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conventionTo corroborate what I wrote yesterday, and to further show that what went on at the RNC convention this week is much bigger than the movement to stop Trump, I would like to give you a write-up from a GOP convention delegate, who was beyond disgusted with the process and with what appears to be blatant dishonesty and fuckery on the part of the RNC establishment in which they blatantly ignored the majority of delegates from 11 states who demanded a roll call vote on the adoption of rules for the convention.

These states have major reservations about the rules package adopted by the Convention Rules Committee the previous week that gave increased power to the RNC and stripped power from the GOP state delegations (per Rule 12). Some in the media, though, have wrongly reported that our aim was to strip Donald Trump of the nomination, but this is simply not the case.

Among the objectionable rules submitted by the Rules Committee was the addition of binding language to Rule 38 of the Standing Rules of the Convention for only the second time since the creation of the Republican Party. The first time was in 1976, but the Ronald Reagan convention of 1980 removed this language.

If we had been successful in forcing a vote on the rules, it is true that this would have opened the door for delegates to vote their conscience (something delegates in the past have been free to do for over 130 years) — but this was just one issue among many.

To force a roll call vote, we had to have a majority of signatures from 7 states per Rules 37-39. As mentioned above, we were successful in gathering sufficient signatures from 11 states: Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Maine, Alaska, Washington, Minnesota, Wyoming, the District of Columbia, Utah, and North Dakota.

After ignoring us when we initially called for a point of order (and had to then yell since the chair wouldn’t turn on our microphones), and then after the chair walked off the stage for several minutes (something unheard of), he then returned and finally let us make a motion for a roll call vote.

He called for a voice vote and allowed the entire convention hall to participate — not just the delegates — and subsequently determined the motion had failed. He then stated that only 9 states had submitted signatures, but that several delegates from three or four states withdrew their support.

He claimed that two additional states had submitted signatures but they didn’t meet some supposed deadline — which is an outright lie since there is nothing in the rules that mentions such a deadline for roll call votes (only for nominations via Rule 40).

We have no way of verifying the claim that delegates withdrew their signatures, or determining from which states this supposedly occurred. We only have the RNC’s word, despite our requests for proof. If three or four states withdrew, that would still leave 7 or 8 states, which was sufficient to require a vote from the entire delegation.

Additionally, the RNC tried to hide the Convention Secretary from us in a nondescript hallway with armed guards standing at the entrance, in an effort to prevent us from delivering the signatures. After two or more hours of trying, we were finally successful in delivering the petitions.

After the RNC and the Trump campaign received the petitions, they tried to intimate and strong-arm delegates who had signed to withdraw their names for the sake of “Party unity.” After the “vote,” we were again harassed and bullied. One delegate from my delegation was even cornered in the women’s’ bathroom by two female Trump supporters who told her she and the entire Utah delegation “should all die.”

Charming, right?

Get a load at this nauseating worship! I was disgusted by the Obama worship at the DNC, and this is no better!

Get a load at this nauseating worship! I was disgusted by the Obama worship at the DNC, and this is no better!

This is bigger than Trump, but his supporters brownshirt tactics are certainly not going unnoticed.

So far, he’s shown himself to be ignorant and authoritarian, so I will once again say what I said on social media yesterday in response to a friend’s (not one of the retarded Trump supporters – a good guy) question about whether or not people like me would apologize if Trump does get elected and turns out to be a great president.

Why and to whom, exactly, should I apologize? It is HIS responsibility to EARN my vote by showing me he is qualified. He has not done so in any way, shape, or form. In a job interview it’s the candidate’s job to show me why they are the best for the position. I don’t have to choose someone I don’t like for the position. Same in an election. Trump has shown himself ignorant of economic policy, inept at foreign policy, willing to start trade wars, lacking in knowledge about national security and the military, and willing to infringe on the Bill of Rights.

What, exactly, has he said or done to convince me he’s right for the job? Insult his opponents? Discuss his dick in a nationally televised debate? Threaten trade wars? Promote authoritarian policies? Show his ass in every single discussion about the Constitution?

I’ve got NOTHING to apologize for! He has not earned my vote, and I will NOT give it to him merely because he’s not Hillary.

If he turns out to be a great president, I’ll be happy, and I’ll give him my vote if he runs again. But until then, I will vote for the person who I believe is most qualified for the office. That is neither the statist with the cock, nor the statist with the twat. I do have other choices, contrary to your claim. And I will make that choice.

Now I’m off to an orthopedist appointment. Wish me luck.


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  1. These underhanded tactics permeate the local and state GOP conventions, too. Sad that people choose party power over Constitutional principles. Red team, blue team – makes no diff any more. They’re all the same.

    By the way, in the last paragraph of the quoted text from your delegate source, I think you (or the delegate) meant “intimidate,” not “intimate.”


    1. I copied and pasted, so it was probably a typo in the source material. 🙂

      You’re right. There’s no difference between the parties any longer. I’m done with it all.


  2. It is indeed bigger than Trump. It’s about preventing Hillary Clinton from being President.

    In the same vein, I was disappointed Cruz was booed off the stage. The Representative and Senate campaigns very much need national notice and support if the Democrats are to be prevented from taking them back. I realize that it’s very unlikely that the House will become Democratic, but there need to be more Republican Senators.


    1. No, it’s not about preventing a Clinton presidency. It’s about choosing the best candidate for the country. That is neither Hillary, nor Trump.


    2. As it sits right now Colorado is trending towards Hitlary, so I see little hope of seeing the state House and Senate in “R” hands next January, and maybe throwing a mag ban repeal on Shittenpooper’s desk so he can explain why he’s vetoing it.


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