Dial 9-1-1 and Die

How many times have we heard the gun grabber “If you’re in trouble, just call 9-1-1” screed?

How many times have you been told “You don’t need a gun. The police are there to protect you” from the anti-rights crowd?

So what if you call 9-1-1 and get this fetid bag of cunt drippings?

A 911 operator is accused of hanging up on people calling for help.

Investigators say that Crenshanda Williams had thousands of “short calls”, lasting less than 20 seconds.

In one call, a security guard reported drivers drag racing. Moments later, investigators say that Williams hung up. The recording captures her saying “aint’ nobody got time for this. For real.”

Williams reportedly told investigators she often hangs up on callers because she didn’t feel like talking with anyone at the time.

According to this report, at least one of the emergency calls she hung up on resulted in the shooting of an innocent woman during a convenience store robbery.

911-secondsMost of the 9-1-1 failures are not that egregious, but the problem is they do exist. I would submit that most 9-1-1 dispatchers are not disgusting pieces of detritus like this one, but dedicated professionals. But no one can deny there is a wait time for police action, and in that time, a violent criminal can fire multiple shots or fatally stab their victim, even if the police get there in minutes! These stories are heartbreaking.

Lives are forever changed or snuffed out, while victims wait for help that at best can arrive within several minutes and at worst in hours. What is it that gun grabbers always say? “If it helps save one life…”

So if it helps save one life, why should anyone be forced to rely on others to defend them?

I also realize that there are cretinous ass drippings who do call 9-1-1 because they can’t reach their pizza, or their boyfriend failed to give them oral, and while any system can be abused, there’s no excuse – NONE – for hanging up on an emergency call, because you don’t feel like talking or think it’s not worth your precious time – for which taxpayers pay you, bitch!

But back to my original point.

Next time some gun grabber tells you to just call 9-1-1 and wait for the police to arrive, just remember: You don’t have to rely on others – be it corrupt 9-1-1 dispatchers or slow police responders – for your life.  You have the right to defend yourself with the most effective tools available.

Act like your life depends on it, because it does. Because it really does.


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  1. Even if the 911 operator, the police dispatcher, and the responding officers all do their level best, you’re still on your own until they get there:


    1. Indeed. A good cop will understand you aren’t criticizing him or the police in general when you quote the old say “when seconds count the police are mere minutes away.”

      Yes, there are bad cops, bad 911 dispatchers, et endless cetera. But as both you and Nicki have said, it doesn’t matter if every single one of them is good; it’s metaphysically impossible for them to stop these things happening, (Something about not being in two places at the same time.) Who IS there? The victim and the perp. The perp is the problem, so the victim is the only one who can respond.

      The police will sweep up the debris and draw the chalk line, and make sure the right person got killed. That’s what they’re for.

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  2. I’m glad she was at least charged with something. Very negligent on her part. I honestly don’t know how she got hired; police depts. usually screen much better than that.

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    1. She may have been better when she was first hired, and progressively got more complacent and apathetic. I suppose that’s possible.


    2. It’s Houston, the place with a mayor that wanted to subpoena sermons of pastors that didn’t approve of her bathroom ordinance. Like any other Democrat run city, Houston is all about meeting the diversity quota.

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  3. Her hands should be crushed with hammers.


    1. Use the claw side, not the flat side.


  4. Go one better than 911: 1911. Maybe a Colt. But there are so many options.


    1. I have a Springfield Armory one.


    2. Or 92. Or 75, or 97. Or numbers in the high teens into the 20s. Plenty of options out there outside the 1911 realm, I’ve only alluded to three brands (ones I happen to have owned), but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any three digit numbers starting with 2, either.


  5. And numerous court decisions, including SCOTUS, ruled that the police HAVE NO DUTY to protect you.

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    1. Absolutely correct, even after the police arrive you may be on your own. And if the police are overwhelmed because of rioting or looting, they may not be able to respond at all. In Warren v. District of Columbia it was ruled that the police must provide public services to the population at large, but have no specific responsibility to protect an individual.

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  6. Speaking as a former police dispatcher, I hope she gets what’s coming to her. I mean, on one level, I get it. Talking to the public sucks, no matter what kind of job it is. And police service operators often talk to crazies or people having the worst day of their lives. When I was offered the choice between talking to the officers or talking to the public, I instantly chose the former.

    But jeez, this lady hangs up on someone in crisis because she doesn’t feel like talking to them? Then call in sick and let a REAL police service operator do your job, you ignorant jackass! Or better yet, quit your job and go find something more to your tastes. But of course, the pay is better than average, the benefits are good, and it’s unionized.

    Speaking of union, what’s the betting that they fight tooth and nail for this waste of skin to keep her job? I realize that’s the purpose of a union, but all the same, the line must be drawn somewhere.

    I’m also waiting for the wails of “Raaaaaaaaaaacism!” to begin. Because, you know, any time something bad happens to a black person, it’s because of racism. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the person’s actions and decisions, nope.

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    1. Occasionally I make that very last point to a liberal, hold them down and force them to realize it’s a decent one…at which point they fall back to “maybe this person wouldn’t act so horribly if they weren’t treated badly their whole lives because of raaaaaaaaacism!” You can’t win, because their hidden premise is different from yours. Yours (and mine) is that people are ultimately responsible for their own actions; they are “moral agents.” Theirs is that everything we do is because of some past influence on us; there’s really no free choice, and that therefore we fundamentally cannot be held responsible for what we do.

      I haven’t had a lot of direct exposure to European social welfare-ism, (I’ve spent a grand total of two months in Europe as an adult) but as near as I can tell they are much more likely to believe you are responsible for your actions, they don’t have nearly as much of this societal desire to cut you slack when you fuck up or are lazy. Which is probably a large part of the reason those societies haven’t been complete disasters (yet). Creating a full blown European social welfare state in the US would be catastrophic.

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      1. Insofar as racism is concerned, liberals make it sound as if we’re deep in the bad old days of Jim Crow and only a few years removed from slavery. To hear a liberal tell it, America is just so, so very racist. Every time something bad happens to a black person, they point to racism rather than the actions of the black person in question.

        The very best example of this is what happened to Michael Brown. Liberals are still bandying about the thoroughly-debunked “Hands up don’t shoot” nonsense, so of course Brown’s death is because of evil racist white cops. However, you and I know that the forensic evidence showed that Brown assaulted the cop, attempted to take his weapon, etc.

        And we both know that if Brown hadn’t acted like a complete thug (a word which, according to liberals, is a dog-whistle for young black men, dictionaries be damned) he might be drawing air today. Then again, given the way he behaved, he might well have gotten himself killed in some other spectacularly stupid fashion. Either way, Michael Brown was directly responsible for the situation which resulted in his death.

        That being said, only a fool will deny that racism exists. Of course it does. It always will, despite the attempts of liberals to gin up the thought-police. But to pretend that racism is at the root of every social or economic ill affecting minorities in America today is just ridiculous. Deep down, they know this, but they refuse to let go of such a fantastic weapon. When in a debate, liberals simply accuse the other side of racism and declare victory.


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