This is why we say you’re full of shit

Two days ago, Craig Considine tried to connect a bizarre attack on a Muslim woman in New York City to “Islamophobia” and racism, claiming that this is why he considers them one and the same.

A Muslim woman walking on the streets of NYC was literally lit on fire by a “stranger.” She was targeted based on her “traditional clothing,” or her physical appearance. Her body was used as a “text” of sort to categorize, label, and demonize. Her article of clothing – inextricably tied to her body and sense of self – was then used as a marker to commit an atrocious act of violence. Dots were connected between a body and Islam. The madman imagined her as a monster, and thought that he must set her on fire because of what she represented in his brain – whatever that might be. What we have here is a classic case of “cultural racism,” whereby people judge people’s physical appearance (the body, cultural symbols, articles of clothing, etc) and later judge and imagine an entire group of people as somehow representing an essential, static, backward, or potential dangerous religious or cultural identity. That is “cultural racism” at its finest. And that is why we say “Islamophobia is racism.”

DOCTOR Craig Considine is apparently a sociologist, who has glommed onto the social justice bowel movement by claiming Muslim oppression under every bed and around every corner.

As a sociologist I focus on many topics including religious pluralism, Muslims in America, Islamophobia, Christian-Muslim relations, the life of Prophet Muhammad, race and ethnic relations, and the intersection between religion and nationalism. My doctoral dissertation on the experiences of young Pakistani men in Boston and Dublin has been turned into a book manuscript titled Pakphobia: Islam and Racism in the Pakistani Diaspora, to be published by Routledge – Taylor and Francis Group in 2017. I have another book – A Christian Finds the Muslim Faith – to be published in 2017 by Noura Books of Indonesia.

I always found sociologists’ work to be fascinating, but I have also found that objectivity is sorely lacking in this field and that sociologists desperately search for evidence to confirm their biases, rather than researching subject matter with an objective eye.

Maybe that’s why this particular cock sniffer didn’t bother with any further examination of the issue.

a) He made an assumption about the state of mind of the assailant – that he somehow tied her body to Islam – a fact not even remotely in evidence. And then he proceeded to explain why this state of mind, which he claims to have impacted the assailant’s actions equates to “cultural racism,” which has got to be the stupidest term ever invented, given the definition of “race.”

b) He didn’t bother finding out that this assailant and his buddy set two other women on fire that same night. One was white, and one was Hispanic. Same MO.

…detectives trying to identify the man in the black tank top who burned Al-Hinai and the man with him at the time have found surveillance video from an incident that occurred moments earlier, near E. 57th St.

The video shows the other man, clad in a white T-shirt, using a lighter to try to burn a white woman’s leg, but she backed up and avoided injury. She has not been located by police.

Both suspects then headed two blocks downtown, where they encountered Al-Hinai.

After that, police now say, the demented duo approached two Hispanic women near E. 42nd St. The suspect in the black tank top ignited his lighter and tried to burn one woman near her arm, but she managed to avoid getting hurt.


I know social justice howler monkeys like Considine are sitting around hoping it would be an evil, white Trump supporter targeting Muslim women on the streets of New York to provide confirmation bias to their claims of Muslim oppression. But that’s not to be. The assailant or assailants in this case were anything but.

And the attacks had nothing to do with Islam, although I realize it’s convenient to leave out and marginalize other female victims to support your poorly presented claims, DOCTOR.

However, I don’t expect a retraction or an apology from the good DOCTOR. Best to ignore anything that actually undermines your faulty hypothesis.

And CAIR – never one to let an incident slip by without screeching “ISLAMOPHOBIA!” is, of course, claiming this is Muslim hatred.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the attack on the tourist Tuesday, saying it was “the latest in a series of attacks on Muslims in that state and nationwide in recent days and months.” It’s offering $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

There you go, CAIR. Give that money to the police.

By the way, if you have kids studying sociology at Rice University, Considine is what’s teaching them – a person who uses a senseless and disgusting act of violence to push his specific social agenda without providing evidence for his contentions.

This is why you say “Islamophobia is racism?

This is why I say you’re full of shit, Considine.


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  1. It only became newsworthy when they tried to set a Muslim on fire.

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  2. It does seem like it’s a poorly thought out conclusion on his part.

    My friend told me about a class she was attending at California State University that made her uncomfortable–she said it very much had a progressive slant and an agenda (she didn’t feel as a student like she could speak up and agree). I could only nod sympathetically. Some students soak it up, but ultimately all know that they can’t really disagree with certain teachers because their grade is at stake.

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    1. A long time ago, in a city, far far away, I had to take a sociology class as a required subject for my B.A. I sat at the back of the room and made fun of the professor, passed silly notes to fellow students who were also passing notes to me and others, and general ignored the man. It was long ago, when you were still an egg, so there was no political agenda at stake. I squeaked out a B+ somehow. (Sigh) How times have changed.


  3. I’m going to say this slowly so the idiots at the back of the room can understand this:

    Islam. Is. Not. A. Race.

    Everything you need to know about Islam can be learned on 9/11/01 and 6/12/16.
    Or, to put it more in context: Extremist Muslims shoot up gay bars. Moderate Muslims drive the extremists to the gay bars.

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  4. Seriously, go tell these asswipe perfessers to shut up and get some facts before they run their mouths. Those were some crazy men looking for a way to harm women. THAT is what should have been addressed. THAT is a real social issue.


  5. It may very well have been a racist hate crime. Follow my logic.
    1 The suspects are black.
    2 Three victims, white, hispanic and the muslim of unknown ancestry.
    3 I have seen hispanics with very light skin.
    4 The muslim may be from Pakistan or some other place that tends to light skin, or indeed may be a caucasian who married a muslim and converted. I think it most likely that she is Pakistani as I have the impression that most muslim medical professionals in the UK are.
    5 Yes, I know it’s completly unPC to say, but many, if not most, blacks are extremely racist.


    1. The Muslim woman was actually from Scotland. I guess anything is possible as far as motivation goes, which is why I have issues with prosecuting hate crimes. it’s Orwellian state of mind garbage. Wrongthink. These shitbags committed a crime. They should be punished for it – not what was in their heads at the time of the act.

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      1. Last I heard Scotland was still in the United Kingdom.


        1. Did I claim it wasn’t? LOL


  6. It would be… Interesting if the crims were Muslim themselves. Harrassing women out on their own is a well documented behaviour in Islamic men, especially as women without a male chaperone are seen as doing something wrong and thus ‘fair game’ to these shitheads. There are imams who say that Western women invite rape because they aren’t covered up and alone and that no blame should be assigned to Muslim men following their natural inclinations.


  7. One of my majors in undergrad school was Sociology. (I was a cop at the time and it made some sense back then.) Even back then, my reading assignments were extremely militant books…”The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and “Custer Died for Your Sins,” just for two examples. What I learned more than anything else was that Sociology was not, by ANY stretch of imagination, a “science.” As a consequence, I basically ignore just about anything a Sociologist has to say about anything.


  8. And this is why I consider Sociology to be a “Useless Major.”


    1. It’s a subject that would be a useful science…if only it were actually a science. It’s not even close.


      1. It would be useful if people actually bothered studying trends and demographics objectively. Alas, that’s not to be!


        1. And useful if people didn’t interpret data with an agenda, but merely to provide an answer,and not by trying to make the data fit their point of view, but instead, let the data show what what data really do show, but what the facts are.`


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