Why the Bleeding Fuck Did He Run?

I had to take a break for a bit. The DERP! On the Internet over the Trump victory has been simultaneously pathetic and hilarious. 

There’s nothing like watching Trump Derangement Syndrome in its full glory, with Snowflakes in universities demanding their safe spaces, blankies, and binkies (read: exemptions from actually studying, which is ostensibly why mommy and daddy sent them to college), high school students taking the opportunity to cut class to protest the election of a president they didn’t like (because civics didn’t teach Generation Cupcake that sometimes they would not get what they demanded), and idiot protesters demonstrating in front of Trump’s newest hotel in Washington, their lack of class and decency on full display. 

So I spent a couple of days reading, working, and fighting the mutant super crud from hell I apparently picked up on my trip back from Luxembourg two weeks ago. I’ve broken the record for amount of peppermint tea ingested in two weeks. I’m sure if it! And yet, my body continues to produce mass amounts of lung butter. 

Is there a doctor in the house?

Which brings me to the latest WTFuckery this time coming from Ben Carson. 

Who? That guy that ran for President last year. Neurosurgeon. Guy who had some trouble with the Second Amendment and once said people in cities shouldn’t have semi-automatic firearms. The guy who had no policy experience whatsoever, which ostensibly made him fairly popular as a Washington outsider. 

That guy. The guy who the current President-elect claimed had a “pathological temper” that couldn’t be cured, much like there was no cure for pedophilia. 

Well, that guy, who after dropping out of the race, gallantly got on his knees and tongue bathed the taint of the man who smeared him in the primaries, apparently had his pick of cabinet positions in the new administration, and turned them all down

“Dr. Carson was never offered a specific position, but everything was open to him,” Williams told The Hill in a phone call. 

“Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.”

Wait… WHAT?

Wasn’t this the guy who was running in the primaries FOR PRESIDENT just a year ago?

He doesn’t want to “cripple” the presidency with his inexperience of never having run a federal agency, but HE RAN FOR A POSITION THAT WOULD REQUIRE HIM TO RUN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY, as well as to lead the free world. 

Did he think he’d get on the job training in the White House?

What would he have done if he had, by some miracle, won? Stepped back and said, “Sorry, guys. I just realized I’m not qualified to be President. I can’t even run a departmental agency. I’ve changed my mind“?

Come on!

Why the hell did he run in the first place? 

Did he fail to realize that being President was more than just state dinners and a nice, White House to live in?

Couple of theories here. 

1) He ran to promote himself and his book and never actually thought he would win. 

2) After his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, some manipulative GOP operatives stroked his ego and convinced him he could be “the guy” in hopes of latching themselves on to the first black Republican presidential nominee. 

3) He finally realized that genuflecting in front of the man who called him “a pathological” who couldn’t be cured’ much like a child molester, and then licking the hand of his master by working for him is not something that self-assured, strong men do. 

4) He thought he was up to the task of leading this country during the primaries, was hoping to snag a plum cabinet position by prostrating himself in front of the very man who denigrated him during the primaries, and then realized it would actually be hard work. He realized that leading a federal agency and being accountable to the people and the President is actually a YUGE responsibility for which he was woefully unprepared. 

The guy isn’t dumb. He was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1984 until 2013. Did he not realize that being President is a job? A hard job

What sort of fuckery is this? You tell me!


21 responses

  1. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP | Reply

    I am a big Dr. Ben Carson fan but I do not think he would have been the best choice for President. I admire and respect him greatly but I think Trump is the far better choice. There is nothing wrong with applying for a job – any job – in this case presidency of the US. Once you do apply, you may come to realize that there are others more qualified. You don’t know that until you try or apply. At that point, it may become apparent that someone else – or several someone elses – is more qualified to do the job. As for why he applied, I believe he had a notion that he could do the country some good. He had accomplished a whole lot in his life – reached a pinnacle in his chosen profession. He retired and now perhaps he wanted to use his skills to give back and bring about more good to his country. I am a big believer that every person has a responsibility to give back to the world and leave it a better place.

    It became apparent to many of us – and probably to him, as well – that not withstanding good intentions, he was not the best qualified to serve in this particular capacity. That does not mean it is wrong to try i.e. apply for any job. He gracefully withdrew and then supported a more qualified candidate. What more can you ask of anyone? You don’t know until you try. We each have our own special talents and abilities. It is a matter of finding the right fit in terms of what one will do.

    I am a big fan of Carson and I think he would make a fantastic surgeon general or else the head of Human Health and Services. This is where is strength lies. Personally, I have applied for jobs in the course of my life where I was not the best candidate, all things considered. Worse, I have gotten some of those jobs and it did not work out too well. I interview very well and sometimes, honestly, I got a few jobs for which I was not sufficiently qualified. I did my best (tried super hard) and nothing terrible happened, but once I got there, I realized that I had probably overshot my abilities in that particular regard.

    It has been said that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp. He meant well; he was reaching. In this case, he could not land the grasp. I’d be the last to fault him for trying. I have done a whole lot of reaching in my life and sometimes I have overreached. It happens. I am rooting big time for this man to be Surgeon General of the US. I am very pro Dr. Ben Carson. He would be an awesome Surgeon General!

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    1. What you said, I agree with. Better Surgeon General than President; what I remember of his work; he’s amazing.

      He should stay with medicine. Hopefully Trump will recognize that and put him there.

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  2. Wait… WHAT?

    Yeah, add the obligatory jaw drop, and you would have described me too.

    I was pretty sure when he was running that he was just there to extend his brand and sell more books. He saw it as a marketing device. Not bad, Hillary made millions. Just sayin’…

    … but when he quit and went to the “taint” (ugh, I’m going to need some brain bleach after this) I thought that this guy was either suffering from some strange form of Stockholm Syndrome, or he was after something like a position in the administration. Or maybe he has been working on Donald’s brain in the off hours…

    Did he think he’d get on the job training in the White House?

    What would he have done if he had, by some miracle, won? Stepped back and said, “Sorry, guys. I just realized I’m not qualified to be President. I can’t even run a departmental agency. I’ve changed my mind“?

    As I read this, I was thinking about TRUMP. I’ve always thought that Trump never expected to win. Not from day one, not even on the last day. But each step of the way, as it LOOKED like he was deliberately trying to sabotage his campaign (MANY, MANY TIMES), he was astounded that he keep going and going and going…

    Well, he’s got it now. What’s that old saying?


    There are a couple of ways to look at this:

    Comedy Gold or the Apocalypse

    I’m old. I need a good laugh before I go. So either way…

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    1. If you read the Wall Street Journal article I linked to, it does appear that Trump didn’t expect to win.

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  3. J. Eric Andreasen | Reply

    I think mostly #2, above. Also, I’m sure, in your time with professionals, especially PhD’s, and even more so, MD’s and Attorneys, you have noted that many are brilliant in their fields, and yet as dumb as a box of rocks when you step out of their area of expertise.

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    1. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP | Reply

      And I think he came to realize exactly that – he had stepped out of his area of expertise. He withdrew gracefully and then supported a more qualified person. What more can folks ask of him? I have done it myself. I have applied for a number of jobs for which truthfully and objectively, I was not really qualified. Unfortunately, I got some of these jobs and it was very, very tough. I don’t think it was an “ego stroke” thing. I believe he truly felt he was qualified and gave it a whirl. He has done some very incredible things in his life. I am glad Trump got the bid and not Carson but that issue aside, I think this man is absolutely fantastic. I so hope Trump gives him the Surgeon General role.


    2. many are brilliant in their fields, and yet as dumb as a box of rocks when you step out of their area of expertise.

      As I understand it, Carson is a young earth creationist.

      ‘Nuff said.


  4. My other thought was he looked at the amount of pure d, grade a Bullshit that is already flying about and went “oh fuck no.”

    Then came up with the lamest reason on the planet.


  5. What was he thinking? I have no idea. But while I thought, like others, that he might make a very good Surgeon General, the notion that he should take on the Presidency seemed odd. It would be as odd as me casting my hat in the ring, and I would rather let someone pull the hair out of my nose. It was curious that he started, faltered, and then pulled out. I don’t know why people do the things they do. Maybe he simply thought it would an easy campaign and had no idea what he was actually facing.

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    1. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP | Reply

      Sara, Just maybe he is smarter than we all give him credit for. Had he not run, there would be no way in hell his name would have risen to the top so as to be considered for Surgeon General. Now, think about it. He runs, he pulls out – the nation gets to know him first hand ……….and he is a shoe in for the Surgeon General role. It was a win-win proposition for him. Either he got the GOP nomination for president OR (more likely) his name becomes a household word – the GOP electorate fall in love with him and he gets the the role of Surgeon General of the US. Not too shabby thinking I would say. Neurosurgery is one of the toughest and most competitive residencies there is – it is the cream of the cream so to speak in the world of medicine. Many want this residency but very, very few get it. For those of you who are not in the medical field, medical school graduates have to compete against one another for residencies throughout the country in a scenario where the competition is very tough. Medical students about to graduate bid for spots (in all residency programs) throughout the country and the administrators of the residency programs pick from among those who bid for a spot in their institution. Neurosurgery is right on up there at the top of the list in terms of competition. Many bid for it but only the best of the best actually get it. The kind of brains which got him that coveted residency is the same sort of brains which had him develop a strategy which would take him from a complete unknown to a household name to the Surgeon General of the United States. This is one heck of a smart man.

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  6. ‘Sleepy kitten’ finally woke up and realized the there jobs were….work? Or perhaps he realized being in a Trump Administration could well be the Executive Branch version of clown college. Either way, he might make for a decent Surgeon General….I suppose.

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    1. A few lawn signs for Carson were up for months and months – he seemed like a genuinely able and decent person. But yeah – I can see him reconsidering and deciding that the pure d BS that he would have to put up with like Griz – Hell, no.

      But would make a very good Surgeon General.


      1. He’s a physician, not a politician. That was quite obvious during the debates and his public appearances. He needed to stick with what he knows, not try to run for the highest office in the land, and then admit after the fact that he’s not even qualified to run a cabinet level department.


  7. Re “mutant super crud”

    A few years ago I had what I thought was just a winter cough/cold,then I woke up one morning and couldn’t breathe.
    After being hauled away by ambulance, to local small hospital ER ,they X-rayed lungs and Dr pronounced “that’s the biggest pneumonia I’ve ever seen” .
    My entire right lung was full of fluid. After 5 days of IV antibiotics didn’t do anything the Cleveland Clinic’s lung specialist decided to operate-after an 8 hour surgery,I was taken back into surgery because of excess fluid drainage. So after 12 hours in surgery,most of it spent trying to remove the extra thick “lung butter”,I spent another 3 weeks in the hospital,then 6 more weeks at home with a chest tube to drain fluid from the lung.

    Dr. Santascoy-the lung specialist-told me if I had gone to my regular Dr. when I first got the cough-7 days of Levofloxacin (sp) would have cured the infection,and I wouldn’t have a scarred up lung and reduced breathing ability.
    That was in Feb 2013,and there are days my ribs still hurt like hell where they sawed through them to get to lung.
    Was told that is one of the most painful surgeries there is-and I agree.
    Just relaying that story because I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the crap I did from what I though was just a cough/cold.


    1. I actually DID go to the doctor a week ago, and they said it was just a virus. It’s just a lingering, aggressive one. 😦

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      1. I’ve been twice in the past month and on two different antibiotics. I still have the lung crud in the left one. I just moved to a completely different city 150 miles away when this started. I had to get a new doctor but no appointment until 12/9. I hope neither of us has what gamegetter had! That would totally suck 😦


        1. SHEESH! I hope not. Feel better, please! That would totally suck, I agree. Mine is actually getting better, but REALLLLLLLLLLLY slowly!


    2. There is a pneumonia vaccine now. I don’t do flu shots, but that one was worth it. However, there are two kinds, one that requires a second shot (older) and one that doesn’t. If you get the one that needs a booster, it requires a one year wait to get the newer one shot.


      1. I know- already had two different kinds-I don’t ever want to go through that again. My Dr. is aware of my lung infection/pneumonia history and if she can’t see me the day I call she’ll start me on the Levofloxacin before she sees me.


  8. And, as to the original topic, I fear it was mainly #2. Some disgusting piece of filth hoping to latch on to a “other” type Republican. I.E. black, female, etc.


  9. M.D. +
    surgeon ++
    neurosurgeon +++
    director of neurosurgery ++++

    Having worked in a hospital and dealy with people of similar job descriptions, I’d expect he would consider the Presidency a distinct step *down*. Taking a lesser position would be unacceptable.


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