Moving On

I’m still not blogging anything political. I’m still on vacation. I’m still traipsing around Europe with the husband.

So where are we now?

View from our hotel window.

View from our hotel window.

We’re in Zurich, and I have to say it’s one of the most charming, beautiful, calming cities I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting!

Yes, it’s ridiculously expensive. We just had dinner at a restaurant near old town Zurich. Some nachos, a couple of drinks, and two sandwiches cost us $133 – yeah, that’s one hundred and thirty three dollars. They know they have you, because you’re a tourist and have few other options, so they’re going to bend you over and “unintentionally” forget the lube before violating you.

See, folks who live in Europe don’t go out to eat a whole lot. They generally cook at home, with ingredients that are fresh, likely bought either daily or at least every two days. Restaurants are a treat, and most of the time, restaurant owners in cities such as Zurich and others, rely on a steady stream of tourists (and the workers who work downtown and come for lunch) for their income.

So I get it. I understand why I’m paying $30 for a friggin’ club sandwich! I don’t like it, but it’s quite worth it when you consider what I get in return.

I get to stop at sweet little towns while cruising Lake Zurich and take photos of a duck.

zurich cruise 2

I get to watch sailboats while I sip Schweppes Bitter Lemon.

zurich cruise 4

I get to drink in blue skies and fresh air.

zurich cruise 5

I get to watch street performers while I await my boat.

zurich cruise 6

I get to walk along the streets of Zurich and see old buildings interspersed with really cool, modern steel and glass ones.

zurich cruise 7

zurich cruise 8

I get to walk along the river and marvel at how beautiful this town is!

zurich cruise 10

And I get to fall in love with my surroundings.

zurich cruise

Overall, despite the crazy expensive prices on… well… pretty much everything, I say I still come out ahead.

It’s peaceful. Crime practically doesn’t exist here. People are polite and happy with their lives. They aren’t bothered by millions of regulations or worried about the bureaucracy in their lives. Yes, there is a fairly diverse population, but at the same time, it’s a homogeneous society that has struck a balance between preserving the various cultures of the people who live here and their desire to live unmolested by others and to preserve the best that they have.

They don’t kowtow to whining newcomers. They know how they want to live their lives and what works for them. They aren’t bothered if someone decides they’re unhappy here. If you don’t like it, you’re free to leave. People come here for specific reasons – because of what this place has to offer – peace, prosperity, and freedom. And the residents of this country don’t appear to want to change that.

I think we have a lot to learn.


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  1. Ghost Rider 6

    If I could visit only one European country, it would most likely be Switzerland.

    Have and enjoy some chocolate for me. If you can afford any. 🙂


    1. I have to sell my firstborn into slavery, but I shall get chocolate!!

      Oh… wait… he’s already in the army! NVM

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  2. I’m thinking we could learn a few things from the Swiss. They have four official languages, each of them predominant in different areas of the country, yet as far as I know there’s little sense of, for instance, “oh those damn German speakers are screwing us Italian speakers over *again*” going on, like one gets in Canada and Belgium. (And those are mild cases; civil wars and genocide seem to be not uncommon in other such situations.)

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  3. Once again, a note of thanks for the beautiful shots of a beautiful country. Even though it is an old and magnificent nation with remarkable European buildings all around, I couldn’t help but notice a crane in one of the shots. So it seems that the need to expand never goes away, no matter the greatness of your surroundings.
    I know you are staying away from politics on your vacation, and so I will just tell you that you are not missing anything. Everything is going as expected.
    I don’t know your schedule, but my background is German on my mother’s side and Scottish on my father’s side. I have always said that Germany is not the country that I want to visit, but that Scotland holds a special fascination for me. Perhaps because of their slightly cranky side, or the frugal nature, or just the beauty of their land. So I hope that you make it there. No matter where your travels take you, I trust that when you return, you will be refreshed, and ready to hit the ground running.
    Safe days and peaceful nights, and good times ahead.

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  4. Nicki and Rob, I am currently living vicariously through you. It looks absolutely stunning.


    1. I’m in love with this place! Especially after reading about all the ugliness back home. 😦


  5. CavScoutCoastie

    I spent some time in Basel for work and loved it. More recently I was in Bavaria. I had similar feelings to what you describe. It’s hard to do this in a comment but there is a lot to like there and, in SOME ways, a little more personal autonomy. I think both sides of the Atlantic could learn from each other. I’d expound on this more but my comment would get way too long.

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    1. We started out in Munich, and I lived in Germany for several years when I was in. It’s changed quite a bit, and it’s a bit more crime and hobo-ridden nowadays. There’s a lot of rabble that’s being allowed to roam the city, beg on the streets, pickpocket, etc. Also a lot of women walking about in burqas, which I will admit, is scaring me a bit, given the crowds and what can be hidden in those things.

      Not so here in Zurich.


  6. Enjoy it. And you may want to rethink coming back here.


    1. Yeah, I’ve been reading. 😦


      1. Nothing happening here. Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain. Her intentions are pure.


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