Luke Cage: Not for Stupid People


You can’t tell me this man isn’t deliciously HAWT!

Because I loved DareDevil and Jessica Jones, I decided it was time to binge watch Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix. I liked the character a lot on Jessica Jones, and yes, it does help that Mike Colter is easy on the eyes and has a voice like butter. But most of all, I liked the plot, the character development, and the terrific acting by a very talented cast, including the always amazing Rosario Dawson, the shining Mahershala Ali (whom you may remember as Remy on House of Cards), who struck a beautiful balance as Cottonmouth between a thug and an almost sympathetic figure, and the legendary Alfre Woodard.

There’s action. There’s adventure. There’s dark and light. And there’s pretty damn good music too!

So of course, it would stand to reason that both the dumbasses on the right and the left can’t leave well enough alone.

For the record, not a single friend I have who has seen this show (and there are quite a few) – black or white – has gotten butthurt about diversity, or lack thereof, in the series.

Maybe I live in a warm, fuzzy cocoon, or maybe the dumbasses on both sides are just that shrill, that they immediately need to draw attention to their pathetic dumbassery, and simply can’t allow themselves or others to enjoy the show for what it is – a well written, well acted show.


Luke Cage is obviously not for stupid people either.

No, seriously WHY?

The dumbassery is twofold here. It’s like when your very Jewish parents find out your boss’ last name and proceed to ask whether he’s Jewish, because you know… the name sounds Jewish.


Once again I remind people – it’s a well acted, well written, interesting, fun show. Why does it matter how many “POCs” there are?

And why is it that this @EscapeVelo retard is incapable of enjoying a well-done show if it doesn’t have white people in it?

I would submit that most of us white people couldn’t give less of a smelly, brown trout about what color most of the characters are, but leave it to some (people of color) to find the few dick weasels (where else – Twitter!) who are whining about reverse racism and crow about it like they’ve found that elusive Holy Grail of Shitbaggery they’ve desperately sought as proof that racism is pervasive, and they’ve somehow achieved victory over the pervasive evil, because the show is… uh… BLACK!



Netflix’s new Marvel Universe show, Luke Cage, is black. It’s blackity black black on a tray of black a$$ blackness. While this is incredibly awesome for most of us, there are some (white) people who are bothered by the show’s blackness. Sorry not sorry.

“Blackity black black on a tray of black a$$ blackness.” Really? How original.

I note no actual commentary on the quality of the show, the characters, the acting, or the writing. I suspect the writers of this particular load of spew are more interested in sticking it to whitey than they are about a quality show that just happens to feature black characters. I base my assessment on the title of this incredibly moronic piece: Let’s Laugh At The White People Who Are Mad At How Black ‘Luke Cage’ Is.

It’s idiots on both sides that perpetuate that us vs. them mentality. From the felching ass burps who can’t get over the fact that a show doesn’t feature a sufficient amount of white characters is doing well to the cackling mental midgets who crow about the color of the characters and don’t care about much else.

Gee. I watched it because I enjoy the characters and the story. I guess I’m just not virtue signally enough.

By the way – if you want to take a look at what the us vs. them mentality really looks like, go to Twitter and search #LukeCage racism. I saw a couple of ignorami claiming the show was somehow racist, but the majority of the Tweets were, in fact, coming from blacks noting how ridiculous the accusations of the show being “too black” are, as if these accusations were prevalent, but not actually quoting these alleged racist tweets, which makes me assess that perhaps the media has glommed on to a few shitbags  who do exist and has exploited them into a full-blown story arc of racism and hatred for people to react to.

I’m saddened by both sides. It seems we can’t make a step without focusing on our differences. We can’t appreciate a good piece of TV – which is so damn rare nowadays – without zooming in on superficial crap like the amount of melanin in the character’s skin. It can’t just be a quality piece of entertainment. It has to be an us vs. them scenario, even in something as inconsequential as a television show.

And if you want to see it in comment form, you can take a look here.

They are only upset because this show was trending for days on Twitter. And alot [sic.] of blacks were talking about it. I can care less [sic.] about their tears. They have plenty of shows, movies, damn near everything. So i can care less [sic.]. Let them whine and cry about it all day long.

For the record, I agree with this guy.


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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Being a cynical person, I suspect the tweets about “Luke Cage is Racist because there’s no White MCs” were created by people associated with the Show itself.

    IE The people associated with the show want an “up-roar” so people will watch the show. 😦


  2. Damn fucktards who spoil things for others. We’ve been binge-watching Luke Cage this side of the world. I’m about two, maybe three episodes away from completing it, but damn, do I enjoy this series. And no, I feel no racial itchiness when I watch it. I’m totally submerged in the story. I used to collect the comics, so maybe I might be biased, but I doubt it. This series holds its own with sheer awesome storytelling.

    It really kills me that everything is being hijacked for political grandstanding these days, and it’s happening more frequently. Nothing is safe. You actually have to stay disconnected from the Internet if you don’t want something spoiled by those silly people who love to project the chaos inside their own minds. You know, the lonely and insecure types, who seemingly live on the internet with their digital friends and make-believe non-issues, and who only exist to point and shriek and whine and cry and beat the crap out of their poor abused keyboards.

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    1. NORMAL people just enjoy the show. Professional victims latch on to any indication of RAAAAAAACISM, and if they can’t find it, they make it up.

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    2. You forgot fling poo.

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      1. …and fling poo! :-p


  3. Oh. My. God. Racist??????? These imbeciles do not know the meaning of that word.

    They weren’t even alive in the 1950s. They don’t know what the Little Rock Nine had to put up with. They weren’t alive in the 1960s, when troops were first integrated and sent off to Vietnam.

    I cannot emphasize this enough: THEY KNOW NOTHING.

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  4. You mean there are BLACK PEOPLE in Luke Cage? Wow, never noticed. What I did notice was the adult story line which is well written and acted by very talented people. I also love the cinematography. Its gritty, dirty, and other than him being a superhero there is a lot of real life in the characters and story. Did these people complain that Stranger Things was TOO WHITE? Someone needs to go fold their sock drawer and stop watching Netflix.

    Don’t spoil it for me because I’m not finished watching it yet.

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    1. Not saying a word. Promise!


  5. They act like it’s the first show ever with an all-black cast. Am I the only one who grew up watching Sanford and Son, Good Times, What’s Happening and The Jeffersons?


    1. Nope, you weren’t the only one.

      Although if you want a horrifying image: Michelle Obama in 20 years as Aunt Esther, only with Mao’s Little Red Book instead of a Bible…..


  6. The actors are all amazing. I found myself saying ‘who -are- all these amazing actors, and why the -fuck- am I not seeing more of them?!’ Script wasn’t too bad either.

    But jesus, can we ease up on the rampaging virtue signalling? If they’d ease back on the 20 pound sledgehammer of ‘guns are bad!’ it would be a lot more fun to watch.

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  7. It looks like those comments are just another trolling operation from the chans.

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    1. And people are falling for it because they WANT and NEED to see racism.


      1. There was a particularly epic trolling done by @mombot and another GGer that exposed antis being happy to dox a person. The trolling was a several months long baiting where they made a fake digital ‘RL Mombot Identity’ and filled it with the stereotypes that sjzs hate – white, male, anime fan, etc. They fell for it.
        One of the people supporting the dox belongs to the Amazon abuse team if I recall correctly.


  8. Actually it is possible @escapevelo was being sarcastic – I think this, in fact. I think s/he supports Gamergate and that bunch tends to mock the SJZs regularly.

    Just my two cents.


    1. It’s possible, I suppose, but I think it may be more likely that everyone is getting trolled and they so desperately need to see racism, that it gives them grist.

      Plus, I do know there are at least some out there who do think that way, which is ridiculous, but hardly the vast amount of white people they claim!

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      1. I’m pretty much expecting that anything these says a socjus zombie will be able to complain racism and cultural appropriation.

        Say ‘potato’ and they’ll shriek that it was stolen from the Incaztecmayans and we should be paying REPARTATIONS FOR FARM CULTURAL THEFT or some retardedly insane thing, ‘because white people are evilbad racist cishet scum.’



    2. I want to borrow the Tardis from Dr. Who and drag these ignorant children back to the 1950s and the 1960s, and leave them there until they grow up.

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      1. I want to drop them into the middle of the Amazon rainforest, or the Serengeti of 700 years ago to show them whats really important in life.

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  9. The character has been around since the 70’s. Anyone suddenly realizing he exists and O MY GOD HE’S BLACK is probably too clueless to have a valid opinion.

    BTW if we’re keeping racial scores Luke Cage was created by white comic geek Roy Thomas. How black is that?


  10. I just discovered this blog a couple days ago. It’s posts like this one that caused me to favorite this blog. So thanks for the level-headed content and commentary.

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