Think your side is any better?

I’m anxiously waiting for this clown show of an election to be over.

I know I’ve written about clickbait before – about waiting to find out facts before screeching, and about not getting your news from Internet memes. Yesterday’s debacle at a Trump rally was a perfect example of the kind of stupid that epitomizes this election season.

If you haven’t heard, there was a commotion at a Trump rally yesterday. A commotion. We’ve seen protesters at those events before. Many of them – as revealed in multiple reports and leaks – were instigated by the Clinton camp. This is nothing new.

scavinoTrump was rushed off the stage, because a disturbance broke out. You know what numerous sub-morons in some “media” outlets reported? An assassination attempt.

You know what the Trump campaign immediately touted, because its candidate is oh-so-victimized, and subsequently oh-so-courageous to get right back in the game? An assassination attempt.

You know what it really was? Some guy with a sign that said, “REPUBLICANS AGAINST TRUMP.”

The man who caused a commotion at a Donald Trump rally Saturday said he’s a registered Republican who wanted only to show his displeasure with his party’s nominee.

Members of the audience at the event for the GOP presidential nominee tackled Austyn Crites, 33, of Reno after someone yelled “gun” while others were trying to rip away his anti-Trump sign.

“I just went with sign that said ‘Republicans Against Trump,’ ” Crites said. “It’s a sign that you can find online. I held up the sign and initially people around me were just booing me telling me to get out of there. Then a couple of these guys tried grabbing the sign out of my hands.”

Crites had no weapon. Secret Service agents later released a statement to that effect and let him go without charges.

assassinationBut I guess it’s too much to ask for the obvious clickbaiters to actually wait for the facts to come out. My social media timeline was immediately filled with “ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT!” stories.

At least the morons at IJR had the good sense to modify the headline.

I’m also amazed that – once again – so many otherwise intelligent people refuse to fact check before posting outrageous crap, because drama for their candidate is a selling point.

Oh, he’s so brave for continuing the speech even after an “assassination attempt!” See what a courageous President he’ll make?

Look how reviled he is merely for speaking truth to power! The Democrats are scared of him! That’s why they’re trying to intimidate him!

Look how committed he is to his supporters, coming back to speak after an attack!

Fact is, this guy showed up as a protester, peaceably protested, was booed by Trump supporters, and then “someone” screamed that he had a gun (which was absolutely false), and the chimps dogpiled him. Hard.

And without knowing all the facts, the die hard lunatics proceeded to advance the “assassination attempt” narrative.

Much like with any shooting, people are desperate for the incident to fit the narrative. It’s been proven time and time again, that the media jumps in face first into a story without getting all the facts, and is forced to retract and update in order to get the story right.

Shouldn’t we be better than this?

And this?

But no. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. It’s just not dramatic enough to just have a protester at a rally.

This is not about whose candidate is better, although, I’m fully expecting a bunch of comments about how Hillary supporters are so much worse, without acknowledging that this kind of ignorance happens on both sides.

The desperation on both sides is palpable!

It seems the closer we get to Election Day, the more garbage the Internet spews out, and the more people immediately grab the first story they see that fits their preconceived notions and promote it as fact.

I would submit to you that most people have made up their minds about their vote (or non-vote) in this election, and acting like an ignorant shit weasel about others’ choices by refusing to do your research and spreading the first fucktastic clickbait trash you see that supports your view in this impossibly awful election will not endear you to anyone, and will likely result in people you ostensibly respect turning away from you, thinking you’re a shit-flinging moron.

If you’re OK with this, go ahead and continue trying to convince your friends and family with Internet memes, erroneous “news” stories, and downright false clickbait garbage about how much better your candidate is than theirs. The only person you will be embarrassing is yourself, and the only result will be the loss of relationships with friends and loved ones, because you’re acting like a moron.

The bottom line is, stop letting the age of infotainment control your common sense! Wait for the facts. Stop jumping to conclusions without having accurate information. Read primary sources when possible. Get corroborative reporting. Ensure your initial source is one that’s reliable, not something that screams, “BREAKING NEWS! FBI Shocking Evidence…” or “Was The Protester Who Forced Trump Off NV Stage A Hillary Provocateur?”

(Trumpanzees screeching it’s all Hillary’s minions trying to destroy Trump, as if Republicans who wouldn’t cast a vote in his direction if he was running against Satan himself don’t exist, in 3…2…1… Go ahead. Get it out of your systems now, boys and girls.)

And most of all, try not to act like a paranoid, barely educated shit weasel.


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  1. Trump’s entire campaign has been a celebration of willful ignorance. He’s conned previously well meaning Republicans into acting like Democrats. That could possibly be, because he’s spent his adult life as a Democrat until his recent and convenient rebranding.

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    1. I don’t want to blame him for the actions of morons. Fact is that there are idiots in every party, and they come out en masse when certain conditions are present. He’s a condition.

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      1. Oh, I agree. I don’t hold Trump accountable for the actions of the tool mentioned above. Like you say, the reaction is symptomatic.

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      2. Sad truth, a large part of the general population are idiots, yes on all sides. Worse these dolts vote.

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  2. From what I remember from a quick skim on the ‘nets last night (I’m not caffinated yet, so there’s my disclaimer) the guy who created the commotion being a Clinton supporter has some teeth. Apparently his facebook page and (possibly? I only skimmed) other social media data show that he is.

    I’m not able to pay much attention to the things going on, life where I am is too busy, so the occasional glance at the circus that is the American elections is all I can do of late.


    1. He supposedly is a Clinton guy. But that’s hardly the point. The point is it was NOT an assassination attempt, but every shit-flinging Trumpanzee out there was beating the “assassination attempt” drum without waiting for facts to come out. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if he’s a Clinton supporter, Bernie supporter, Xenu alien follower, or Great Pumpkin worshipper. Pointing to who he is/was is a distraction from the fact that idiots jumped on the assassination attempt train like 15 year old boys on a Hustler magazine. It’s a distraction from the central point, which basically supports what i said.


      1. I don’t dispute that it was a silly overreaction to call it an assasination attempt. I think so too, honestly. I just wanted to say that the part about the guy being a Clinton supporter may be true from the evidence folks were citing when I was skimming the net last night.

        There’s some stuff that I saw though that gave me some serious chills if it’s true, about the Clinton campaign and foundation having links to and people in it supporting child trafficking. I just woke up though, and really, that’s not something I want to think too deeply about in the morning.

        I’m just glad I’m not someone who can vote in the US elections right now. *shudder*


  3. I said at the beginning of this intellectual midget rodeo that each party had chosen the form of its destructor. I believe that Trumpism has already killed the 2008 Republican Party as we knew it. Now the Democrat Party, with the help of the MSM, will drag the Dowager Queen over the finish line while their backbench remains empty.

    Myself, I will vote for no Presidential candidate listed on my ballot. I will write in “The Ghost of Fred Thompson’s rotting corpse” and defy anyone to convince me that Trump or HRC will do better.

    I do want The D.C. Political Complex and all of their associated power suckers to get a kick in the pants. Their version of this Americanized Oligarchy is dangerous.

    Sister Nicki….am I wrong on the “American Oligarchy” comment?
    Hope you and yours are well.


    1. Absolutely not, Joel! Dead on. Hard.

      And I love “intellectual midget rodeo”! Hope you let me use it in a post!


  4. Shannon Skerrett

    Either way it goes we are taking in the keister


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