Open letter to W. Kamau Bell

Dear Kamau –

BTgAgkkGcFor the record, I’m absolutely elated that Michael Phelps chose to give you the finger and lead the American Olympic team into Maracana Stadium in Rio the other night, despite the fact that you sniveled and sniggered that the legendary swimmer was sure to follow your admonition to give up the honor of carrying the flag to someone who had not earned it.

Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad is a better choice to carry the flag, you whined in an open letter to Phelps.

She is a Muslim, you wailed.

Phelps doesn’t need the honor, you lamented.

And if he does this, he’ll be forgiven for that little pot indiscretion, you squealed.

If Phelps gave up the honor he earned fairly and justly by being selected by his peers to bear the flag, he would earn forgiveness for our nation for this shit show of an election, you claimed, as if it was Phelps’ responsibility to beg forgiveness in front of the world for the assclownery of this election year – assclownery for which you and your pals in the media are partially responsible.

Muhammad is a veritable cornucopia of social justice shitbaggery that you Marxists love so much! She’s female. She’s African-American. She’s a hijab wearing Muslim.

You know what she doesn’t have? She doesn’t have 22 Olympic medals.

She’s not the most decorated Olympian in history. As a matter of fact, her Olympic journey is just starting, while Phelps qualified for his first Olympic Games when he was just 15 years old.

Phelps is Olympic and American history. And while I’m sure Muhammad will forge her own glory, she’s not there yet.

In other words, Phelps earned this honor. He earned it with years of hard work.

And you want to take it away from him, because he doesn’t NEED it? Because he’s rich, white, and famous?

Wow, you’re a Marxist jerk! From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs, eh?

Who appointed you the arbiter of who needs what, and when those needs are met?

Phelps earned a record number of Olympic medals for his country over his swimming career, and was fairly selected by his peers to carry the flag, and yet, he should give up that honor because it’s somehow his responsibility to let someone who hasn’t earned it have it anyway, because she’s black… or Muslim… or female?

phelpsWhatever happened to merit? Whatever happened to fairness and justice? Whatever happened to earning the honor of representing and leading your country?

Are all those things to be overshadowed by plumbing, skin color, and religion?

Oh, I forgot. Those things aren’t important to you and your fellow Social Justice Howler Monkeys – ye of the big mouth and tiny genitalia. You don’t care about skill. You don’t give a rat’s ass about justice. You care about promoting people based on everything not related to actual abilities, to compensate for your own tiny sack.

And your appalling screed should be a slap in the face to every woman and minority who works their ass off to achieve great heights. You cheapen and demean their accomplishments by demanding that someone hand over something they earned to someone who hasn’t earned it merely because they happen to wear a hijab, and who by the way, claims she feels “unsafe” in the country of her birth, which I’m sure gives you, Kamau, another excuse to demand that she be given the unearned. Because VICTIM!!!

Maybe you feel Phelps should wear some cement shoes while he competes, because “America has enough tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great… again.” And if he doesn’t, he must be a Trump supporting racist, is that it, you ass munching jizz gobbler?

The Olympics are about physical prowess. They’re about skill. They’re about competition and athletic performance. They’re not about participation trophies. So stop trying to divide this country and relegate people to second class citizens merely because they are white, or male, because you feel they have enough “privilege.” Your FEELZ don’t matter. Phelps’ teammates voted for him to carry the flag, and however close that vote was, it’s their choice and his honor to accept, without you trying to undermine his achievements with implications of racism if he doesn’t abide by your oh-so-gentle “suggestion.”

When Muhammad wins medals and earns the majority of the votes of her fellow Olympians and the honor of carrying the flag in the next Olympic games, we will cheer her on just like we would any other American.

Until then, you can take your social justice agenda and shove it up your unAmerican ass!


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  1. W. Kamau Bell is a critically acclaimed sociopolitical comedian

    And how many medals has he earned? Oh nevermind. I thought for a moment he had something relevant to say.

    I look forward to the day that the retaliation against the SJW types becomes so brutal that they ask permission to talk.

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    1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      Saw that but still don’t know who he is and definitely see no reason to care what he says. 😉

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  2. Somebody’s always got an ax to grind these days, trying to insert his/her opinions, especially if the axee has some accomplishment. Screw ’em if they can’t handle quality.

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  3. I have a question. What the fuck is a “sociopolitical comedian” supposed to be? Sounds pretty oxymoronic to me.


    1. According to Wikipedia, Bell, an African American, “grew up in Alabama and Chicago, the son of Walter Bell, who served as Alabama’s Insurance Commissioner and Chairman of Swiss Re America Holding Corporation, and author Janet Cheatham Bell, who founded a self-publishing firm. Bell graduated from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and attended the University of Pennsylvania before dropping out. Later he began to pursue a career in comedy.”

      So, yeah, I can see how he’d have a problem with that whole “white privilege” thing.


  4. Mr. Bell could do his part to reduce air pollution by getting his mouth and nose sewn shut.

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    1. Sara, you proveed from a false premise: That the bullshit this “person” is spewing comes out of an orifice on its cranium.

      Sew its asshole shut.


  5. How prescient. Right before I read your latest post, NBC Nightly News had their obligatory puff piece on the box-checking female, black, Muslim, Olympic fencer; though strangely, no mention of her sexual fluidity status.

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    1. If she’s as religious as they say, she’d BETTER be straight.


  6. Please stop insulting howler monkeys. They have a complex social structure, and would kick the SJW’s out of the troop.

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  7. If he’s a comedian, then maybe he was trying to be funny?


    Well, a guy can dream, can’t he?


    1. Oh, I’m sure it was trying.

      Very trying.


  8. ” claims she feels “unsafe” in the country of her birth,”

    There’s a simple fix for that. Pack your shit and move to the third world shit hole of your choosing.


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