Where were you?

Those of you who know anything about my past history, know that I adopted my two daughters from my half-brother, who died in 2006 from complications due to prolonged drug use, and his wife. You know the history. I won’t rehash it here. Needless to say, the kids had issues. A lot of them. But we felt they were innocent and needed a chance to thrive and be loved and cared for by parents whose first priority wasn’t to stick a needle in their veins.

This is why stories like this are so painful for me to read, and the subsequent reactions to stories like this enrage me to the point of losing control. It started out with police arriving on the scene of a drug overdose. One male, already dead, and a barely alive female. Their four children, ages 7, 5, 2, and one month were being comforted by neighbors.

An officer-in-training with [Michelle] Burton lent the two boys his flashlight; soon, the toddlers were running around, shining it in people’s faces.

The 7-year-old was quieter, Burton said. The officer asked if she needed anything.

The girl asked if someone could sign her homework, so she could turn it in to her teacher the next day.

“That broke my heart,” said Burton. “She said, ‘I did my work.’ She pulled it out and showed it to us. It was math homework, (like) ‘Which number is greater? Which number is odd or even?’ … I told her, ‘Sweetie, you probably won’t have to go to school tomorrow. … But where you’re going is going to have everything you need.’”

In the apartment, Burton found an unopened can of infant formula and a baby bottle; she grabbed both.

At the precinct, officers bought whatever the other kids wanted to eat from a vending machine. There, Burton removed her vest and other police gear so she could comfortably hold the infant and give her a bottle. It had to have been hours since she had been fed, Burton thought.

burtonBy all accounts it was a tender scene. Someone took a photo of Burton comforting the baby, and her husband posted it on social media, because he was proud of his wife. Apparently, she had a knack for comforting children in distress and was often called to accident scenes or any incidents involving families. On this particular night, Burton was two hours from the end of her shift, but she decided to stay and help.

She didn’t have to. She just did, apparently because she’s a decent person.

But being a decent person doesn’t shield you from screeching abuse from those who have an agenda. In this case, the children’s aunt and other unidentified family members decided to initiate backlash and take their howls of outrage to the Birmingham city council.

Instead of being grateful that this tiny infant was comforted in her time of need – when both parents stuck needles in their arms, instead of taking care of those who need them most, this toothless hag decided that the baby’s rights were somehow violated.

Mary Purnell Adalane, the aunt of the baby in the picture, spoke out at the Birmingham City Council meeting Tuesday. She said she and other family members felt like the baby, who’s just shy of two months old, was “exploited.”

“This child has a right and it’s been violated. This police officer exploited this child,” Adalane said. “No one gave them permission to take that picture.”

Adalane also added that some family members first learned about the baby’s parents overdosing by seeing the picture on social media.

Let’s examine this a bit closer. Mary Purnell Adalane has a problem with a husband posting a photo of his wife comforting a tiny, defenseless baby on social media.

Where the fuck was Mary Purnell Adalane when her sibling (I’m not sure if she’s related to the mother or the father) was shooting up?

adalaneWhere the fuck were the other relatives who have an issue with this photo?

Where the fuck were these screeching shit weasels during their relatives’ obviously unhealthy habits? Heroin use isn’t exactly easy to keep a secret. Trust me. I’ve seen it.

Where the fuck were these loved ones when the children approached their neighbors for help because they couldn’t wake mommy and daddy?

If they learned about the OD via social media, they weren’t paying close attention to what was going on in these children’s lives beforehand.

Where were you, Mary Purnell Adalane and crew when your sibling(s) were using? Were you so clueless? Were you so uninterested?

Now, I fully realize that some people are better at hiding drug use than others, so there’s a small chance that they really were completely oblivious to the drug use and subsequent overdose. They might live far away, and just didn’t know. That’s totally possible too.

Frankly, my kids were living first in Ukraine, and then in Israel, and somehow we still knew that they needed to be rescued. Somehow we still knew that their parents were more concerned with their next fix than they were with the girls. So, I don’t accept that as an excuse. If you care about your family members, you make it your fucking business to know!

But moreover, how were this tiny baby’s rights “violated” by a husband posting a proud photo of his wife on social media? He posted no names, and merely showed a photo of his wife caring for a child that needed care. What right was violated? How is that exploitative?

You know what that baby has a right to? She has the right to be cared for. She has the right to be fed, and to be comforted in her time of need. She has the right to have someone hold her close and ensure she’s safe, fed, and loved.

(By the way – if anyone comes over here spewing political/libertarian rhetoric about what technically this infant’s rights are, I swear to fucking god, I’m going to throat punch the first motherfucker who does that! This is not what this post is about, and if you make it about that, you’re a heartless asshole.)

She received none of that from this shrieking, toothless cunt, who all of a sudden reared her repugnant face to claim the baby was “exploited” after the photo taken by a proud, loving husband of his wife going above and beyond to do her job and care for this poor little baby!

That tells me Mary Purnell Adalane and the unidentified shitbag relatives are out for media attention and a payoff. Mary Purnell Adalane and the shitgoblins related to these innocent, neglected children are the only ones doing the exploiting!


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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Those “relatives” are assholes. 😦

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  2. This is what got me: The girl asked if someone could sign her homework, so she could turn it in to her teacher the next day.

    If that had been me, I think I would have signed it anyway. Full name, badge number and department. Even knowing that it would probably never get turned in. Who knows, somewhere down the road, that girl may run across that sheet and see physical proof of someone taking a minute to be there for her.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing. Sign it with all the bells and whistles.

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  3. The pay off being the government’s monthly welfare check for the kids

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  4. Let’s get the technical/legal terms out of the way, first. “Exploitation” is narrowly defined in child welfare cases as ‘behavior harmful the child which is determined to have the intent of bringing financial or other recompense to the guardian.” This was not exploitation, since there was no foreseeable material benefit accruing to the officer in the picture. Instead, the technical term for her action is “caring for a baby.”
    I just made all that stuff up, except that she is, in fact, caring for the baby.
    Ummm…ya know why I am 63 and raising an 11 year old boy and a 10 year old girl as my own kids? It’s because they were taken away from their mother after testing positive for cocaine ( the kids, not the mom) when he was a year old and at birth for her. And my gift-from-God, happily-ever-after trophy wife Vanessa, the elegant, foxy, praying black grandmother of Woodstock, GA, (and their biological grandmother) spent a blessed year fighting the court system in another state before she could get them. (And when I married her five years ago, they were the frosting on the cake.) Sometimes it takes a long time for the legal system to do the right thing.
    I’m wondering: did the mom abstain from drugs during her pregnancies, or did the hospital not catch that the babies were in distress from having drugs in their systems?
    Oh, yeah, I’m sorry the aunt doesn’t have a comfy set of dentures, but other than that, I utterly disregard her. She’s obviously a nutcase, for all the reasons you pointed out.

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    1. People remain stupid about a lot of things, but I have to say that the jackass attitude of families who are incompetent to raise children is one of the very worst.
      If I had a hammer,
      I’d hammer out a warning.
      I’d hammer on the skull
      With appropriate force:
      You’ve proved that you’re a loser,
      So we took away your children,
      Now shut your semi-toothless trap
      Or I’ll hammer you again,
      All over your head.

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      1. Yeah… that’s pretty much how I feel right now too.


  5. What a terrible country we have; exploitive cops…no wonder Colin Kaepernick sits out the anthem.

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  6. Ms. Adalane is public exhibit # 189,492,736 why public flogging needs to be re-instituted.

    And for the fuckwits out there, before you start foaming, no, that has nothing to do with slavery or racism, you dolts.

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  7. I read somewhere recently (I forget exactly where) that barn-raising is a uniquely American tradition. And it is true, back in the days before I was born the spirit of volunteerism was strong in America, particularly in rural and small communities. That spirit is dying, but thank heavens, not gone. I cheered when I first read about it, but I hadn’t heard until now about the subsequent event. You use some rather colorful language Nicki, but I really think more color is needed in such situations.

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  8. Kudos to Officer Burton. She did the right thing.

    The ‘relative’ is a skank. She did the wrong thing.

    I could post all sorts of indignant stuff, but there’s no point. Good article, Nicki.

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  9. Center hit. Re-engage. No wind. Spotter ready.

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  10. Exploited? All that one toothed bitch wants is a ticket for the ghetto lottery. And the idiots on the city council will probably offer her a nice fat settlement. The only thing they care about those kids is the size of the welfare check. Why else would they be mouthing such bullshit to the city council? Bigger check.

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  11. Call me a heartless cynic if you will, but it seems to me that there wasn’t much regard for this child from the extended family until they saw an opportunity try to sue the city and the police department. I think somebody upthread called it the “ghetto lottery.”

    Where indeed were the extended family prior to this? I love children, I really do. What these kids have already been subjected to breaks my damn heart, I have tears welling up thinking of them and I don’t cry over anything. What is worse is that they’ll probably end up in the custody of this aunt who from what we know never seemed to give much of a damn prior to the opportunity to exploit the children for money from the city.

    I really hope for the sake of those kids that I’m wrong about the extended family. I hope that they end up somewhere where they’ll receive enough love and care to overcome the neglect they suffered at the hands of their parents for whom their welfare wasn’t much of a priority. I really hope that my judgements can be proven wrong.

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    1. Heartless? Not based on what you just said.


      1. But cynic, yes, and justifiably so. That aunt comes across awfully and one is right to be cynical about her.

        I was talking to a lawyer one time and he recounted the story of a judge in family court going on a tirade from the bench, suggesting that someone step out into the hallway to find a person–at random–to take over custody, because the two in the courtroom were so awful.

        (Said lawyer was doing an eviction for me for someone who is probably just as freaking awful a parent–fortunately, the grandmother has custody.)

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    2. Agree with everything you said. One would hope that CPS look after the children’s best interests – and it sounds like they are starting out as good eggs. Their extended family withh rot them those children need placing into a family that will raise and love them well. One prays that this media stunt backfires on the greedy, exploitative bloodrelations and they lose the children.

      But I am cynic enough to sadly expect that this will end badly. That people who wish to do good in Obama’s America are instead severely, horribly punished for it; and the abusive shitstains get away with everything evil they do.

      @Nicki I share your rage.

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  12. Before blindly handing the children over to the “aunt”, I, as a (hypothetical) police officer, would have child services and any other local /county/state agency poke, probe, and turn that toothless hag’s house every which way but loose to determine if she is fit to be guardian of those children, if she is fit to receive the public monies in support (yeah, right) of those children.

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    1. That “aunt” sounds like a real piece of…

      Work! Yeah, “work,” that’s the word I wanted.

      Aw, to Hell with it. This is the R. Lee Nicki zone. “Shit” is the word I really wanted.

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    2. She is by her first observable act, demonstrably unfit. Her first action is to try exploit the children for her own gain; and smear the good people who genuinely cared for those children in their hours of need. In a just world and not a socjus one; those children would not be anywhere near their bloodkin ever again, for their sake and the sake of their futures.

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  13. You dragged out “shitweasel” (and forgot it was one word), so it’s clear you’re genuinely furious…as anyone ought to be.

    Richard should have (metaphorically) used an RPG not a rifle.

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    1. Nicki was the shooter. The target was the aunt. Nicki hit the aunt in the center of her … argument (center hit). I suggest that Nicki write more about this fine upstanding person (re-engage). Nicki doesn’t need to change her aim, her elevation and hold are perfect (no wind). When the shooter is ready, I am ready to call the next shot (spotter ready). That concludes the chant. This could be a multiple target engagement …

      I adopted 4 kids. None were related to me. None are my race. Three of them were born to drug-involved mothers – alcohol and coke. The aunt in Nicki’s article? I have experienced that person. In my case it was the mother and grandmother of two of my kids – two kids that we fostered before adopting – and “mom” made her argument to keep the kids to the court. After several years and numerous court appearances, parental rights were terminated and we adopted. It is still tough.

      If you are outraged by the story that Nicki wrote about then get involved. Become a foster parent. There are a lot of kids in care (children who are under the control of your county “family and youth services” or equivalent government agency) who need a decent home – even if only temporarily. It will be difficult and sometimes infuriating but it is rewarding. If you don’t do it, then those kids will be sent back to those homes and the neglect and abuse will continue. It is up to you.

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      1. I realized after I posted you were talking about Nicki. I didn’t bother correcting myself because I had already made too many comments in a row (alas, no five minute “edit window” here to save me from my own stupidity some of the time).

        As for the foster parent thing, I haven’t the patience (nor the spouse) to be a parent, even of a child who isn’t “troubled” because they’ve been abused and otherwise treated like shit every day of their life. In twenty years I may have the temperament, but I’ll certainly lack the energy. Would I do better starting from scratch than those drug addicts? Certainly. But that’s not saying very much. I’d probably not do as well as a “normal” parent (whatever that means).

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        1. alas, no five minute “edit window” here to save me from my own stupidity some of the time

          For example, I hit Post, and five seconds later realized I’d forgotten to thank you for the correction. So:

          Thanks for the correction!


  14. Your heart just breaks for them. Articles like this anger me because those kids were left to their own devices, and now, now that there is some attention, all of a sudden you have a bunch of “family members” squawking loudly about the kids’ welfare.

    And now I’m going to jump to a conclusion, which I try never do.

    “Officer Burton ended up staying with the baby and her three siblings for more than six hours following the incident.”

    If the aunt really cared for the baby’s welfare (and those of the other children), she would’ve have been grateful that the kids received comfort and love during a very traumatic situation. She would not focus on a harmless photo.

    Just an assumption, I know, but I’m fine with my logic.

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  15. Heart rending. And infuriating.

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  16. This is the reality of multiracial America in the year of Our Lord 2016. Everyone is aggrieved. Everyone takes offense at the slightest thing. Everyone is looking to monetize his victim status…except white people. We’re not allowed.

    I’ve said on several occasions that there’s a race war in progress. This Adalane bitch is merely firing the small-caliber ammo available to her. But she’s part of the opposing force, and until white Americans develop some spine and decent black Americans step firmly on victimists like Adalane, the fusillades will continue.

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    1. until white Americans develop some spine and decent black Americans step firmly on victimists like Adalane

      It should be pointed out that many of those white Americans aren’t merely spineless, but are actually an active part of the problem, “victimists” just like Adalane.

      The situation is not helped by the occasional genuinely racist white piece of shit either. Even though those aren’t as common as the victimists would have you believe, they aggravate the situation by giving the victimists something real to screech about.

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    2. You forgot one ingredient: the warm-body democracy we have. The Founders called it mobocracy, with good reason. And the problem will only get worse, because more and more Americans whose jobs are being exported or replaced by imported serfs are being left with only their votes to trade for food and shelter.


  17. I agree with everything Nicki said. We took in several “foster kids”–not a single one of which was “official” and we never received a single dime of financial “help” from any government agency and only one of whom was white. As a consequence, we have a black “son”, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren a black granddaughter-in-law and six great-grandchildren–all of whom we love dearly and wouldn’t trade a single one for winning the Powerball. We lived in a small town (about 23K) in Texas and everyone in town knew our “son” was “our” son and nobody said word one about it. We took him in when his mother died of Leukemia when he was 8. He’s now (as of this month) 56 years old!

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  18. Nicki,

    If you keep holding back so much I’m certain you’ll have a heart attack!

    Seriously, who wouldn’t be pleased that caring people watched over loved one’s in their hour of need?


    1. Seriously, who wouldn’t be pleased that caring people watched over loved one’s in their hour of need?

      Opportunistic swine assholes?


      1. I am a trailer park maintenance man. A couple weeks ago, we had to physically evict a man, woman, and their 3 kids from a trailer in the park. The one little boy of about 3 or 4 had been roaming the park for a few weeks asking the neighbors for food. The saturday before the monday we evicted them, the little boy was wandering and the police were called. They took him home, to his 7 year old sister and infant brother. No parents in sight. The cop waited about an hour til the parents came home from the Wallyworld. The cop, knowing that they were being kicked out in 2 days, simply LEFT the kids with the parents and went on about his business, even though we had already had CPS out their on a couple of occasions to try and do something, which they didn’t.
        Come that monday, we had a Sheriffs rep. come out, put a notice on the door, and made them leave. Mom and the 3 kids left by the front door,but daddio left by the back door, and I saw him put the most important things into his car trunk. A large bound notebook full of paperwork, a big toolbox, and a huge rolling toolbox. They got into the car and drove away.
        We then proceeded to take everything out and set it on the edge of the street. It was the second worst day of my life, having to take kids toys, clothes, family dishes, food from the cupboard and refridgerator, kitchen appliances, towels, you name it, and set it out in a random pile. The really bad part of that day, if it wasn’t bad enough, was in the two older kids bedroom, in a night stand, I found over a pound of marijuana. That’s right. In the kids bedroom. I forgot to mention that the guy was a drug dealer, and that we also found hash pipes, crack pipes, bongs, a lot of assorted other drug stuff, and a surgical stitch kit, complete with a partially used bottle of lidocaine. Not your average dealer. I can only guess what was in his tool boxes.
        The young mother came back later to try and rescue some of her things. I spoke to her briefly, as she was actually a nice enough person, and asked her if she and her kids were okay. I didn’t give a shit about the asshole who didn’t take care of his family. She broke my heart when she told me no. Up until that time, she had been upbeat about the thing as much as was possible. The thing was not a surprise, they had weeks to move out, court dates, etc. I took some solace in the fact that later her mother and dad came with a huge trailer and took most of the things with them, and I heard the mother tell the 28 year old girl, that this is the last time that we are going through this. I found out that the girl and kids moved in with the parents, but the husband had to go. I don’t know what happened to them after that. I just know that this story, which happened to me, happens every day here in our small city of 25,000.
        I just read where I said this was the second worst day of my life. I shouldn’t leave you hanging. I don’t know how much more sorrow you can handle. I worked for 35 years in a steel foundry. In 1987, a coworker brought his 2 young children to work and killed them there, in a horrible way. I tell you this not to shock you, or to hurt you, but to remind you that when you put your kids to bed tonight, spend an extra minute with them. I know that after that experience, I made sure to do that as often as I could. Some people wonder how anyone could believe in a loving God, when things like these happen. I could not survive some of these things if I wasn’t positive that there was a loving God, watching, weeping with me, and waiting, not only for those young children who pass so often too young, with open arms and a loving smile, but also with open arms and a tender hug for those of us here that also all too often witness mans inhumanity.


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