A couple of non-partisan election thoughts

I’ve made the decision recently that I’m not voting for President this year. For the first time in my adult life, I do not feel any of the candidates deserve my vote. I know one of them will be President, but that does not mean I have to participate in the process that puts that person in the White House. It doesn’t mean I have to contribute to the clown show. Let it go on without me.

That said, I’d like to remind folks of something. The vast majority of issues that Americans wring their hands about, the President can’t do anything about – and shouldn’t – not without Congress. New taxes? Congress. Gun control legislation? Congress. Budget? Congress. Police abuses? None of his business. Marriage equality? How is that the job of the President?

You know what the President can do something about? You know what his primary function is? Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Also, he can make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, Supreme Court justices, and his Cabinet members.

National security and foreign policy. Those are the biggies.

So here’s what you have as your choices.

One of them, despite having been a classification authority as SECSTATE and having a daily PDB, claims she couldn’t figure out that (C) is a classification portion marking. Either that, or she hopes that most people are stupid enough to believe that. Either way, it’s unacceptable. She is also much more hawkish, and has no problem involving the US in foreign conflicts. Not good.

The second one doesn’t understand how our biggest and most important alliance works, thinks he can force military commanders to murder civilian family members of terrorists (hint: he can’t, because members of the military have an obligation to disobey illegal orders), and has so little understanding of macroeconomics and foreign policy, that he thinks he can use a trade deficit to pay for a wall and trade wars to bring jobs back to the United States.

gary-johnson-meme-300x198The third one can’t name a foreign leader he admires. Actually he can’t name a foreign leader at all. And sorry, libertarians, but this meme is beyond stupid. Just because he may not like or admire any foreign leader doesn’t absolve him of the responsibility of knowing who they are and understanding global issues and the world leaders who are a part of them.

One is bought and paid for by the Russians, the other one is bought and paid for by the Saudis, and the third one doesn’t know enough to be bought.

Two want to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process. (See: the alleged terror watchlist on which nearly half the people have no terrorist ties whatsoever, but both candidates want to use to forbid citizens to purchase guns.) The third chose a running mate who compared an AR-15 to a weapon of mass destruction.

In other words, you can pick your poison with this election. And each of them would be poison in slightly different ways, but poison nonetheless.

This is why Trump’s latest “scandal” doesn’t surprise me. Ultimately, it has very little to do with being President – other than the fact that the world would see this country elect a boorish, tasteless, gaudy shitbag. I already knew he’s a dick. I already knew he is a classless bag of . This is no shock, and I don’t know why everyone is clutching their pearls at the conversation between Trump and Billy Bush (whoever that is) over a decade ago about women and how he acts around them. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

There’s a case to be made that this is locker room talk. This is how guys banter among one another. I’ve hung out with enough infantry guys to not let that bother me. He’s disrespectful. We already knew that.

But here’s what does bother me. I can’t tell whether he’s just bragging like a teenager going through puberty about his sexual conquests, or whether he’s actually assaulted women.

Trump: Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Bush: Whatever you want.

Trump: Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.

What he’s saying there is that he randomly sticks his mouth on women and grabs them by the genitals, because dammit the bitch wants it. Because he’s rich. And he’s a star. He doesn’t ask them. He just grabs their crotch. Right?

Is he just bragging here about being so YUGELY famous, or did he actually grab women by their crotches and assume he could because he’s rich and famous?

If he did, that’s called sexual assault, boys and girls. And that makes him a sexual predator.

That does bother me.

And no. “But Bill Clinton sexually assaulted XX amount of women” will not mitigate this.

No, “But Hillary Clinton helped him cover it up” will not make this any more acceptable.

No, “But BENGHAZIIII!” is not an answer.

If he sexually assaulted women, he does not belong in the White House.

It is not acceptable.

I understand men talk all kinds of shit in the locker room. But if he has actually done what he says…

…he belongs in PMITA prison.


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  1. “The third one can’t name a foreign leader he admires.”

    I can’t see this as a strike against him.


    1. It’s the rest of it that’s unacceptable.


    2. The problem is not that he cannot name a foreign leader he admires, it’s that he cannot name a foreign leader.

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      1. I’m pretty sure that was another taken-out-of-context moment.



  2. Fergus from Ayr

    Hint: how many classes did you have on what constitutes a legal and illegal order?

    Hint: name a US submarine commander who enjoyed machine gunning the survivors of ships he sank.

    Hint: explain how the imprisonment of American citizens without trial is legal.

    Sorry anyone who doesn’t vote in this election has decided they wish to have the hottest spot in hell reserved for them.

    I have little use for Trump, but anyone who wouldn’t stop the election of someone who’d reduce the US to a banana republic status deserves the same consideration as someone who stands aside when he could help an elderly person being mugged.


    1. Well, then. I guess I’m going to hell. And yes, live had instruction in what constitutes an illegal order. At length. Followed by questions and discussion. And while there have been instances where illegal orders have been followed, I would submit the majority of service members will not do so, especially when ordered to target innocent civilians.

      Also, I didn’t say I wasn’t voting in this election. I said I’m not voting FOR PRESIDENT. If I don’t feel confident enough to give any candidates my vote, they will not receive it. Period. I will, however, vote for the best candidates possible on the downballot to stop any of these douche canoes from destroying our country (it will likely be the D or the R – no escaping that).

      By the way, sparky, I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in hell. But thanks oh so much for showing us in stark detail why our country is in the situation it is today.

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      1. That sucks, Nicki. Not even a candidate that has no hope for winning that you like?


        1. Nope. Write in candidates don’t get counted in VA

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        2. I know. I’m so done with this!


        3. A write in candidate, on the other hand, might reduce the odds that some dishonest election worker will see your blank ballot and decide to help you choose who to vote for.

          That’s one reason to support “None Of The Above” being on all ballots, even if that “candidate” isn’t allowed to win. It makes it difficult for someone to “help” you vote at 11PM on election day.

          (The LP has this snarky/childish fantasy that if NOTA were to win the office should remain unfilled; I maintain that would be a disaster (and certain to discourage people from voting for it). We can’t not have a commander in chief, and people do want to be represented in Congress, even if by some asswipe. At the very least, Libertarians, you should require the election be a do over with new candidates if you are going to insist that NOTA winning would mean something. If you really want to put some teeth in it, require that if all other candidates lose to NOTA they are disqualified from ever holding office again.)

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  3. “[A]nyone who doesn’t help decide who to mug has decided they wish to have the hottest spot in hell reserved for them. “


    The original version might carry more weight if 1) the people actually voted for President 2) in an election that — by ballot access restriction, among other things — isn’t effectively limited to two branches of the same Big Gov Party (Slogan: “Our side will mug you last.”), and 3) if there was single candidate with a demonstrated inclination to strictly obey the constitution.

    Go SMOD!

    True, one can also make the argument for voting in self defense, but I’m not seeing a candidate here who really fits that description. If a protest vote suffices to meet that definition, then write in SMOD. I’m going to.

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    1. The bad news is, if SMOD were going to hit us before 20 January 2017, we’d have spotted it coming by now. (I’m not talking about a rock capable of taking out a city, I’m talking about dinosaur killer size or larger.)

      I’m beginning to wonder if this is how the fresh meat at the pen feels, when he’s held down and wondering which one of those guys is actually going to be the rapist.


      1. I’m counting on an extrasolar body coming in at an interstellar velocity. It’s the only way to be sure.


        1. Something reasonably small (say, a few thousand tons) coming in at, say, 0.95c would be devastating and unseeable.

          Each kilogram mass impacting at this velocity is 47 megatons of TNT. (Note, relativistic correction makes this 2.2 times greater than what you get using 1/2mv^2). A thousand tons would be 47 teratons of TNT. It’d probably work better as a distributed swarm of smaller masses.


  4. I’m not so sure Trump committed sexual assault. Let me explain:
    There is explicit verbal permission, and there is body language and other non-verbal permission. A man (or woman) who correctly interprets the non-verbal permission and touches, kisses, or otherwise lays hands on another person has not committed assault even though no explicit words were spoken. Some people are exceptionally good at reading body language (I’m not one of them) and they can make very quick ‘hook ups’ that the rest of us cannot imagine making.

    If Trump is good at this kind of observation and acts on it, then he cannot be put in the same catagory as a sexual predator. On the other hand, if women have complained about his behavior, then the term ‘predator’ has merit. I’m not aware of complaints about his touching, though I have heard some complaints about his crude talk. If there have been true assaults, then I expect we’ll hear about them shortly.

    For the record, I think Trump is disgusting.


    1. Ron, here’s the thing. There’s a big IF there.

      If he did what he did, and he wasn’t just bragging because he’s a blowhard, he grabbed them with the assumption they would consent because he’s famous. Now, it may very well have been that they were OK with him grabbing their genitals after he did it. But unless he asked them ahead of time, the assumption was there that they would consent – whether they did or not afterwards is kind of irrelevant.

      There are trash women out there who would, in fact, consent because he’s famous. There also are women who would be terrified – whether it’s because they fear losing their jobs or simply overpowered by a wealthy, powerful man and wouldn’t move or slap the shit out of him like I would. But the point is, he used that power, fame and wealth to assume they would consent prior to laying hands in them.

      Unacceptable. IF he wasn’t merely bragging, that makes him a sexual predator. Period. And those of you who make excuses for this behavior as “boys will be boys,” might want to reexamine your own values.

      I suspect he was just bragging, however. Doing what guys do. That makes him a classless prick, but we already knew that.


      1. Agreed, a bunch of IF’s.

        I found his choice of language interesting. It’s as though he is looking at his life from outside and commenting, with some incredulity, at the opportunities to misbehave that celebrity, and willing women, have handed him.

        I have observed this female behavior only once. A close friend of mine was going through a very difficult time in her marriage. At an out-of-town social engagement, she virtually threw herself at a tall good looking man, very much against her usual nature. He turned her down. I found the whole thing bizarre because hardly a word was spoken, and I never saw it coming. She confided to me later that she absolutely would have done anything he wanted if he had only taken the lead. Would Trump have acted differently?

        Social experiments have shown that men who are quick to correctly interpret the ‘come hither’ look are highly likely to be successful with the ladies. A man too slow on the uptake misses the fleeting opportunity. I can’t say I understand because I’ve always been a bit stupid in that area (decades later, female friends have told me how they tried to get my attention in high school or college, but I didn’t respond. I just flat out didn’t see it. Still don’t.)

        This isn’t a defense of Trump…a world class cad…just a possible explanation.

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  5. I’m with you, Nicki. For the first time since I’ve been of age to vote, I’m not voting.

    In past elections, I’ve held my nose and voted for the lesser of the two evils on offer. This time around, I just can’t do it. On the one hand, we’ve got a tactless, classless reality “star” whose claim to fame is his business acumen, despite the fact he lost almost a billion dollars through said “acumen” and who lurches from one moronic cataclysm to the next, each of his own making. On the other, we’ve got a woman who is power-hungry to the extreme and, as you rightly pointed out, is either too stupid to know how classification works, or thinks rules don’t apply to her. I’m inclined to go with the latter interpretation. Personally, I think she’s so crooked she must have to screw her pantsuits on when she gets dressed. I’ve never liked her, and I’ve never trusted her. In my view, she is all that’s wrong with establishment politics in America. All the same, Trump is absolutely not the answer to what’s wrong with establishment politics.

    I emigrated to Canada a few years ago (the wife is Canadian, and her career is the one we move to follow), and almost on the daily my colleagues and friends ask me how on earth the US wound up with these two clowns. Canadians tend to be wary of Hillary but outright disgusted and aghast that Trump made it this far. The only thing I can tell them is that yes, there are a lot of stupid, ignorant, naive, and/or gullible people in the United States, and enough of them managed to find their way to a polling place to cast a vote for these two nimrods.

    What really worries me is what Trump’s success tells us about America, and where it’s headed. I think he’s a symptom of a sickness. It’s the same sickness that leads to groups like Black Lives Matter, just on the opposite side of the political spectrum. There’s something deeply wrong with America and Americans today, or at least it seems that way.

    It almost feels like America’s enemies don’t have to lift a finger because we’re well on the way to destroying ourselves already. All they need to do is sit back and watch the show, perhaps occasionally doing something to stir the pot. It’s kind of unnerving to watch the whole thing unfold, honestly.


    1. I can’t dispute a word you’ve said, Darth. This is the most upsetting election in my lifetime! I’m horrified every time I turn on the news – no matter what channel. I’m heartbroken for my country!


    2. This article by Ace gives a pretty good explanation:

      You can write off 25% of the country as irredeemable deplorables. The next question is what are you going to do with them.


  6. In one word, what is wrong with this country is:


    Specifically, the lack thereof. Ayn Rand foresaw this in 1954. As my wife and I re-read “Atlas Shrugged” we are both struck by Rand’s prescience. And yes, we are well on the way to destroying ourselves.

    “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of having ignored reality.”

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  7. Billy Bush is George H.W. Bush’s grand nephew.


    1. Other than that, is he in the entertainment business or something? Who is he?


      1. At the time, he was working for NBC as some sort of reporter; I believe until recently he was slated to replace Matt Lauer.


        1. OMG! Seriously? I thought he was some kind of douchebag shock jock!


        2. Oh, no. The UniParty is plugged into the media on both sides.


        3. Ugh. Ready to move to a cave.


        4. This particular Bush may be a flaming leftist. It’s a distant relationship and few nuclear families are in ideological lockstep anyway.

          In other words the last name is irrelevant when judging someone’s politics.


        5. But it’s NOT irrelevant when deciding whether the Bush family, who hate Trump almost as much as our hostess, decided to put a finger on the scale in true dog-in-the-manger fashion.


        6. Interesting thought, but I’d maintain that his last name is still irrelevant, that Bush the Mediatwit probably hated Trump for his own reasons, just like everyone in the leftist media does. He didn’t need the family animus (which is probably politically tied) to do it. In other words, I doubt that every single Bush in the extended family tree (bush? tree? skip it) is mad at him for the same reason.

          If this makes no sense to you, then look at it this way: does your grandnephew have the same grudges you do? Probably neither that nor your politics. (I know my cousin’s daughter is NOTHING like me politically, is almost certainly rabidly pro Hillary, and she’s smart enough that I find that scary.)


        7. No, but then again I don’t have enough money and influence that staying on my good side is an overriding concern.


  8. Psssst, Mr. Johnson…The Pope, The Pope, The Pope, The Pope, The Pope, The Pope,…
    And, yes naysayers, He’s the Head of State for Vatican City.
    Not that I’m a big fan of Hor-hey, but seems a most acceptable answer for the morning sacharine ad-dollar shows.

    Since the Aleppo issue and the “tongue exposure”, my vote has been earned by the Spirit of Fred Thompson’s dead, rotting corpse.


    1. Nah, he’s a leftist douchebag who continues to cover for the pedophiles.


  9. Ditto and disgusted. I listened to about 30 minutes of the debate this morning. That’s all I could stomach.

    Reminded me of a high school debate moderated by an 8th grader. One spewed memorized facts in paragraphs and the other prefacing blather “You’ll love it. I’m great”.

    Got a picture of Reagan on the wall. How far we’ve fallen ;-(


  10. Okay, I did not watch the debate last night, because I do not have a TV and I can get the highlights from friends. I see some serious desperation creeping into the democraps’ side of the coin, because the personal attacks have nothing to do with the issues.

    In regard to Trump talking trash with Billy Bush (GWB jrs. cousin), that hardly compares with Bill Clinton getting a blow job from Monica Lewinsky, per her widely published in the newspaper, very graphic and very detailed pornographic description of her sexual liaisons with him in the Oval Office while he was on the damned phone with the Secretary of State. He was impeached for that by Congress and did not get fired because they were two votes short of full impeachment. So I don’t see or understand how some trash locker room talk, which women ALSO engage in FYI, can be as bad as what HE did while HE was on the job.

    I simply do not think the two examples can even be compared to each other.

    If you choose to not vote for any presidential candidate, that is your choice, but Trump has Pence as his backup and as we’ve all observed here and elsewhere, the other two have idiots and social morons as backups.

    It’s your choice. I don’t like Trump, either. I think he is a social moron because he’s never had to mind what he says before. He has all the diplomacy of a bull with tabasco up his rump. But he is far less likely to be as damaging as any of the other choices.

    That’s all I have to say.


    1. Sara, that’s pretty much where I’m at. He’s marginally better than the other two. That, mind you, is a VERY low bar.

      That being said, he’s an almost total incompetent as a candidate. Right now his sole job is to campaign, and he’s shown a tendency to be preoccupied with someone else’s criticism (Khan, Machado) to the point of harming his campaign. (That’s also not a good trait in a head of state.) He’s had some flashes of brilliance *as a campaigner* but they’ve been outweighed by self-destructive rabbit-hole-diving.


  11. Pity the nation that’s reduced to such a Hobson’s choice.


    1. “Pity for the guilty is treason to the innocent.” -Ayn Rand, from “The Romantic Manifesto.”

      Each individual who contributed to the present situation, whether they are RINOs, avowed Socialists (aka ‘Democrats’), or simply those who closed their eyes and failed to speak out against the monstrous ongoing betrayals of principle, EARNED their guilt, and will deserve the outcome of their betrayal and failure. Every welfare moocher whose sustenance depends on taxes extorted from the productive, every faceless bureaucrat whose daily work has added to the burden now crushing the people of these presently united States, every person voting for more ‘legal’ abrogation of the rights of Man, is GUILTY.

      “When you have made evil the means of survival, do not expect men to remain good. Do not expect them to stay moral and lose their lives for the purpose of becoming the fodder of the immoral. Do not expect them to produce, when production is punished and looting rewarded. Do not ask, ‘Who is destroying the world?’ You are.” Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”

      Feel no pity for the guilty among us. Reality will enforce a harsh judgement against them, which they will have earned in full measure. Pity is not what is needed. What is needed is truth, and justice, and a return to the principles that made America’s founding possible.


  12. One problem that the president can fix (although neither of the prime candidates will) is to force the executive branch to operate within the law for a change. In many ways I think that this is more important than foreign relations.


    1. I strongly suggest that you review the civil service rules, and the whistleblower laws, and how they were used by the Deep State to sabotage Iraq because a Republican was President, before you reach that conclusion.


      1. I strongly suspect that they can be used to sabotage a president’s agenda, however I would be very surprised if the president cannot put them aside when used to prevent prosecution for breaking the law, or even firing for breaking the law. Especially so after the precedent of the current administration.


    2. I agree the President can use EOs to direct executive branch offices to operate in a certain manner within the existing laws. But is that more important than being essentially the head of our national security, foreign policy, and military? Oh, HELL NO!


      1. I can see that point of view and certainly would not say that you are wrong. Still having our own government acting as an enemy to the Constitution and Country is probably worse in my view than what a foreign enemy can do over the next few years.


        1. Constitution Party?


  13. […] aware that one of the major party two would get the keys to the White House, but to me, there was little difference between the two when it came to qualifications to lead this country and the free world. I took some […]


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