I don’t care about Melania Trump’s nude photos

My news feeds are overflowing with Melania Trump’s tits today. It’s a bit surreal, since I’m still a bit stoned on painkillers, so seeing her nude photos both by herself and with another nekkid chick is kind of making me feel funny – and not like climbing the rope in gym class funny, either. Just weird.

On one hand, a possible future First Lady being spanking material for horny teenage boys and half the military bases is pretty friggin’ inappropriate… and creepy.

Nope! Not at all, you nauseating jizz monkey!

Nope! Not at all, you nauseating jizz monkey!

Also, I’ll be honest here, the thought of her riding the two-inch hairy baloney pony and his post-coital smirk is making me nauseous enough to reach for the Zofran (the pills they gave me to prevent post-surgical nausea).

There’s a part of me that really wants to see some class in the White House, instead of the gold-accented, tacky, gold-toilet-seat-a-la-Saddam I have of a Trump presidency.

But at the same time, I just don’t care. She did what she did. She had a successful modeling career when she was young. Why should anyone give a damn?

Mostly, though, I don’t give a rat’s flying, rolling fuck because there are  to worry about.

Like Trump’s lack of understanding about how NATO actually works.

Like his complete lack of knowledge and understanding about Putin’s actions in Crimea.

Like his idiotic campaign’s softening of the GOP platform on Ukraine.

Like his campaign manager’s seedy ties to former Ukrainian president and Putin crony Viktor Yanukovych.

Like his lack of respect and understanding of the Constitution, which I have written about too many times to mention.

Trade wars. Lack of understanding about economics and trade policy. The desire to force the military to target innocent family members of terrorists. The desire to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process. Those issues concern me.

There are a lot of things to be concerned about with this candidate. Melania’s tits are not on that list, though.

Although the hypocrisy of promising to spend yet more government resources on a commission to examine the “harmful public health impact” of pornography is more than a little striking to me, I’ll admit. But overall, it’s just more big-government shit that makes this candidate even more unappealing.

And no, I’m not posting the photos. Use your Google-fu if you really want to see the tits.


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  1. Honestly, I could not care less about Ms. Trump’s past. However, if this had been one on Bill’s many, many mistresses, the media outrage would be epic. And therein lies the media’s hypocrisy.

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  2. Everyone has a past but I believe modeling’s evils don’t come close to the Clinton machine’s “accomplishments”.

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  3. Would you prefer nekkid pictures of Hillary? The current Ghettopotamus? Just trying to cheer you up. Things could be far worse.


    1. Now that’s just evil.


      1. Christ!!!! WTF??????? Warn a person next time, will ya? Especially a person coming off a Hydrocodone high!


  4. Well, now. After spending three semesters in figure drawing classes with buck nekkid men or women as models, as well as my weekends for several years in Chicago doing the same thing, my response to the idjits who post these things?

    Try to grow the fuck up, willya!?!?!?

    So what? At least Mrs. (M) Trump is light years better looking, clothed or otherwise, than the bulk of the people who think this is a terrible thing. The hypocrisy oozes out of every pore of those clowns who put this stuff online. Personally, as much as I would love to catch some of THEM in the altogether, I don’t want to see the world explode. I need a planet to live on.

    As I said, they can grow the fuck up. This is not a news story. It’s a ‘so what’.

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  5. It is 4 days postop…………are your tennis scores improving yet?


  6. Unless she ends up in a position to influence policy I really don’t care about what she did 20 years ago.

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  7. Echo the comments here about who cares about Melania. She is a pretty lady, who had a past in modeling. People need to remember that first lady is not a fucking elected office. First gentleman, or what ever the hell they are going to call sticky Bill, is not an elected office either.
    As to Trump and his positions, the only one I can keep in my mind is with his shoved firmly up his own ass. That seems to be where it is most of the time.

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  8. Honey, most of NATO countries don’t understand “how NATO works”. From flouting the rule regarding defense spending based on the member country’s GDP, to refusal to to send troops to join NATO missions that they disagree with based on domestic political considerations, Western Europe has lived on the largesse of American military power AND defensive capabilities for long enough. It gets harder and harder to understand why we, America, should be more vested in the defense of countries that seem so apathetic and ambiguous in regard to their own safety and sovereignty.

    All hail Saint Opiate the Benevolent!!!


    1. The NATO defense spending benchmark is a recommendation, not a rule. If it was a rule, at least 23 countries would be booted out, and there would be no NATO. And unless Articles 4 or 5 are invoked, NATO nations aren’t really obligated to send their troops anywhere. While we are the leader of NATO, the politicians’ screeching about how much we “contribute” is smoke and mirrors. Our defense spending is indeed bigger than all other NATO allies combined by something like a 75/25 ratio (I’m rounding off here), but that doesn’t mean all our defense resources go to NATO, like they’d like you to think.


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