You Can’t Be Wrong If You Silence Dissent (With my thanks to Declan Finn for the title)

The brilliant Dr. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit was temporarily shitcanned from Twitter and was only unblocked if he promised to delete an objectionable post that urged motorists to run over rioters blocking traffic in Charlotte, N.C.

“Yes, that was my post,” he wrote in the email. “It was brief, since it was Twitter, but blocking highways is dangerous and I don’t think people should stop for a mob, especially when it’s been violent.”

Reynolds also expanded on his comment in a post to his blog:

“I’ve always been a supporter of free speech and peaceful protest. I fully support people protesting police actions, and I’ve been writing in support of greater accountability for police for years.

“But riots aren’t peaceful protest. And locking interstates and trapping people in their cars is not peaceful protest — it’s threatening and dangerous, especially against the background of people rioting, cops being injured, civilian-on-civilian shootings, and so on. I wouldn’t actually aim for people blocking the road, but I wouldn’t stop because I’d fear for my safety, as I think any reasonable person would.

” ‘Run them down’ ” perhaps didn’t capture this fully, but it’s Twitter, where character limits stand in the way of nuance.”

riot-3Rioting, looting, setting shit on fire, and trying to toss an unconscious reporter into the flames is NOT peaceable protest. It is NOT covered by the First Amendment.

Blocking traffic like the last set of piss guzzling bug fuckers and preventing a child from getting medical care is NOT peaceful.

Jumping on top of innocent people’s vehicles and threatening them is NOT peaceful.

And Professor Reynolds is absolutely correct. If these savages are blocking the roads and threatening you, there’s no reason for you to stop. None.

Meanwhile, at least one British newspaper is evacuating its bowels because a man drove through the rioters brandishing a gun, and *GASP!* he was WHITE!

But look – this post isn’t about the protests riots. It’s about silencing your opposition.

riotProfessor Reynolds described a perfectly reasonable reaction to being threatened by violent mobs – KEEP DRIVING. Yes, he did say “RUN THEM DOWN,” but anyone who’s not a blithering fuckwit understands that when you’re surrounded by agitated throngs of malcontents, jumping on cars and setting trash on fire, you keep moving. Period. It’s certainly preferable to getting a beatdown at the hands of “protesters,” who think rioting and destruction of property are legitimate outlets for their rage at societal injustices.

And for this thought crime, Twitter suspended his account until he promised to remove the “offending” tweet.

Do you remember what Social Justice Howler Monkeys do when they don’t agree with someone? They riot. They threaten the employment of the individuals with whom they disagree. They report their social media accounts in an effort to shut them down. They even doxx them and threaten their loved ones.

And, of course, they try to shout the opposition down a la Trigglypuff.

They don’t want a debate. They’re scared of being proven wrong. They’re terrified of their worldview being challenged in any way. Any speech they don’t like, immediately gets shut down.

Like Dr. Reynolds.

Like Milo Yiannopoulos.

Like Mike Williamson on numerous occasion thanks to a howling, perpetually offended twat named Natalie Luhrs, who decided to stalk his social media and report his offensive speech.

In June 2015, a white supremacist shot up a historic black church in Charleston and killed nine worshippers. Williamson went online and tweeted a joke about it. Appalled, Natalie Luhrs of Radish Reviews began going through his twitter feed and Facebook page to see if he’d made similarly offensive comments. He had, and she documented quite a number of them. Williamson was eventually suspended from Facebook on account of his racism, though he quickly switched to an alt account and kept right on going.

Anyone with whom they disagree needs to be shut down and silenced, because it’s easier to shout into an empty room and then proudly beat your chest that no one could refute your incoherent screeches.

Debating, learning, accepting different points of view – all that requires effort, which they’re not willing to put forth.

It’s much easier to scream, “ALL WHITE COPS ARE DEVILS” after a police shooting of a black man (without realizing or caring that the officer involved was African American) than it is to stop, listen, consider, and gather facts.

It’s much easier to silence your opposition and bully them into a corner than it is to have the courage to accept a different worldview as valid or correct.

Twitter and Facebook aren’t government entities, so this is not a First Amendment issue. When push comes to shove, they have the right to control what people post on their platforms. That’s not the issue here. The issue is this propensity to silence viewpoints with which they do not agree. The issue is the inability to tolerate dissent. The issue is outright cowardice.

The first reaction is not to consider the facts and examine them, but rather to punish and silence. Much like these two douche canoes commenting on the Knoxville News Sentinel story. Their first reaction is to remove the platform – to shut up those who speak words they don’t like.

fired cantron

Because you can’t be wrong if you silence dissent.




35 responses

  1. There was NO “social injustice” in the Charlotte incident in the first place, despite some doofus cunt claiming that the dead man was “unarmed” and was “pointing a book” at the officers. There wasn’t any “book”. He was pointing a GUN…not a book…and this bitch needs to do a few months in the greybar hotel for this lie.

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    1. If the cops pointed guns at me and yelled to “DROP THAT UNICORN” and I was holding a book, that book would grow a horn and hit the ground.


  2. attempting to throw an unconscious person into a fire sounds like attempted murder to me.

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  3. I’ve never accepted nor do I intend to accept rioting as an accepted way of protesting. I’m just surprised these assholes are doing it so frequently and getting away with it. As for myself, if I ever found myself in a situation where I’m in my car with my kids and violent protestors are blocking the road, throwing rocks and stomping on cars, there is no way I’m staying stationary. Kids’ safety trumps anything else.

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    1. If they do that, there’s no way my pistol is not coming out.

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      1. …and you’d go deaf. And it would be their fault.


  4. Wanting to punish Dr Reynolds for commenting on a violent riot, while not saying a word about violent rioters. He’s supposedly the awful one, while others violently attacking a cameraman and a reporter, merit no response. Just lovely! They were rioting about police officers doing their jobs. I suppose according to them if you’re black you can do anything you want with no consequences; while their victims aren’t allowed to defend themselves.

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  5. It gets worse. The University of Tennessee is investigating the tweet, which means they will be coming down on Professor Reynolds like a ton of shit.
    Story here.

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    1. Perhaps he will find employment elsewhere.


    2. Remember, he’s a lawyer also, and UT would be making a really big mistake in trying to fire him. They would regret that decision and I’ll bet he has told them so.


    3. Expect to see/hear something from Allen West if they do. He is a UT Alum and has spoke out about idiocy at the college before.


    4. UT is already being looked at by a Republican dominated legislature and was forced to shut down their “diversity office” under threat of losing funding last year/ I expect there will be some pushback here too.

      “Gov. Bill Haslam allowed the bill that diverts about $445,882 from the University of Tennessee’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion to minority engineering scholarships to become law without his signature, his office announced Friday.”


  6. Shit. I just had a flashback to April 1968. Martin Luther King had just been shot dead on the balcony of his hotel room by James Earl Ray. Rioting started within 10 minutes of that event. I was at the Navy Photo Center when the CO came on the PA system and told us that there were riots underway in downtown DC and we should not take our usual route home. I worked on the 2nd floor of that building (now the Navy Supply Logistics Center), so I looked out the window and saw smoke rising over the dome of the Capitol building.

    I lived off-base in Arlington, because the Tri-Service barracks at Ft. Myer had no room. i got into my car and took the Capitol Beltway instead of cutting through town across that bridge where the terrible plane crash happened a few decades later. It took me three and a half hours to get home and when I tried to make a phone call to my parents in Illinois, there was no dial tone, and the phone lines were choked with people screaming for an operator.

    I thought that was bad, back then. Remember the Rodney King riots, when Korean shop owners stood on the roofs of their stores with guns because the cops wouldn’t go into their neighborhoods? At least you could effing call someone by cell phone, if you had one. CB radios were popular back then. That was worse. But was it worse than the 1965 Watts riots? 6 days of destruction, $40 million worth of damage.

    This isn’t protesting. It isn’t even civil disobedience. That would be sit-ins and lie-ins, and people linking arms, walking up to cops and stopping but refusing to disperse. The 1965 Watts protests and 1960s Vietnam protests were bad enough, but nothing like any of this. Even during that highway shutdown in Ferguson, MO, nobody pulled the truckers out of their trucks or damaged them or threatened reporters.

    This isn’t protesting. It’s worse. It’s leading to something else. I just don’t know what, but I’m just glad I moved away from Chicago when I did.

    A piece of advice from 1968: keep your cell phone fully charged at all times; have an extra one; keep pepper spray handy; and above all else, STAY OFF THE MAIN ROUTES DURING THESE THINGS.

    Yeah, shutting people down because you don’t agree with what they said is not a protest. It’s dictatorship. Maybe it’s time the dictators had to face their own music.

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    1. But they won’t. The dictators do not live in the neighborhoods being torched or are at risk. They are in far away places; not where ‘real’ people dwell.

      The thing that gives me grim amusement right now? Once again by their actions, these rioters are behaving like barbarians… And doing absolutely nothing to dispel the bad rep they complain bitterly about.

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      1. You got that right.

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        1. According to Drudge, the majority of those arrested are from out of town. Can you say George Soros?


    2. Here’s an article about it. This is not protesting. It is an attempt to plant Chaos. If I didn’t know better, so help me, I would be labeling Ferguson, MO and this ridiculous crap another Krystallnacht.

      The attempts to silence people who refuse to turn their heads from the truth won’t last too much longer. There is NO reason for any of this to be happening. None. At. All. And I do NOT understand the point to any of it, but the pot is definitely being stirred by agitators of all sorts. It didn’t work in Chicago or New York. It only seems to work in smaller cities. In 2012, when the NATO conference was planned for Chicago, there were rumors of possible riots – not demonstrations, RIOTS – and in fact, three young men were arrested for building keg bombs in an apartment on the South Side, which they had planned to use during the NATO conference.

      I have seen suggestions, but no proof, that George Soros is behind this stuff. If so, may he rot in a Hellfire of his own making. I am, however, glad I don’t live in Chicago any more.

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      1. Chaos is always friendly to destructive people. Maybe someone is trying to do something. I don’t know what. Influence the election? Destabilize the country. Get America focused on internal matters so that a third can do something without the US obstructing them? These are all WAG’s. We will find out why eventually.


      2. Why in the world would you want to have a NATO conference in Chicago, of all places?! Some place in the South or West would be better.


        1. Well, it was Mayor Rahmbo Emanuel hisself. The usual delusions of grandeur kicked in. I guess he thought he was being clever. NOT!!!


    3. This reminds me of Kent State. 😦 I wasn’t old enough to actually “see” it, but the events wormed their way into culture – especially after we moved to Wright Patterson.

      I do not want to see that happen again.


  7. Maybe some idiot feels that he can cause a revolution or a coup? Or another World War?


    1. 0bama has sent to Charlotte the same DOJ team that has such wonderful results in Ferguson. he is trying to stir up chaos before the election and will double down on efforts especially now that the evil bitch seems to be sliding downhill.


  8. If you dare to contradict the annointed then you will be designated an irredeemible and earmarked for a free train ticket to a re education camp come the people’s revolution.


  9. you can not appease an angry violent mob. you can kill them in job lots but you can’t appease them.

    It’s getting to the point where, when I finally fix up my S-10. I’m going to weld a freakin cattle catcher on the front of it.


    1. Goodness! Shades of Mad Max – Road Warrior!


  10. The Charlotte riots make quite clear that there’s a race war in progress…and only one side is fighting it.

    Watch the mainstream media coverage. Watch as they strain to present the rioters as “protesters” and their victims as insignificant. And watch very closely as the Democrats strain to use the riots as political capital. It’s the last card in Hillary Clinton’s hand, and given the slow but steady leakage of black votes from her to Trump, she’s guaranteed to play it.


    1. Francis, 0bama and Soros are trying to provoke a white response so the federal government can declare martial law. They want a civil war and neither one of them has thought it through to what will happen.


      1. You could well be correct, Joe. But I think the Obamunists would be negatively surprised at the response to such a declaration. It would amount to a declaration of war on 75% of the American people — and the government would fall before the American’s people’s response.


        1. I firmly believe they think they are immune from consequences of their actions. They think their gated communities and armed security guards will protect them. They might be right on that, but what happens when the power fails, food and fuel distribution ceases, and the angry mobs come straight at them? I bet the guards desert quickly.


  11. Charlotte cops are now saying that 70% of arrested “protestors” are from out of state. I’m shocked. /SARC/


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  13. […] Getting killed would be a really bad hair day, IMHO.  Worse for my family.  Good advice, the above. If you make the decision to do the above, you need to bear the consequence when someone else defends against it. And The Liberty Zone had a great line: […]


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