Classless Neanderthal Goons Show the World their Bald, Red Asses

(Note: Not every Trump supporter, and not every individual who has decided to vote for him can be described as a Trumpanzee. Some of my closest friends have decided to vote for him, based on a close examination of the evidence before them and a risk assessment of what is best for this country. When I say “Trumpanzee,” I refer to people who threaten and intimidate those with whom they disagree. They call even their close friends “idiots” and “morons” for not supporting Trump, even as they present some of the dumbest reasons, clickbait, and false reporting as “evidence” to support their case. They accuse people whom they ostensibly love of being tacit Hillary supporters, instead of realizing that these loved ones used their best judgment and made the best choice they could under the circumstances. These are Trumpanzees. All the others… vote your conscience.)baboon

You ever see a baboon ass? A baboon is a fluffy kind of monkey with huge maws and red, bald asses which they regularly show to the world. It apparently makes it more comfortable for the baboon to sit, but it’s wholly unattractive and somewhat disturbing to look at.

Welcome to the Trump Goon Squad at the Republican National Convention. That’s exactly what the Trumpanzees showed themselves to be last night after they tried to drown out a speech by Ted Cruz and descended upon Heidi Cruz like a band of knuckle dragging Neanderthals after her husband was done speaking. They showed the world their red asses. They showed the world what they were really about.

Let’s get a couple of things straight.

1) Trump’s campaign not only approved, but maintained the right to rewrite Ted Cruz’s speech. It did not.

I thought that was quite authoritarian, but declined to write about it at the time, because I had better things to do than repeat over and over again what kind of statist schmuck the Hairy Hemorrhoisd really is. I’ve explored that more than once, so I’m not doing it here. However, the salient point is that the campaign did, in fact, see the speech and approved it.

And then, he showed up at the end, watched the chaos his cro-Magnon supporters wreaked, and pretended to be outraged. At Cruz. Interesting.

2) Cruz graciously congratulated Trump on his primary victory. Why wouldn’t he? Trump won. There was nothing to be done about that, and Ted Cruz has generally focused on substance. What’s done is done.  Hell, he even gave a shout-out to Trump’s building a wall idea as something that’s needed!

3) The rest of the speech didn’t mention Trump at all. Cruz talked about freedom, the Constitution, American values, and abusive government power. He talked about the pure evil that is terrorism. He spoke of issues greater than one candidate, but that impact the very future of our country. He spoke of the differences he saw in the current administration and the Democrats’ platform and what he thought the Republican Party should stand for. Do Trump supporters see a problem with those values? Then what in evergliding fuck are they doing there?

4) And finally, Ted Cruz encouraged Republicans not to stay home this November and vote their conscience.

If you love our country, and love our children as much as you do, stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom, and to be faithful to the constitution.

If you see something wrong with this speech, perhaps you need to take a closer look at your own values.

Read it. Read it several times. I challenge anyone to find anything in this speech that’s objectionable to the values we purport to respect and strive to protect! Do it!

Did they believe that when voting their conscience disqualifies Trump as a viable candidate dedicated to Republican values?

For encouraging people to vote their conscience, the shit-flinging Trumpanzees from New York began booing Ted Cruz. They began trying to drown him out and screeching for Trump.


Cruz spoke passionately about the Republican Party’s ideals and historic dedication to freedom. Shouldn’t these traits be part of the GOP candidate’s portfolio? If Trumpanzees are offended by these values and see Cruz’s impassioned reference to them as an “insult” to the GOP candidate, wouldn’t it be wise to actually examine why? Could it be that the candidate doesn’t exhibit these traits that are so critical to what the Republican Party purportedly stands for?

Oh, they’re angry that Cruz didn’t endorse Trump?

By laying out the values on which the Republican Party was built – freedom, smaller government, self-determination, and justice – Ted Cruz endorsed the GOP candidate, didn’t he? Oh no? And whose fault is that?

Oh, they wanted Cruz to mention Trump by name? Why?

They already knew Cruz wasn’t going to directly endorse Trump. He has said so numerous times publicly, and the Trump campaign agreed that a public, specific endorsement wasn’t necessary.

And why would he? Trump attacked his wife with ridiculous ad hominems. He accused his father of being part of a JFK assassination plot. He spread rumors that Cruz was a philanderer and ineligible for the Presidency by virtue of being born in Canada. Why in the world would Cruz ever endorse that?

Oh, he signed a pledge? Fatass Christie from New Jersey, who seemed to have forgotten what exactly an elected official’s “job” he whined“And quite frankly, I think it was something selfish. And he signed a pledge. And it’s his job to keep his word.”

No, you porcine jackass. His job is to “support and defend the Constitution” of the United States, not to publicly support a Cheeto-colored fuckbag who attacked his family, and whose familiarity and respect for the Constitution is maybe a smidgen greater than my dog’s. No go stick that donut back in your maw and handwash Trump’s underwear. Isn’t that your job?

And let’s not forget, boys and girls, who backed out of that pledge first, and who ultimately released Cruz from having to abide by it in the first place.

Now, with only three candidates remaining in the race, the loyalty pledge appears to be all but dead.

Tuesday night during a CNN town hall in Milwaukee, Wis., moderator Anderson Cooper asked Trump whether he is sticking with his pledge to support the nominee.

“No, I don’t anymore,” Trump said. “No, we’ll see who it is.”

And with respect to his contentious relationship with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Trump appeared to release Cruz from the pledge as well.

“Honestly, he doesn’t have to support me,” Trump said. “I’m not asking for his support.”

This face is filled with nothing but hatred and unmitigated frothing zeal for der Fuhrer!

This face is filled with nothing but hatred and unmitigated frothing zeal for der Fuhrer!

And yet, the cretins in that convention hall not only refused to allow Cruz to finish his speech, but also advanced on his wife so aggressively, she had to be escorted out by security!

Is this civilized? No. It’s unsportsmanlike, puerile, and ignorant.

This shouldn’t be part of American politics, but it’s something to which we’ve become accustomed and inured.

I’m not even surprised that these froth-flecked fuckwits didn’t listen or comprehend the words Ted Cruz eloquently strung together about American values, American security, freedom, and real diversity.

I am shocked at how vicious these putrid malcontents are, and how quickly they’ve traded in common sense for pure, unmitigated rage.

Rage feels good. It’s cathartic, and I’ll be the first one to admit it.

But last night showed me just how embarrassing the Republican Party has become. Its nominee embraced the very political machine he condemned as “rigged” throughout the primary cycle, and now is using it to threaten and intimidate those who haven’t fallen in line with his particular brand of populist statism.

By threatening Heidi Cruz, the Trumpanzees showed just how depraved and savage they are.

By trying to drown out a speech that ostensibly speaks to values with which they agree, merely because it comes out of the mouth of a man who has challenged their hairy, small-handed tyrant, they showed a distinct lack of class and a disrespect for the very principles they supposedly espouse.

By rejecting a call to “vote your conscience,” they embarrassingly acknowledge that their candidate doesn’t deserve said vote.

They’re an awkward reminder to the rest of the world just how far the United States has fallen.


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  1. Joe Miller (@joethefatman1)


    And thanks for not considering me a Trumpanzee. I’m just voting (and I hate to use the word ‘for’) for him … (d**n it) to spite the thugs from San Jose. I”m going to hell for it. but there it is.


    1. I shouldn’t laugh, but I do. LOL


    2. I’ve long said that this year looks like a contest between “Oh Shit!” and “Hell, NO!”

      It’s possible (in fact, if you agree with my evaluation, it’s the only rational thing to do) to decide that Oh Shit! is preferable (albeit barely) to Hell, NO! and that one should therefore cast a ballot against Hell, NO!

      That’s not trumpanzee-ish. That’s just someone who doesn’t consider both of them to be Hell, NO!

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  2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    With your permission, I’d like to post a link to this.


    1. Of course! Go for it.


  3. I could appreciate Trump supporter’s complaints better if I had heard some of them saying how Trump had crossed the line concerning Cruz (my favorite candidate) and especially his family. Trump got about as much as he could reasonably expect from Cruz after all the vicious and unnecessary attacks. Trump made his bed. End of story.


    1. Chazz, I’m a Cruz guy, but he did fire the first salvo by going after Trump’s wife. And no I DON’T belive the bs about super pacs and campaigns not talking to each other.


      1. Regardless of what you buy or not, Super PACs are not allowed to coordinate with campaigns, per FEC regulations. If you think Cruz is a guy of character who respects the law, why would you think he would violate it?


        1. Nicki, dear, in my 65 years on this planet I have developed a cynical side that runs deep. A politician that respects the law? A politician with character? There may be a few out there, but I wouldn’t count on it.


        2. Coordination is pretty easily traced. Even if you don’t believe Cruz is a standup guy with character. I doubt he would so blatantly violate the law. YMMV. Carry on.


  4. Sean Davis from The Federalist has a good piece today. It’s a nice p.s. to this post from you.

    The non-ambiguity of the term “vote you conscience” is determined by each individual voter. To me, the Trumpians of the NY delegation exposed their ‘Yankee Ass’; in that, they were so busy getting prepared to be offended and scream to high heaven about the offense, that they couldn’t prudently or thoughtfully process the content of the Cruz speech.

    It seemed that the only thing to calm them was the opiate of total capitulation on Cruz’s speech.

    *The monkey-poo-flinging is the perfect analogy to last night’s ruckus.


    1. Just read it. Good stuff.


    2. Ironically, there are others claiming Trump completely manipulated this whole thing for his own benefit and that Cruz fell into the trap; apparently Republicans are rallying around him on party loyalty grounds.

      Of course, if THAT’s true, then maybe Cruz did it as a gift to Trump, and I should put on a tin foil hat.

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  5. Sorry, but as someone who gave money to Cruz’s campaign and voted for him in the primaries, I find the loudest yahoos are the rabid “Never Trumpers”. If the moronic purists give us Hitlery because of juvenile butt-hurt, like the purists that stayed home because Romney wasn’t “their” guy, I find them as low as the libtards.


    1. We’ll see if the “Never Trumpers” boo him off the stage. If they do, I’ll agree with you, but somehow I doubt it.

      This is also not about being a purist. Trump is AS BAD AS HILLARY. Over the past primary season I have laid out reasons why. You may not agree with my reasoning, but to claim that I’m as low as the libtards? Well… that’s just ignorant.

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      1. Which is to say: The logic you use to condemn those who didn’t vote for Romney simply doesn’t apply here; Nicky isn’t saying “Trump isn’t ideal so I’m staying home,” she’s saying, “Trump is AS BAD AS HILLARY.”

        You can disagree with that last bit as much as you like, but you can’t claim she’s behaving like a “no to Romney” whiner because she’s not doing it for the same reasons they did.

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      2. “Trump is AS BAD AS HILLARY.”? If Trump was running as a democrat, I’d say that would be about true. Him running as a Republican makes him worst than Hillary. Hillary is an SS troop with a flame thrower coming to attack you and your buddies, Trump is the same SS troop with a flame thrower but you have put him behind you and asked him to watch you and your buddies back. Which one is going to do more damage.

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  6. When I sign a pledge to do a thing, I am not released from that pledge simply because some other idiot says never mind. When I say I will do a thing, I should do it. Nothing Trump or anyone else has done or said releases Cruz from his pledge, and one’s opinion of Trump has no bearing on whether Cruz should do what he said he would do.


    1. We will agree to disagree on this one. If you think Cruz should have endorsed a man who baselessly attacked his wife and father, contrary to his principles, I can’t help you, nor will I try to convince you otherwise.


      1. I was under the impression that the pledge was only to support the eventual candidate by not running third party. Support =/= official endorsement.


        1. Either way – Cruz was not in the wrong in any way.


    2. Consenting to a ‘pledge’ does not obligate one to jump off a cliff to no benefit.

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  7. Andrew Benghazi

    The only defense of Trump required is, the alternative is Hillary.


    1. That’s not a qualification for the White House. Sorry.

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    2. Then vote Gary Johnson.

      Voting for a shit-sandwich, in order to be ‘saved’ from another shit-sandwich, is futile.

      Vote for the candidate that wants to offer something other than shit-sandwiches.


  8. Christopher M. Chupik

    What amuses me is that the hardcore Trumpkins believe that Trump is invincible, yet freak out whenever anybody shows less than 110% support for him.

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    1. The same logic is used by many religious people with respect to god.

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  9. Y.B ben Avraham

    “Tomorrow belongs to me…”


  10. Speaking from a purely Christian point of view, I think Cruz should have honored his word and endorsed Trump. There are several Bible passages I could give saying why my word is my bond type of thing, no matter how inconvenient, or no matter whether someone does bad things to me.
    On a personal and human point of view, I am thinking it was short sighted of Cruz to sign the so called pledge in the first place. He could have even gotten some traction from not signing it by saying that he would never endorse a man with such iffy morals or limited qualifications, or something like that.
    After the primary season and now the Republicans mini Mardi Gras, I find myself in much the same place I was a year ago when it all started. Who the hell do I vote for? I of course can’t and won’t vote for Hillary, and probably would never vote Democratic as long as they are the same party they have been for 50 years or more. And I find it used to be easier to tell myself to plug my nose and vote for the Republican nominee, just for the so called lesser of two evils effect. But that has not always made me able to do it in the past, and this year, even less. In my mind, I can hear the people who say that a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary. But in my heart, and most importantly, in my soul, my inner being, I hear that still small voice that says, ” A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, also”.
    I look and I look, and I am not seeing any difference between the two. Oh, sure, on the outside, they may not look the same, or sound the same, or even make the same lame promises. But when all is said and done, I am certain that either one of them will take us down the very same path. More regulations. Less freedom. Bigger government. Less respect from foreign governments. Less trust from our allies, and more, not less, terrorist attacks, aimed at U.S. soil.
    It used to be easy. Just vote for the Libertarian candidate. Then a movement started called the tea party. Things changed, at least on the surface. We had a small glimmer of hope. But of course, they were soon overwhelmed by the powers that be, who would not let upstarts try and take over their cushy thrones. Ok, so just go back to the Libertarian party again. Except that now as I am more involved in things and starting to look more closely into facts for myself, it isn’t that simple anymore.
    I have a confession to make. My first election that I voted in was Ronald Reagan’s first term. I voted for John Anderson, Libertarian candidate. It sure seemed a lot simpler then. I wonder how the world would be different if my party had won. I bet it wouldn’t have been any worse. Nikki, I bet you wish you had stayed in Europe on vacation sometimes. The International Football Museum is probably looking mighty good right about now.


    1. John Anderson was not the Libertarian candidate. He was a liberal Republican who ran as an independent when he failed to get the nomination.

      You might be thinking of Ed Clark, who was the Libertarian. Or maybe you really did vote for Anderson.


      1. Sorry, SteveinCO, you of course are right. I did indeed vote for Anderson. It was my mistake in saying he was the Libertarian candidate. You must remember that I was only a kid then. And not well informed. Now my excuse is that I am old and forgetful. Thanks for setting me straight.

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        1. Oddly enough, I was only sixteen back then, but remember it very well.


  11. Nicki, you are so much more eloquent than the starched shirt lecturers over on CNN

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  12. You are just seeing what you want to see.
    Most people, including a lot of people who were for Cruz, saw (correctly) that Cruz using the slogan of the dumptrump movement was a shout-out to the dumpTrumpers. You can play word-games all you want, but that’s what it was.

    Too bad that Cruz screwed the pooch. Except for that it was a great speech. But he had to try to stick a knife in, and that destroyed the rest of his message, and probably destroyed his political future.


    1. If, in fact, he damaged his political future, I call that integrity. His principles are more important than politics.

      And I find it instructive that you claim this was a shout-out to the Never Trump movement without any proof at all, while accusing me of seeing only what I want to see. Fact is, he was under no obligation to endorse. Fact is Trump had already said in March that he wasn’t going to abide by the pledge and absolved Cruz of doing the same. Fact is it was a great speech, as you said, that talked about everything the Republican party historically has stood for and should currently stand for. Fact is he congratulated Trump and even gave a shout out to the “building a wall” concept. And yet, you still claim he “screwed the pooch.” I would submit you’re the one only seeing what you want to see.



      1. A lot of pundits think he ended his political career with that speech.

        Whether that’s true only time will tell. I, for one, hope it isn’t. I personally think he did the right thing.


      2. Oh, and one other thing Cruz did, which no one seems to have commented on, is to do his best to bolster the down ticket candidates. Even if you can’t stand Trump, he’s urging you to vote for other Rs down ticket. That counts as a positive service to the GOP that has been ignored.


  13. Actually the red ass just means the baboon is ready to be screwed by the first dick to come hooting along.

    Not unlike Trumpzis.


    1. Except the baboon(ette) probably knows what to expect and will most likely enjoy it when it happens.


  14. […] be less than positive about the Cheetorangutang and very flattering toward his daughter Ivanka, to threatening the wife of a political opponent, to calling a journalist all sorts of  foul names only I use on a regular basis, because I just […]


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