You KNOW you want to win it!

We at The Zelman Partisans want you to win it. 


Something beautiful, historic, and perfect!

You just saw me go on about history and being in Berlin. Well, how would you like to own a piece of history?

But it’s not only a beautiful firearm, sturdy and accurate. More importantly, this firearm — a Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz — is a treasure of history. It was made in 1940. Made in Nazi Germany for the utmost evil purposes. But one of those particularly Jewish miracles soon transformed it into a tool of liberation.

Many Mausers found their way after World War II to Palestine and the hands of Jewish liberators. However, most of those were Czechoslovakian. Few came straight from Hitler’s arsenals. What you’re looking at is a rare item.

And better yet … it could soon be yours. The Zelman Partisans have acquired this firearm and will award it to the eligible person who pays an entry fee and tells us WHY, in 50 words or less, he or she would like to be the owner of this historic weapon.

Yes, people! It’s an essay contest. Get creative. Tell us why you want it, and it will be yours for a tiny entrance fee!

This is your chance to own a piece of history, so do it!


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  1. Nice piece there. And the mentioned entry fee isn’t too bad.

    Unrelated: I have to wonder what kind of algorithm WP is using to show “related reading” links. At the bottom of screen I see this link: Social Movement Learning: Partisan Collective and “Activist Skills and Knowledge” – which is a completely left blog. — I’m not seeing how these two posts are “related”.

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    1. Snort! I think it’s probably random. I hope.


  2. I’ll be entering this–once my data plan usage resets 0000 L Friday. I was doing well until Verizon pushed a 1.2 GB upgrade onto my phone *without prior notification* taking me to within a handful of megabytes of my limit, over a week ago. I’ve had to shut off data to my phone (except when in a WiFi area) and completely cut off internet from home (which is mobile, part of the same plan), [Thanks, shit-smeared assholes!] Meanwhile I have to hope they don’t get three hundred entries really fast!

    [And yes, I’ve taken preventative action to ensure that doesn’t happen again.]


  3. The Israeli police star stamped on my FN Hi Power tells me that the scars in the finish were earned through hard and proud service in defense of Eretz Yisrael. The Mauser, too, bears scars, and I will preserve them for my grandchildren. “Papa, tell us what these scars mean?”

    ^^That’s the third of my three entries. I neglected to save copies of the first two. (Because I have ADD, and I didn’t sleep last night, and even on my good days I don’t make backups.)

    Oh, well. I have a 1% chance of owning that bit of history. If I win it, I WILL take it to the range and shoot it, along with my Browning and my 1934 Tula hex Mosin-Nagant with matching serial numbers, because it will be an honor to do so.

    Thanks for spreading the word about this opportunity, sparkle pony. (That’s right, isn’t it? Seems like I recall that’s one of the Nine Billion Names of Nicki)

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    1. Someone actually called me that on this blog. I had to look up the definition! LOL

      All because I’m not voting for Trump.


  4. Ooo, ooo! They sent me an email that had all my entries! Here are the first two:

    Entry #1: In April of 1975, I stood at the Wailing Wall, and prayed for the peace of Jerusalem. That peace is yet for the appointed time, but it will not fail. The LORD has promised, and His people have responded; arms taken from the enemy, used to defend the Promised Land.

    Entry #2: With five smooth stones, the shepherd boy slew the uncircumcised Philistine who taunted the armies of the living God. In the hands of God\’s chosen, those stones lead to the deliverance of His people. And I shall name this Mauser \’Smooth Stone,\’ because it also caused the taunts to cease.

    Now, this is just one man’s opinion here, but I think that’s some glorious writing. I should either get the Mauser or a really pretty party dress, matching purse and shoes.
    (To SHARE with my gift-from-God, happily-ever-after trophy wife Vanessa, the elegant, foxy, praying black grandmother of Woodstock GA! Not for ME to wear!)

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