I’m alive, and I don’t have a stump

Hi, guys!

I’m alive. I made it through surgery. Had some breathing issues post-op, so they kept me in the hospital a bit longer as a precaution. The procedure itself only lasted about an hour and a half, but then, all of a sudden, I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. For several hours. So, they kept me there longer on oxygen to ensure I didn’t die or anything.

I didn’t. But I’ve been on some great pain pills since. Also some anti-nausea stuff, which has been a Godsend, especially when combined with the anti-nausea patch they stuck behind my ear!

In other words, aside from massive amounts of pain, I’m good. Sort of stoned, but good. And sleeping a lot.

Now, on to news. Well, maybe not news. But this ran across my feed today.

Moments after Donald Trump took the stage on a college campus in Colorado Springs, he tore into what is really making America not so great.

“We have thousands of people in a room next door,” he said. “We have thousands of people trying to get in and we have a fire marshal that says ‘No, we can’t allow more people in.’”

Trump said it was “so unfair” to those who couldn’t make it inside the 1,500-capacity auditorium.

“They won’t let them in, and the reason they won’t let them in is because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing, that’s why,” Trump said to loud cheers. “That’s why our country has — hey, maybe they’re a Hillary person. Could that be the answer? Probably.”

Let’s start with the obvious. Trump is a fucking retard. His campaign didn’t book a venue large enough to hold the audience, and then they oversold the number of tickets, leaving the Fire Marshal to do his job and cap the number of people entering the auditorium.

But, of course, it’s never Trump’s fault. Ever. It’s not his campaign’s fault for handing out too many tickets. It’s not his fault for not booking a bigger venue.

No, the fault is, of course, with the Fire Marshal for doing his job and ensuring that the thousands of people who came to see him weren’t at risk.

And for this transgression, Brett Lacey MUST be a Democrat and a Hillary voter. He just MUST! There’s no other explanation for depriving the Great Hairy Hemorrhoid™ of what he’s obviously entitled to! Lacey MUST be a Democrat.

Except he’s not.

Methinks this Brett Lacey was born in 1961, and is the registered Republican.

Methinks this Brett Lacey was born in 1961, and is the registered Republican.

There are two Brett Laceys registered to vote in Colorado. One lives in Colorado Springs and was born in 1961, and is a registered Republican. The other one was born in 1991, and is a registered Libertarian.

In another article Lacey said he was a registered voter, but declined to give his party affiliation. The Colorado database was pretty easy to search.

Unlike Trump, who also called retired Marine General John Allen a failure, because Allen is not supporting his candidacy, Brett Lacey has some class.

After being called out several times by the hairy bag of douche, he merely said the following:

“There’s an old adage that when a fire marshal walks into a room, milk curdles. So because we’re always looking out for public safety and trying to make certain venues go off successfully and safely sometimes there are people that aren’t very happy with some of the rules and regulations were required to enforce. But it doesn’t bother me at all,” he said.

That’s called class. Perhaps Trump should learn some.


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  1. John Allen is this year’s Wes Clark. He will be an irrelevance shortly. But then, what really has he done apart from being a lapdog for his Dem masters?


    1. General Allen has had a long and distinguished career. You may not agree with him on this endorsement (I certainly do not), but to impugn his service because he hasn’t stuck his tongue up Trump’s rectum? Come on!

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  2. Fire Marshal occupancy restrictions are another of the silly, mostly-useless, government “regulations” that the Trump supporters are so angry about. I can understand Trump using it as part of his message…which boils down to: Too much government, too many “rules” restricting citizens’ behaviors, and too many folks depending on government “help”–all of which comes from the pocketbooks of the so-called “rich” and middle class. Obama has systematically PURGED the military of actual combat-experienced generals and replaced them with a bunch brass hats who agree with HIM and who’ll kill HIS ass.


    1. Trump has exactly NO interest in limited government.

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  3. Sorry. That was supposed to read “…KISS his ass.”


    1. Dave, it’s the generals that he HAS fired that would be willing to “kill his ASS”.
      ‘Course I mean that in a GOOD way.


  4. I’ve dealt with many Fire Marshals over the years. They are a tight-knit organization under many jurisdictions. It’s conceivable that now and then the authority they wield may affect their judgement. I’ve never seen it happen myself. It’s generally accepted that only a fool argues with a Fire Marshal. In my experience the Fire Marshal has almost always been right.

    Glad you are on your way to recovery. Watch the effects of the pain meds. I know it’s silly to worry about being indelicate here, of all places :), but constipation hurts! Been there, got the scars.

    Looking forward to more pics of those shoes!! 😉

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  5. Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT a Trump fan by any stretch of the term. There are plenty of things to criticize him about. THIS incident is a tempest in a teapot. I’ve known a few fire marshals personally and they’ve ALL been officious and enamored of their own self-importance, most of the time simply because they COULD be.


  6. Out of curiosity, I tried to attend this rally; I work in Colorado Springs.

    I was one of the people not only not in the main room, but not in the overflow room either, standing outside. I picked up a mild sunburn.

    Yes, they did give away 10 thousand tickets for a 1.5K seat venue. That was just fucked up.

    I watched a video of what he said later. Most notable was his excuse for “bleeding out of wherever” in reference to Megan Kelly (a big theme of his was how the media will distort ANYTHING; see how they’ve gone apeshit over his sarcastic comment on Russia and Hillary’s 30K missing e-mails; he was trying to claim the whole thing about Kelly was part of that). He claimed he was impatient and wanted to move onto the next question and interrupted himself with “whatever” but when I went and listened to it to fact-check, I didn’t catch any pause before “wherever” (not “whatever’) so I score it as almost certainly a lie.

    It was fun standing in the line talking with people about how shitty modern “progressives” are, so it wasn’t a complete loss.


    1. And (oh yeah) I bought Yet More Fucking Ammo in multiples of a thousand rounds today. Pistol, this time. Price was too good to pass up.

      I need to find some silver lining in the current situation.


  7. Ghost Rider 6

    Welcome back, Nicki. I’m glad you have your procedure out of the way, and I hope you have a good outcome from it.

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    1. Thanks! It’s only been three days, so it still hurts like a bitch. That said, the doctor says it looks really good in there, so we’ll see. 🙂


      1. That’s good to hear.

        Before we know it, R. Lee Nicky will be back in full force, cussing out everything that is fucked up in this world of ours.


        1. I, too, am pleased that you came through your procedure reasonably well. I know from first-hand experience that screwing with one’s legs can be painful. I had my left knee replaced with a joint made of chromium-cobalt a couple of years ago and, in addition to getting a pulmonary embolism from it, it took me 7 months to get over the pain! Glad you’re back.


      2. If you think it hurts like a bitch now, Nicki, just wait until the physical therapy I’m sure your doc has in mind for you begins. That said, don’t pussy out on it. I’ve known people who were either unable or unwilling to pursue PT following orthopedic surgery as they should have, and they paid the price for it later.

        Orthopedic is the only type of surgery that semi-freaks me out. With all the saws, drills, hammers, screw drivers, nails, screws and files they use, it seems to me more like fucking carpentry than surgery. 🙂 But the surgeon that put my mom’s left elbow back together several years ago, after she smashed it falling on concrete, did a masterful job.


        1. Oh, don’t worry. Given the amount of orthopedic surgeries I’ve had (shoulder, knee, hand, and now this), I know how painful it will be. To date, I think the shoulder has been the most torturous. Nothing can possibly compare to that shit!


  8. Glad to hear you made it through ok. This place wouldn’t be the same without you 😉

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