Stop scaring your children!

I can’t even begin to describe the drama that has been unfolding on Facebook these past couple of days! 

About half my friends are either Republican or Libertarian. The other half is either liberal or downright communist. Yes, I’m friends with all kinds of people, and generally we get along just fine despite our political differences. 

There are some who act like adults. No, they’re not happy with the election results, but they’re engaging with their conservative friends to understand why the results were what they were. They’re asking questions. They’re engaging in some introspection. They’re acting like adults. 

“Trump’s victory is proof that our election system is not rigged. He won fairly – and in spite of significant disadvantages,” said one friend. 

Another honestly wanted to know WHAT the appeal was, needing a way to see Trump as more than just “Hitler rising to power.” (And yes, I pointed out the errors in reasoning.)

I sat my folks down yesterday and explained to them that despite being unhappy with the election results, there will be times in their government careers when they will work for an administration whose head they did not vote for. I explained to them that they were the brightest, most dedicated group of professionals I have ever had the honor of working with and leading – that they care more about what they do and the future and security of our country than any government employees I’ve ever seen! I told them they were dedicated and brilliant, and that what they do when the transition team lands Monday will help set the tone for the relationship this administration has with our community for what could be as long as eight years. 

They took my speech to heart, because they’re adults. 

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the drama queens who sniveled and whined about the “dark times.”

“What will we tell our daughters?”

“My children are terrified!”

“My daughter spent the night in tears last night!”

“We are returning to an era of hate and racism!”

“Homophobia! My gay daughter cried all day!”

“My trans friend wants to commit suicide!”

They post photos of racist graffiti as a harbinger of things to come and blame their friends for casting a vote for someone they claim wants to take us back to the age of discrimination. 

They refuse to even consider that perhaps listening to the other side every once in a while is wise, and that maybe their friends aren’t the RACISTHOMOPHOBICMISOGYNIST monsters they believe all Trump supporters to be. 

There are calls for revolution (yeah, most of you assholes hate guns, so good luck with that), violence, assassinations, and murder.

Some are actually acting on it!

If you need proof of the burning stupid, read Wednesday night’s post

The most heartbreaking of the lot, however are the stories about the children.

And of course, the media is flogging those like a cheap dominatrix. 

With ardent support from hysterical parents, the narrative is now that Trump supporters hate Mexican children, and will send them back to Mexico in cattle cars. 

“What will I tell my children?”

“I’m scared for my children!”

“My children are frightened!”

You know why they’re frightened? 

Because in your froth-flecked zeal to paint Trump and his supporters as odious as possible, you’ve scared the shit out of them!

Because, some among you are so desperate to promote the “racism” message, you go as far as to file false reports to police about evil Trump supporters attacking your Muslimness!

A Muslim woman in Louisiana who told police she was attacked with a metal object and robbed of her headscarf and wallet by two men wearing Donald Trump clothing just hours after Trump was elected president admitted to police today that she made it up, Lafayette police told ABC News.

You tell them lies about your fellow Americans.

You whip them into a panic about their future. 

You froth and despair about the future of our nation because someone you don’t like got elected and tell your children how awful things are, instead of simply telling them that in their lifetimes there will be times when someone for whom they did not vote will become president. 

You irrationally demand impeachment and the end to the electoral college, because someone you did not support won the election!

You know why your children are scared, you whining ignorami? Because YOU are scaring them. Yes. You. 

It’s YOUR refusal to be a grownup and a parent and provide rational guidance rather than foolish histrionics that is scaring them, and will eventually facilitate their development into swooning members of participation trophy-hoarding Generation Cupcake!

It’s YOUR failure as a parent and as a role model that’s frightening them, and YOUR refusal to provide objective direction that’s giving them angst, because apparently you’d rather impose your irrational hatred of your fellow Americans on them than guide them through challenging times. 

It’s YOUR inability to provide impartial, balanced narrative, because you’re so busy projecting your utter hatred, that is scaring your gay kids, who thanks to your histrionics about Trump’s alleged “homophobia and transphobia,” don’t even know that despite Trump’s significant faults, he was vocal in his support of transgender individuals using whatever bathrooms they felt appropriate during a time when the issue was at its contentious height, and put his money where his mouth was. 

It’s YOUR inability to discuss real issues, rather than focus on vagina politics, it’s YOUR ineptitude at objectivity and failure to admit that it wasn’t sexism or misogyny that tanked Hillary Clinton, but rather the fact that she was a venal, corrupt, entitled, dishonest cheater who looked down her nose for years at the same people who handed Trump his victory.

If you want to know why your children are scared, upset, and angry, you have only to look in the mirror and your failure to adult as the reason. 

Trump is hardly the perfect candidate. He wasn’t even a good candidate! I will even go as far as to say that he was a terrible candidate, and I have said so often on this site. 

But you know what? He won. He will be President. And it’s your duty as a parent to make your kids understand what the duties and limitations of the office are, what they must do and learn to work hard and help a victory next time, if that’s what they want, and that there will be people in this country who have different opinions from you – and their voices count just as much as yours. Teach them how government works to allay their irrational fears – after you learn it yourselves. 

Acting like a petulant child in front of your kids breeds just the type of screeching, entitled, safe-space seeking Snowflakes whose mercenary attempts to shut down and destroy the opposition’s right to a voice, instead of engaging them (ostensibly because life is hard when you’re offended by everything) ensured the backlash that resulted in a Trump presidency. 

As Barack Obama told Republicans a few years back, he won. “Deal with it.”

And stop scaring your kids!


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  1. And then there is what I saw on FOX5 last night. A young man, student at a local HS, was harassed at school for wearing a Trump hat. He reportedly walked away rather than engage them.

    Did the administration address those that had harassed him? Apparently not. They asked him to remove his hat – under the guise of “protecting” him. Of course I can’t find a copy of the interview I saw with him and his father. 😦


    1. They are validating the concerns and the fears of the Trump supporters. Based on the violence and the intolerance, it is becoming obvious that the Trump supporters were correct. Not only are they violent, but they are also stupid for rioting in their own Cities. Who the hell wants to live around these people? If this is how people act who claim to be the tolerant and peaceful ones, you can count me out. One thing is for sure, the Trump people aren’t wrong for embracing the second amendment. It is the only thing standing between these fascist and their Liberty.


  2. Because in your froth-flecked zeal to paint Trump and his supporters as odious as possible, you’ve scared the shot out of them!

    Well, they had to. Given how vile their candidate was, the only way they even had a chance was to paint the opposition as worse.

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    1. They painted Trump as “Worse than Hitler.”

      He won.

      That means that Hillary is WORSE than ‘Worse than Hitler.’


  3. “Because in your froth-flecked zeal to paint Trump and his supporters as odious as possible, you’ve scared the shit out of them!”

    I have to disagree with you a bit here. TRUMP has done a marvelous job of scaring the shit out of almost everyone with his rhetoric.

    Has Trump given us any reason NOT to believe that he intends to follow through on virtually every ‘odious’ promise that has been bellowed out of his mouth?

    As a gay man, I wonder how safe it will be in a Trump America. A lot of the protections that have been in place are very likely to be stripped away. Don’t forget that we now have a Vice President who believes that homosexuality is a mental illness in children that can be treated with “conversion therapy”, but by the time you are an adult, you are just a sinner worthy of death. Let’s also not forget that Trump is backed by religious groups who HAVE advocated for the execution of gays.

    Now all of that can probably be chalked up to election bloviation, but this man has pretty much alienated every minority group that wasn’t a white American male.

    Some of his more ‘odious’ supporters are now emboldened with the idea that they’ve “taken back America” — back to mainstreaming the ugliness of America of past.

    I am old enough to remember that past. I was a Jew growing up in rural White America. In school, we were referred to as the “Christ Killers”. By the TEACHERS. “Kike” was the usual label used by the other kids. So none of this is exactly new to me.

    Donald Trump didn’t start this slide, but he found the crack and he exploited it. “Big League”. So basically he BROKE this. He needs to find a way to mend it. It is HIS responsibility now.

    I don’t think he is capable of it. Look at his recent tweets. He is blaming “professional” protesters. He’s blaming the media for reporting.

    This isn’t helpful. If anything, it only makes it worse. The Right has successfully rendered the entire media as “the enemy”, and not to be trusted. Traditional sources of actual “facts” are now under question. We are well on our way to not trusting ANYTHING, and we will continue to devolve if we don’t get a handle on it NOW.

    I’m sorry, Nicki, but this isn’t something that will just “go away”. Donald Trump broke some major fundamentals in this country, and HE needs to figure out a way to mend them.

    This would have happened regardless of who won. If Hillary had won, Trump would have whipped his crowd up into such a frenzy that THEY would have taken to the streets. This was going to happen regardless. Trump broke it, and only he can fix it.


    1. DJ, the entire mainstream media has rendered itself “the enemy” to most non-urban Americans. The lack of trust in them is because they have demonstrated, over and over again, that they are untrustworthy. Don’t blame “the right” for people recognizing what the media have ground into their faces for years, that nothing they say can be taken as true without independent verification.

      Trump (I didn’t support him, but fair is fair) didn’t break anything, he just provided a nucleus around which the heretofore inchoate but ever building anger against the institutional left in this country could coalesce. As for would the non-leftists have rioted in the streets if Trump had lost, do you remember the riots from 2008 after Obama won? Yeah, me neither.

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    2. “Has Trump given us any reason NOT to believe that he intends to follow through on virtually every ‘odious’ promise that has been bellowed out of his mouth?”

      Yeah. He actually has. He’s already moving to the moderate field, based on what I’m seeing in the news today.

      Pence believes being gay is a sin. So what? A lot of Christians do. If as VP (a position in which the WORST thing he can do is break a tie in the senate) he has the power to kill gays, I’d like to see where you found this. As far as I know, he doesn’t advocate for the death of gays, and Trump has been pretty moderate on gay rights. See my example above.

      Are some of his more odious supporters emboldened? Sure. But they’re in the minority, and you know it.

      No fundamentals are broken in this country. You know I’ve been as critical of him as anyone, but it’s downright silly to assume that something is fundamentally wrong with us, rather than looking at the odious hag the Democrats nominated – the hag that helped cheat her primary opponent out of a fair fight and has looked down her nose at the Rust belt for years – and assess that MAYBE she was just that bad of a candidate.

      And given the fact that Trump opponents are the ones rioting, advocating violence, physically assaulting people, and destroying property, blaming that on him is disingenuous.

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      1. The Democrats’ brownshirt behavior is one of the biggest reasons why I voted for Trump on Tuesday, with glee. And no, I didn’t vote for him in the primaries (I voted for Cruz, and would have been happy with Rick Perry or Scott Walker).

        I’m not interested in hearing about Trump’s alleged fascism while Democrats are attacking Republicans in the streets; engaging in nationwide arson, vandalism and rioting; sending the IRS after the Tea Party, the EPA after Gibson Guitars and SWAT teams after Scott Walker’s voters in Wisconsin, and the rest of it.

        You have Democrat politicians and their media allies openly inciting and defending race riots and attacks on police officers, and senior Democrat political operatives directly linked to both the current White House administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign caught on tape (!) openly bragging about organizing violent disruptions of Trump’s rallies and getting Republicans beaten down in the streets.

        Simply displaying a conservative or GOP bumper sticker on your car is an invitation to have it vandalized or – as just happened in Chicago – an invitation to have yourself dragged out of it and curbstomped by a pack of animals.

        Based solely on their behavior of the past eight years – and, for that matter, some of the crap they pulled during George W. Bush’s Presidency – I fully expected the Democrats to throw themselves an infantile Kristallnacht should Trump win. And sadly, I haven’t been disappointed.

        I didn’t vote for Trump because I wanted to see fascism in America. I voted for Trump to put a stop to it.

        And it’s a safe bet that should Trump give in to whatever authoritarian impulses he might possess, the media, Congress, the federal bureaucracy and the judiciary will be far more willing to put a stop to it than they ever were under Obama . . . or would have been under a President Hillary Clinton.

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        1. The man who was attacked in Chicago did not have ANY Trump stuff on his car, nor was he wearing anything that indicated a support for Trump.
          There is no way anyone could have guessed how he voted. Considering that Chicago’s voters mostly vote Democrat, the fact that Wilcox is white had more to do with that episode than anything else, and it was a staged accident meant to cause trouble.

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      2. Nicki, I apologize for taking so long to respond. I read your reply this morning, but I wanted to “stew” on it for a while before responding. To be honest, my first response would have been rather caustic…

        Understand that I am literally on pins and needles right now. I’ve tried hard to contain what I have been feeling for about a month now, when I realized that Trump was actually going to win.

        Have you ever heard the term, “Actions speak louder than words?”

        Yes, Trump has been subdued in his public comments lately. “moderated”.

        But are you paying attention to what he is doing? WHO he is surrounding himself with?

        Good grief, Steve Bannon as the potential Chief of Staff? The proclaimed “Voice of the Alt-Right”?

        In my day, we just called them “White Supremacists”, or just plain “racists”. Now we have the “VOICE” of them acting as the “gateway” to the president.

        It’s funny, I’ve talked to several groups of people over these Internets today about this exact subject, and when I explain MY situation, and how a Trump Administration could literally KILL me, it means nothing to those people.

        Mainly because I preface it with the fact that I have an “escape hatch” from this loony bin. Suddenly the issue isn’t really all that important to them. Never mind that I have a LOT of friends who are in my similar position(s) who DON’T have the “escape hatch” that I do. WHAT ABOUT THEM?

        Today I hear the news that Trump MAY consider just “modifying” ObamaCare to keep the ‘pre-existing conditions’. You may recall that I have TWO transplant organs in my body that under the PRE-Obamacare I had been denied coverage, even under a ‘high risk’ policy. If I didn’t have an “escape hatch” to Canada, I would be dead right now. THERE is some hope, but again, just SAYING it doesn’t make it so. It is the ACTION that speaks louder than the Trump Campaign rhetoric.

        And this is exactly why the protests are going to get WORSE. It is because Donald J. TRump hasn’t figured out how to calm these people — including me.

        Now I am not usually liable to show up on a street to protest, but frankly, I actually MIGHT this time. The ONLY thing holding me back is that I have a LIFE that requires I attend things like “work”.

        My bosses have already told me today that we may be closing up shop here in the US by the end of the year. THEY see something they don’t like…


        1. how a Trump Administration could literally KILL me,

          How is that?

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        2. For the gentleman, D.j. Allyn, scaring himself silly (literally) because he is gay, please go over to Breitbart and read some of Milo Yiannopolous articles and videos. Milo is gay, a Brit who is considering moving to America because of his fear of Islam which has taken over Britain and the Continent. He supported Trump because of his stance on muslims. You are aware that their religion MANDATES the killing of homosexuals, aren’t you? Hillary wanted to let more into the US. My take on most Hillary supporters is that they sure are ignorant, ill informed, people who know nothing of the 1400 year history of islam, and know no history of any kind either. In fact, most of them are kinda dumb. Scaring their own kids is par for the course. Did you know that Bruce (Caitlin) Jenner is a big Trump supporter? Did you know that Trump invited him to use any toilet he pleased at Trump Tower? No? Typical. As for your other stuff about Trump, it is a list of leftist talking points put out to make the gullible scared enough to vote for Hillary. Oh by the way, we don’t take any notice any more of you usual abuse calling us racists either.


        3. DJ Allyn is an infamous Leftist troll from Misha’s Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Don’t know if Misha finally decided to ban his ass, but I know a number of people including my wife and I gave up on the site because Misha hadn’t before he ruined it.

          Play with the chew toy but don’t make the mistake of believing a single thing he says.


        4. I’ve known DJ probably longer than you have. I know Misha, and I have been a poster there for years. DJ has different views than a lot of people, and yes, he’s liberal. But he’s hardly responsible for ruining the Rott, and he’s friends with Misha. You don’t like him here, feel free to go fuck yourself and leave. I consider DJ a friend, regardless of what political views he holds. Get bent, asshole.


        5. And here’s another thing. you say Good grief, Steve Bannon as the potential Chief of Staff? The proclaimed “Voice of the Alt-Right”? Bannon is about 50 years old, former editor of Breitbart, and the alt right is a bunch of youngish kids fooling around being ultra trolls because they have had it with political correctness. You have made them into Boogeymen. You don’t hesitate to try to throw mud at others, do you. As for consulting with others, if they are as silly and uninformed as you are, particularly on what Trump intends for Obamacare (which is to improve the concept (repeal and replace) so that it is actually affordable) then their advice is not worth much. Get this, Obamacare is collapsing in on itself. If Hillary were elected, she would have to do the same as Trump. ie fix it. Your portrait of Trump as an inhuman monster who would do anything to harm people, is untrue, and unfair. He is a 70 year old man who has been put through hell by everyone, who is running because he sees so much pain in America. I think he deserves some sort of medal for his heroism.


        6. AND finally, neither Mexico, Mexicans, Islam, nor Muslims, is/are a race! Again, smearing others as racist. Trump does not have a racist bone in his body, he has received awards from blacks, and he has promoted women to the top levels of his organisation for years. His campaign manager is a woman, Kellyanne Conway.


        7. Yeah, this is the “raaaaacist” who fought the existing country clubs in Miami to build Mar A Lago and allow both blacks and Jews to be members, when they wouldn’t.

          Note the approach, though: he didn’t try to force the existing clubs to do anything they didn’t want to; he just fought to stop them from using the government against his opening a business to have them as customers.

          Leftists could have defused 90% of the gay marriage issue by adopting that approach. However, that wouldn’t have given nearly the woody that forcing people they didn’t like to bow did.


        8. First, I don’t think you understand what the word “literally” means. Unless they were actually pricking your skin, you were not literally on pins and needles. And unless you expect the government to give you a lethal injection or to shoot you, they aren’t going to “literally” kill you.

          Second, if you and your employers want to leave (and if Canada will accept you; it’s not automatic, you know), go. No one’s stopping you. But if you think the people of the United States (who have spoken in this election and rejected your horribly flawed and frankly treasonous candidate) will allow you and your friends to overturn the will of the majority by increasingly violent riots gradually rising to the level of local insurrections, you’re in for a terrible surprise.

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        9. Deej – you are speaking with your emotions rather than logic. I despise Bannon. I have ZERO respect for Flynn, and I actually think he’s dangerous. I’ve had PERSONAL experience with him. There are a lot of things to dislike about the people with whom he surrounds himself.

          Have you read what kind of gay-hating scum that contributed money to Hillary? Come on! Get some perspective!

          I also know your situation and can understand.

          That said – everyone is impacted by policies differently. You’re scared you’re going to lose your coverage because of preexisting conditions? Try having your premiums jacked up so high that they outpace your monthly income or your mortgage! Rob’s did! The ACA affected us directly.

          Thanks ObamaCare!

          And yet, I didn’t panic monger about another Obama term or claim that something fundamental is broken in our country.

          Do you remember Obama supporters going apeshit after he won? Destroying shit. Taunting white people? I do. It was crazy.

          Did I scare my kids into believing that Obama was going to overturn the rule of law and prevent cops from arresting black people when they committed crimes because they’re black? No.

          Because nothing fundamental was destroyed. We are still America. We are still an incredible country. And just because Trump was elected, it doesn’t change that fact.

          Step back. Look around. Calm down.

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        10. snelson134: I don’t remember which fruity pebble you are, and I really don’t care. I can still post there and have every once in a while.

          There is NOTHING stopping you from you or your wife going back there. I stop by there maybe once every six months or so to post a funny meme, but that’s about it.

          I don’t even comment here all that often because I most of the time I have a life that requires me to work sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. I don’t normally have time to shoot the shit like I used to.

          Besides, just because I play the flaming Liberal on the Rott, doesn’t necessarily make it so. I think you’d be surprised to find that I do have a strong Libertarian/Conservatism in me.

          At least on the fiscal side of things.

          MY concern, both here and elsewhere are on the SOCIAL side of the equation.

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        11. You’re much nicer than I am.


    3. Beware the output of propaganda mills. The “Pence wants to shock gay children straight” meme came from fifteen years ago when he called for diverting some AIDS funding to “changing behavior.” The intentional misinterpretation that he meant conversion therapy instead of therapy aimed at reducing exposure to unsafe sexual situations was spread far and wide by propagandists who feed on outrage and keep gay people on a partisan activist reservation. Pence is no friend of gays, but no demon either. He’s about what you expect from an Indiana conservative.

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      1. Please provide a link! I need some ammunition to combat that piece of propaganda!


        1. Lots of people cite Politifact in support. – the key bit:

          “When asked about the claim, Newsom’s spokesman pointed to Pence’s own words. During his first successful run for Congress in 2000, Pence wrote on his campaign website, under a section called Strengthening the American Family:

          “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

          Also on the website, Pence wrote: “Congress should oppose any effort to put gay and lesbian relationships on an equal legal status with heterosexual marriage.” And “Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexual’s [sic] as a ‘discreet [sic] and insular minority’ entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities.”

          Our research found no evidence Pence has walked back his stance on public funding for conversion therapy. His spokesman did not respond with information about Pence’s current position.”

          Note Politifact takes “change sexual behavior” as a call for conversion therapy. This lie has been repeated so often by activists that it must be true…

          The Daily Caller has a good rebuttal:

          “By contrast, an anti-HIV program helping gay men reduce or eliminate high-risk sexual activity seems almost quaint.

          “And that’s what the people penning Mike Pence’s Web site (I’ve seen no evidence he wrote it personally) referred to in 2000 when they said federal AIDS money should be redirected “toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

          “Those 14 words are the only evidence Pence’s detractors have proffered to show the man supports conversion therapy. But conversion therapy is about changing sexual orientations, not behavior. That’s why we’ve been fighting it so hard!”

          So it’s one line in a platform document he may or may not have written personally, which doesn’t directly call for conversion therapy — it requires a paranoid reading to get that out of it. Now in politics it is not unusual for propagandists (like those who write platforms) to intentionally introduce ambiguity to allow those hoping to find support for their crackpot ideas to find it without actually committing to them. This might be an example, but it is hardly “Pence wants state-supported conversion therapy.”

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      2. I’m so pleased you liked – and understood! – my essay. It’s been constantly skewed and attacked, but also widely shared – closing in on 6,000 Facebook shares (my median for the 76 columns I’ve written for the Daily Caller is 66). I like that it’s now a quick way people can say “Not” when someone says “Pence supports conversion therapy!” – they don’t have to walk them through it, just give the link or, like you did, quote a few paragraphs. Anyway, I hope you’ll keep reading!


    4. I don’t believe you will be able to actually back up your claims about Trump making odious statements about gays. Please quote the actual anti-gay words he has used. I rather expect you will find that you have been lied to about what Trump has said.

      I’m not a fan of Trumps but to give him his due the media has been absolutely lieing about anything and everything he says. If he made a comment about immigrants in a speech that night the media would proclaim that he gave a racist speech, or that his racist words where terrible. The interesting thing is that they would never actually quote him. Because if you actually went and looked at what he said it was never what the media claimed.

      Essentially this election cycle you can pretty much take to the bank that if the media didn’t quote extensively from Trump then what he said bore no resemblance to what the media claims that he said.

      You made these outlandish unsupported claims about how Trump is anti gay. Yet he has made very pro LBGTQ comments in his speeches which which is completely at odds with what you claim.

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    5. DJ, it was your crew that was documented on fricking camera bragging about hiring people to go to Trump rallies and engage in violence. So your moral standing on this issue is nil.

      Of course, you’ll keep doubling down; dishonesty is what Leftists do. But you have exactly ZERO examples of Trump supporters doing anything but trying to engage in the political process, while your side has made it an act of virtue to assault an 11 year old:

      ““These boys decided to ask the classroom, ‘Who voted for Donald Trump?’ And then I said, ‘I did.’ And then they come over here and jerked me out of my seat,” said the student. “Before I could get up they started kicking me and punching me.”

      The student’s name was protected by request of his parents. But he told us the classroom did have a teacher present.”

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    6. Trump is backed by religious groups who HAVE advocated for the execution of gays.

      Name one. As far as I’m aware, various strains of Islam are the only religious groups who have advocated for the execution of gays. Even the Westboro crazies don’t want to kill gays, just marginalize them (which is not entirely crazy because as 3% of the population we are marginal).


    7. Nicki, my apologies in advance if I step on something I shouldn’t, but this guy managed to annoy me.

      Trump would have whipped his crowd up into such a frenzy that THEY would have taken to the streets. This was going to happen regardless. Trump broke it, and only he can fix it.

      Yeah, projection – see that’s part of the reason why so many people voted Trump. Because your side kept saying ‘You’d have done exactly the same’, even when evidence pointed 100% contrary to your claims. You sound perfectly okay blaming innocent people for the actions of others, so I don’t feel in the least bit bad doing the same to you: You support pedophilia, you support child trafficking, you support child rape, and are part of the the Podesta brothers’ ‘pizza parties.’

      Because you support Hillary.

      People like yourself were already blaming them for things they weren’t guilty of to begin with, screaming homophobe, racist, bigoted, etc… no matter what they actually DID because for your side, it was never going to be enough.

      So they stopped caring, and voted Trump, because they were never going to vote Hillary just to appease the shrieking harpies. You want to THINK that the people voting Trump are as horrible as your side, because your side are the ones behaving like the unrestrained monsters, and you cannot accept that the other side, the side you opposed could possibly be better.

      The fact that the pro-Trump side hasn’t met them head on and escalated the anti-Trump riots must be so disappointing.

      And the best part about this is, your side is the side that’s proving the people who voted against Hillary that they were completely right to do so.

      Also, why is Trump responsible for the actions of Hillary supporters? Why is it he is the one you are demanding to fix her followers’ bullshit?

      Why are you blaming a person who isn’t rioting for the behavior and actions of the rioters?

      Because you don’t want to own that shit, even while you secretly hope that they succeed. You hope that someone will manage to assassinate Trump, before he has even done anything.

      If you want to blame the Trump side for some things his VP supports (but has not made into law), it is quite fair for your opposition to hold you responsible for the actions of the fringe of your side too. So, on that note, how could you POSSIBLY support trying to legalise pedophilia and incest? How could you be okay with the persecution of Christians but totes okay with the Muslims who want gays dead? Hell, you must really enjoy the spirit cooking parties, don’t you?

      Now that’s just me, giving an example of the kind of shit we’ve had to endure, and guess what, I’m glad Americans went ‘fuck you, we’re not voting Hillary, we’re sick of being treated like less than human.’

      Don’t like that example?

      Stop doing it. Stop accusing other people of things they haven’t done. Coz guess what? Since your side has shown it’s perfectly acceptable for them to do so, why in the everliving hell are we supposed to hold back?

      Indeed, the pro-Trump side HAS been holding back. They quietly went to the polls, and voted.

      Your side’s acting like rabid animals let out of the cage. And your side has the temerity to say ‘that’s YOUR fault, because WE didn’t win.’ And yes, because of the MSM being stupidly one sided by reporting only on the reasons of the rioters (and not reporting about people who aren’t) well, Trump’s right.

      How fucking stupid is your side? We’ve got a fucking bingo card for what your side does.

      SJWs always double down. SJWs always lie.

      Hell, the riots follow the attack patterns Vox Day identified.

      Keep playing the waaah card. It’s not surprising anyone any more.

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      1. I don’t censor anyone – left or right – unless it’s threatening or spam. Deej nor you have done that. We’re good.

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        1. Thank you. I’m glad to know that I’m okay. I was uncaffinated and ticked off. I’m aware I’m pretty bitchy in that mode, so… I felt it warranted an advance apology incase I did cross a line.

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      2. I loved it.

        Goddamnit, Shadow…you’re taken.

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        1. Very much so, but an acquaintance of mine was asking if I knew any eligible men; wants to try find a match for her …grandniece?


        2. Huh. Well I’m in Colorado and in my early 50s. If that’s still “eligible” for a grandniece (who is probably young, being two generations behind you) who’s most likely in Oz (being *your* grandniece)….


        3. Mmm, the young lady I’m told about is probably in her early twenties. Rather too young then.

          Was worth a shot asking though.


        4. Gaack! OK, not your grandniece…OK, the probabilities concatenate, and I won’t assume she’s in Oz.


        5. More like I’m too old for her.

          I’m not opposed to someone in their twenties…I just don’t imagine they’d find me interesting.


    8. ” Let’s also not forget that Trump is backed by religious groups who HAVE advocated for the execution of gays”
      And lets not forget that Hillary took millions from countries that do execute gays, but you’re good with that.


    9. I know that in responses to your comment, it was explained that you are a liberal, but I don’t know what your stance is on the Second Amendment. If you are for “reasonable” gun control, though, particularly if you are for what Hillary calls “reasonable” gun control, I would ask you to take this opportunity to reconsider your stance on this particular issue.

      Indeed, if you haven’t done so before, look up “Operation Blazing Sword”, a non-profit organization organized after the Orlando shooting to introduce members of the LGTB to shooting, and to help them get their concealed carry licenses.

      Now, I know you fear what Trump may do. I do too, albeit I don’t think he’s going to gather up gays and Mexicans in concentration camps — my fear is that he’ll fundamentally change the Republican Party to be a party fundamentally against fiscal conservatism and liberty — and we’ll be left with two socialist parties after he’s done.

      And yes, I fear that had Hillary won, we would be facing a fundamental change in government, where conservatism and liberty are dead letters too.

      While I don’t expect the Government to start gathering up anyone to put into camps any time soon, I have had a constant low-level fear that someday, for whatever reason, the Government would do precisely that. It has even happened once, when FDR gathered Americans of Japanese descent into camps.

      This reason — the one that you fear will happen — is *precisely* why we have the Second Amendment, and it’s *exactly* why Second Amendment advocates don’t want Government Officials to know who owns guns, nor how many guns are owned. (Hence, the opposition against a Gun Registry and Universal Background Checks, among other things.)


  4. […] Right now conflicted on what to post about, but I found that Nicki Kenyon has a brilliant post entitled STOP SCARING YOUR CHILDREN. […]

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  5. Excellent post. Where have all the grownups on the Left gone, I wonder.

    If Hillary wants to blame someone for her loss, she should look to Obama. By pushing the real cost of Obamacare out past the end of his second term he guaranteed the next Democratic candidate would be saddled with that particular albatross. A more ethical solution would have been to push the real cost into 2013 and let the public absorb the shock of the actual cost; that would require Barry to have the courage of his convictions and he is clearly more a political opportunist than a real leader.

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  6. Excellent post. Where have all the adults on the Left gone, I wonder.


  7. My 7-year-old grandson was so upset that he cried when he woke up Wednesday morning and found out that we don’t have a woman president, according to my ex-daughter-in-law. Why the hell does a 7-year-old boy need to even give a crap about politics? I love my ex-daughter-in-law, but she has gone a bit off the deep end when it comes to being liberal – though she still approves of gun ownership.

    And then, a smart young woman I know, a teacher, who has declared that she is a non-binary cis or noncis? lgbtq something or other (I don’t pretend to understand all the non-heterosexual terminology that is in vogue today), wrote that a vote against Hillary was a vote against her and that she would end up in a camp if Trump was elected.

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    1. So since Trump is elected, all the non-het folks get to go to camp, free? That’s not fair! Swimming, canoeing, making lanyards, campfires…us heterosexual folks need free camp too!

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      1. That sounds like so much fun! Don’t forget to bring marshmallows and s’mores ingredients!


      2. They’ve been able to go to camp for free openly (just like heterosexuals) for a few years now… Camp Pendleton, Camp Lejeune, etc.


      3. Do you get to play with the guns that the lanyards are for too? In that case I want to go!!!


        1. I hadn’t thought about that, but now that you mention it, if we don’t get to play with guns too I’m not going!


    2. Funny. Their side’s the one proudly throwing out their children for mock elections.

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      1. Oh my god.
        I just … I am in a complete rage.
        That is abuse. And just as much to that boy’s sibling who is also crying.
        Hadn’t seen the video but had seen reference to the incident.
        That young boy can move into my home where he will be loved.
        As far as the ‘mother’ she can rot in hell.

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        1. CPS apparently gave the ‘we see no signs of abuse or trauma’ when they looked into it.


  8. I personally am staying off Book of Face for a while, until all the screaming garbage babies calm the f**k down. My daughter has cautiously dipped into account and came back, shaking her head. She has friends who are willfully working themselves up into hysterics, and trying to reason with them only sends them into the stratosphere.
    Really, where are the grownups on the Dem side these days?

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    1. Um, yes. And if you point out to them that doing a little research would calm their fears? You’re calling them stupid. Suggesting they can get training in self defense if they’re actually in fear of their lives? You’re suggesting they aren’t capable of taking care of themselves.

      Honestly, I’ve just moved a lot of people into the “dumb as a box of rocks” column.


      1. Recommending research means they’re ignorant, if they cling to that ignorance then they’re stupid.
        Recommending learning to defend oneself means taking responsibility for their own safety and learning how to take care of themselves. Rejecting that proves they aren’t able to do that.


    2. Celia, the adults have pretty much left the Dem side. Anyone who thought about the latest dogma and talking points and questioned them even mildly was met with such vitriol that they realized they were dealing with cult-like mentalities.


  9. I’ve never unfriended people for their political opinion. I’m not wired that way, but this week I actually did two, not for opinion but behavior. No reason, no logic, just pure unbridled emotion. What gets me is how idiotic and unstuck they sound and they don’t even realise it. I suppose that’s the consequences of living in an echo chamber.

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  10. Perhaps the answer is to let the noise die down. I’ve seen comments elsewhere that someone is paying protesters to show up and damage private and public property and disrupt traffic. If so, whoever is responsible for that should be brought to bear for it.

    I cannot imagine any parent scaring the living daylights out of their children over a national election. People who do that need to see videos of themselves in the act. If my parents had tried to do that to me, I’d have left home ASAP. Oh, wait – I did. I ran off to join the Navy. Almost forgot. But my parents didn’t actually try to scare me. My father tried to pick a fight at the dinner table (his only amusement) over how/which way to vote and I told him my choices were none of his business. That’s about as far as it went.

    Whoever is doing this to children – STOP IT RIGHT NOW. That is not parenting. It is brainwashing, and you’re just as bad as the people who are rioting over a democratic process. Grow the fuck up NOW.

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  11. It’s just TERRIBLE of you to tell these terrible people to stop scaring their kids! Those people been doing the Mind Warp over and over again; done bad things to their minds, or what passes for them. Even old Rocky knows better than that.

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  12. […] Source: Stop scaring your children! | The Liberty Zone […]


  13. Funny how, when their ‘reality’ applecart gets upset, they resort to the EXACT behavior they projected on us ‘deplorables’…

    On this day of all days, I truly feel sorry for these kids, reality is going to be a real bitch for them to deal with when it smacks them in the face… WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam kids that age were storming the trenches, fighting in the jungles or the cold in Korea, and not a safe space to be found. And nobody gave them a time-out or a pizza… Spit… If nothing else, maybe this will clean out the gene pool a little bit.

    And thank you and the other veterans here for your service!

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  14. Well said. Keep up the good work!
    …and thank you for your service.

    Don F

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  15. Just curious, but where were the demonstrations when O’Bummer was elected? Even more so, when he was re-elected? I mean, for the second bite at the apple we knew what we could expect, yet still, no demonstrations?


  16. Brilliant essay. Keep writing.
    Philippe Bruneau


  17. as a wise man one said….

    “Some people are so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good.”
    – Jerry Clower

    The same can be said regarding politics.
    Some people are so D.C. government minded that they’re no good for the American electorate. Yet, our “betters” keep telling “us” what is proper and right.

    The most glorious thing about this election is that no matter how much effort the MSM exerted (and it was A Lot x infinity) they still couldn’t pull the Dowager Queen over the finish line.


  18. Excellent post!


  19. […] I’m sure you’ve seen the Van Jones nonsense asking what he was going to tell his children.  Pitiful, but right in line with the cult of the victim he and his ilk have helped develop and nurture.  Well, Nicki has helpfully provided an answer: […]


  20. “As Barack Obama told Republicans a few years back, he won. “Deal with it.”

    He also told the constituency when Trump assumed office that sometimes you don’t win elections, and that’s part of life. They then had a good meeting and focused on working together for this point forward. The progressives should focus on that.


  21. I am very interested to hear what people are feeling now… I agree that getting over-wrought isn’t an adult response, and I’m very glad for the article’s

    That said, I went through the exact same back-and-forth with a friend as happened in one of the responses: I advocated for calm at first, saying that maybe he’s moderating, that this is just a lot of bluster, that we can deal with this as adults. The response was heated… I had attempted to try to help my friend who “cried all day” after Trump was elected, as I was legitimately concerned about her; the response I got was what the first poster said: This gay man above is seeing it as something we cannot ignore; that’s what I was told too, and it gave me pause that has stuck with me for a couple months.

    Are these the actions we’re condoning as a nation and allowing to be part of our culture? This is not acceptable, not even a little. I don’t care who he is, no person in our nation should be bent on causing fear, mistrust, and chaos, especially In order to get their way. The ends cannot possibly justify the means.

    This man is causing massive suffering, and I’ve seen it before in business: It’s how entitled, too-big-to-fail massive asshole bosses work (I had one in Los Angeles for 4 years), thinking they are getting lots of productivity out of their employees. What really happens is that it destroys the system. The monetary benefits sure flow to the top, though…


    1. The system was destroyed long before Donald Trump ran for President, when the Left began the process of justifying present lawbreaking by pointing to past historical misdeeds as justification. You will now reap what you sowed.


  22. […] a time and place for voicing your opinions. A library isn’t it, scaring your children isn’t it, nor is harassing someone you happen to sit next to on a plane (the cheering made me […]


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