It’s over!

electfinallyover_500That’s about the best thing I can say about this election.

As most of you know, I did not support any candidate running for President. I ensured that I voted for my Congressman (not that it will matter in Arlington) and some state and local issues, but other than that I did not feel comfortable giving any of the presidential candidates my vote. None.

Yes, I was most certainly aware that one of the major party two would get the keys to the White House, but to me, there was little difference between the two when it came to qualifications to lead this country and the free world. I took some NyQuil for a cold I’m fighting and went to bed early last night, only to wake up in the middle of the night to learn that Donald Trump had pulled off what many, including Rob, thought was impossible.

I’m not thrilled about his victory – much like I wouldn’t have been thrilled about Hillary Clinton’s. I do get no small amount of schadenfreudy shivers when I think of the hag pitching a fit at her election HQ, throwing ashtrays, and screaming at the top of her lungs, “BUT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY TURN, YOU DEPLORABLE MOTHERFUCKERS!”

Yep, I’m a 15 year old boy inside.

Make no mistake about this, I did lose a few friendships over my decision not to support Trump. I was called everything from idiot to traitor to tacit Hillary supporter. Luckily, this was a small minority of people. I know quite a few Trump supporters – both those who were excited about his candidacy from the start and those who held their noses and voted for him to keep Hillary out of the White House. I respected both those views, even though I didn’t agree with them. The actual Trumpanzees – those who flung turds upon learning my decision, denigrated my ability to reason, blamed me for the “inevitable” Hillary presidency, ended our friendships, and accused me of betraying… fuck I don’t even know what – were few and far between. There was only one whom I metaphorically defenestrated – not because of whom he supported (really, I would have to jettison about 50 percent of my friends if that was the reason), but because of how he behaved toward me and others. He still doesn’t get it. He thinks now that Trump has won, he can rub it in my face about how right he was, and I will somehow admit it. Someone obviously has very little self awareness. So be it.

Anyway, maybe now we can all get back to the business of living our lives. Maybe now I won’t have to see closeups of the Orange One every time I open a web browser. Maybe now, we can just look at cat videos all day.

Honestly, I wish Trump luck. He and his campaign were partially responsible for the divided mess we have become, so it’s up to him to work to fix it – both as the leader of this country and as someone who ran a campaign that sowed a lot of the hatred this year. I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong in the next four years, because I love this nation more than I despise this election, this President-elect, and his opponent. I sincerely hope he’s not going to be the train wreck I suspect he will be.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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  1. I’m almost a little disappointed to not get barraged by the vapid claims of my vote for the LP ticket “causing the Democrats to win!?!?!” I used to take a bit of humor with that line of reasoning that conveniently discounted the number of registered Republicans that didn’t pull the lever for the GOP candidate.

    That said, I’ve been resigned for months now, that the winner last night would come down to either the criminal or the clown…so it’s really just another day in our ever-crumbling Republic.

    Though I’m not excited to have a thin skinned, intellectually unmoored, jejune Twitter Troll as POTUS, I’ll give his policy aims the benefit of the doubt [such as they are], if not his style, delivery and demeanor. The GOP wanted Trump, now they have to own him.


  2. I’m sure you already know that you didn’t lose any actual friendships.
    People that turn on you over opinions or beliefs don’t qualify and aren’t worth any regret.
    I was fortunate that all my discussions and ‘arguments’ during this godawful process were friendly and civil.
    I’ll admit to a feeling of relief when I read the news this morning…coming more from a fear of the Clintons than any confidence in Trump.
    I also wish him luck.

    Damn these ‘interesting times’ anyway.

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    1. Actually, believe it or not, I actually did. Two, by my count – both of whom I knew in meat space. Now, that’s not a whole lot, but these people I considered close, so it’s sad.


      1. Well, I’m sorry to hear that. I guess I should have included a qualifier of some kind, as I certainly didn’t mean it to sound so all inclusive.


        1. It happens. It’s a shame. I’m just hoping that the wave of false “news” stories will subside as things settle down.


  3. So you’re still talking to the defenstratee? (Yikes what a tangled mess I just shat on the floor there, to mix metaphors.) Enough that (s)he can come in to your metaphorical house and crap on the coffee table this morning? Why is this dufus still in your life and not blocked?


    1. Nope. Not talking to him. He sent a note to my husband to “let” him talk to me – as if Rob is in charge of that! Still zero self awareness, so I guess we won’t be talking.


  4. *defenestratee. If I gotta do English wrong, I gotta do it wrong, right.


  5. Your decisions in the voting booth are yours. As my wife likes to say, there’s a curtain on that booth for a reason. He wasn’t my first choice, but I agree,now that it’s over, Lets get the show on the road and see if we can fix what’s wrong with this country. For better or worse, it’s all we’ve got.


  6. The really scary thing about this election is it clearly showed how far America has swung to the left. If not for the rigged Dem primary process, Bernie might have been the nominee. Since when did communism become OK? My middle school son has learned all about the French-Indian War, but nothing about what Marxism has done to the people of the Soviet Union, China, N. Korea, Cuba, and most recently Venezuela (which currently has food and toilet paper shortages). Without a strong knowledge of history, socialism seems to win out over freedom. Getting free stuff from government is a lot easier sell than hard work and personal responsibility. George Santayana was right, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. Except now it should start “Those who never learn about the past because they attend commie public schools…” God save our Republic.


  7. “That’s about the best thing I can say about this election.”

    I was not sure I could agree LOL

    “I took some NyQuil for a cold I’m fighting and went to bed early last night, only to wake up in the middle of the night to learn that Donald Trump had pulled off what many, including Rob, thought was impossible.”

    I’m never again going to view polls (or media, for that matter) the same. They had basically assured a blue victory and maligned Trump in the media, but he carried some swing states off. I now see the merit in what people have described as the Trump closet; they seemed to come out, and in full force.

    My opinion—people weren’t thrilled over either of the candidates, but just really tired of the status quo and wanted to give it a middle finger.

    “Make no mistake about this, I did lose a few friendships over my decision not to support Trump. I was called everything from idiot to traitor to tacit Hillary supporter.”

    And this is perhaps the most disappointing thing about this whole election, the polarized nature of it. There’s no, “Hey, your guy is a good guy, but I think my guy is a better guy”, there’s just outright fighting and labeling. I’ve very carefully not stated who I was voting for, but can easily pick out at least two people who would unfriend me if they knew.

    I too am exhausted by the bullshit of “If you vote for Trump, you’re a bigot/racist” vs. “If you vote for Hillary, you’re a traitor.” I respect everyone’s vote, and don’t feel the need to pressure them or attempt to squash their free speech.


  8. I hear ya, Nicki. There really wasn’t a good candidate this time around. But I do think that Trump will pick better Supreme Justices, and that’s why I voted for him. Not that I mattered in the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia.

    Anyway, I guess it’s time to change “Hail to the Chief” to Darth Vader’s march for the new emperor. At least it won’t be “Night on Bald Mountain” for the demon.


  9. Sorry to say that I didn’t get to vote. My DIL was in town from Texas to be with a cousin who was having open-heart surgery here in OKC. She dropped by yesterday just as I was leaving for the polling place to say goodbye as she was going home and mentioned that a light had come on in her car warning of a tire problem. I took the car to a nearby Firestone store thinking it was just a repairable leak and it turned out that someone had mounted a “used” tire for her with a plug in the sidewall! They also told us that her two back tires were almost worn down to the steel belts! I just had them put on 4 new tires. By that time, it was time for me to go to the airport for my regular shift so I couldn’t go to the poll after all. Probably didn’t make any difference because Oklahoma is deep red and everyone I WOULD have voted for won and the overall vote even reflected my preferences on the State questions that were on the ballot. It was a good day over all. I wasn’t a Trump fan, but he was infinitely preferable to cankles.


  10. Nicki, I’m just glad that there is no Clinton in the White House. There were no good candidates this time.

    I watched the elections, eating popcorn. The Hillary supporters were crying. And we laughed at the idiots who were having ‘election parties’ here in Australia. Okay, it would’ve made sense if they were American expats, but that’s not how they made it sound in the news.

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    1. Why were Aussie having parties about the U.S. elections? If it wasn’t just an excuse for a party, or consoling themselves that American politics are crazier than Australian politics?

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      1. I honestly haven’t the foggiest. According to the news they even cast mock ballots; Clinton won on those.


      2. Hey, the Aussies have a Sex Party, right?

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        1. Yes. Also an anti-pedophile party. And Love Australia or Leave party. The Outdoor Recreation party directly opposes the Greens (which, in a lot of ways, is the closest thing we have to the socjusy Left; Labour, which is the closest we have to the Democratic party, isn’t completely off it’s nut.)

          The closest thing we have to the libertarians are the Liberal Democrats (And Liberal is seen as rather conservative here. Yay confusion!)

          There’s also the “Involuntary medication Objectors” party, the Help End Marijuana Prohibition party, so not all of the parties necessarily make sense.


        2. And Liberal is seen as rather conservative here. Yay confusion!)

          Maybe it’s closer to the true meaning of the word “liberal.” The progressives/socialists/leftist/whateverthefuckwordyouwannauseforthescumbags hijacked “liberal” quite some time ago.

          In Colorado it’s REALLY easy to get onto the ballot. There were no less than SEVENTEEN presidential candidates on our ballot.


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