Gotta admit it’s a brilliant scam to separate fools and their money

So some Indiana guy named Larry Mitchell has decided America is filled with racism or something, so he’s soliciting funds to send him back to Africa. He thinks his trip should be funded by KKK, skinheads, and the like, because they’re the ones clamoring for him to go.

Send me “back” to Africa fund… If you want me to go back to Africa I will gladly go… you can help make your dream and mine come true… accepting  all donations… KKK, Skin Heads and anyone else with like mind thinking are welcome to donate… Thank you.. God bless you and America… #putyourmoneywhereyourhateis

The only problem is, judging from the majority of comments on his fundraising site, the donors are morons suffering from white guilt and aching to show just how generous they are, SJWs aching for a cause, and only a smattering of what appear to be racist fruitcakes – maybe two out of the 128. Certainly no large numbers of KKK members or other such organized scum are stepping up to pay his way.

Larry Mitchell GoFundMe page

I looked at tickets from Indianapolis to Nairobi, and the top most expensive one is not even $5,000. I’m not sure why this guy is angling for $100,000, probably because he wants a nice car and maybe some primo clothing at others’ expense, but he’s got $1800 of it already in the bag – merely by existing and claiming how’s he’s hated and reviled for his skin color.

Pretty good scam he’s got going there.

Screech “RACISM.”

Challenge racists to pay your way back to Africa.

Get media coverage.

Watch primarily dumb leftist uber douches pour money into your GoFundMe account.


Nice work if you can get it.

I hope he donates the funds to charity.

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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Unfortunately, IIRC he’s not planning to remain in Africa.👿


    1. Well, this was supposed to be an attention-getting ploy to point out racism. But only a couple of overt racists have contributed so far, and the vast majority are dumb leftards, which makes this nothing but an SJW circle jerk.

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  2. Why is he going for $100,000.00? Cuz a man has to pay for shipping his taxidermy mounts back home, PH fees, tips, etc. I just wish I had tried to fund a safari like this guy.


  3. Pat Patterson

    There is an extra ‘.’ In your link to the campaign, BTW.
    An amusing diversion, and nothing more. He obviously doesn’t have an interest in advertising to real hate groups, because I believe they would comment that a round of (your favorite mankiller here) is much cheaper than $100,000.
    So, nice try, but if the campaign doesn’t meet goal, nobody pays, right?


  4. _face palm_

    In the image someone appears to be saying “what is 6 times 9” “the answer is, the answer is above” – which I take to mean the donation: A donation of $42.00.

    I am not sure if:
    a) someone is a product of public education
    b) a Douglas Addams fan.
    c) There is no C – I cannot rationalize “all of the above”.


    1. That’s weird.


  5. Gee, do you think I could get people to fund my trip to another planet? I get tired of squabbling attention whores like him. I want to move. I need money to move my household, my cats, and provide food and gardening equipment plus seeds and bees. Gotta have bees.

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    1. You could try! I’m sure there are morons out there who will send you their hard earned ducats!


    2. Travel from the Human MotherWorld is Interdicted.


  6. I’d contribute if he’d renounce his U.S. citizenship first and pledge (on pain of refunding every dime to the donors) NEVER to return to the U.S. for ANY purpose and keep his children and grandchildren from coming here, too!


  7. Isn’t this just a poor man’s Garveyism?
    And look how that turned out.


  8. He needs the $100,000 for advance fees to recover the millions he has coming to him over there. He really should’ve promised to share that wealth.


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