Those Ineffective Agitprops (at According to Hoyt)

US-Flag1My essay on Russian propaganda was published over at Sarah’s the other day, and I’ve been busy running around and failed to link to it.  In it I discuss why Russian propaganda is so effective – especially in the west. There are some people who actually believe that the Soviet system was effective and fair, that there were no bread lines, and if there were, it’s because those greedy Russians insisted on fresh bread every day!


Here’s an excerpt.

The Russians don’t make a whole lot of mistakes in the agitprop and brainwashing arena. They indoctrinated generations of young people into worshipping suffering, and compared to their subtle campaigns abroad, the efforts against their own populace were positively hamhanded!

Today’s propaganda efforts are subtle and gradual. From drafting new history books that whitewashed tyranny – both past and present – to positive Russian messages through media outlets such as RT and Sputnik, to the nearly inconspicuous and dignified repatriation of the body of Russian nationalist philosopher Ivan Ilyin, the Russians continue to excel at indoctrination and propaganda. Is it any wonder they are spending billions to purchase media outlets in neighboring countries to spread their message?

Note how eagerly American Marxists fall for Russia’s victim routine.

No, Russians say, they never invaded Crimea! Crimea wanted to separate from Ukraine! There were no little green men, and they certainly weren’t Russian! That’s just a Western ploy to discredit Russia and keep Russia down, because the United States can’t stand to see a successful, sovereign Russia. Oh, and by the way, the US was responsible for manipulating oil prices to ensure that the ensuing sanctions to punish Russia for its actions in Crimea would hurt more!

No, Russia says, life was so much better in the past! There was law and order. There was nationalism. There was love of country and patriotism. All lived for everyone else. We need to turn inwards, says Russia. Do you see how much the West hates us? They impose economic sanctions. They lie about is. They want to cause us economic ruin and steal our resources. Time to look inward and turn away from the evil West.

I think the Russian propaganda efforts provide just the confirmation bias American leftists need to support their lunacy. They’ve never lived it. They don’t understand it. And when Russia says it’s not possible that people stood in bread lines, used wadded up newspaper to wipe their asses, and were, at best, denied employment, and at worst, arrested and sent to the gulag for WrongThink (read: criticizing the mighty state), they want desperately to believe it!

There can’t be suffering and privations when everyone gets the same, right? It’s ultimate equality!

The United States is just evil and is victimizing those poor Russians!

The Soviets took away money and power from those evil capitalists, those evil “rich” until there was no “rich” left and everyone suffered equally (except for those with connections, of course, but we don’t talk about that!).

Literally, every bias the American Marxists have is confirmed by Russian propaganda.

Anyway, so I blogged there. The discussion is quite lively, so enjoy!


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  1. Frankly, because I grew up during the Cold War and I knew that the threat of nuclear war was as real as mud after rain, I also knew that the bread lines were not some fanciful bit of fluff designed to spook us about the Commies/Reds/whatevers. A lot of film and still shots were smuggled out to Western news resources, so I knew, even in grade school, that it was a danger. And remember, in 1952, we were in Korea fighting the Norks and the Red Chinese and people who escaped the North had stories that were simply horrifying to your parents, who had just lived through WWII. Stalin wasn’t dead yet, and it wasn’t until he died and Krushchev took his place, abandoning lynsenkoism and returning to correct ag practices, that the real truth came out. Remember that the biologists and scientists who followed genetics and Mendelian science were shipped to labor camps or executed on the spot, thanks to Stalin. I think it was something on the order of 4 to 8 million a year starved to death under Stalin’s thumb.

    If no one remembers the Berlin Airlift at the end of WWII, it was entirely due to Stalin’s seizing half of Germany and splitting Berlin right down the middle, and cutting off access to the major airport there, which meant no food or other supplies getting in. The Berlin Airlift was the only thing that keep east Berlin supplied with food of any kind.

    The most starling thing I remember seeing on the news was Conrad Schumann’s jump over coiled barbed wire at Checkpoint Charlie. That was how desperate he was.

    What disturbs me the most about the leftist retards is the mindnumbing blindness to the reality of Communism. It is not a free state where everyone gets treated equally. It’s a dictatorship, where you get what They give you. I have great difficulty with their lack of comprehension of it. I can see quite clearly how destructive the incompetence and stupidity of Chavez and now Maduro have been. This is what made Venezuela’s economy implode into a black hole. This seems to escape the proglodytes entirely. They have no concept of how economics work or where things really come from.

    They need a VERY harsh lesson in reality. Extremely harsh.

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  2. I hear “professor” Stephen Schwartz (sp?) on the John Batchelor show too often and he is a fount of Soviet propaganda, blaming all the bilateral problems on the US being so mean to Putin. But he is a “respected academic.” Ptui!

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  3. Liberals have been indoctrinated beyond salvation. In one case, even after I put all the evidence in front of him, one Liberal of my acquaintance ended the conversation by saying that he just didn’t care what I presented to him, his beliefs weren’t going to change.

    What can you do about willful ignorance?

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    1. Dr. Jeff,
      Mr. Bezmenov explains here:

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  4. LOL! I found Bezmenov years ago. It was my greatest political epiphany. Oakenheart, you and I are very much on the same page.

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  5. I was very lucky growing up that my parents had the ability and the desire to provide us with good educations and to travel to many places to see what the the world is through my eyes.
    In the summer of 1973 we went on a 3 week trip through parts of Scandinavia, east Germany , Poland and the ussr. The ussr had long food line, empty shelves in the stores for the public but lots of stuff in the stores for foreigners and the elite. Wide street, almost empty, big buildings that reminded me now and then of some dark dirty old city decaying away. One tv network and speaker boxes in the hotel rooms that when turned up blared state music. One thing that I noticed was the box could never be turned off, only lower the volume.
    The ussr was not a paradise, the people where not happy and it showed. The same thing in east Germany. Poland was alive and vibrant and had coca cola!
    Only the worst abusers of children, women and the elderly would approve of the ussr, communism or socialism


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