Derangement Syndrome Starts (UPDATED)

As distasteful as I find the President-elect, and as much as I opposed him during this election, the schadenfreude nearly makes me orgasm when I see the most unhinged on the left lose their shit!

I get being upset that the person you supported didn’t win. I get opposing the winner’s policies. But I gotta tell ya, the amount of sheer unhinged fuckwittery I’m seeing from some on the left is… well… schadenfreudelicious!

Take, for instance, the infamous Arthur Chu (aka Kim Jong Un’s retarded twin brother), whose claim to fame is winning at Jeopardy and then going full potato on social media as the left’s resident social justice zealot howler monkey. Arthur must have a tiny little penis, because he howls the SJW message louder than almost any other fuckwit, and he’s irrational on the best of days – like when he or one of his ass maggot friends tried to disrupt a peaceful gathering of gamers in DC by calling in a threat to the bar in which the get-together was to take place, or like when he admitted he knew about sexual assaults in college but was too chickenshit to report it, or like when he called Brad Torgerson’s beautiful, African-American wife and biracial daughter “shields” for his racism.

Arthur was a little unhappy about Trump’s victory last night, and he let the entire Twitter world know it!


That’s a hell of a lot of bile and hatred to harbor toward his fellow Americans, but then again, anyone who is as bitter, shrill, and odious as Arthur is certainly capable of spewing that much venom.

Then there was the bitter, unhinged harpy who saw a bright side in the election of Donald Trump.


The rest of the conversation went just as you might imagine.

Harpy: I have a lot of faith in our Secret Service. I’ve known people that have done that service for our country. If he has a good scare though, he will abandon the second amendment like a Section 8 housing project.

Me: Yes, that’s just what we need. A president who will abandon the US Constitution because of personal fears. Nice. Not.

Harpy: Nicki Kenyon , you think he wouldn’t? He’s already made noise about getting rid of the First. He’s not above tinkering.

Me: Oh, I’m sure he would. What I’m appalled at is your apparent joy at it.

Harpy: I would be absolutely jubilant if we had some sensible gun control. I really don’t see an upside for any of the constituencies I care about : folks with disabilities, people that have differences which are vulnerable to mob rule, the elderly and infirm. Trump has been absolutely clear that a woman’s value is in her looks and elderly people aren’t usually lovely anymore. I look for less societal support for all those groups and I find it appalling. Maybe when Red America loses their 401k and wonders why only they pay taxes, and why won’t Medicaid pay for Granny’s nursing home anymore. But gun control would be good, especially with so much free floating hatred around.

Me: Because 20K laws on the books, plus individual state laws are just not enough. Right. Got it. We need to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens for you to be satisfied. Mkay.

Harpy: Yep. I think about all you law abiding citizens when I drive by Newtown and shudder. I have better things to do than engage with you. Good luck with that whole burn it down thing.

Me: I’m sorry, but you’re a moron, both in your assumptions (which are erroneous, by the way), and your assertions, which contain no actual fact, but a whole lot of emotionalist rhetoric. You have a nice day now, swallowing those crocodile tears and dreaming of assassination attempts on a US president.

It’s one thing to disagree on gun laws. It’s quite another to call for the assassination of a President to promote your anti-freedom agenda. But to the deranged loons on the left, it’s OK – for the greater good, ya know?

My next altercation with the mentally unbalanced came via a hysterical, incoherent, blithering Tyrannocuntus Rex. I cannot possibly do this conversation justice, so I’m going to post screen caps of the much crazy, which came after I asked another friend a question. You see, she wrote that she invites anyone who voted for Trump to “unfriend” her. I pointed out that it’s quite passive aggressive, and that if she’s so intent on keeping those with differing views out of her life, she should probably just hit the “unfriend” button first.

The friend replied that she cannot stand racists and homophobes. For the record, I can’t either, but something didn’t add up, so I asked a follow-up question. The friend didn’t respond, but her batshit crazy, disturbed padded cell candidate pal did… shrilly, using a lot of capital letters.


Note there’s no actual coherent thought there. There are a lot of reasons people would support Trump. Many of my friends voted for him – friends who are black, gay, Latino and female. That does not make them racist.


Well… my little mental patient interlocutor didn’t like that very much. She obviously didn’t understand metaphoric speech, so she (metaphorically) tore out her Thorazine drip, and began to (metaphorically) run around, flapping her arms like a maniacal badger on meth. To clarify, this crazy bitch went on a lengthy, incoherent, incomprehensible tirade.



Yep. Shrew That Mindless Dickface.

I don’t know what “DUHA” is either.

But apparently, this mindless Mega Twat’s keyboard is haunted, because it randomly types capital letters and makes her otherwise reasoned, logical contentions sound like mindless gibberish.

Got it.

I’m not even sure that was English, but it was certainly entertaining to read. When I forwarded the screen shots to Danny, his response was “I lost brain cells. I will never get them back.”

Yeah. Me neither. That level of DERP! can only be reached via space shuttle… or time warp.

UPDATE: The Tyrranocuntus Rex is becoming more unhinged by the hour. It’s actually entertaining to watch, as her grammar and spelling abilities deteriorate in a wave of froth-flecked rage!

So in the spirit of making crazy famous, I present to you, the continued crazy of… KEEP MY NAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!


These people exist! Literally! I’m actually laughing so hard, I’m crying right now!



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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    As for “DUHA”, perhaps this is the meaning:


    1. Hmmmm… not sure that fits. I was thinking maybe she meant “DUH”?


    2. “Harpy: I would be absolutely jubilant if we had some sensible gun control.”

      He must have a truly peculiar definition of “sensible.” as the gun control we already have is at the limit of sensible and moves toward oppressive. In some places it crosses over into oppressive.

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      1. Didn’t you get the memo? To gun grabbers, “sensible” gun control means keeping guns out of the wrong hands. YOUR hands.

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        1. Oh, I got the memo, I just refuse to entertain a meaning of sensible where reason is not employed.

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  2. Lois E Brenneman, MSN, FNP

    Nicki, I follow a super-lib website which is a hot-bed of extreme liberalism – many if not most of the members are from California. They were melting down, big time last night – literally having online meltdowns. I was thrilled with the Trump victory – not so much because I think Trump is the end all and be all – but as between Trump vs Hillary, I voted for Trump. That was the choice we were offered and compared to her ideology, he is a real bargain. I’ll take him any day. She would have been a nightmare come true.

    I think Trump will do fine. I do believe we will see a big difference between Candidate Trump and President Trump. He was very presidential and non-inflammatory during his acceptance speech. Moreover, if Clinton had won, it would have been a gross miscarriage of justice. With all of the self-serving, borderline legal and underhanded stuff she has done, this woman literally did not deserve to hold the honor of presidency of the greatest country in the world. I was not a Bernie supporter by any stretch of the imagination. I am a registered GOP voter. Certainly, I am not a socialist other than my preference for socialized medicine. None-the-less, I got a big kick out of a photo I saw online. It depicted Senator Sanders onstage behind a podium. The caption read “In hindsight, maybe it was not such a good idea to rig the primaries.” Indeed.

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  3. Facebook and Twitter are just crazy right now. No one seems to even consider the voting demographics. All I read is white racist, homophobic, sexist blah men voted Trump in.

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    *runs to make more snacks!!!!*

    (fan made Trump campaign thing, I think? O_o )

    Do not drink while watching warning!!!

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    1. What in the…give me a second, just need to check if my water was laced with acid. Although still not the trippiest thing i’ve ever seen. For me that still gos to “Puppy,Monkey,Baby” from Mountain Dew. That was just horrifying.

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        1. Remember how they were making fun of Texas for the same thing when they thought Queen Pantsuit would be our next president?

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      1. Oh, trust me, there are FAR trippier videos from Japan. Not sure what’s in the water there, but it apparently beats LSD all hollow. . .


        1. Have you seen the Japanese commercials with Tommy Lee Jones? Yeah, that’s a thing. And i know Japanese commercials are trippy, but that’s kinda par for the course with Japan.


    2. Mother of…..what the hell did my eyes just see? My brain wants to know.

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        (I think it’s something a supporter made. Or someone made for the lolz. Trump-mecha is pretty much where I just went into whoops and laughed myself into hysterics.)


        1. It nearly broke my brain, but it was definitely hilarious.

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      2. RE: Saw What?

        Anti-Trump mockery. Caught the swastika and Trump as a transformer destroying planet earth.


        1. Japanese videos are fucking weird.


        2. RE: Japanese Videos

          Weird, indeed.

          The speed was just under subliminal-suggestion.

          Oh. I forgot to mention the Trump-headed dinosaur. You can guess the implication.


        3. I can’t even digest the message, because I’m too busy going WTF!?


        4. RE: Can’t ‘Digest’

          That’s ‘odd’….considering what you told me some time back….


        5. RE: My ‘Digestion’

          I guess I can attribute it to my experience as the Deputy Director of the 4ID(M) TAC. In an operation (exercise mode in the 80s) it was shear pandemonium.

          Indeed. When i was about to PCS out of Carson, I was ‘teaching’ the major who was about to replace me the ins and outs of the chaos. And he asked me, “Is it always like this?”

          I replied, in the nature of the old Old Milwaukee beer commercial, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”….. 😉


        6. ADDENDUM: Let’s see these anti-Trump/anti-American Japanese defend themselves against nuclear-armed Communist China. WITHOUT US helping them.

          I’ll bet they’ll have as much success mocking their Chicom overlords like they just did Trump as the Hong Kong citizens had installing their independent-minded ‘city council’ members. NADA!!!!


        7. I actually see those as mocking the anti-Trump people’s expectations of what will happen when he gets into the White House.

          I mean, the mockery has teeth – have you seen the “WE WILL BE SENT TO CAMPS” and “I GOT GANGRAPED IN SCHOOL BY TRUMP SUPPORTERS” stories?

          And the media hasn’t been helping, what with the Pepe the Frog memes being ‘bigoted’ something. Oi.


        8. Well, “Mecha-Trump” is more accurate.

          Though the creators of that video really need to look up the history of the song called “Yankee Doodle” and ponder the pitfalls of mocking Americans. 😉


        9. RE: Mecha-Trump

          I’m unfamiliar with the term. But familiar with Mecha, the Mexican nationalist/racist movement to retake the Southwestern United States.


        10. No, it’s a term from anime meaning a really nifty (usually military) vehicle. Usually meaning giant robots but it can be things like a tank-like vehicle too.

          Meh. The Wikipedia link is useful even if it’s Wikipedia. (I’m enough of a geek that I heard of the below definition before I heard of the group you mentioned. I feel like calling them and asking if they have a Gundam I can borrow.)

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        11. In this case, mecha being a roughly human-shaped, flying machine of war (think walking tank) with a person controlling it from inside. if you’ve ever seen Transformers, they’re considered sentient mecha.

          Nothing to do with the racist Mexican group.


  5. RE: Derangement

    They are all psychopathological. It’s as simple as that.

    It should be apparent by now that these social policies [of modern liberalism] and the passions that drive them contradict all that is rational in human relating, and they are therefore irrational in themselves. But the faulty conceptions that lie behind these passions cannot be viewed as mere cognitive slippage.

    The degree of modern liberalism’s irrationality far exceeds any misunderstanding that can be attributed to faulty fact gathering or logical error.

    Indeed, under careful scrutiny, liberalism’s distortions of the normal ability to reason can only be understood as the product of psychopathology.

    So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche. The modern liberal mind, its distorted perceptions and its destructive agenda are the product of disturbed personalities. — Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. MD, The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.

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    1. Well, they are Democrats who want to bully everyone to be like them and they support the Criminal Party (established in 1804).

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  6. On the one hand, we get to watch the mourning of half the collectivists in the US.

    On the other hand, we also get to watch the gloating of half the collectivists in the US and that cancels out the first.


  7. So these whites who were so open-minded and progressive when they voted in the D column for O are now racist homophobic misogynists for flipping to R. Just like President-elect Trump is a racist for saying the EXACT SAME THINGS that then-President BIll Clinton did, back in the day. And it’s no surprise that their views are similar; Trump is a moderate Democrat, much like Bill was back in the day.

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  8. Speaking of, i assume you heard about people in California wanting to secede? My how the tables have turned. From Texas now to California being the state wanting to leave.

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    1. It’s pretty damn amusing. I really hope they do! Bye, Felecia! LOL!

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      1. It’s possible to leave America and remain in the United States. Just go to the People’s Respublik of Kalifornia.

        I have to do so fairly frequently for work. Fortunately the site I go to is full of Americans, so it seems sane there. Going back to the hotel is another story.


        1. Next topic up (please, please write on this one): California considers a Calexit:


    2. RE: California Secedes?

      It’ll be fun watching the California National Guard 40ID taking on two or three regular Army/Marine Corps formations. That as well as all those Navy units stationed there blockading their ports.

      Oh. And let’s not forget Sarah Hoyt’s reminder that Colorado controls the Colorado River, on which California relies on for watering it’s golf courses and filling its swimming pools.


  9. Social media has given a platform to people to let out their ‘inside-their-head’ voices. Most people are stupid….therefore, most of what’s on social media, I discount as the native tongue of idiots.

    Likewise, gun control sycophants seem to be the most violent among us, given their tantrums on social media. I’ll not oppose their right to keep and bear arms…but it’s probably a good thing that they don’t.

    BLUF: Collectivists are dumb….mmm’kay?

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  10. I am amazed at the level of ignorance being spouted on that book of face right now. Yesterday, my brothers daughter was viciously bemoaning the election of the Trumpeter. She said something about his bad qualities. My brother had posted a reasonable thing about giving the guy a chance, and waiting to see what happens before getting all bent out of shape. My brother did not support him, by the way. My niece blasted him for it, ending with, I just dropped your grandson off at your house, for grandma to babysit, and he was crying, clinging to me, wondering what was going to happen to the world and if we were going to have nuclear war, etc. I think he is about 4 or 5. I was dumbfounded. I thought, what are you telling this kid, to make him feel like this? And why is a kid not able to deal with something like this in a better way? At that age, I had the Vietnam war going on, and watch the news each night with body counts, and watched the draft lottery with the rest of my family, worrying about whether or not my brother’s number was going to come up. I tell you, the next generation of men are turning out to be a bunch of pussies, sorry for the harsh words. And my niece is not an isolated case. So many of my friends are so angry over the outcome of this election it is like an episode from the twilight zone. I have written to some of them and tried to tell them to let it go, go back to their lives, love their families, go to work, go to the movies, walk outside and look at the leaves falling. I get more anger. And I tried to tell these people several weeks ago that Trump was going to win, but nobody would believe me. I just could tell, from all the anger I sensed from so many people, not with just Hillary, but with the two parties themselves. The people seemed to want to send a message to Washington. And the message has been sent. But if things don’t change for the better, in two years, you can expect to see another message and this time it won’t be any surprise. The house and senate will be cleaned out. There is one shining light at the end of the tunnel, and that is that I think Mike Pence seems to be a straight shooter, and a decent guy, who could fill the office of the president quite well if need be. One can only hope.

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    1. I tell you, the next generation of men are turning out to be a bunch of pussies, sorry for the harsh words.

      The events of Tuesday/Wednesday show that wiener trumps pussy.


    2. The terrifying children thing seems to be a common schtick right how, and frankly it makes me furious. They’re telling the kids all sorts of atrocities, ranging from Hitler-returns type shite (standard) and getting creative to the ‘Trump will become Caesar and feed us to the lions while conservatives cheer’ insanity.


      1. They tell kids all this and then claim it’s Trump’s fault.

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        1. RE: Like I Said Earlier….

          ….they are psychopathological. And my working definition of ‘evil’….

          Evil, adj., Knowing the Truth but denying it.


        2. An additional thought on their being ‘liars’….

          Every violation of the truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society. — Ralph Waldo Emerson


      2. “My eight year old…” Lots of unusually wise eight year olds making political commentary these days.


  11. Trump put an end to the Bushes and the clintons – that is awwwwwwesome

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  12. /////I don’t know what “DUHA” is either.////////

    I always turn to Urban Dictionary for these weird things:

    Ms. Rex reminds me of a friend I have on Facebook that speaks in nothing but emotional arguments and exclamation points: I had! A nice DAY! At the PARK! Getting OUT and enjoy nature! How FUN!

    So annoying, nice lady, but I could barely stand to read it from sentence to sentence. I swear people like these must have slept all through grade school (seriously, learning basic literacy isn’t THAT hard).

    Arthur Chu’s especially annoying. I’d invite him to leave America if he’s really that unhappy.


  13. Looking at that… screed… I suspect MicroCeph put Tay back online.


  14. […] tip to Shadowdancer Duskstar over at The Liberty […]


    1. You’re welcome. I watched it again and I still can’t stop laughing. I gave the video link to my husband, who says he knows people he can inflict it on.


  15. At the beginning of Harpy’s rant she referenced “people who have differences which are vulnerable to mob rule”. These people are sooooo irony-challenged that they don’t realize that when they raise enough Hell about a Condoleezza Rice that she is canceled as a speaker or (e.g. Ann Coulter) even attacked onstage that it is they that are the mob that rules. Why do we keep guns? For protection from these warm, open minded, diversity-first twits.


    1. Self awareness level 0.


  16. Boy, that is some special keyboard, that randomly capitalizes WHOLE WORDS and never starts or stops in the middle of a word.

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    1. And now I’ll check the notify box.


  17. The best retort for Arthur Chu: “You are ugly, and your mother dresses you funny.”


    1. And in fairness to his mother, making him look OK in any clothes is a Herculean Task. His clothes don’t bag up, HE bags up.


  18. Here are some facts. The US has a process for periodically replacing our president and congress. We just went through that process. It was executed without violence or coercion, albeit with a lot of name calling – no surprise – but no one was coerced, we freely voted for who we each thought was the best person. That process is not new so there is no excuse for not understanding it. We did not recently change it and it has been used for decades – both political parties, without issue or major changes – so we didn’t just break it and just now noticed. This is the same process that elected Mr. Carter, Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama. So you don’t get to whine about the process that also elected Mr. Reagan, and two Bush presidents.

    But now comes the election where we choose between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. According to those who supported Mrs. Clinton, one of the candidates should be anointed (that would be Mrs. Clinton) and one of the candidates should be damned – the thoroughly unlovely Mr. Trump. Those people are saying that the people who supported Mr. Trump are horrible humans – you see the names that they fling about.

    We all want the best for our country. OBVIOUSLY we have different views about who should lead that and the direction it should take. Wow is that obvious. For my part, I respect that we all want the best for our country and our people. Why is it that many Clinton supporters cannot accept that I am a respectable person? It seems to me that they (the large body of Clinton supporters) cannot tolerate any deviation from “the true way” – however they define it. They say that anyone who does not support Mrs. Clinton and “her way” is sub-human and not respectable. It seems to me that I am tolerant and they are not – the exact opposite of their accusations. What am I missing?

    Mr. Trump is an un-lovely candidate who needs to be watched and we need to tell him what we want else he may wander off in directions that we we will not approve of. For sure he doesn’t get to do some of the crazy stuff he talked about during the campaign. Had Mrs. Clinton been elected, it would have been the same – watch and advise.

    But, Mr. Trump got elected because he is not establishment. I approve of the part where he may change some ground rules. That does not mean that he or I are Nazis or murderers or KKK members and it is completely outrageous to accuse anyone of that based on a voting preference. If you want to shoot off your mouth about Mr. Trump or about me, that reflects on you.

    There have been no recounts. The Electoral College has not voted. The Inauguration has not happened. The world has not ended. The recycled electrons on our ballots are still spinning. Relax a little and give the man a chance. Have a little faith in you fellow humans – and tolerance. Stop the name-calling. It was an election, there are no aliens in your back yard and Revelations is not scheduled for next week. Stay calm. Have courage. Watch for signs.

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    1. “It seems to me that I am tolerant and they are not – the exact opposite of their accusations. What am I missing? ”

      The hypocrisy. Same as when someone of color says something idiotic like “A black person can’t be racist.” Just ignorance.


  19. Nikki, I just want to say that I hope I look half as good as you when I’m 500 years old.


    1. You don’t, but then I am hetero male, so it *COULD* be bias on my part.


  20. I see the same sort of thing in my adoptive family groups: “If you support Trump [I didn’t], you OWN racism / sexism / homophobia!”

    Trump has also apparently made it “OK” to bully people on the basis of race, sex, origin, &c. This is abundantly clear because parents are having to deal with tearful children who are CERTAIN that Trump and his supporters are out to get them. Why, no: the parents NEVER told them that!

    And Trump apparently longs to kick my little girl out of the country. Who knew?


  21. Have more stuff to laugh at in it’s concentrated derangement.

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    1. ….
      I’d wonder if it was parodying the progressive panic, but they are notoriously difficult to parody.

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  22. I need brain bleach. I really do.

    It’s seldom that you get a chance to see 5- year-old spoiled brats pretending to be adults (because that’s the size they are) and exercise their inalienable rights, but when their perfect pick loses the contest, they go into a full-blown, screaming fit of hysterics? These are future parents and leaders?

    Oh. My. God. It was a contest. There was only one winner in the contest, and no one else gets the prize. I figured if shitlery did win, she’d immediately revert to her real self and conveniently forget all those promises she’d made. But she’d also be butting heads with a Republican Congress (which did happen) and they might not like her choices for important things. Add to that her impaired health, which has not been as well hidden as her party pretended, and I thought that if nothing else, she’d drop dead in her tracks after 18 to 20 months and that would be the end of it. And yet, most of the people I knew who detest her were worried that she’d be sending BATFE agents everywhere to collect privately-owned guns and ammo and they’d have to head for the hills, etc., etc., etc. And the worst part: she’d never be prosecuted for mishandling secure documents, etc. (again).

    I was getting a headache from swiveling my head back and forth, so I shut off the angst-ridden sturm und drang, and hoped that people would vote the crazypants crap out of the picture. Well, that did happen. I was up until after 2:30AM, keeping track of everything as if it were football scores. But we have to also remember that the Chicago Cubs not only got to the World Series for the first time since 1945; they also won the World Series, for the first time since 1908. So I decided a week ago that something was in the air, massive change was coming, and just watched quietly.

    And then last night, some greasy, skanky, smelly ragtag numbnuts decided they were going to let the entire world know that, as overgrown children with no self control, decent manners or social graces, and brains the size of a pea, they were ready to destroy an entire city if they had to do so, just to let us all know how very unhappy they are with losing a contest that has only one winner. They therefore stopped a city bus, climbed onto the roof on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, shut down that traffic route, blocked streets, tried to burn some unknown thing (I hope they inhaled the smoke and got some stuff on themselves), and blocked people from entering or leaving a residential highrise (Trump Tower) in Chicago, because THEY LOST!!!!

    This happened in several cities, by the way, not just Chicago. Reporters said thousands. I counted a few hundreds, not thousands. And I wondered, while I watched, just how long it will take until these greasy, stankass, illiterate social morons grow up.

    I was so glad to turn 21, be legally an adult, and responsible for making my own decisions about my life, and never happier than when I signed up with the Navy on my 21st birthday.

    But what I see in these idiotic reactions to a lawful process in which there is ONLY ONE winner is an entire generation of people who are so dysfunctional that they will be lucky if they manage to get jobs emptying wastebaskets and cleaning portapotties. I have never seen such unreasoning anger over nothing. The protests I saw and ran into during the Vietnam War are nothing by comparison.

    This is what happens when everyone wins a prize because competing is somehow – NORMAL? Geez, Loueezz, they really do need their own planet.


  23. I wanted Romney to win, thought he was treated very badly by Obama campaign and mourned the death of the America I believed in for about a month. Got over it, worked hard and doing well for my family and me. I guess having a life helps getting over disappointment. Maybe the Democratic Party should start letting people on their side know government shouldn’t be their whole life and sometimes you don’t win.
    I didn’t want Trump, I’m am not a registered Republican, but Clinton would have put us through another Watergate. If you are under 55, trust me, we dodged that bullet.
    Pray for Trump, reject violence. If you are committed to politics, take a few months off and after the Inauguration, work to know your community and help people, then get involved with your local party to try to change things.


  24. […] If you need proof of the burning stupid, read Wednesday night’s post.  […]


  25. […] seen some incredible Trump derangement syndrome this week. There have been threats, tears, complete unhinged rage, riots, and […]


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