How about some damn decency!

walzOK, we’ve seen some incredible Trump derangement syndrome this week. There have been threats, tears, complete unhinged rage, riots, and violence.

We’ve seen incredible classnessness from people who have spent years telling us how we should be more civil and accepting of every freakish thing they invent, and trying to compel us to do so by force.

So I get it, that after the supreme backlash against closed-minded, anti-freedom, safe space-seeking Special Snowflakes took the world by surprise, it feels pretty good to watch the wailing, pearl clutching, and gnashing of teeth on the part of the loudest of snowflakes, who were so sure their Queen was going to take the White House, that they staged epic freakouts in unhinged rage, that we feel a bit of a schadenfreude.

Hell, my schadenboner hasn’t gone flaccid for several days!

These people were so arrogant, they didn’t think for a moment that the very people they regarded that something akin to a piece of dogshit on their $3000 shoes to be rubbed off and forgotten would finally fight back.

schadenbonerAs I said… I get it.

But at the same time, I’m pretty appalled at the behavior of some so-called conservatives, friends of mine who voted for Trump, and even my own family members.

I saw this story being circulated this morning.

EXCLUSIVE: Huma breaks down and weeps openly as she returns to campaign headquarters where she and her aides ran doomed bid to elect Hillary Clinton

The story includes some unflattering photos of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, upset and seemingly crying as she walks to her place of employment.

First of all, this is exclusive? This is news? A woman who apparently has had her life turned upside down breaks down in tears in front of her place of employment, and the blood-sucking maggots at the Daily Fail think this is a news story?

They publish this ridiculous piece, rehashing every bit of news that has surfaced around Abedin’s life – her disgusting ex-husband’s sex texts, her work for Clinton, the WikiLeaks revelations about her involvement in the Clinton Foundation – no actual journalism required. Just rehashing what everyone else has already written.

humaSo what was the exclusive? Photos of this woman breaking down and crying as her life unravels around her.

And some of my friends have decided it was appropriate to gloat at her pain.

I’m saddened by this.

You can hate her political views. You can hate the fact that she hitched her wagon to the most corrupt engine in the United States. You can hate the fact that she stuck by Weiner through his first and second sexting scandals, and finally left him after he was caught freaking on a kid. You can dislike all this. I do. I have no love for her.

I can understand a little why she stuck with Weiner as long as she did. She had a baby with him. She had a life with him. She wanted to try and salvage it. I don’t agree with it. If Rob ever did half the shit Carlos Danger had pulled, He’d be found hanging from his toes with his balls shoved up his own ass. Huma made a different decision. I disagree with it, and that’s not the path I would have taken, but I get it.

But to revel in her pain, and roll around in it like a pig in shit? No, thanks. I’m not that person.

This is a woman whose world is basically collapsing around her. If the reports are true, Queen Pantsuit has jettisoned her “surrogate daughter.” She’s lost her career. The work she has spent a lifetime doing has blown up in her face. She’s lost her family. Her swine of an ex is in sex rehab, and will probably be going to jail (I can hope, can’t I?). She has a baby, and she’s alone.

She’s not just heartbroken, her life is broken, and I can’t help but feel some sympathy for her.

Her tragedy and misery is not a news story, and it certainly shouldn’t be a source of glee for people who disliked Hillary.

Huma Abedin is a cautionary tale. She’s made some bad decisions in her life, but is that really a reason to hate her, and to rejoice at her pain?

What the fuck kind of people are we to do that?

You hate her because she worked for Clinton?

Do you hate everyone who works in/around politicians you don’t like? Well, you’d better stop reading this blog, because I’m one of them. Oh, does that make you hate me? Will you laugh at my misfortune when it comes merely because I work for an administration you dislike? If that’s what you are, then I cordially invite you not to open this site again and further to go sodomize yourself with a rabid yak hoof dipped in mayonnaise. I don’t give a shit.

Act like human beings, people. This woman has done nothing to you, other than pick a horrible husband and the worst boss ever. Does that merit your gawping at her tears and celebrating her pain? Do you really enjoy watching someone’s life fall apart around them?

A little human compassion would be good here. We are better than the sniveling, screeching, drama queen harpies mourning the fall of their Queen and castigating all of us as trash. So act like it.


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  1. Here! Here! Show a little class or go find a yak hoof. Don’t sink to the level of the assholes who shrieked at you with their “holier than thou” attitude. Stop. Think. Make a difference. Be the person who you said you were. Stand up for the values that you claimed that you had.

    I cannot help my family members on the dark side – I tried. I am not going to descend to name calling or spend a lot of time on their issues. I will help to fix our broken system and I will support those who are working on it. My values built this country and made it a great place to live, I stand for them.


  2. That IS sad that they picked on her for a story… She has enough on her plate dealing with everything that has melted down in her life in the last six months. One hopes she can move on and raise her child in peace.

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  3. RE: Charles Walz
    Who would WANT that POS for a friend?

    Re: Huma Abedin
    Sympathy is all well and good, Nicki, but she is also a woman with close family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood running around in the center of American power, which she should NEVER have been cleared to do, and who is at least complicit in contributing to Hillary’s own insane security breaches and corrupt indulgences.


    1. I don’t give a shit who her family is! She’s a woman who has lost everything. She’s not out there raging at Trump supporters. She’s not out there galvanizing idiots to riot. She’s just trying to pick up the pieces. I think we should have some decency and not wrap ourselves snug in her tragedy.


    2. And by the way, my family is Russian. Came over from the USSR during the Cold War. My dad was in the Russian military. Should I be denied a clearance too?


      1. It depends. Are you saving classified emails for some unstated purpose?


        1. No. But people were saying this MB stuff BEFORE we found any of this out.


        2. Her ties have been public knowledge since Hilligula was at State, iirc. Given her penchant for selling out, she probably got rent for harboring Huma.


  4. “If Rob ever did half the shit Carlos Danger had pulled, He’d be found hanging from his toes with his balls shoved up his own ass”

    Balls? What balls?




  5. What do you mean Huma has done nothing to us? Do you not know who that traitor is or what her family does or the many transgressions – starting with felony mishandling of classified material to aiding and abetting a pedophile she had perpetrated on the American people? Can you have a 6 figure job at the state department while drawing another 6 figures from the Clinton Crime Family Fund? No? Why (that’s the point). If you are going to blog about personal morality like some sort of virtue signalling liberal then stand by for some return fire because most of us who blog do not accept emotions as a valid argument. Huma is a criminal who deserves a perp walk and lifetime in prison. Which is exactly where you would be if you tried half the shit she did. #nosympathyforthedevil


    1. Hey, fucking dickwad. Try actually reading. You can dislike her. You can condemn her for her connections to the Clintons. But there are much more tasty liberal tears to drink than reveling in the misery of someone who is doing nothing but trying to pick up the pieces. This isn’t emotion. This is fact. But if you want to be a jackass, be my guest. Fuck right off.


      1. “someone who is doing nothing but trying to pick up the pieces. This isn’t emotion. This is fact. ”

        Seriously? I’ll accept that she is doing nothing now, except trying to save her butt. Not that I’m one to follow her around laughing, but fuck her.

        I think we’ll find she deserves to be shot. Mom or no.


        1. If I find out she’s as horrible as her former boss, I will agree with you. We may very well find out she’s guilty of a lot of things. But as you said, to follow her around laughing and gleefully spread around the “exclusive” that a woman is so heartbroken that she broke down crying on the street, that’s just not in me.

          As I said earlier, there are a lot tastier tears to drink!

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        2. Your kindness is commendable, but she chose her side, they all did, don’t jump out in front of the mob on any of their accounts.


    2. Oh, and by the way, refusing to roll in someone’s misery like a pig in shit, even as you recognize their wrongdoings isn’t virtue signalling. It’s human decency. Learn some.

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  6. Have to agree with you, and I must admit at least when Trump visited Obama, he said nice things about Obama, he was also gracious about Clinton in his acceptance speech. But you are correct, the woman Huma is suffering greatly and does have a child, and her hisband OMG…a little Mercy is indeed called for. And that IS the problem so many on BOTH sides that feed into the nasty. I have lost so many friends because I have called them out on it, they did not like that, I am a centrist not conservative not liberaL, i BELIEVE THERE ARE 8 SIDES TO EVERY STORY AND THAT MANY ON BOTH SIDES ON THE AISLE HAVE VERY VALID POINTS AND THAT IS WHAT OUR NATION USED TO BE, sorry about caps…I digress… but seriously was that not how we built this nation, why our anchestors came here, the ole melting pot of ideas, the agree to disagree and meet in the middle???? THis uber left and uber right has gone way, way outta bounds, as per your posting, but there are similars on the other side as well, inexcusable!


    1. I’m just tired of everything. People like the ones I have mentioned in previous blog entries certainly deserve nothing but derision and ridicule. They’re loud, shrill, condemn conservatives publicly, denigrate Republicans as racist, misogynist, etc., even as they demand “civility.” From everything I’ve seen, Abedin is just trying to pick up the pieces, and yet she’s hounded by tabloids and publicly ridiculed for her pain. That’s just not cool.


  7. Sigh. This is why I am going to stay off facebook, and certain of my friends and relatives pages for awhile. The Charles Walz post was pretty disgusting, though.


  8. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

    Nicki, No one hates Huma – Hillary, maybe, but I have not heard any anti-Huma rhetoric. She has a scumbag for an ex – true enough – but so do many people. They get divorced and they remarry someone better, the next time around. She is quite attractive and she is still young enough. She will find someone sooner or later. I am sure she will find another job, as well. If she did lie under oath or did something illegal for the sake of Hillary, well, that is another matter. Anyone should know better than to do that sort of thing. Barring a scenario of that sort wherein she gets indicted for a federal crime, she should be just fine. There are lots of men in the world and there are plenty of jobs, as well. There is no reason she can’t get a new husband and a new job. Most people do not even know her name – it was not really a household word. Her name will be forgotten soon enough

    The one I feel sorry for is Monica Lewinsky. She went on to get a master’s degree yet no one would give her a job. For whatever reason, she did not find a boyfriend or a husband. Now that woman WAS a household word – people still joke about it today. I am not sure why she did not simply change her name and start a new life. Her “crime” was to be young and naive and gullible. It happens. Millions of women fall for married men and believe the lines they feed them. She was not esp unique. Getting involved with a married man is a no-go regardless of who you are or who they are. What I don’t see is why she had to pay such a big price for what she did. Millions of women have stupidly gotten involved with married men. They see the light and they recover sooner or later. Apparently, some have suggested to her that she change her name but for whatever reason she has been disinclined to do so. Her father is/was a very wealthy physician so apparently he was able to carry her financially. As far as I am concerned, she has paid much too big a price for what she did.


    1. Lois, you should have seen the actual glee with which some people I know posted the Daily Fail story and how callous their friends were commenting on it. I don’t HATE Huma. I think she’s probably going to be paying even more for her involvement with the Clintons and for facilitating the classified email mess. I think she should be held responsible. I just don’t like to see us devolve into heartless assholes who scream in glee at others’ heartbreak.

      I do feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky. She paid dearly for being a stupid kid.


  9. “Schadenboner.” Heh. I’ve been wondering what to call that thing I’ve had for the past four days.

    Much dislike for Huma, but no hate from me. She made her bed, and that will undoubtedly turn out to be worse than anything I would wish on her.

    And yeah, Monica’s relative youth and naivety makes Bill Clinton just that much more of a sleaze, if that’s even possible.


  10. That malignant tumor posing as human who wrote that screed of pure bile-driven hatred should be advised that Karma is not a kind goddess. The energy from everything that you do goes out into the universe and comes back to you 9 times over. All that vicious rhetoric he’s regurgitated will come back to haunt him in due time.
    In regard to Abedin, she simply backed the wrong dog in the race, long before Trump announced his plan to run. I don’t think she’s very bright. She should have known better than to allow the person she worked for to be so careless as to give her secure information, just as that same person told her own housekeeper, who had NO clearance of any kind, to print out the e-mails sent to her.
    Every time another news item showed up, it was like watching a dam slowly being undermined. Clinton did all that to herself. She’s an arrogant, self-centered, power-hungry, desperately greedy and grasping old woman in very impaired health. I doubt she’d have lasted more than 18 months before she collapsed under the stress of that job. Her campaign opener in Iowa last year was a speech about what she intended to do (put solar stuff on every house across America) that was so stupid and poorly thought-out, I wouldn’t have voted for her, period. Abedin was dragged along in her wake and now, there is nothing.
    We all make mistakes. It’s just that some of us make worse mistakes than others because we can’t see past the glamour of something. Do I feel sorry for Abedin? No. She made that choice. No one forced her to stay. She could have bailed out a while back and found something else. She should and will pay for being that stupid.
    What is most disturbing is the rancid, vicious anger going on over losing a contest that has ONLY one winner.
    The people who are making the nastiest and loudest noises are like that imbecile Walz up at the top. Anyone with that much spitefulness and viciousness in his heart is going to pay for it. There is no reason for it, at all. The internet has a way to archive stuff. It’s a place where employers look for how current and potential employees behave when they aren’t being supervised. Believe me, it will come back to haunt him for a very, very long time.


    1. I feel a little sorry for her. Not because I want to excuse the potentially damaging classified violations she may have committed, but because she’s a completely broken individual, and frankly, I have no desire to rejoice at her pain.


      1. I’m not rejoicing at anything here. I think she made foolish choices because she got caught up in the whole ‘first woman president’ thing and couldn’t see past that. I don’t know anyone who has not made mistakes and lived to regret them. Yeah, I have a tiny bit of sympathy, but not the kind of sympathy I have for that small boy whose mother should have been thrown into the clink for terrorizing her own children, in your other articles.

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  11. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

    I don’t think we know yet whether Huma committed any actual crimes on behalf of Clinton. If she did, she is in trouble, for sure…….but, then, she should have known better. My own feelings as to how the emails got on Weiner’s computer is that, like many husband and wives, they swapped computers from time to time. For sure, my husband and I have swapped laptops. I never took any files off my computer whenever I gave a laptop to my husband. I just assumed that, if he needed more space, he would delete my files. Of course, I did not have any classified materials on my computer. I have gotten laptops from him which he no longer needed, as well. He and I have swapped many computers over the years.

    My guess is that Huma got a new laptop from the Clinton campaign, better than the one she had been using. She may have simply given her old laptop to her husband, forgetting to delete the files. Likely, the hard drive was large enough that there was plenty of space for Weiner’s files without him having to delete any of Huma’s stuff. I seem to recall hearing somewhere that Huma’s immunity deal would be void if it came to light that emails were found elsewhere – EVEN IF she forgot about them when she stated that there was nothing else to turn over. Forgetting about files would be no different than concealing files although I can’t understand why such would be so.

    If Huma does get nailed, it will only be because she broke the law. The fact that Hillary told her to do so – if that is what actually happened – is no excuse. I am hoping, for her sake, that such is not the case. Frankly, I am sick of the Clintons – I would like to see them ride off into the sunset and never to be heard from again. We have important business in this country which needs our attention. They are a distraction, at best.


  12. The Walz article is a perfect explanation for Trump’s victory. People on the right are simply sick and tired of being told that they are stupid, evil people for espousing conservative beliefs and values.

    That being said, stalking Ms. Abedin is wrong and over the top. It would be just as wrong to follow Ms. Conway around if Trump’s bid had failed.

    I was really surprised to see Hillary be given another shot at the Oval Office when her bid in 2008 had failed. Her entire public career has been one of poor decisions made for short term gains with no thought to long-term consequences; the private e-mail server is a perfect example. Set up to avoid FOIA requests regarding official correspondence in her capacity as Secretary of State, it morphed into a scandal of it’s own when she clearly indicated she had no idea how running an unsecured server and using it for government business was exposing herself to hacking and legal complications.

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  13. Walz can just go on ahead to Canada. Or come on out and we’ll see what he’s got.
    Coyotes gotta eat too.


  14. I apologize in advance for the length of this comment. I have a lot on my mind at the moment, and it is a bit cathartic for me to unload it here.

    You can hate her political views. You can hate the fact that she hitched her wagon to the most corrupt engine in the United States. You can hate the fact that she stuck by Weiner through his first and second sexting scandals, and finally left him after he was caught freaking on a kid. You can dislike all this. I do. I have no love for her.

    Then why are you surprised of the responses from your Conservative friends? You’ve given them permission to ‘hate’.

    I know this sounds like semantics, but it isn’t. While “dislike” and “hate” SOUND like they could be interchangeable, they aren’t. “Hate” is emotional. You can become invested in hate. Everything around that subject will take on that hatred as well. It can easily become consuming.

    “Dislike” allows you to disapprove, stay clear of, or even pass judgment on and then MOVE on. You don’t carry the EMOTION with you.


    Who the fuck is Charles Walz?

    As far as I can tell, he is some random fucknozzle who apparently had a FaceCrack account until he posted his lunatic screed.

    So did what a lot of you probably did already: I went LOOKING for Mr. Walz on FaceCrack. I found two of them. The first one appears to be current, and the poor guy is himself a Trump supporter. But people have gone to his page and have actually jumped on this guy without even checking to see if he’s the right guy.

    HE’S OBVIOUSLY NOT. In fact, he appears to be a very nice and stable retired guy.

    I don’t HATE him for how he voted. Hell, I don’t even DISLIKE him for who he voted for. He had HIS reasons, and in MY opinion, it is a decision that HE will have to live with, however it turns out for him.

    There are other Charles Walz out there. There are plenty of rocks to overturn, woodworks to crawl out of, and no shortage of creatures of all stripes to inhabit them.

    But THESE people do not make up the vast majority of decent people on BOTH sides of this political minefield who might not like the outcome of this election, or like me, who are legitimately concerned about what might come next, both on a social policy level, and a security level.

    I’ve told you my concerns, I’m not going to repeat them again. Some of you have dismissed them out of hand anyways, and for that, I give them a “fuck you too”. Don’t come complaining around me when you finally realize the mistake you’ve made. I won’t want to hear YOUR concerns then…)


    We can all sit here for the next week or so detailing all of the protests, the stupid words, the screeds, the butthurts, the growing turmoil. You can make fun of the protesters. Ridicule them, call for their arrest, detainment, PUNISHMENT.

    But this is going to get worse until the Orange Man himself addresses the 60 million people who voted AGAINST him, and ATTEMPTS to pull these people in.

    HE needs to address us. HE needs to convince us that the over-the-top rhetoric of his campaign isn’t his actual policy. That his policies aren’t based on racism, bigotry, misogyny and White Nationalism.

    So far he has done little to change that image. In fact, his actions are speaking louder than his words.

    Trump’s Chief of Staff pick will be the acid test here, mark my words. If he picks Bannon, expect all hell to break lose from that moment forward. For that will signal whether Trump is going towards the more traditional bounds of Conservatism and governance, or whether he is moving towards the Alt-Right.

    Perception is a STRONG thing. People have died, wars started, and nations ruined on perception alone.

    Trump didn’t “win” any more than Hillary lost. Trump’s 60.1 million votes were 47.3 percent of those voting — but just 25.9 percent of eligible voters. Hillary Clinton’s 60.6 million votes were 47.6 percent of voters but just 26 percent of those eligible. A full 45.4 percent of eligible voters didn’t show up.

    Overall 56.9 percent of eligible voters actually cast a ballot Tuesday, a decline from 2012’s 57.5 percent.

    “Did not vote” was the real winner last Tuesday, but since we can’t swear in a stuffed animal or a can of Spam (both of which are more qualified than Trump, and more acceptable than Hillary), we are stuck with the Spray Tan Man. (I wonder if that spray tan formula contains Teflon…?)

    The NUMBERS are terrible for Trump. The only real “mandate” he has is that he barely squeaked an Electoral College victory. MOST of the people in the country did NOT vote for him either through direct vote or disgust of the choices. THIS is why I don’t see the protests ending any time soon. It is also why I expect to see them escalate.

    Now before one of you jump on the last paragraph, understand that the LAST thing I want to see are protests, let alone an escalation. Don’t shoot this messenger, this “Leftie” can shoot back.

    Okay. I got that out of my system.

    mobiuswolf: Nope. We don’t want him in Canada.


    1. I’m going to reply more fully later, but there’s one thing you’re missing here, Deej. I’m not giving anyone “permission” to hate anyone. You can hate what she’s done. You can hate her work for that corrupt seahag. You can hate the fact that she worked for The Clinton Foundation. Note I haven’t given anyone permission to do anything, because that’s not my authorization to give. Hating the corruption with which she was associated is quite a different issue from hating her as a person and reveling in their misery.

      And frankly, people ARE emotional. They have felt ignored and slighted by the Washington establishment for decades – both on the Republican and the Democrat side. They look at the corruption and the cronyism and all the other garbage. They look at their jobs going away, their insurance premiums doubling, their standards of living going down. They look at being called names such as racist and misogynist and being told their “white privilege” makes their views invalid. So what did you expect? People ARE emotional. I don’t begrudge them that.


  15. Oh, Bullshit.
    She’s as much fair game as any other person in the political arena, period. No more, no less.
    Her marital status, associated problems, and future child rearing issues don’t factor in. She’s have been perfectly happy to ride the wave of her employers campaign had Hillary won…now that it’s gone down the drain she gets to deal with the fallout just as any other invested payer does.

    Or are you suggesting the fruit of her womb along with her poor choice of spouse should get her a pass? Because that might seem a bit sexist.


    1. There’s dealing with the fallout, which she’s already doing, and then there’s being a jackass, following her around, and laughing at her pain while taking photos of it and trying to pass it off as exclusives. If you can’t tell the difference, I can’t help you.


      1. I don’t care WHY he’s following her around. In all truth it’s because it will earn him a chunk of money for the photo.
        Same reason why I didn’t care why someone would take a picture of a Nazi hiding out in Argentina….I’m just glad to see them suffering as much as they would have inflicted suffering on others.


  16. Bullshit.
    She was as much a player as any other of Hillary’s cronies.
    Giving her a pass simply because her house of cards is falling down around her ears as a result of her choices is bullshit and sexist. She’s have been grinning from ear to ear had Hillary won, and fully enjoyed all the privilege that her relationship brought her. That it’s gone the other direction doesn’t mitigate her collaboration with Hillary hand her power base.
    To hell with her, and no sympathy.
    If pictures of anyone else in Hillary’s inner circle suffering such emotional breakdowns can be found, great.

    Bemoaning the fact that people are reveling in such things is like bemoaning folks reveling in the emotional distraught of Hitler’s inner circle, or the suffering of Stalin’s cronies after he died.

    They chose, of their own free will, to hitch their carts to them. When it all comes falling down around their ears they deserve no sympathy from anyone, especially those whom they would have happily trod upon.


    1. Well, gosh. There’s a rational response. Almost as good as the Trump=Hitler comparison.


      1. Once again, bullshit.
        Trying to twist my comment into being an example of Godwin’s Law is a cop-out.
        It’s an apt comparison. She was the right-hand person and intimate of a high level political figure who committed many crimes and injustices using the power of the office that they held, and she was a knowing accomplice to those acts.

        So when her world comes crashing down around her ears why should we feel any sympathy for her? Is her guilt somehow made less because she’s really, really sad that she won’t be able to continue aiding and abetting her mentor and enjoying the perks of being in the inner circle?

        Tears and sorrow over the ride coming to an end should buy a pass for previous misdeeds? Bah.
        She somehow warrants sympathy from us because of the depth of her despair? Double bah.


        1. Once again, bullshit for failing to comprehend what I’ve written. If you refuse to actually READ, I can’t help you.

          I will highlight this, in particular, in case you missed it in your froth-flecked zeal to call bullshit.

          You can hate her political views. You can hate the fact that she hitched her wagon to the most corrupt engine in the United States. You can hate the fact that she stuck by Weiner through his first and second sexting scandals, and finally left him after he was caught freaking on a kid. You can dislike all this. I do. I have no love for her.

          What I said was that I feel a little sorry for her. If you saw me ask others to feel said sympathy, you let me know.

          I also said that “Her tragedy and misery is not a news story, and it certainly shouldn’t be a source of glee for people who disliked Hillary.” Glee at another person’s life collapsing around them? Really? You think that’s justified? I think she should be investigated along with her boss, and if found liable, should be prosecuted. I have never denied this. She’s got more than that going on, however, and I’m not indecent enough to celebrate her tragedy. If you are, that’s your prerogative, but don’t come over here calling bullshit on others trying to be decent human beings, asshole.

          And as far as Godwin’s Law goes, you’re the one who invoked Hitler, not me.


  17. I was with you all the way, up to the point where you lost it and invited people to sodomize themselves, etc. This, up to that point, was the most positive and probably influential piece of writing that I have read anout politics in a very, very long time, but you ruined it all with your burst of anger. I’m not sure why I feel compelled to write you, except to say that I thought that the grown ups had finally decided to speak out, and then, disappointment. You are clearly better than that, couldn’t you have resisted using that
    language for the sake of an otherwise excellent piece?


    1. Short answer, no. My blog. My prerogative to use whatever language I want. If you don’t like it, you’re welcome not to read it. However, I quite don’t appreciate being lectured on my language like I’m 12 years old.

      I will say this, however: if you’re really so delicate that your tender sensibilities can’t accept the message with a little salty language, perhaps you weren’t as affected by the message as you say you were.


    2. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

      I particularly LIKE Nicki’s language. It is very apropos. I back off a bit on the language as compared to what she says but I do like to live vicariously through her. I LOVE the way she phrases things. She says things I would like to say


  18. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

    At this point, I do not see where there is a whole lot to be gained by going after Clinton – or Huma – or whomever. We, the GOP-voting folks won the election and now we have a whole lot of work to do so as to get these various initiatives implemented. Beating a dead horse called HRC is simply not a good usage of time. She is out of the picture and there is far more important work awaiting us. Same with Huma. There are more important tasks to accomplish. Now, the Clinton foundation – well, that is another matter. If improprieties have and still are occurring that is something which needs to be addressed – and is being addressed by the FBI.

    As far as the whiny and protesting left goes – they lost…..get over it. You can protest – scream – cry – have all manner of tantrums and primal screams but the bottom line is that Trump is in command and Right holds both the House and the Senate. Same place Obama was when he took over in 2009. Wasn’t it Obama who said: “elections have consequences.” Seems to me that was the battle cry of the left when they took over in 2009. What happened to that concept? Suddenly, now, it is a different story. Let’s hope Trump makes good use of the next two years to get stuff done – there is much which needs doing.

    Now one more thing I do wish to comment upon, as it pertains to the protesting left. For eons we have heard them berate us on the right about the need for gun control. We “evil” people who support firearms per the second amendment have been called all manner of vile names. The left decries gun ownership – they want to ban all firearms. Guns are evil and so are the people who own them – so they tell us. Now, all of a sudden, they want to revolt in the streets – now they advocate for violence. They speak of overthrow and revolution. To hear some of the rhetoric, one would think we were living in a veritable banana republic. They are staging actual violence in the streets of Portland and other places. So, then, how do these anti-gun but revolution-touting folks plan to defend themselves during their unmistakably violent encounters against the forces of law (who, btw, will be armed)………with sling shots?


    1. I’d agree with letting HRC just…go (far away) except for one thing. It’s quite likely she committed actual crimes, and if there is any such thing as “justice” in this country–actually, if people are to think there is, which is very important, those crimes need to be prosecuted.


      1. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

        It is so, just as you suggest, but it would likely be a waste of time – moreover, we have much work to be done. There is a good chance that if it looked like she could be convicted, Obama would pardon her, anyway. Yet another consideration is that it makes Trump and the GOP look like vindictive bullies which effect would like raise sympathy for her and open the path to yet more Hillary runs at one or another position. Better let her fade into oblivion. I totally agree with you in theory but I believe this is one instance where it is best not to apply the correct theory you have put forth. Better to exact revenge against the Clinton foundation, if it has been committing wrong doing, and expose them in that way. I will give you even money that Obama proactively pardons Clinton for anything she did in the past – sort of the way Ford did for Nixon. Unlike Ford, Obama has nothing to lose by doing so


        1. I have to disagree. Justice is always a slippery concept, but the way that the case was handled effectively destroyed the rule of law in this country. I believe that prosecuting her is necessary to restore that rule. By all means, don’t obsess over the prosecution and don’t go postal if the verdict is Not Guilty, but the prosecution itself needs to happen.


    2. Your last paragraph: I was at a gun shop Saturday (my “safe zone”) and talking about the protest (I assume it really was a protest as no one was arrested) downtown (Colorado Springs) a few days earlier; and the common attitude was “bring it!”


      1. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

        Steve, it is becoming more and more apparent that the “protestors” are actually violent activists who have been bused in from elsewhere. I don’t think the little cupcakes and snowflakes – who can’t even attend class after the election because they were too “upset” – could pull any of this off on their own. I also do not think the professional protesters will be too successful at anything they attempt, along these lines. Trump is the legitimate winner of the election hence protests will need to go up against the full force and weight of the American government and military force – no mean little trick.

        My guess is that before long, our snowflakes will go back to their latte and sushi diverting their attention to yet some other vital crisis in their life – like what to do with their master’s degree in woman’s studies or Italian art history, now that they can’t find any job except waiting tables. Never mind Mom and Dad keeping the little urchins on their insurance policy until age 26. More likely, they will be supporting the enlightened ones and keeping them in their basements until age 36. In the interest of full disclosure, I DO have to admit that I absolutely LOVE sushi and wish there was some place near my lovely rural home which sold it. Alas, there IS a price to be paid for living in rural America. I will, however, take black coffee over latte any day.


        1. Oh, I certainly agree: There’s no doubt this is astroturf at the core; one of the more endearing things Trump did this week was call them “professional protesters” and using the phrase “media incited.”


  19. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

    Per D.J. Allyn “A full 45.4 percent of eligible voters didn’t show up.” And these people need to shut their collective mouths. They have absolutely nothing valid to say about the outcome of this election. “You no playa the game; you no maka the rules” I forgot who said that (Butts?) but it is quite applicable here. I have a feeling that one heck of a lot of the primal screamers, weepers, wailers and other big mouths, in one form or another, did not actually get out there and vote. Now, however, they want to tell the rest of us – folks who did actually vote – what we should do and how things ought to be. Heck, my 94 year old mother drove herself to the polls and voted last Tuesday. I have no sympathy for anyone who was eligible to vote but did not do so…….and I especially have no interest in anything these persons have to say.


  20. I agree with everything that you say with one caveat. The story can be justified as the cautionary tale you said it was. Taking joy in her pain however is just as wrong as you said.


  21. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

    If Congress or the Justice Dept want to go after Hillary and/or Huma, that is one thing. Quite possibly these woman may have perjured themselves and it would be within the purview of Congress or the Dept of Justice (DOJ) to go after them, on that count. For Trump to do so i.e. appoint a special prosecutor or whatever would be involved would be be to have him come across as petty, vindictive and unpresidential. He would look like he was beating up on her AFTER he defeated her – sort of the equivalent of kicking a person once he is down – and it would do harm to his image and credibility. That sort of prosecution is best left to Congress whose members are free to do whatever they wish on this count. The DOJ is already investigating the Clinton Foundation. By the time their report comes out, a new DOJ will be in place. In the meanwhile, Trump has much work to do and he needs to focus on the task at hand. The Dems have made quite a royal mess of things. The undoing of it all is going to be no mean feat. It is going to take a whole lot of work to set everything on the right path again and such is exactly where Trump needs to focus his energies.


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