It’s today!

For those of you who were jealous I got to read Mike Williamson’s latest “Freehold” novel before any of you sad sacks, man up and get thee to a book store today, because “Angeleyes” is now out, and you should get it.

If you haven’t read my review, I linked to it above, and I assure you that you won’t be sorry you got the book.

I’ve often asked what you would do in a zombie apocalypse – how far you would go to protect yourself and your loved ones?

“Angeleyes” examines those ideas through a wider aperture.

How far would you go to protect real freedom, your way of life, and your home? What would you sacrifice for your team, your military family?

Most of us would reply that we would sacrifice everything for our country – especially those of us who volunteered to serve in the armed forces – but can you really imagine what that could involve?

“Angeleyes” explores those ideas in very detailed, painful, personal ways, and aside from the action and the fascinating examination of the Freehold war from yet another perspective – one we haven’t yet seen – it’s those ideas that touched me most as an immigrant and an Armed Forces veteran.



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  1. Me? Jealous you’ve already read it? Fuck, yeah, I’m jealous! 🙂

    On the bright side, I just purchased the e-book version and will be devoting a portion of my weekend to enjoying it.

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  2. Oh yeah! Bought the ebook yesterday. Only had time to read the first few pages, but it will consume all my break/slack time today. ::anticipation::


    1. Enjoy! It’s a lot of fun!


  3. Thanks for the tip. I’ll go to Amazon right away.


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