realize that the reason why people admire the ones who survive horrible experiences is because they do it with determination (and unseen, have the dignity and self respect to weep in private!)

      It is no virtue to be a victim, to have no power. They who have put victimhood on a pedestal, wrap it around themselves like a comforting blanket, tell themselves only lies “I have no power, it is not my fault my life is a cesspool of misery,” and use those lies as an excuse to lash out and think that the repulsed recoil gives them power.

      The only power they have is to drive people away.

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    2. Sara, that was the BEST essay I’ve ever read by a woman that said it just the way that should be seen by all sane people. As a man, I do enjoy looking very pretty women (we all are hard wired that way 😉 ) But a real man knows that there MUST be things that are very more important than just outside looks. My wife had been probably thought too fat for some men that didn’t knew her, but if any of them had taken the time to get to know her, I think they would have been really impressed just what a beautiful person was…I lost her three and a half years due to cancer, and I haven’t found any other woman that ever never even neared to what like her had been. I know it wasn’t just myself view; have you ever heard by an ex-wife and our daughter that started to call her “Saint Beth ” when she and I had been a couple for only about six months, and really meant it!?! That is/was just as greatly an exception she was/had been a truly person. I HOPE that there is a Heaven, and that when my time comes that I will be able to reunite with her then.


  2. First:
    I took her on a date, just the two of us, sat her down and said, “Honey, I love you. You are the mother of my children and my every fantasy. I burn for you in a way that can only be expressed with my actions. Weight can be lost over time, you’re still the woman who stole my heart at midnight on a beach in Hawaii.”

    Beautifully said; I cheerfully admit that my eyesight got blurry and I made a happy little sound. I love it when men tell the lady in their life and heart what they feel – it seems so wonderful to me!

    As someone who also has been unable to shed post-pregnancy pounds due to truly severe amounts of stress, please reassure your lovely lady that it is possible, but you have to work up to it. I got a treadmil, and three times a week, got on that thing until I was comfortable with 10k steps (I didn’t do all of it at once. Incrementally. I pause the thing when I need to do something else, but a few minutes here and there adds up, and it helps the front belly muscles recover.) When I was comfortable with that, I moved up my thrice weekly goal to 13k steps. It wasn’t easy – my general work is deskbound and there’s the household stuff too, but I’d be ‘okay’ with any amount of steps over 2-3k, which is what I’d normally get with housework only. (More on grocery shopping days, having a pedometer-watch thing helps.) Bonus: I found I worked out a lot of stress doing these little workouts, and I’m getting back to my old ‘self’ emotionally.

    I don’t have illusions that I’ll return to my body shape after I had my second child (There’s lots more hip curve now!) and my main goal is to just firm up the belly muscles and shed some of the preggy pounds… though, my darling husband quipped that’s when I’ll probably end up carrying baby number 5 – just as I get that goal! XD


  3. Antifeminists have no right to call others ugly.


    1. Your IP shows a truck stop somewhere in Mass. Taking a break between clients, sweetie?


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