Yes, America is great

yard_signI passed a house in Arlington yesterday on my way to physical therapy with a monster yard sign that said “Giant Meteor 2016.” A smaller yard sign closer to the entrance to the home said “Everybody Sucks 2016.” I giggled as I drove by, and lamented not having taken a photo of the place.

I then thought about the signs and breathed a sigh of relief.

See, my parents told me when I was a kid that they voted in the USSR. They voted for the one candidate on the ballot – the one candidate for whom it was acceptable to vote – and a vote for anyone else, or a non-vote could see you tossed in a not so nice, dank place. Not belonging to the Communist Party was also a no-go. No job. No future. No freedom. Being a Jew in the USSR meant no future – at least not in a career of your choice – and near constant abuse at the hands of those in authority.

No, you couldn’t own a business of any size – and even now, unless you have government connections, you ain’t gonna succeed, buddy!

Living in the USSR meant empty store shelves, getting water in buckets from the nearest factory, so you could bathe and make tea, wiping your ass with newspaper, and long lines when stores did get food.

When I first visited a supermarket in the United States, my jaw literally dropped. I was in shock at all the different colored vegetables, the types of cereal, sodas, potato chips, candy, and milk!

So when I hear the drooling acolytes of one of the current presidential contenders screech “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” I really want to laugh at the lack of perspective. I suspect most of these people never left the United States.

And as much as I appreciate our Canadian neighbors – and I do love visiting Canada – reminding us that our country is still great is pretty much unnecessary. Those of us with some perspective already know this, and those without, you’re never going to convince anyway.

Yes, we have nice people, Disney World, the NFL, barbecue, Star Wars, and NASA.

Yes, our Declaration of Independence is sheer poetry. We’re glad you noticed.

But frankly, while these things are neat, that’s not really what makes America great – at least not to my mind, as an immigrant.

What makes us great is that I’m able to write this blog.

What makes America great is that even the douchiest of howler monkeys can have their say (and can be ridiculed when appropriate), without worrying that they’ll be arrested or killed by government agents.

What makes us great is that the right to speak freely, worship as we see fit – or not – write, express ourselves, assemble, and live our lives, as well as the ability to stand up and defend ourselves is actually enshrined in our founding documents.

What makes us great is that we can loudly and passionately espouse our political and social beliefs without fear of government retribution.

constitution-declaration-independence-flag-23487952What makes us great is that each of us has the opportunity to climb higher and achieve more. It may be difficult – harder for some than others – but we can do it, and many of us have.

What makes America great is that media outlets – even the most idiotic ones, like Salon, InfoWars, and *insert every stupid clickbait bullshit site here* – exist and freely publish garbage. We are free to click or not.

What makes America great is that a person who comes here from another country with nothing can become a success story.

What makes us great is that we have voices, and we can implement change by participating in the government processes from local to national. We can vote – or not. We can write in a candidate, or leave the ballot blank, and no one will come knocking at our door, and dragging us away in the middle of the night to the aforementioned not so nice place.

What makes us great is that one douchebag – or several – can show disrespect for our flag and our national anthem, and still keep their job and still be free to make millions at their chosen profession no matter what race they are.

What makes America great is that we’re a team – we’re a family. Yeah, I may not always agree with individuals on my team. I may think they’re uninformed, blithering morons at times. But I have to believe that the majority of us love this dysfunctional family, and when tragedy strikes, we support one another and those whom we entrusted to lead, and we are generous to others. When push comes to shove, we are one nation and one people.

What makes America great is that we actually strive to be better. We may not be perfect, but we work to be more inclusive, provide more opportunities, and to foster understanding among ourselves.

What makes America great is that small percentage of men and women who are willing to stand on that wall and protect America against existential threats. They step up. I have. My kids have. My friends have. For no bigger reason than we understand just how precious and special America is.

What makes America great is that we have the ability to shine a light on corruption and protect those who do. We’re not always perfect at doing so, but at least those protections exist, and people do use them. Try that in Russia or any other world shithole, and you’ll be at best prosecuted, and at worst disappeared.

No, we are not perfect. Yes, we have massive faults. And lest you think some alien kidnapped me and turned me into a twisted Polyanna version of myself… trust me, I’m still me.

I’m just a me that understands that some screeching dickwads and their harpy followers won’t destroy America’s greatness.

I’m a me that understands that some socialist swine who think others are entitled to my efforts will not ultimately change the nature and the ideal of this country – precisely because we’re ultimately a family, and precisely because our rights are enshrined in the founding documents of this country, and precisely because our very nature, our generosity, our strength of vision, and our freedom to make our voices heard, even though sometimes we forget who we are, will not allow us to be anything else.

So while it’s a sweet reminder, Canada, I doubt that we could ever ultimately forget just who we are. We may sometimes sweep it aside in a bout of partisan rancor or outright bitterness about the short-term state of affairs, but America is already great. We’re great because of our people, our potential, our opportunities, and our freedom to be the change we desire, and anyone who tells you otherwise, because America is somehow not living up to his oh-so-lofty, self-important, uber-religious ideal, is free to leave…

…or get fucked by a cactus. Wrapped in rusty barbed wire. Dipped in battery acid.


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  1. All right, all right, all right. Good goin’, Nicki. Perfect.

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  2. The cactus meme is catching on.


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    1. LOL!!!! Darling, I’ve been using that for over a decade! I would hope so!

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      1. When I was a kid one of my idiosyncratic equivalents for “buzz off,” “go jump in a lake,” or just straight out “fuck off” was “Go suck a cactus.”

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      2. …yeah, it’s a bit mild but it’s something I could repeat in front of adults. But now I’ve been reminded, I’ll have to work it into the Apparently-Never-To-Be-Published Novel somewhere.

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  3. Abso-bloody-lutely! Anyone who thinks America is not still great either doesn’t know or has forgotten that we have this habit of airing our dirtiest laundry right out in public because we don’t give shit what anyone else thinks, that stuff has got to get cleaned out. And they don’t know or they’ve forgotten that after any kind of disaster, Americans will be boiling out of their homes to *help anyone who needs it*.

    We don’t just sit back with out hands out and wait for “someone” to fix it for us. We get in and do what needs doing however we can, whether it’s cutting firebreaks, helping the neighbors get tarp over their house when the roof got taken out by a storm, or whatever.

    As long as that’s there, there’s hope, no matter what the Euro-loving corruptocrats in power think.

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  4. What makes us great is that we can loudly and passionately espouse our political and social beliefs without fear of government retribution.

    Unless you’re a conservative dealing with the IRS.

    I don’t really disagree with your primary point, but it used to be better. I want it to get better than it was.

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    1. But notice those responsible have been exposed. And you don’t want to know what’s happened to IRS funding since this fiasco was! You won’t find that anywhere else.

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      1. Exposed, yes.

        The miscreants punished? No.


        1. Not always. But it does happen. Like I said – we aren’t perfect, but we strive hard to be good.


        2. Depends on who ya know.
          Clinton – nope.
          Betrayus – slap on the wrist.
          Marine General ex joint chiefs – prison. He just didn’t know the right people.


        3. Honestly the REALLY egregious stuff happens at lower levels. We wind up hearing about people like Petraeus and others a lot, because THEY’re national news. And of course, every once in a while, you get something so bad – like the Clinton stuff. Generally speaking, I think our system is decent at weeding out these assholes.


        4. 20 years of government contracting says nope. But don’t stop believing.


        5. Actual experience SEEING multiple people – currently, and in the past – held accountable says yep. But, hey, you can keep being a dick, instead of accepting that MAYBE we’ve had different experiences.


        6. Evidence is soooo inconvenient.

          “Nor has Congress taken steps to prohibit the IRS from using donor information as a basis for generating IRS tax audits, and there is ample evidence that the IRS audited scores of donors to the 2012 Mitt Romney presidential campaign and the super PAC supporting Mr. Romney.”


        7. IRS cuts.

          “The IRS has been plagued in recent years by the inappropriate actions of its employees and political leadership, resulting in the waste of taxpayer dollars and in unjust treatment and targeting of certain ideological groups,” the committee said in releasing the bill.

          What I’ve been told by actual IRS people is that their budget is now barebones due to this whole Lerner fiasco. There are other actions they can take, but lack of funding hurts.

          And by the way, I love how you use OPINION pieces as “evidence.” Kind of like you claim because YOU haven’t seen something personally, it doesn’t exist, despite others having firsthand access to information that directly contradicts your claims. That’s quite the analytic ability you have there, sparky.


      2. Exposed? Maybe.

        Punished. No.

        Stopped. ALSO NO.

        Naive optimism is cute.


        1. It’s not naive optimism. Unless you work in government, you don’t actually know how many people do get penalized for shit like this. It’s not all reported in the media. I personally know several who have been held accountable and more. So, let’s not get all insulting with the “naive optimism is cute” claim.


      3. Maybe so, but I haven’t heard about any heads rolling at the IRS. And yes, I do “want to know what’s happened to IRS funding since this fiasco”.
        To the best of my knowledge there has been no consequence for IRS miscreants or EPA with the toxic spill in colorado, or for that matter any other three letter Commisariat, unless of course Obummer has a personal beef with him.


        1. Not sure about EPA. Not my lane. IRS funding has been…. um…. cut. Hard, according to one CI agent I know. All because of the Lerner thing.

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  5. Geez, Nicki, you dragged up everything – literally, every damned thing, that came out of the Soviet Union in the news from the first day I went to grade school, on up through and including college and right up to the day the Berlin Wall fell, Gorbachev said ‘We’re bankrupt’, and Ceacescu and his bitch wife were dragged out of their hidey-hole in Romania and put on trial and executed.

    And it’s going on in Venezuela right now. I’m just waiting breathlessly for that moment when Maduro is dragged into the streets of Caracas and pounded to death.

    If you haven’t sent this over to This Ain’t Hell, I will do it for you, because I am SO TIRED of this constant whining from ungrateful dorks that America is going to hell in a handbasket. I really am.

    I don’t know anyone who could have said it better: the USA is the damned best there ever was!

    Thank you!

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  6. America certainly has been, is, and will continue to be a great nation, Nicki. I’ve been to several countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the middle east and have seen how much better America is. Your article reminds me of a speech by the Canadian Gordon Sinclair from back in the 70’s. I first heard it on Paul Harvey’s show when I was a young teenager and it’s as inspiring now as it was back then. (I hope this link works.)

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    1. Dude, how did you get that to embed like that? I tried and all I got was a lousy link.


      1. Apparently you can only embed videos like that if they aren’t the video you want. 🙂

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      2. I pasted the link and that’s what I got.


  7. Nicki, would you be a dear and delete both of these with the wrong videos in them please? I don’t know what I;m doing wrong.


  8. Couldn’t have said it better. Most Americans just have no clue how good we have it here, and unless you’ve been to the third world, and the places that really suck, like Afghanistan and Iraq and seen it for yourself, you will NEVER understand the longing to get back to it, and then realize that you’re the luckiest son of a bitch ever because you have such a place to go back to. I know what that feels like. I wish every American did.

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  9. . Not belonging to the Communist Party was also a no-go. No job. No future. No freedom.

    By the way, I was under the impression that most Soviet citizens (wow, there’s a distinction I wouldn’t want) were NOT in the Communist Party. The Communist Party was very difficult to join (you needed someone to sponsor you just for starters), but once you did get in, you got favored treatment, you became someone they might be willing to put in a leadership role (and you were expected to do gruntwork for the party). There were only ca. 2-3 million CPSU members.

    As such, you could have a crappy entry level job as a non-communist, but you’d probably never get into management. And of course if your membership ever got yanked, you’d at the very least end up back at that shitty entry level job.

    It was true there was no other party to join.

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    1. From what my parents told me, everyone strove a party member. I think they were. The upper echelons were impossible. But other than that, you strove to be a party member all your life.

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      1. Sure. You wanted to get in, or you’d never get ahead. But it wasn’t like everyone was forced to join, as your OP sentence implied (the implication was, if you didn’t join, you’d go to god-knows-what-kind-of-hell-on-earth or be killed).

        They didn’t WANT everyone in, it was purposely an elite club.


        1. It wasn’t all THAT elite. Every adult I knew was a member. You couldn’t get anywhere otherwise. But I’m not going to quibble. Seriously. My overall point stands.


        2. Then I am at a loss to explain this, which I just now looked up:

          If this is to be taken as “gospel” (yes, I did note “citation needed” is prominent here), then I was wrong about a few things. I was under the (mistaken) impression that membership was only about 2-3 million people (but even here it supposedly maxed out at 10 percent of the adult population). And “elite” was way too strong a word for me to use. Though it does still sound like it was a prerequisite for getting ahead.

          Is it possible the adults you knew were self-selected? If your parents were members, then they’d preferentially hang out with other members, that being the same social class?

          Anyway, the horse hasn’t just been whipped to death here; I think I’ve just hit the “puree” button on the blender. Sorry but I was genuinely trying to reconcile something I (thought I) knew with the account of someone with first hand info.


        3. You couldn’t get ahead without it. My parents were Jews so it’s not like they were elite. Generally, from what I saw – everyone joined, but you had to have pals too. And only the highest echelons really reaped any big benefits.


  10. As to the main point, a lot of the drama is probably because of the perceived direction we are heading in. No, the United States isn’t like Yemen (or even Ukraine), but sometimes it sure seems like we’re headed that way.

    As for the confidence that we will never forget what we are…we’ve already largely forgotten. We cannot, for instance, get rid of any entitlements–doing so would be unAmerican! But back in the day, the entitlements themselves would have been unAmerican. The rot continues with each generation. Unless the current crop of college students gets mugged by reality and draws the right lesson (hint to any of them reading this: the correct lesson is not, “we didn’t do enough socialism”) then by the time they start assuming positions of authority in this country it will have little resemblance to what we had even under (Bill) Klinton. They’re in colleges where the concept of free speech is considered evil. They’re not going to do something about that once in government? As another example, I see no prospect of getting away from socialized medicine, just for instance.

    So yeah, compared to the rest of the world we kick ass. But that’s a low bar, and we are getting closer and closer to not clearing it.

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    1. The main point is not to compare ourselves to the rest of the world. I did that because I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who was on the outside looking in. The point is our greatness comes from some very fundamental, intrinsic values that we have and no one else does. It’s a nuanced difference, but an important one.


  11. Yes indeed, with a cactus. Well said.

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  12. So America is great because it’s not the USSR? Seriously? You set the “great” bar pretty low.


    1. Reading comprehension will do you some good. I made an entire list of reasons why America is great – FROM THE PERSPECTIVE of someone from the USSR. If you can’t comprehend that, I suggest some advanced English classes.


  13. Riots are now virtually a weekly occurrence. Twitter mobs destroy people’s livelihoods for saying the wrong things or wearing the wrong clothing.

    Yep. It’s the people that make this country great.

    In general I want to agree with you. But a majority of millennials believe communism was just ducky and that GW Bush killed more people than Stalin. The IRS may have taken a funding cut, but they’re still targeting conservative groups for unfair scrutiny. The FBI has officially taken sides in a national election. The Supreme Court is more politicized than its been since FDR packed it. Any ordinary American who’s been too publicly critical of the current administration has seen their lives flayed on national TV (Joe the plumber, that guy from the townhall debate, etc) There’s a mountain of evidence that the DNC is tampering with this election and less than half the country cares!

    No, we’re not the USSR. I certainly can’t think of anywhere I’d rather try to raise my family. But when Canada has to tell us how great our constitution is, we’ve lost a lot of ground.


    1. I have thought about this when I was really depressed about the state of our country. But, I have to say, Twitter mobs, paid provocateurs, etc., all that stuff sucks, but generally speaking these loud louts are in the minority in this country. The point I was trying to make is that it’s our fundamental ideals that make this country great – and our ability to change things and correct course, if need be. Not a whole lot of nations can do that like we can.


  14. I’m really having a hard time believing that I’m having to debate people about the fact that this country is great! Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with some of you??? As I said earlier, are we perfect? No. Are there major issues? Sure. But we have fundamental values and ideals on which this nation is based, we strive to protect our fundamental rights, and we work to increase accountability, and you fucks try to prove otherwise?

    Our greatness is in our fundamental values and the ability of our citizens to stand up and fight for them.

    Seriously – if think you can find a greater place, just goddamn leave already! Maybe you’ll gain some perspective living elsewhere.


    1. As another immigrant, I’m having a hard time believing that you’re having to debate them too. Hey, people, you don’t like it? LEAVE.


      1. And the one moron who decided that something positive I wrote (for a damn change) was somehow an attack on Trump supporters? Just what in the everloving, gliding, jackhumping fuck?


      2. I am reminded of a story that’s fairly well known (at least, it is by fans of Ayn Rand). She decided to get involved in one of the campaigns against FDR, and was standing on a street corner talking to people about FDR’s opponent.

        She always had a very strong (Russian) accent. Some dickweed called her on it, using it as evidence she wasn’t really American.

        She came back by pointing out that she had chosen to come to America, whereas he had just been born to it.

        I think, more and more, that there should be NO birthright citizenship in the US. Not for children of illegal aliens, and not for children of citizens (though the latter should get green cards automatically). I’m not going to go full Starship Troopers here and require hazardous service as the price…not quite. But too many born here NEVER appreciate what they have and try to trash it in and out of the voting booth.


  15. Didn’t care for this article.


    1. Well, gosh! Thanks so much for coming over and telling us so!


    2. I think we have the winner for most utterly pointless response of the year.

      What was the prize?


  16. Ah, yes, the purposeful misunderstanding of the “Make America Great Again” mantra in order to be a condescending bitch. I’m quite certain that if you ask anyone who says that mantra, you know, the people you’re condescending to in your post, will tell you that the US is the greatest country in the world. And is great for many of the reasons you give, that so many politicians, such as Obama, Clinton, and most democrats openly find disgusting.

    Most of the things you listed that makes America are exactly the things democrats hate. And here you are, tripping over yourself to be a bitch to the very people supporting a candidate that agrees with you. “Make America Great Again” mostly means “Let’s Elect a Candidate that Actually Loves America and Thinks and Acts like America is Great and let’s Tell Democrats Who Hate America and its Ideals to Go Fuck Themselves”.

    Can you, in any way, look at the history of Hillary Clinton and tell me she cares about “the douchiest of howler monkeys [having] their say” after witnessing her personal mission of hiding “The Path to 9/11”, as well as openly hating the Citizens United decision for having the balls to expose her clear corruptness on the campaign trail? Can you honestly say that Clinton is proud of America because “a person [can come] here from another country with nothing can become a success story” or because she thinks that Americans are dumbasses to be forced to pony up their hard earned money to buy these people’s votes for democrats to maintain her personal power?

    It’s funny you say “What makes us great is that one douchebag – or several – can show disrespect for our flag and our national anthem, and still keep their job”, but fail to mention that making politically incorrect jokes, i.e., getting leftists’ and democrats’ panties in a wad, before getting on a plane to Africa will cost you your job and result in you being ostracized from society. Trump and his supporters recognize the truth of the former, while also recognizing the brazen hypocrisy of the latter, a hypocrisy you share by your silence.

    And no, we are not a family. What makes America great is that we are not a family and not even close to having the same cultural beliefs, but still live in relative peace and prosperity with one another. It’s not special to live in relative peace and prosperity with your family. This is basically the history of the world. What makes America great, and exceptional, is that we do this with perfect strangers as well.

    In your condescension towards Trump and his supporters, you say “What makes America great is that we actually strive to be better” as if Trump and his supporters don’t believe this, but somehow their political opponents (of the “you didn’t build that stripe”) do.

    I’m just a me that understands that some screeching dickwads and their harpy followers won’t destroy America’s greatness.

    That’s where you’re wrong, sister. You get enough people to believe the “screeching dickwads and their harpy followers” to believe that “you didn’t build that” and American greatness is, in fact, destroyed. We have a sitting president and a large fraction, if not a majority, of politicians who believe and act like America isn’t just great, but just one among many. It’s galling that in the face of this, you write this trite post.

    But, please, continue to tell me how Trump, and his supporters, people who embody most of what you say makes America great, who love and believe in American greatness and are despised for that by a large contingent of politicians, are the problem for having the temerity to say “Make America Great Again”. Your condescension towards Trump and his supporters, that you put on clear display in this post, is why there is a Trump candidacy in the first place.

    In short, go fuck yourself with that cactus wrapped in rusty barbed wire, dipped in batter acid.

    Regards from one vet to another,


    1. You know what it’s called when someone gets butthurt at something that wasn’t necessarily aimed at them? I’ll let you figure it out – after you get yourself some fucking Vagisil, moron.

      1) Unless you’re an illiterate fuckwit, you would see that the “America is great” thing was actually generated at FUCKING CANADIANS.

      2) If you had half a brain, you’d click on the link in the text “the douchiest of howler monkeys [having] their say,” and you would see that it actually refers to social justice warriors.

      3) “And no, we are not a family. What makes America great is that we are not a family and not even close to having the same cultural beliefs, but still live in relative peace and prosperity with one another. It’s not special to live in relative peace and prosperity with your family. This is basically the history of the world. What makes America great, and exceptional, is that we do this with perfect strangers as well.” — What makes America great and exceptional is that we’re all AMERICANS, douche wad. That makes us a family. We may not always agree. We may not always have the same cultural beliefs, but we are Americans, and that, in and of itself, is special.

      4) Once again, if you had bothered to read anything I’ve said in the past you’d realize that the “screeching dickwads and their harpy followers” I refer to are SJWs, about whom I’ve written more times than I care to mention. But again, you just came over here looking to portray yourself as a victim. Poor boo-hoo Trump supporters are getting no love! You know why you’re getting no love? Because you’re a reactionary asshole.

      5) The rest of your diatribe is proof that you came over here just to be offended, haven’t actually read and understood what I wrote or why I wrote it, and furthermore you’re just the kind of Trumpanzee (not to be confused with a normal person who just happens to support Trump) that makes him unappealing as a candidate.

      So, in short, you can go eat a large bag of syphilitic dicks.

      Kind regards

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    2. LOL… this dumbass got everything wrong. Better yet, he demonstrated WHY we all mock the low-information Trumpkins just as much as the crybaby leftard SJWs… they’re mirror images. Pound sand, dumbass.

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      1. I was just thinking the same thing. This gobbler of cock is actually a social justice whiner – on the other side of the political spectrum.


  17. I’m glad to be an American and I’m thankful beyond words that I was born here to a pair of parents that love me and raised me to succeed. I just want the adults to return to the reins of power before something irreversible happens, lol.

    I think after 8 years of incompetent and politicized government from the Mom Jeans President, people are frustrated, angry, and depressed. Hard to blame them, it’s been like this for almost a decade.

    But then I read stuff like this, and see how other people are raising hell, and I start to think that maybe we’ll win this thing after all and in fifty years these times will be remembered as the kidney stone we had to pass.

    Fingers crossed.

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    1. It’s always an up and down thing. We’re down right now, but hardly out.


  18. Great article. sometimes it takes a successful immigrant citizen to remind us how good of a nation we truly are, and why we are so good.

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  19. Nigh on weekly riots. People losing their livelihoods for saying the wrong thing on Twitter. A majority of millennials think communism is the future and that GW Bush killed more people than Stalin.

    Yep. What makes this country great is the people.

    Seriously, though, I would love to agree with this. But when I look at what’s happened to this county I can’t take much solace in the fact that we’re better than the USSR. Yeah. Hooray for low bars.

    We’re on the verge of swearing in a president against whom there is evidence of election tampering and incitement of violence. Nobody cares.

    Our future president stood by while Americans were killed in a foreign country, lied about it and jailed a man to make her story look credible. Nobody cares.

    The FBI has officially taken sides in a national election. Nobody cares.

    We’re about to elect a woman who vowed to destroy the coal industry and baldly said she wanted to confiscate privately held firearms. Nobody cares.

    The IRS targeted, and continues to target, people for espousing political beliefs and I’m supposed to be happy that some low-level pencil pusher nobody ever heard of got a pay cut.

    Well, maybe I don’t care either. The constitution holds no more power than the crumbling parchment it’s written on. The only reason we’re currently still free to say things on the Internet is that they haven’t silenced us yet, but they’re getting us one by one. And they don’t even need the government to do it anymore. All they need is Twitter mobs, the 21st century equivalent of brown shirted thugs breaking the kneecaps of anyone thinking the wrong thoughts.

    America wants Hillary Clinton, let America have her. Good and hard. We can take satisfaction in knowing we had almost 250 years, which is a good run by historical standards for any superpower.


    1. I disagree that no one cares. Here’s the thing – we brought all this on ourselves, but the good news is that we can also fix it. AMERICA doesn’t want Hillary Clinton. Even many Democrats don’t like her. But she’s what they got, and we’re stuck with Trump. Whose fault is it? A combination of things, including the establishment sticking Hillary down the Democrats throats and trying to stick Bush down Republicans’ gullets. It may seem hopeless, but frankly, I’m not ready to give up that easily.

      America brought this on ourselves, but we can also be the impetus for change. We have this, but it’s going to take time to turn around. This is not a speedboat. It’s a massive ship. It takes a while to right the course, and I think we still can. It will require education. It will require information. It will require courage. But it can happen, and that is part of our greatness.

      More people in this country care than do not. What you see in the media is not the be all and end all.


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