Mother of the Year Kicks Little Boy Out for Voting for Trump in School

Stay classy, leftards. Stay classy. A video went viral the other day of a mother – or I should say egg donor – from Houston recording herself tossing her little boy out of the house for “voting for Trump.” In school. In a mock election.

The video shows the mother’s reaction to learning her young son voted for president-elect Donald Trump in a mock election held at his elementary school.

“Since you voted for Trump, you can get your sh*t and get out. Uh uh, the suitcase is packed by the door.” the woman says at the beginning of the video.

In the video, she repeatedly tells her son to take his suitcase and get out of the house. The child is clearly terrified and crying, pleading with his mother to let him stay.

Once outside the home, the woman made the boy hold a sign saying, “My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.” As he walks down the sidewalk, the woman says, “Bye, Donald Trump lover.”

Later in the video, the woman asks her child why he voted for Trump to which he replies because he sees Trump a lot on TV.

I will tell you the video is horrifying to me as a parent and as a human being. The little boy is terrified. He’s weeping and pleading as this pernicious cunt tells her 8-year-old child to get his “shit” and “get out.” The child’s tears are heartbreaking and his hysterical, frightened wails are literally making me shudder.

She forces him out and hands him a sign that said  “My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.” As he walks down the sidewalk, the woman says, “Bye, Donald Trump lover.” The little lonely form cries out for his mom as she walks away from him, and then dejectedly falls to the pavement, as another little boy, who I assume is his brother, weeps uncontrollably as this pestilential excuse for a human being walks away.

This is abuse, folks, plain and simple. This is intentional trauma inflicted upon an innocent child, who says he simply voted for Trump because he saw him on TV.

And yet, according to the story linked above, the “authorities,” who jump on parents and take children away for simply allowing their kids to walk home from the playground alone, refuse to do anything about this blatant, repulsive depravity!

The “authorities” come running any time a gun is even mentioned about being in the house by a “concerned” (read: nosy) neighbor. “Suspected” abuse from an anonymous source is enough to bring child protective services to the door. Running late from an errand, leaving your kids outside for a while? That’s cause to have them taken away!

And yet, detectives who investigated the case claim the woman told them she was just joking and that she was sorry about the video.


cryingA joke? What kind of heartless, cold, callous cock goblin could think of playing a joke so traumatic and cruel on an 8-year-old child? Who could think this is funny?

Yeah, I’m sure she’s sorry. Now that the video has gone viral, and the police came a knockin’ at her door! Now, she’s sorry?

She wasn’t sorry watching her terrorized little boy scream in terror at the top of his lungs?

She wasn’t sorry seeing his defeated, dejected form collapse on the sidewalk?

She wasn’t sorry, hearing his brother wail in dismay as they walked away from her weeping boy?

No, she’s only sorry about the video. She apparently not sorry for bullying and intimidating her own child.

And while I’m not normally someone who would send child protective services to anyone’s door, to me this is a clear case of emotional abuse. This noxious sack of anal ooze shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a child, and yet, the police merely shrugged and claimed the kid looks to be “in good shape.”

You can bet that if there was a report of an unsecured gun in the house – no matter how inaccurate – those kids would be foster care by now! But in this case, emotionally terrorizing a little boy doesn’t add up to child abuse, according to the “authorities.”

What kind of message is this “mother” sending to her child? Certainly not that he’s free in this country to make his own choice about whom he would like to see in a leadership position! Certainly not that he can be honest about that choice!

In this case, an apology is just not enough.



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  1. This is a special sort of … I don’t know quite what to call it. I was out of pocket all day at a marketing event — but my daughter had her ipad and gleaned the news for the Daily Mail (the Brit tabloid where America gets its news) that the child protective services will be investigating.

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    1. Yeah. They’ve investigated, and decided nothing to see here. Unbelievable!

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      1. Well, she didn’t let him go to the playground unaccompanied so it’s okay!


      2. I find it far from unbelievable. The scum of the earth that infest Child Abduction Services are usually to the left of Karl Marx. Thus I expect they think she was too easy on the kid.

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    2. This is a special sort of … I don’t know quite what to call it.

      Evil. A special sort of evil.


  2. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

    Well, aside from being a bad parent, what this idiot did is also illegal. Simple fact is that one does not have the option to throw a child out of the house. Until said child reaches the age of 18, Mom and Dad have the legal obligation to provide them with food, shelter and clothing. Her behavior is not just reprehensible, it is also illegal and she could suffer consequences, as a result. Some LEO, however, needs to have the guts to arrest her and charge her with child abandonment. That action would put a little cramp in her style. What an idiot she is.

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    1. Well, she apparently took him back. I’m just appalled someone could be this heartless to an innocent child.


  3. Joe Miller (@joethefatman1)

    Parent of the year material.

    Unfortunately in America today that really isn’t a sarcastic comment anymore.


  4. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the video. I just finished posting that I don’t wish anything worse for Huma than what has already happened to her, but I hope this bitch gets cunt cancer and fucking dies.


    1. Omg that’s hilarious! Your post…not the sad story.


  5. Gee, and I thought my mom was unreasonable for insisting I actually try a food dish before deciding I didn’t like it.

    What a terrible story. I would hope she would learn a lesson from this, but I’m afraid anyone who could cognate her behavior as acceptable in any way is simply unable to ever understand why that behavior could be regarded as unacceptable.

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  6. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Just the image of that crying boy’s face fills me with horror.
    What the F*** is wrong with this woman?

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    1. Scum. Just plain scum.

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    2. Same here. The image was enough. I can’t stomach cruelty to kids.


  7. Love your description of this pos woman. You nailed it!!

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  8. Sometimes I wonder if CPS doesn’t occasionally let an egregious case slip by just so they can then complain they didn’t have the power to do anything.

    There was a very famous case here about 20 years ago where, in spite of repeated evidence that a certain father was a hazard to himself and others, DHS (that was its name back then) did nothing…then he ended up killing his two kids and himself. Mom lived, if you can call living through THAT “living.” Meanwhile, as you won’t be surprised to hear, people were losing their kids over dirty carpets, or because the house was a mess (primarily because mom had just gone through three days of severe influenza).

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    1. I’ve become very, very cynical about child protective services, since they seem to do more ‘leave the children in the hands of abusers and pedophiles and drug addicts’ than they do actually helping the children. A lot of it is motivated by political correctness.

      The Clinton and Podesta emails show that there are plausible connections between supposed protective services and child trafficking, which is a nightmarish thought to behold.

      In fact that would greatly, in part, explain why they so quickly remove children from stable households for transgressions such as letting them walk to a park on their own, playing in their own back yards or front yards, or actually being taken care of.


      1. Sorry, I posted this in the wrong place last night:

        The prevailing theory back then was that Child Poaching Services was getting a kickback on whatever pile of money they got for fostering kids. This is…far more ugly a motive and I hope to hell it’s not true.

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  9. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

    It so happens that CPS did not pursue this case but the act of filming yourself abusing a child speaks to just how stupid this woman actually is. Sort of calls to mind the soldiers who abused prisoners at Abu Graib. Not only were they unethical but they were stupid enough to create and publish evidence of their illegal actions. Incredible stupidity. There was, a few years ago, a case of a woman in Alaska who had her daughter film her while she abused her son. This woman forced the kid to hold hot sauce in his mouth then threw him into an ice cold shower, all the while the child was screaming and crying. Very painful to watch. She sent the video to some daytime television show to air. This idiot mother got into one heap of big trouble which landed her sorry backside in court. She narrowly escaped jail time. Filming yourself doing illegal acts then publishing the video speaks to extreme stupidity.

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  10. I’d watched the video and I wondered quietly what would’ve happened if someone took the boy in after he’d been thrown out. Or just stood out there with him, making sure he wouldn’t get hurt.

    Cynical me thought five minutes later that this hypothetical person who, in my scenario, took care of the child, would’ve been charged as a molester or something, and the kid returned to the vile bitch who threw him out.

    I am disappointed to learn that he was given back to his mother, despite the video evidence of her abuse, but not surprised. That seems to be the usual CPS trend these days, and unfortunately part of the reason for my cynicism.

    Listening to that poor kid scream like that hurt, and is enraging, but it seems like these days being a good person gets you punished.

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  11. You got through the video? I couldn’t watch anymore about 20 seconds in, when the kid first collapsed wailing. ;_;


    1. I did. And broke down when I heard the younger brother/sister crying for elder brother.

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  12. It took me about 30 minutes on Friday to calm down enough to write about it without breaking anything. I’ve gotten texts and calls over the weekend asking if story was true. When I point out that she uploaded it to youtube and the news media picked it up – the anger on the other end of the line toward that excrement is palpable.

    But the worst part? Last night I had someone message me telling me to chill out on this. That it was no big deal because the mom said it was a joke – and person telling me this was a parent…. I nearly came unglued. When I challenged that parent to try that on their own child…the backpedaling and reality check was something to behold.

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    1. She uploaded the video to her own facebook page, and when the backlash hit, she deleted her page and is now claiming it’s a joke. Even after people pointed out that she started threatening her younger child to go join ‘the Trump lover’ for crying for the brother.

      So mad. I can feel my blood pressure rising at the lukewarm police response on this. As if we needed further proof that ‘black lives don’t matter if they have the wrong politics.’

      Need to walk away. As someone who lost kids to death, I can’t get over the rage easily.

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      1. The prevailing theory back then was that Child Poaching Services was getting a kickback on whatever pile of money they got for fostering kids. This is…far more ugly a motive and I hope to hell it’s not true.

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  13. Nicki, this sorry episode brings us right back to your previous post about “Have You No Damn Decency?” And the answer is, for these folks, that I’m fresh out of “decency.” And sympathy. Can’t find a speck of compassion or humanity, either. I even turned out my pockets.

    For the abused child that’s the subject of this discussion thread? I have all the sympathy in the world. I saw this video on Facebook yesterday, and it brought tears to my eyes.

    For – referring back to the previous thread – the child of Huma Abedin and Carlos Danger, who Huma left in the care of a pervert that was taking naked selfies in bed with the boy, while she was trying to ride Hillary Clinton’s coattails into the White House? I greatly fear for him.

    Both of these children, for their own good, need to be taken from their dysfunctional families and adopted by responsible adults.

    But for the alleged adults responsible for the abuse? Sorry, I’m fresh out of fucks to give.

    This is who the Left is. This is what they do. You see how they treat their own. You’ve seen – again, referring back to the other thread – what they think of those of us who dare to disagree with them.

    At best they consider us subhuman Morlocks who should be ignored; at worst we’re obstacles to the power and prestige and wealth they so obviously deserve (because they’re such good people who care about the children!) that must be shoved aside or forcibly suppressed or simply run down like a stray dog on the highway. And they take great joy in the running down of us.

    They have nothing but contempt for decency and absolutely no respect for the lives and property of others, even that of their own children.

    Why, then, should they be entitled to any from us?

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    1. Like

  14. Well here’s something that might make you feel a little better, yesterday was the day extra life happened, and what extra life is is multiple people from different groups doing entertaining 24 hour livestreams for charity for children’s hospitals. The livestream i was watching ended up making 900,000 dollars for their local children’s hospital. And many people were donating thousands of dollars. So hopefully some faith in humanity has been restored.

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      1. When you give the gaming community a challenge they’ll get it done.

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        1. Extra life isn’t related to Gamergate.


        2. Henry, I will bet you $250 to the charity of your choice that the Venn Diagram overlaps by a lot.


  15. I have always told my son that I learned how to be a good parent from my own parents. I was lucky. Not only did I observe, remember, and contemplate on the good things that they did, I also learned things that I never wanted to enact onto my own son.

    The behavior that this parent exhibited was undoubtedly a learned behavior in regards to “teaching a child a lesson”. What was your lesson, Ma? You’ll be lucky if that kid doesn’t use 3 wood from the local urban golf outreach program to bash your head in your sleep.

    Leaving the Sister Nicki Vernacular aside (derp), my sincere hope is that this child can find the support, guidance, and empathy that he truly deserves. Good Gawd…..I just want to grab this kid and hug him and tell him it’s going to be ok.

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    1. Me too. That sweet little child deserves cuddles.


  16. Well, according to this article from another local station, the local sheriff’s department and Child Protective Services is still investigating the woman. Perhaps they were shamed into doing something by the national outrage?

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    1. God, I can only hope so!


  17. That is possibly the most cruel thing I have seen in 56 years.


  18. CHILD ABUSE heart bleeds for this little boy, this is CHILD ABUSE and should be reported.. !!!! She just taught her child it is wrong and will be punished for thinking for himself.. he will go up not knowing how to or afraid to. We going to lose great minds.. !!! AND PEOPLE ARE WORRIED ABOUT TRUMP???? good God look at what this parent did… this is where the problem is


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