Guest Thoughts: The National Anthem

A buddy of mine wrote this. Retired military. One of the best people I know – one I would follow into battle, and probably into hell and back. I wanted to publish this, because it appears the stupid is spreading from Kaepernick’s little public snit fit and his insistence on spitting in the faces of all Americans and all who have sacrificed for the American ideals to spoiled rotten NFL dick flickers who don’t even have enough respect for those who died on September 11, 2001 and those who have sacrificed to keep us safe since then, to put aside their petty little attention whoring.

A few thoughts on this whole stand or not during play of our national anthem. Honoring the flag does not imply that the republic for which it stands is perfect. Far from it, honoring the flag is our collective commitment that we will constantly attempt to get better as a nation, to improve as a people, and to use the freedoms that we have been given to make the earth a better place.

I spent over 30 years defending freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Nothing is more important to this democracy. Nothing! However, while no one should be compelled to stand, they should recognize that by sitting in protest to the flag, in my opinion, they are disrespecting everyone who sacrificed to make this country what it is today — as imperfect as it might be.

Those that believe the flag represents oppression should remember all the Americans who fought to eliminate bigotry, racism, sexism, imperialism, communism, and terrorism. The flag rode with the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th, 10th, 24th and 25 Cavalry and Infantry Regiments. It was carried by the suffragists down the streets of New York City. It flew with the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII. It was planted in the fields where Cesar Chavez spoke. It marched with Martin Luther King Jr. It rocketed into space on the shoulder patches of women, gay, Hispanic, Asian and African American astronauts. Today, it waves high over the White House. It is a flag for everyone, of every color, of every race, of every creed, and every orientation, but the privilege of living under this flag does not come without cost. Nor should it come without respect.

The nation and everything it strives for is embodied in the American Flag. We strive to be more inclusive. We strive to be more understanding. We strive to fix the problems that plague our society. But in striving to do so, we must have a common bond; some symbol that reminds us of our past struggles and propels us to a brighter, more enlightened future. That symbol is the American flag.

protestTo be sure, as my friend said, we’re not perfect. We never claimed to be. But we’re the only nation that truly enshrines the ideals of justice, equality, and freedom for all in our laws and history, and actively strives to achieve them! So give this nation some credit. Help us fix what needs to be fixed.

And most of all, stop being assholes!

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  1. I don’t know what it would take to make the idiot NFL attention seekers stop being assholes.

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    1. Disciplinary action from the NFL? But that will never happen until their bottom line is impacted. Maybe loss of endorsements.

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  2. I could tell that the USAToday article link has a liberal slant. From the link: “for those who have railed against Colin Kaepernick these past two weeks, remember this: the terrorists behind 9/11 tried to do by violence what some Americans would now do by shame…”

    Yes, but that’s the key, isn’t it? Kaepernick exercised his freedom of speech/whatever to kneel, and people are exercising their freedom of speech and opinion to condemn him for it. Not violence. Armour presents a stupid argument I’m already tiring of. Don’t want to lose endorsements and be publicly condemned? Stop exercising your freedom of speech in the most offensive and attention whoring way possible.

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    1. I agree with you, but that’s not why I linked to the article. I simply linked to it for those who haven’t heard of the latest NFL players’ stunts.

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  3. Lest anyone be confused by my prior statements on this issue, I have no issue with verbally condemning people who refuse to respect (or actively disrespect) national symbols (though I remind one and all that the various oaths are to the *constitution* not the flag).

    And I certainly find those who insist that the US flag is a symbol of *in*justice to be excellent examples of shittardery. (“Fuck” being a word for something that’s generally a positive experience, it seems to me “shittardery” is a better neologism.)

    What I get annoyed with, is those who think it’s a positive virtue to be violent to such people; such an attitude spits on the very Constitution that these symbols represent. Such an attitude is simply gangsta-style tribalism (don’t diss my colors or I cap you), and the US is NOT just another tribe, like Russia or China is, it’s special because of the ideals it was created to embody.

    The tl;dr is: Kaepernick is a piss-guzzling ratfucker, but I will defend to the death his right to be a piss-guzzling ratfucker.

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    1. We see it exactly the same. The 1st amendment guarantees free speech, it doesn’t guarantee that someone’s exercise of that right won’t piss you off. It guarantees Kaputnik’s right to be an arrogant entitled asshole, and my right to call him that.

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  4. His issue is a non-issue. It’s make-believe. There is no compelling problem to be addressed compared to the late 50 & 60s civil rights struggles. Maybe PETA will refuse to stand for the national anthem until the baby seal “problem” is addressed now that CK has led the way. If he had raised concerns about black on black violence previously, he might have a tiny bit of credibility although his means are just plain wrong. He’s made few friends and a lot of foes with his actions and little or no sympathy has been generated for his “cause”. People just think he’s an idiot.


    1. Undoubtedly true; he’s buying the bullshit that Black Lives Matter is shoveling. My response is to use the hashtag #BlackRiflesMatter or #AllLivesMatter as appropriate.

      But whether or not he’s got a legitimate complaint is a different question from whether this is an appropriate/wise way to raise it.


  5. A long time ago (longer than my 50 years) this nation was a more civil place. Some call those days a “Golden Era” and in some ways they were…but in many ways they were not. The essence of America is that we were always working to improve ourselves. We freed the indentures, we freed the slaves, it took an unconscionably long time, but we addressed the issues with most civil rights. However now the “improvement” of our society has been turned over to the left — and they have no conception of how we got here and what it has cost. People fought and many of them died, to permit blacks to ride anywhere on the bus they wanted to, eat at the lunch counter, check into hotels, drink for the water fountain of their choice. Now those same blacks demand the right to ignore the anthem, the pledge of allegiance. The left simply doesn’t understand the liberties and freedoms they have, and the relative value of what they abjure. They have forgotten the cost in blood, in lives, that it has taken to gain those freedoms and maintain them. I’m sure some people would call me racist, but I call these people ingrates. Most of them (of any color) have already or will eventually fritter their millions away on nothing lasting. I can think of no more fitting punishment for them…if it wasn’t for
    their chiseling away at my freedoms. And that I have no patience for.

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  6. Just brainstorming here. But one way to sidestep this (and give these folks no outlet for their bullshit) might be to not play the national anthem at sports events. No other nation does this, and we didn’t until WWI (it was an occasional part of the seventh inning stretch, if memory serves), with it becoming an every-single-game type of thing in WWII.

    Of course, if we were to stop doing this NOW, it would look like handing these pissguzzlers a victory, so it became “too late” to do this the instant it became something someone might want to suggest (and that’s assuming you don’t consider the idea unpatriotic or heretical).


    1. I read that the owner of a women’s soccer team tried to avoid these stunts by having the anthem played while the players were in the locker room getting dressed. The blue haired dart frog who was going to protest held a press conference after the game to accuse the owner of homophobia for doing so. You can’t win with the social justice crowd.


      1. Yeah, she screeched and bitched. I really hope they just fire the cunt.

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        1. I would doubt it. I don’t think the owners of all the professional sports teams in this country have a single testicle to share amongst them.

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        2. That is a fact. That said, if they start losing money – that’s kind of the only language they understand.

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        3. “Hey Al? Bob here. Hey, you guys played well last week….say, could you do me a favor and FedEx me the testicle?”

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  7. This whole shitstorm reminds me more than a little of what happened with the Dixie Chicks some years ago. They exercised their freedom of speech, others exercised theirs in response, and the Chicks squawked and screeched that they were being “censored.”

    At the time, there was a big firestorm on the web with the progressive crowd freaking out about the “censorship” thing, too. They don’t seem to get that while we have the right to express our opinions, we don’t have the right to ignore the consequences of doing so.

    The Dixie Chicks have the right to criticize the President; I have the right not to purchase their merchandise. Kaepernick has the right to protest the anthem; I have the right not to watch games in which he plays and not to purchase his team’s merchandise. My, or anyone else’s, doing so is not “censoring” them in any way. I’m simply expressing my disagreement in the way most likely to get their attention: spending my money elsewhere.

    The crowning irony in all of this is that the SJW Howler Monkey crowd (I’m stealing that from you, Nicki) will embark on the most vicious and hateful crusades to destroy, not just silence, anyone who has the audacity to say something they don’t like. The same people who moan that Kaepernick is being “censored” will go to utterly absurd lengths to destroy the career of someone who doesn’t tell them what they want to hear. And those Howler Monkeys are universally at home among the political left.

    It’s just another example of the hypocrisy of the left. I saw it in full swing a week or so ago when Phyllis Schlafly died. The progressive boards lit up with people gleefully celebrating her death with some of the most vile comments imaginable, and yet the next time a progressive icon dies, you can bet they’ll all be condemning those “hateful” right-wingers for their “grave dancing.” The hypocrisy is just staggering.

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  8. […] makes us great is that one douchebag – or several – can show disrespect for our flag and our national anthem, and still keep their job and still be free to make millions […]


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