UPDATE: Looks like the police got the pig-fucking bastard suspected of blowing up bombs in New York and New Jersey this weekend.

A law enforcement official, who agreed to speak about the investigation only on the condition of anonymity, said they had conclusive evidence that Mr. Rahami was connected not just to the Manhattan explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood, but also to a bombing that took place earlier on Saturday on the Jersey Shore.

Not that I had a bad weekend. Mine was actually decent. I took a break from blogging and did other stuff, but apparently all hell broke loose on the east coast this weekend.

There was a bomb blast in Chelsea, with a second device found a few blocks away. The first blast injured 29 people. The second device, left in the middle of a residential block,  There was a bomb earlier that day in New Jersey. There was a suspicious device found at a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey early this morning, and when the bomb squad began messing with it, the damn thing blew up. The bombs were filled with shrapnel such as metal pieces and ball bearings. Sound familiar?

Investigators in New York determined that both bombs were made using pressure cookers that were filled with explosives and shrapnel, including ball bearings or metal BBs, and could be detonated using flip phones and Christmas lights, a law-enforcement official said. The devices are similar to those used in the Boston Marathon bombings.

The FBI put out this alert today.

The FBI put out this alert today.

And let’s not forget there was a stabbing attack in Minnesota, where people were wounded by a psychotic shit weasel screeching something about allah. Islamic State already claimed that frothing fucktard as their own.

Many posts on my social media feed waxed sarcastic about the perpetrators of these latest incidents, calling on the Amish Tea Party and those extremist Mennonites to step forward and claim responsibility. It would be amusing, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s not. Once again, a certain demographic appears to be responsible for the attacks.

The sitting idiot in the NYC Mayor’s Mansion – Bill de Blasio – still refuses to label the attacks as terrorism, even though New York’s tyrannical fuckwit governor Cuomo has “bravely” uttered the “T” word, and then proceeded to shield de Blasio’s cowardice and refusal to do so with a “what he really meant to say was that there was no connection with international terrorism and that is correct. Right, Bill Buddy?” 

Well, gosh! As long as there’s no connection with INTERNATIONAL terrorism, I guess we’re OK. Morons.

Rahami was born in Afghanistan, according to the FBI. So he’s someone who came to this country and either became naturalized or received his citizenship when he was young after his parents had been. So there might very well be an international component to this incident.

I wrote about motivations a few months ago when I discussed directed vice inspired attacks. I said then, as I say now, that it’s the ISIS inspired attacks that worry me more.

Planned, coordinated attacks can be prevented, although obviously not even close to always. But it is hard to predict whom the IS social media campaigns have reached, whom they have converted, and what those feeble-minded, easily-influenced monkeys are planning to do once they pledge their heart and soul to IS. Thanks to the Internet IS reach is wide, and even the poorest, slum-dwelling derelict can have access to their message.

Being American citizens and taking inspiration It certainly doesn’t make lone wolf psycho attacks any less connected with international terrorism.

Once again, I note that any terrorist douche can get inspired by an ISIS page, website, or program. Any weak-minded ignoramus can make an immediate decision to pledge his soul to allah, ISIS, or the Great Pumpkin. Inspiration comes from many sources, and the inspired attacks are, for the most part, sloppy, unplanned, and hard to track. We have tools to track coordinated, planned attacks. There are electronic communications, suspicious financial transfers, suspicious travel… you name it. It doesn’t take much coordination to pick up a knife and go a’stabbin, or to grab a bunch of metal parts and a cooking implement. A psycho terrorist can get a wild hair up his ass in the shape of allah and go on a rampage without much planning.

The positive news is that there’s a lot of information that can be gleaned from the unexploded device. Fingerprints, DNA (maybe hair or sweat or something), the place where the cell phone to be used as a detonation device was purchased. It’s possible the place of purchase even has video of who bought the thing!

Another positive bit of news is that no one has died, although that certainly seems to have been the goal.

But expect more to come. I have no doubt these ostensibly “minor” attacks will keep on happening. It benefits ISIS, because they can claim attacks without cost or threat to their own personnel. And it benefits those in whose political interest it is to claim no connection to terrorism.

Because we won the War on Terror, right?


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  1. Niki as usual you’re analysis is spot on. De Blasio typifies the PC attitude that will get more people killed. How can you fight your enemy if you’re too afraid to say his name? Unfortunately these attacks are getting more sophisticated, and can no longer be called “minor”. This asshole’s bomb was not just firecracker black powder with a fuse; they reported it used ammonium nitrate and was remote detonated. From the pictures it was a sizable blast and it was very fortunate nobody was killed or maimed like Boston. The small cell with rifles in a mall concerns me even more. Our paper just reported that the Obama/Hillary regime is brining in at least 110k mostly Muslim “refugees” in 2017. If Hillary is elected she will replace 2-3 conservative Supreme Court justices, tipping the balance for the next 50 years. The second amendment will become so eroded that much of the populous will be defenseless, like in France and most of the world. How did we come to this?


  2. I hope the day comes when ‘officials’ like de Blasio are publicly lambasted for being unwilling to speak the truth about these events. Oh, wait…. I already did that somewhere else.

    I don’t think we should become hysterical, but complacency has no place in this world. If we weren’t complacent in the days of the Cold War, when I was growing up, why are we now? Because some Idiot in the White House says so? I don’t think the disease called denial is going to be in vogue too much longer.

    No, we as citizens of THIS country need to be fully aware that there are those in our very midst who want us dead, not because we did anything to them, but simply because we exist. They want to do the same thing to Europe, central Asia, Southeast Asia and anywhere else in the world that there is even a smidge of free will.

    FWIW, two thieves in Elizabethtown, NJ, found the backpack with the explosives, started rooting through it and realized what it was, and called the police. Kudos to them for doing that.


    1. I hope the day comes when ‘officials’ like de Blasio are publicly lambasted

      I think you misspelled “flogged.” 🙂

      FWIW, two thieves in Elizabethtown, NJ, found the backpack with the explosives, started rooting through it and realized what it was, and called the police. Kudos to them for doing that.

      Do you realize how surreal that sounds? LOL!


      1. I think you misspelled “flogged.”🙂

        You both misspelled “flayed.”


    2. They found a backpack in a trash can. Taking something out of a trash can isn’t theft, it’s salvage.


    3. Aww, c’mon! They were admitted thefters! That’s how the media reported them! We can trust the media, right? Right????

      I always hope that some day, something like public stocks might be considered just punishment for people like dumb Blah-blah-blah. Just an hour on a chilly day with people throwing pails of water in his face works for me.

      The disconnect from reality is coming to an end. Someone sent me an e-mail linked to a story about the conniving to hide the truth (utter failure) about Benghazi, which didn’t really work as planned. The more these people are ridiculed in public, and loudly, too, the better. I truly think some of them are mental cases. I have seldom seen greed so blatantly paraded around.


  3. Predictably, about half CNN’s latest coverage of the MN mall stabbings is of concern that there will be “backlash” against the Muslim/Somali/Not-From-Around-Here “community”. Because everyone knows that hard looks/harsh words/hurt feelings are just as bad as getting, you know, stabbed.


  4. Me: “Get a handgun; get a concealed carry permit, if required in your jurisdiction; get some firearms training.”

    MN mall stabbing victim: “Why would I ever need a…OWWW!!


  5. Well, it wasn’t all a total loss. The MO lege over-rode Gov. Nixon’s veto of Constitutional Carry and SYG. This caused the New York Times, and many of it’s readers, to clutch pearls, and swoon into fainting couches.

    So there’s that…..


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