What in the blue hell?

GenderPronounPinsI’ve been pretty busy lately between work and physical therapy, so I missed this from a couple of days ago. But I had to post this before I got involved with other things and forgot. I think we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns with this gender pronoun bullshit, people! This is no longer about being inclusive. It’s more about catering to attention whoring snowflakes, who want to be special and different, but don’t have the imagination, ambition, or skill to create something unique.

Instead they simply pick something stupid and easy that gives them a) attention and b) grounds to complain about mistreatment if their pronoun is misused in some way. That way they can feel important if some cisheterowhiteracistoppressor is relieved of his job for failing to recognize that today they identify as a feather duster.

And here is the result.

In an effort to become more inclusive for gender nonconforming students, Champlain College handed out hundreds of pronoun pins to students and faculty during first-year orientation.

The pins contain a number of preferential pronouns, including “she/her,” “he/him,” “xe/xer,” and even pins that read “Hello, my pronouns are fluid. Please ask me!”

Could this be any more painfully stupid?

Alright, bitches. For the next several days I identify as a Mustang – the car, not the mammal. Red. Manual transmission. Y’all better refer to me as zhe/zher and worship me like any dick mobile should be worshiped. If you don’t, I’ll whine loudly and complain that you’re oppressing me.

Got it?


18 responses

  1. Would that be a convertible?


    1. Not today. Maybe tomorrow, in which case my pronoun would be khe/khir


  2. “Fluid”? Does that mean they wet themselves if triggered by being addressed by a non-preferred pronoun?


  3. Know what else is fluid? Napalm.

    Which brings me to reforming college campuses in this country…

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    1. Mr. Grumpy Guy? Do you have a newsletter? I find your views rather intriguing.


      1. Tell them they weren’t feeling the burn they thought they were.

        (OK, I don’t advocate torching the campuses, but the pun was too good to pass up.)


  4. Their pronouns should be Dickhead/cunt/douchbag’s

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  5. I am a simple soul, who has lived my entire life west of the Mississippi River. The pins picture says it is from NYU and doesn’t mention Champlain College — is Chaplain a campus of NYU? Other than that, I agree with Sanford.


  6. “my pronouns are fluid, Please ask me”

    Fluid? What kind of fluid: Newtonian or Non-Newtonian? Are you liquid base or a gaseous base? I’m assuming not plasma, since you’re not combusting.

    As a state of matter, at what point – temperature or stress wise – do you change; and are you more likely to change to a true gas or a solid state?

    [blink] What? You said to ask.

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    1. Problem is, the social-justice wankers are ALWAYS combusting. That’s the problem.

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  7. [compliments of my sister who is vapor locking] If fluid (a state of matter) is a pronoun, what is Dark Matter called?

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    1. All pronouns are fluid, but that doesn’t mean all fluids are pronouns.

      See? Simple.

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    2. “what is Dark Matter called?”


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      1. Dark matter lives. Or was that dark lives matter? Can’t recall.

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  8. Amazing how a mental disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, suddenly becomes “gimee my damn pronouns”; and society is expected to just say, “Somebody fire up the button making machine.”

    As Miss Ayn said,
    “You can ignore reality, but you can not ignore the consequences of reality.”
    And these upper ass hair patches can’t make us ignore that they are delusional.
    And these GD panty waist, pencil necked, cowardly, arrogant, boot lickin’, scum suckin’, Waffle House hatin’, PAC-12 lovin’, turd herdin’, DH in the AL defendin’, administrators at colleges is what is driving up tuition costs and creating these maddening policies that are, in effect, dumbing down these friggin Millenials and stealing the money.

    Sorry, my redneck is starting to show.


  9. Some dimwit in Austin once told me to refer to her as “gen” instead of “her” or “she.”

    I told her I was extremely offended by her request and to never bring the topic up with me again.


  10. Can I call you Shelby for short?

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  11. Collect as many as possible, hopefully all of them. Then change on a random basis, and confuse the hell out of the Special Snowflake SJWs. Scream at them if they get it wrong because they’re remembering yesterday’s button. hehehehehehehe


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