Sometimes you just can’t…

Sometimes you have to wonder if celebutards and MSNBC “journalists” attend the same school of undefuckable derpitude. After reading this shit this morning, I would have to say they probably do.


First, there was MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who after the explosions in New York and New Jersey this weekend, waxed retarded about how it was a good thing that the terrorist used bombs instead of guns. Because, you know… bombs are so much… uh…


Well, you know…

Something, something, something derp.

No, seriously.


The social media reaction was swift, and Hayes at first was pleased with the attention he was getting, because any kind of attention is preferable to no attention at all – especially to an MSNBC journaljizzer, whose network is more of a punchline than an actual news station. After a while, however, Hayes walked back his douchery by proclaiming he didn’t really mean anything anti-gun, and he was just happy that no one died, that’s all.

Yeah. OK.

Just when I thought this was the stupidest thing I’d read all month, out comes the wretched “comedienne” – and to call her that would be charitable – Sarah Silverman with the claim that Hillary Clinton somehow “captured” Osama bin Ladin.

UPDATE: Apparently, after a whole lot of ridicule, Silverman pusillanimously deleted her tweet. But the Internets is forever, bitch!  For those of you wondering what she said, here it is – in its full asshatted glory.


Well, it occurs to me that snorting lead paint chips and guzzling rail vodka mixed with Clorox likely leads to an uncontrollable urge to lick windows and Tweet stupid shit, and here she is. Proof.

I guess watching bin Ladin get his ass capped by Navy SEALs in the White House Situation Room is equivalent to “capturing” him?

Much like landing in Tuzla airport and being greeted by a little Bosnian girl really equates to ducking and running from sniper fire. Hell, if it was a Republican, they would have gotten like 1,000 Purple Hearts for that! And maybe a Legion of Merit! And a CIB!


I can’t even today.

williams-frodoYeah. She captured bin Ladin. And Brian Williams was there with Harambe, the cast of Hamilton, and Kevin Bacon.

Seriously, Silverman. Stop snorting meth.

So I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide which Tweet was dumber.

I’m leaning toward Silverman, but it’s a photo finish.





20 responses

  1. “Much like landing in Tuzla airport and being greeted by a little Bosnian girl really equates to ducking and running from sniper fire. Hell, if it was a Republican, they would have gotten like 1,000 Purple Hearts for that! And maybe a Legion of Merit! And a CIB!”

    Don’t forget the ARCOM.


  2. Christopher M. Chupik | Reply

    I saw the Silverman tweet and thought: These are the people who presume to tell us how to think, how to act and how to vote.

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    1. I saw it and thought, “She’s snorting lead chips.” LOL!

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      1. “I’m not just a founder of Paint Chip Gourmet, I’m also their best customer!” — Sarah Silverman


  3. “So I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide which Tweet was dumber.”

    When you reach those levels of derpidity, what difference does it make?

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    1. They both have approached maximum derp density.


  4. Normally, when someone says something so stupid it makes my eyes water and my nose run, I just allot it to my allergy to Those Out Of Touch with reality. Then it just goes where it belongs, into the trash. But this utter tackiness?

    Where in the Name of Satan’s Hairy Ass does that come from ?

    That braindead crapweasel thinks that explosives are better than guns, huh? May he some day find out just what they are like. Don’t mess with Karma. She’s a Big Dog with long, sharp teeth, and she knows what to do with shitfaced fucks like that — BOTH of them.

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    1. Sorry, Nicki, but I just do not understand people who are that abundantly stupid.


      1. You and me both. I’ve been shaking my head at this so hard, my brain is leaking out of my ear!


    2. Well, you could send it over to Jonn at TAH. The tackiness on display by these libretards could get even more attention of the kind they don’t like from people who’ve been hit by IEDs.

      But what do I know?


  5. I wonder if Webb Hubbell had to sign a waiver to the parenting plan to let his child travel overseas.

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  6. Is that Chelsea on the right in the picture? When mom claimed snipers, how much did she talk about her daughter having been right there with her? I mean, if it had really happened wouldn’t that little detail been pretty important to any mom?

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    1. Yep. That’s Chelsea. Look at all that sniper fire! Poor girl must have been terrified!

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      1. Oijoi, all the places where her mom dragged her back then…

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  7. Shit. I don’t know what else to say. I mean I could, but you’ve done it already in the post.


    1. It’s an entire generation of children who have grown into physical adulthood with no sense of common decency, no sense of what is appropriate to say or how to say it, and whose entire sense of self – who they are – revolves around how much attention they can get, no matter what it takes.

      If you or I had acted like that, or said those very stupid, very gauche things in public, our parents would have gotten right on us about it. These people think they’re being funny. No. Gallows humor is out of place. I could go on, but da stoopid they show makes me want to sue their mothers for not saying ‘NO!’ just that one time.

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  8. Their cups runneth over with double distilled, industrial strength, MILSPEC Weapons Grade Stoooopiiiid™.

    Damn, my cat’s smarter than those two put together.

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  9. There are days I wish I had a Twitter account, so I could mock these fucktards.

    But I doubt it’s worth the effort.

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  10. And she thinks that getting 1000 purple hearts is a good thing, or even survivable.


    1. She thinks? You could have fooled me.


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