The weirdest thing happened!

I know I promised not to write about national politics, but the news is so weird, I had to mention it. Last night’s conversation went something like this…

Rob: Holy shit! The Richmond Times-Dispatch just endorsed Gary Johnson!

Me: What?

Rob: I’m not kidding! They just endorsed Gary!

Me: That’s a joke, right?

Rob: No, seriously.

Me: …

I fell asleep not knowing what to think, until I woke up this morning and it was confirmed. The reliably Republican-endorsing Richmond Times Dispatch has endorsed Gary Johnson for President.

Gary Johnson is a former, two-term governor of New Mexico and a man who built from scratch a construction company that eventually employed more than 1,000 people before he sold it in 1999. He possesses substantial executive experience in both the private and the public sectors.

More important, he’s a man of good integrity, apparently normal ego and sound ideas. Sadly, in the 2016 presidential contest, those essential qualities make him an anomaly — though they are the foundations for solid leadership and trustworthy character. (At 63, he is also the youngest candidate by more than half a decade — and is polling well among truly young voters.)

The Libertarian candidate is on the ballot in all 50 states.

To be sure, I don’t agree with him on many issues. His running mate is a particularly odious brand of leftard. But I also know Gary. We’ve met numerous times. He was largely responsible for my switching from the BlackBerry to the iPhone back in 2012 (not sure if Rob will ever forgive this transgression) by singing its praises and telling me that the BlackBerry was on its way out, and that he was shocked at how easy to use and versatile the iPhone was!

In other words, Gary is probably the most normal guy you will ever see on the national stage. Yes, he says dumb things sometimes. There are times he seems not to have thought his positions through. But the thing about Gary is that he listens. He learns. When you make your case to him, he honestly weighs what you have to say and researches it before deciding whether to change his mind on an issue or not. But he’s normal. He’s nice. He’s kind. He’s funny. And most of all, he’s genuine and willing to admit what he doesn’t know.

How rare is that?

But I’m not really here to talk about Gary, other than to confirm what the Richmond Times-Dispatch seems to have discovered this year – that he’s a viable candidate for the White House, especially given the complete fuckery that has been foisted on the two major parties by the establishment.

I’m here to marvel at just how horrible the two major parties have to be for a major Virginia newspaper to endorse a third-party candidate!

One candidate apparently didn’t realize she was a classification authority, and therefore didn’t understand that the (C) in front of each paragraph in her email meant “CONFIDENTIAL,” prompting everyone to wonder about her intelligence.

The other candidate went to a neighboring country with which we have a tight economic relationship, petted its corrupt president on the head and told him how fabulous his country was, came back to the United States, proceeded to screech that despite the fact his AWESOME, FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL WALL wasn’t discussed, our neighbor WAS going to pay for it, because everything is a negotiation. Meanwhile, a surrogate issued a “dire” warning that if the opponent won, there would be “taco trucks on every corner.”

trucksMmmmmmm…. tacos. Yum.

This is the type of choice America faces in 2016?

“I didn’t know what that little C in parentheses meant.” (Even though, I was a member of the national security team and a classification authority, and a number of State cables that bore my name were classified as (C))


Taco trucks on every corner!

Is it any wonder that a major Virginia newspaper chose to give the finger to both?

It shows one thing: the two major party candidates are the most odious, awful, unacceptable contenders for the highest office in the land we could have possibly gotten!

And the most ardent of their supporters – on both sides – are the most frothing idiotic hordes of ignorami ever created! (This excludes those who are dissatisfied with both choices, and are basically holding their noses.)

These are the people who twist and spin, and who hurl turds in the form of everything from ad hominems to death threats to those who oppose their political deity of choice.

Honestly, if this nation is to survive, it’s these morons we need to defeat!

There. I said it.


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  1. One candidate apparently didn’t realize she was a classification authority, and therefore didn’t understand that the (C) in front of each paragraph in her email meant “CONFIDENTIAL,” prompting everyone to wonder about her intelligence.

    She thought the C was her initial, and I don’t mean “Clinton.”

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    1. Must. Refrain. Must. Keep. Mouth. Shut.

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      1. Don’t stress yourself, Nicki, let it out.


        1. Nikki, if you have followed any of the recent dialog between SteveInCO and myself, you know that we seem to respect each other, but totally disagree on many things. On this one, I have to support him totally. Go ahead Nikki, let it out. C-uuumm, what ever else follows. I know it was the first thought in my head about her and this whole misadventure.


        2. LOL – you guys are crazeeeeeee!


  2. Molon Taco, bitches!

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  3. Here in our sanctuary city, we already have a taco truck on every other corner. Some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten has been off of a Taco truck. There was one just outside the Dole plant in Salinas Ca. that was there 24 hours a day. Yummy breakfast burritos.

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  4. I just had a very different (but still related to something you said) thought.

    I was at the Libertarian convention in 2000. Back then it did not work like the major parties. The presidential candidate did NOT pick a VP and have the convention rubberstamp it, like the Rs and Ds did (and do). Rather, it was a separate nomination and people actually campaigned for the VP nomination.

    If that’s still true, Johnson can’t be blamed for Weld.

    It’s still as good a reason not to vote for the ticket, but it might not be Johnson’s fault.


    1. It still is like that. But Gary begged them to choose Weld. Fuck if I know why!


      1. Ah, well, in that case… nevermind.


      2. Who were the alternatives?


  5. J. Eric Andreasen

    In the end, the Johnson/w-w-w-Weld (ewww…) alternative’s primary utility will be so when millions of v*ters, having obtained their selected master, then snivel and blubber in their bed sheets over the sting of the whip, they can mull what they could have done, instead.


  6. If I get a call from a pollster…I will tell him I intend to vote for Johnson. Because I’d love to see libertarian things said on that debate stage.

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  7. Steve – If Johnson makes it onto that “debate stage” it’s highly UNlikely that you’ll hear anything “libertarian”–at least as I understand their philosophy. Johnson isn’t any more a “libertarian” than I am a communist.

    Nicki – I think Johnson is in this whole thing to ASSURE Hillary is elected. He’s hoping to attract enough conservatives disgusted with Trump to give her a plurality–which is how her moron of a husband got elected–twice.

    I am FAR from a Trump fan, but since either he or Hillary is going to be our next President, we stand a very marginally better chance with him than with her. For example: We KNOW that she’s a corrupt, lying thief. We only SUSPECT it of Trump…and that only because of the media’s assault on him since the GOP convention. Prior to that, they all marveled at how “honest, plain-spoken and articulate he was compared to the other 15 candidates.


    1. The whole reason long time friend and Clinton donor, Trump, is in this thing is to ensure Hillary is going to be our next President. There is a reason the media had “all marveled at how “honest, plain-spoken and articulate he was compared to the other 15 candidates.”, It was because they knew he was the only person who was all but guaranteed to lose to Hillary and that they could convince low informed voters to vote for in the republican primary. (They had originally wanted that person to be Jeb but it quickly became clear they would not be able to swing that, so they went with the second best candidate)

      Trump is a life long leftest, so even if by some strange miracle he did manage to get elected it’s not going to be any better then a Hillary presidency. In fact it very well maybe worst. Even if trump were not as far as a leftest as Hillary, because he has that (R) in front of his name he can do a lot more damage. Things like when the next mass shooting happens and the left starts calling for UBC, where the republicans have been bearly standing against it, as soon as Trump calls for it Republicans will star folding and supporting it because the “Republican” president does. Same thing with when Obama care completely collapses and the calls for government run healthcare begin.


      1. Again. Either Hillary or Trump will be the next President. Johnson and that moron running as the “Green” Party candidate are non-entities as far as this November is concerned. She won’t have any effect at all and Johnson can only hope to attract enough somewhat conservative votes to let Hillary win by a plurality. He has NO HOPE of winning the election–only of insuring that the Democrat wins. I’m not a Trump-bot by any stretch of the imagination but he’s at least a marginal better choice than Hillary and it WILL be one or the other. A vote for Johnson–or refusing to vote at all–is the equivalent of a vote for Hillary. Do what your conscience dictates, but remember that you were warned.


  8. There is quite a lot I don’t like about Johnson, And under normal circumstances I don’t think I’d touch him with a 10 ft pole. He is definitely not what I would consider libertarian, but for this election he is by far the most acceptable choice.

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  9. I just read your Dragon Award post, then got to this one.

    The Republican “establishment” is the analog of the SJW’s who have taken over SF. Trump is the analog of the Sad/Rabid Puppies. I am surprised you don’t see this. Maybe your hate & distain for Trump has blinded you to seeing this.

    Anyway…try looking at the current presidential race from that standpoint. Put your emotions aside and try to look at it objectively.

    As about a zillion people have commented all over the internet, the next president will be either Hillary or Trump. Neither Johnson, Jill whatsername, or any of the other oddballs have any chance of winning.


    1. A) “Maybe your hate & distain for Trump has blinded you to seeing this.” – I don’t have hate and DISDAIN for any candidate. I just think they’re superbly unqualified for the presidency – that would include the Cheetorangutang. Trump is not the analog of the Sad or the Rabid Puppies. The fact that you conflate the two shows just how little understanding you have of the issues. Trump is not nearly as intelligent as the Puppies writ large, whether we’re talking Vox Day or Larry Correia. He has no knowledge beyond the biases he wants people to confirm for him. He has no understanding of macroeconomics, foreign policy, or national security. He has no understanding about civil rights and the constitution. Vox Day, whatever you may think of him, is smart and knowledgeable. Larry Correia and other Sad Puppies are as well. Trump is a screeching, narcissistic monkey.

      b) “Anyway…try looking at the current presidential race from that standpoint. Put your emotions aside and try to look at it objectively.” – I have written numerous posts about why Trump is an unacceptable candidate – without emotions, but citing facts. The fact that you either haven’t read them or are too dense or blinded by your love for him to comprehend said articles is not my problem

      c) “As about a zillion people have commented all over the internet, the next president will be either Hillary or Trump. Neither Johnson, Jill whatsername, or any of the other oddballs have any chance of winning.” – Well, gosh, then! I’ll just start voting for supremely unqualified candidates because “zillions” of morons on the Internet have commented.

      Do you even realize how ignorant you sound?


  10. I was telling people, “Well, this is the year that I finally vote Libertarian.” Then Ganja Gary spoke favorably about a carbon tax. Wut?!?!

    I swear on my Super Nintendo and all that is holy, I will write in Fred Thompson’s name and then dare people to tell me that he would do a worse job than these other jackwagons.

    Come on people, I’m talkin’ “from the grave” and Ol’ Fred would still scare the bejesus out of SJWs.

    (This whole post is due to my severe love of all things “Tennessee”, except for Memphis, of course. Don’t fret Tennesseans….I have it on high authority that the Memphis issue will be settled in the “Island No. 10 Compact of 2083”; where the MS River changes course after a new split in the New Madrid Fault and we just take the BBQ and give the rest to Arkansas.)


  11. There have been moments, when in times of weakness, I have found myself tempted to say to hello with it and voted Trump. Only because I have seen him say that he will take care of our veterans. But then I wake up, and realize that it really is just like my dad always said. Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey. In other words, all the candidates are going to say that they will take care of our veterans, or any other thing that is necessary to get elected.
    So I am only left with their records and their character, which is why I not voting for the first two, and probably three and four, candidates.
    It is a long election season, and it tends to wear down not only the candidates, but also the voting public. I have to stay strong and true to my conscience. Lord help me.


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