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Becoming the bad

I got back from Luxembourg Friday night to my social media feed bleeding the headline, “Attorney General Lynch ‘Pleads Fifth’ on Secret Iran ‘Ransom’ Payments!”

The stupid came from the Washington Free Bacon, the UK’s Daily Fail, and of course, Trumpbart, which has never met a story it didn’t misinterpret, twist, or outright invent.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, “pleading the fifth” is a colloquialism for declining to answer questions where the answers might incriminate the defendant. Basically, the defendant cannot be forced to become a witness at his own trial.

My first reaction was: Lynch has been charged with something? She is being tried? Is she a witness in a trial?

I was confused.

The answer is nope, nope, and nope, but it’s such a cool headline, that every screeching ass monkey on the right ran with it!

In fact, what happened was that Congressman Mike Pompeo and Senator Marco Rubio sent AG Loretta Lynch a series of questions about the Obama Administrations $1.7 billion cash payment to Iran, and Lynch’s office sent back a reply saying, (paraphrasing from the original document here), “We’ve already answered the questions. The information – much of which is classified – has been available to you since September. We don’t want to discuss classified information in public fora. If you have any additional questions, let us know.”

In response Marco Rubio and Mike Pompeo sent back a reply saying the answers were unacceptable, and that Lynch’s office was “essentially pleading the fifth.” This was a metaphor, showing that the Senators were dissatisfied with the replies they got, and yet these “media outlets” screamed that line from the rooftops (especially the Daily Fail, Newsmax, Zerohedge, and the Free Bacon), prompting several friends to share it on social media as if this was fact.

stupidThis little incident is part of a bigger problem.

For years, those on the right have accused the media of liberal bias, of twisting or eliminating sources, and of spinning facts to suit their agenda. We all knew the media was far from objective. Media outlets do many times reflect the views of their ownership and their editorial board. Those of you who think Fox News is more objective than, say, CNN should go ahead and pay me for that bridge now.

And yet, during this election year, specifically, I see a lot of people on the right, defending the obvious clown show media outlets on the right have become, because LIBERAL MEDIA!

Look, I get that every story will have a slant. A media outlet will be influenced by the views of its leadership. This is nothing new. But there’s a difference between being influenced by the politics of its ownership (or in Daily Fail’s case, merely posting clickbait to try and get readers) and writing outright lies and misinformation, and abandoning any semblance of integrity.

BUT HEY! THE LIBERAL MEDIA HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR DECADES! So the fuck what? Does that mean the conservative outlets are justified in becoming liars? Does that mean conservative lies are OK, because the liberals have been doing it for a long time? Does that mean publishing outright disinformation is fine, because it’s time for readers and listeners to hear lies from the right for a change?

Psychologically, some on the right are so desperate to point out the evil on the left, they’ve abandoned any semblance of integrity they may have had. Fact checking falls by the wayside, and gives way to hysterical headlines such as:

IT’S OVER: Huma Abedin Just Flipped! What She Did Minutes Ago Has Hillary In Tears…

This is where I look at the source. Oh… shit… it’s redflagnews/breitbart/conservativetreehouse/*insert retard blog here*.

Google several words in the title. Nothing comes up save for a few additional “conservative” blogs. Damn.

Click the link. Look for sourcing. More “conservative” blogs as sources – nothing actually credible, especially when you click on those sources, and they link to yet more right-leaning blogs as sources, or take you back to the original article.

It’s a right-leaning circle jerk!

If we are not objective or honorable enough to condemn asshattery on the right, we have no business criticizing it on the left. Facts don’t have a political affiliation. They are facts. And if we fail to denounce fraud among our own, we have no standing to denounce it among others.

As I have often said, merely not being Hillary does not qualify Trump for the White House.

Well, merely not being the left does not excuse lying and misinformation on the right.

Failing to decry the bad – whether on our own side, or the other side of the aisle – makes us part of the problem.

By refusing to police and call out our own, we become the bad.


I’m baaaaack, bitches!

Did y’all burn the place down while I was gone?

Did you throw ragers?

Did you get pissed drunk and wake up with sketchy individuals in bed next to you, or your face plastered to the toilet bowl?

Yes, I missed you too, but work called, and off I want to… well, I’ll let you guys guess where I was this time.

Care to take a guess where this is?

My trip this week went something like this.

Tuesday: go to the office dressed in torn jeans and an Army hoodie. Take care of last minute crap. Leave for the airport.

Arrive at airport, get hugged by an elderly lady and thanked for my service. Stand in security line for 45 minutes while TSA monkeys stare incompetently at my backpack and swab my ankle brace lest I am carrying Semtex inside. Board British Airways flight to Heathrow. Deal with screeching, but very cute, child the entire way.

Wednesday: Get to London and discover my connecting flight to my final destination is canceled. The only available flight is either at 1700 hours that evening, which would have had me stranded at Heathrow the entire day, and forced me to miss an evening function I was supposed to be attending, or a Lufthansa flight to first Frankfurt, and then my final destination, which would have put me there relatively early, but still have allowed me to shower and rest before the evening’s event.

Get booked on the Lufthansa flight. Have breakfast with a guy I met at the airport, who was also screwed by the BA flight cancellation. Discover the Lufthansa flight is an hour delayed.

Check in with Lufthansa, get assured the flights from Frankfurt will be delayed as well, so no need to worry because of the delay.

Flight leaves Heathrow an hour and a half late, causing us to miss connecting flight to final destination. We get told we are rebooked on the next available flight… at 1700 hours, leaving us stranded at Frankfurt’s Terminal 1 for four hours (if you know anything about Terminal 1, you feel my pain, as there’s literally nothing there – it’s deserted, save for a shop and a cafe).

As a funny aside, I discovered that when German flight crews apologize for delays due to “fog in London,” they sound like they’re apologizing for delays due to “fuckin’ London.” It took three times for me to figure out that they weren’t cursing Heathrow.

Get to final destination late. Think about going to the function. Decide not to in favor of bath, room service, and sleep.

Thursday: Attend planned work conference all day.

Thursday night: Hike around with colleagues. Take a few photos. Sleep.

I made a new friend

Friday: Get to airport. Discover that British Airways flight to Heathrow is delayed, but fortunately not enough to make me miss connecting flight back to DC – just long enough to make me annoyed at having to sit in airport.

Friday afternoon: Get to Heathrow, meet up with close friend who lives in London, drink until boarding time.

Board plane. Sit next to farting Italian guy for 7 hours. Fight urge to kill farting Italian.

Get home. Snuggle husband, dog, and cat.

By the way, I got back to read this whining complaint by a self-described “fat person” about how fat people are being discriminated against by Hawaiian Airlines because the airline has chosen to select sears for the customers to better distribute the weight in the aircraft. Apparently, fat people’s plight just went from awful and dehumanizing to even more horrible!

 If it’s not the glares and stares from people praying you don’t sit next to them, it’s the eye rolls when you tell them, “I’ve got the middle seat” or the loud sighs when you put the armrest up just to get a little relief. It’s the anxious feeling you get when you need to ask for a seat belt extender. And it’s your neighbor’s flat-out aggressive commentary about the lack of personal space that results from sitting next to you.

I’ll be the first to admit that flying sucks. The seats are already small and uncomfortable, and not being able to choose where you sit will make it even more so.

But let me address something here, as a person who is not fat, but certainly not stick skinny – a person who fits into the seat and doesn’t need a belt extender.

I just paid more than $1000 for a seat on a transatlantic flight. The person next to me ostensibly paid a similar price for a seat. A SEAT. They don’t quite fit into said seat, because they’re huge, so they try to lift the armrest, as this woman whines, for a “little relief.” This leaves me with half a seat, and the fat person with a seat and a half. This leaves me hanging into the aisle, being hit by the flight attendants, or worse, their meal carts, and told to sit in my seat, where there’s literally no room, because the fat person’s idea of getting “a little relief” is taking up their seat and half of mine, for which I paid the same as they did.

Is that fair to me? No. It’s a 7-8 hour discomfort and sometimes outright pain of having to contort myself to accommodate the person who ostensibly paid for one seat, but has now taken up more than that.

Am I supposed to suffer because the fat person feels “dehumanized?”

No matter what the reason for your weight issues, you do not have the right to make others suffer because it’s ostensibly not your fault that you are overweight. You do not have the right to more space at others’ expense because you ostensibly are a victim.

For anyone who has literally been squished against a wall, been forced to hang into the aisle, or had to sit in a stressor position, with your legs crossed and falling asleep, leaning on one butt cheek, because the fat person next to you needs a “little relief,” a lengthy flight is torture – a physical torture that’s more painful than a fat person’s feelz because someone rolled their eyes at the prospect of sitting next to them.

If you take up more than one seat, buy more than one seat. Then we all win.

So, can those of you who don’t already know from social media guess where I’ve been this week?

Monsters Among Us

If you haven’t heard the story of the man who repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter, you should go read it. A Montana man raped his daughter. A judge handed down what basically is a 43-day sentence, when all was said and done. The man’s wife saw the rape and not only did nothing about it, but wrote to the judge asking for a light sentence, claiming she wanted his “children [to] have an opportunity to heal the relationship with their father.”

The victim’s grandmother echoed this, calling the man’s behavior “horrible” but stating that the man’s children, “especially his sons, will be devastated if their Dad is no longer part of their lives.”

No one spoke for the victim. No one. 

It’s not often that I find myself speechless, but there are no words to describe these monsters. 

The monster who raped his own child. 

The monster who did nothing to protect her daughter and who wanted her husband released back into society to possibly rape children again, and who used her sons as tools to accomplish that end, and who would expose those boys to the twisted fiend who raped their sister. 

The monster who echoed those sentiments and would expose her grandchildren to this bag of rancid shit. 

And the monster who handed down this absurd sentence, who failed to protect the children from this repugnant threat, who refused to protect society by allowing him to exist in it, and not in prison, where the criminals would tear his asshole so hard, you could drive a VW bus filled with illegals through it, and who would not attain justice for one traumatized little girl. This monster will be allowed to retire with full benefits. 

The judge, in response to nationwide outrage, wrote that this was his attempt “to encourage and provide opportunities for an offender’s self-improvement, rehabilitation and reintegration back into a community.”

Let’s get this straight. There’s no rehabilitation for someone who rapes – RAPES – his 12 year old child! 


This is someone you either lock away in a dank dungeon forever, or put down line a rabid animal so that he never walks among people again! 

This is not a mistake. This is not illness. This is evil. Pure, unmitigated evil. And it I had my way, this evil would be eradicated from this world, along with the rancid cunts who supported it and did nothing to protect this innocent child!

My friend Patrick Richardson, the managing editor of the Pittsburg Morning Sun, quoted author S.M. Stirling in his column yesterday, “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”

And he, like the rest of us, is sick and tired of society allowing acts of sheer evil to go unpunished. 

Say a kid catches a shoplifting beef. First time around he gets probation. Probably unsupervised or pretty minimal supervision. Now let’s say he doesn’t have the best parents. So at most he catches hell for the fine, but they’ve caught their own share of cases so they don’t do much — not that they would anyway.

He’ll catch a few more minor misdemeanors while a juvenile, each a little more serious than the last, but still, no real teeth to anything.

Then he turns 18 and that juvie record goes away.

But no one has ever told him “no,” he’s never had any real discipline and has the usual attitude of the habitually criminal “You can’t make me do nothin’!”

So as an adult he catches a few more misdemeanors, at most a few days in the county lockup, fines he won’t pay, and probation.

First felony is probably drugs or minor theft, maybe burglary. Presumptive probation cases and he’s been on probation on and off since he was 13, so who cares?
He’ll catch four or five more of those before he finally commits ENOUGH crimes, or one serious enough that he’s going to prison.

By this time he’s probably in his early 30s. Never held a job that didn’t involve a hair net and saying “would you like fries with that?” and never held one of those for more than a few months, maybe a year, before his boss talked to him in a way he didn’t like and he either quit or got fired because “you can’t make me do nothin’!”

By the time he catches a sanction with any real teeth in it, he’s a lost cause. A habitual criminal, no education, dumb as a post, but with a certain animal cunning, good at manipulating people and the system and no more between him and his will than a wolf has.

Make no mistake – this is very relevant to the situation. 

If we, as a society, continue to make excuses for criminal acts, and don’t hold those among us accountable for their actions, we are sending a message to the youngest and most impressionable among us that intentional criminal acts – from simple theft, to rape, to murder – will be forgiven with little to no consequences. 

If we allow a man who has violated his own child in the most despicable and morally repugnant way, to walk free and go home to play with his boys, and probably rape again, the boys will learn that even an act as odious as the rape of a little child, goes unpunished by society, and is therefore OK. 

If we don’t slap them on the hand as kids, and tell them “NO!” in no uncertain terms, and then show them that every act has a consequence – from small to huge – we will have many more monsters walking among us!

No, seriously – WHAT THE FUCK?

So apparently, this really horrible comedienne (I’ve seen “Trainwreck.” I didn’t find it funny.) Amy Schumer, who was accused of stealing other comics’ material, did some kind of stand-up show at Madison Square Garden, and had Madonna as her opening act.

madonna-youngNow, those of us who grew up in the 80s remember Madonna as a not halfway horrible pop singer that had awful fashion sense, wore a lot of cheap rubber jewelry, and sang about being a virgin or some shit. We also remember that the older she got, the more desperate for attention she became, publishing a coffee table book in 1992 that talked about sex and that included erotic photographs of her and essays she wrote about… oh fuck, I don’t even! I mean, really. She had Vanilla Ice in that book, ferfuckssake!

I also remember her being a decent dancer and choreographer, but with costume tastes that were about as awful as Lady Gaga’s. Meh.

In more recent years, she came out with some kind of skin care line, and basically faded into obscurity…

Until yesterday.

The Material Girl took the stage as the opening standup act for Amy Schumer at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night, and joked about a proposition to people who cast their ballot for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“One more thing before I introduce this genius of comedy: If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a b–job — and I am good,” she said to the crowd.

The 58-year-old singer went on to detail her qualifications for the position.

“I take my time, I have… eye contact and I do swallow,” she added, giving a thumbs up.

madonna_old-451x250Yeah. If you vote for someone who routinely violated diplomatic protocol, spilled classified information, lied about it, and whom diplomatic security agents apparently avoided like a flaming case of the herp, to run this country, you will get a blow job from a 58-year-old, dried up hooker. Oh, and she’ll swallow! There’s incentive for you!

Anyone else want to vomit in their own mouths?

Seriously, do you want to look down and see THAT with your trouser snake in its mouth? She’s past cougar and into perhaps vulture. She’ll swallow, alright. And later she’ll vomit your giblets back up to feed her offspring in their nest!

Realistically, I don’t care what that ancient whore does with her mouth, as long as it doesn’t come anywhere near me. I realize it’s a joke. But let’s get real here. Other than for freak points – are there really guys out there who would allow this tramp, whose mouth has probably seen more dick than a urinal. At Grand Central Station. During tourist season. To tongue tickle their  pickle?

And really… this is what this election has descended into? A desiccated hag, who is quickly approaching 60, offering to fellate any guy stupid enough to vote for the vagoo as President of the United States, and 1992 reports of a current Presidential candidate lasciviously telling 14-year-old kids in a youth group choir that he would date them in a couple of years?

This election can’t end fast enough!

Pieces of the Puzzle

freeholdI wrote the other day, after finishing “Angeleyes” that I enjoy seeing the Freehold war from the perspectives of the different characters – particularly since Mike Williamson does so well at hopping into the characters’ skins and telling their stories from the inside. He’s explored the war from the perspective of a refugee from Earth, a special forces operative, and a human intelligence asset. Two years, a short story explored the war and the asymmetrical tactics employed by the Freeholders from the point of view of a low-level UN troop. (If you haven’t read this one, you absolutely should! It’s really one of his best!)

And now, Mike has written “Starhome.”

There are no battle scenes. There are no disturbingly graphic training or psyops descriptions. It’s written from the perspective of someone who never wanted to get involved in a war in the first place, but was forced into an untenable situation by circumstances far beyond his control. “One didn’t have to be involved in a war to suffer, nor even in line of fire. Collateral economic damage could destroy just as easily.”

Go read it. It’s short and well done, and you’ll enjoy the story for what it is – a short exploration of the situation by someone who just wants to live his life in his home.

I view the Freehold universe and the books written in it so far as a puzzle. They say history is written by the victors, and it’s true. But writing the Freehold war from all different points of view puts together pieces of a much more complete puzzle than the usual black or white, good or bad, honorable or corrupt outlook we get from any one character.

War isn’t easy. It isn’t cheap. Collateral damage doesn’t just include slaughtered women and children, casualties don’t just include troops in combat, and victory sometimes comes at a high cost.

By giving us pieces of the Freehold war puzzle, Mike shows us a more complete picture of warfare and humanity writ large.

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