Arrogant Git Uses Appeal to Authority to Advocate Citizen Disarmament

The op-ed is entitled, “I know Assault Weapons and You Shouldn’t Have One.”

My first reaction is, “Eat a dick. If you claim that, you don’t know what an assault weapon is.”

He claims to be a veteran who experienced “first-hand combat” in Vietnam.”

My first reaction is, “Then, perhaps you should know what an assault weapon actually is, but you don’t.”

I am calling on veterans who have served in active combat – lived and almost died depending on the assault weapon strapped to your body – to speak out. We are the people who have true insight on this issue. Without wealth and connections to keep a deferment, I was drafted and in active combat for a year in Vietnam from Nov. 1967 to Nov. 1968. During the Tet offensive in Jan. ’68, some of the worst fighting in the war, I was frequently in first-hand combat along the Mekong River and through the rice paddies in the delta radioing coordinates for artillery firepower.

Much like the “violence planner,” who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, this cock-gobbler knows exactly dick about the Constitution, but much like the “violence manager,” he uses his alleged combat experience to gain credibility on a subject he obviously knows little to nothing about, despite his spurious claim.

“I was drafted to fight in Vietnam” doesn’t make him an expert. It makes him someone who had to be forced into military duty. Dick.

Assault weapons are just that: for assault. They are not for the general public to play at target practice or use for sport. They are too dangerous. The general public is not trained sufficiently nor mentally strategic enough to understand their raw power. They should be in the hands of only the military and tactical, highly trained law enforcement.

shyHey, walking twat! This is Shyanne Roberts. She the daughter of my friend Dan Roberts and a competitive shooter. Last year, this adorable child helped build the custom AR she is shooting in this photo. She was 10 years old at the time. She also knows the difference between a semi-automatic rifle and the fully automatic one you used in Vietnam.

Perhaps it’s time for you and Gersh KUNTZman to compare manginas.

Disagree with me? If you’re a veteran and served in active combat with an assault weapon, I value your opinion – even if it differs from mine. If you’re simply a gun enthusiast who believes it’s your inalienable right to play with assault weapons, I don’t value it because you really don’t understand the consequences – you haven’t witnessed them. If that’s who you are and what you want, join the military and be useful with that.

So the very people of whom the military consists, and whose rights they are sworn to defend don’t count in your book, because you got forced into military service and now consider yourself an “expert?”

This veteran says “Eat a dick.”

I believe in the Second Amendment. I own a gun. I have a concealed carry permit just in case I need it – not to carry routinely. What’s the old saying … if you carry around a hammer, you’re always looking for a nail?

What you do and don’t believe is irrelevant. The Second Amendment exists, regardless of whether you believe it does, and it speaks plain English, regardless of whether or not your stupid ass can understand it.

I also understand the Second Amendment’s purpose when it was written and the state of weaponry when it was created. It’s called perspective – useful when you’re forming opinions and making decisions.

Oh, another one who apparently doesn’t believe that the Internet, computers, and even typewriters are covered by the First Amendment. When you write this ignorant screed with a quill on parchment, given the state of writing technology when the First Amendment was written, I might listen to you (but probably not, because you’re stupid). Until then, eat a dick.

I call out our N.C. senators in Washington who consistently vote against stricter background checks, reinstating the assault weapons ban, and not preventing people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns. I’m amazed that politicians like Thom Tillis accept immense amounts of NRA donations and think we don’t understand that compromises the way he votes. I may not have gotten a college degree because I was fighting a war, but I’m smart enough to figure that out.

So, he has no respect for pretty much any amendment in the Bill of Rights, except, of course, the one that protects his right to be stupid. Due process? Who needs it! Right to keep and bear arms? Fuck it. Right of the people? Don’t care and don’t understand it.

Difference between full auto and semi-automatic rifle? Doesn’t know it, or doesn’t care.

What would you expect for someone who was forced into service and then uses said experience to try and relieve others of their rights?

In other words, John Butler, eat a dick.


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  1. I was a Navy Corpsman. Oh, I know what these weapons can do to a human body. Hell, we had a class on just that.

    And, frankly, none of that negates the Bill of Rights nor the reality that these weapons you and I can purchase are mechanically different from the M4 or AK-47. He says gun enthusiasts’ opinions are of no value to him? Well, his has no value to me or millions of other veterans AND firearms enthusiasts. He saw combat? Good for him. Most folks I know who have seen the elephant will look at this turdnugget and count him as a waste of oxygen.

    I need to hit the head and drop something that has more value than John Butler or his opinion.

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    1. I suppose I could say I saw one hair on the ass of the elephant once…and it wasn’t in a military context. (I was inside a building someone thought needed to be the subject of a stop-by shooting…”stop by” because he got out of the car.)

      It is enough to decide I agree he’s a turdnugget and a waste of oxygen.

      Of course I probably would agree with you even had I never gotten near any combat elephants.

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      1. All it would take to see what this guy is would be a functional brain. 🙂

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  2. What the fuck? He acts like an AR pattern rifle is a nuclear weapon or something.

    Actually, his statement that “I have a concealed carry permit just in case I need it – not to carry routinely, ” pretty much tells me all I need to know about this dickhead.

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    1. He’s probably friends with Gersh.

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      1. Probably in the same therapy group.

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        1. Or preschool play group.


    2. If doesn’t routinely carry, when he finally realizes he needs a CCP, he’ll be about one gun short in a gunfight.


  3. Well, you know what to do, Nicki. Send an e-mail off to Jonn and let him dig up info on this guy. He may be one of those VVAW asswipes from the ’90s, but frankly, he’s as full of utter BS as a water buffalo. And those jackwagons were just as much an embarrassment to in-country vets as those morons from IVAW. (I think that’s the right group.)

    I’d be willing to bet it’s more likely he was one of those draft dodgers I saw getting thrown out of the Pentagon by MPs in the fall of 1967 when I lived at Quarters K, up the hill and across the street from the 5-sided puzzle palace. They were trying to get into the Selective Service files. It was too cool to watch that happen. Good times.

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    1. LOL – Jonn has an email waiting from me! 🙂


      1. It’ll be REAL interesting to see what his DD214 has to say.
        John Butler, I actually enlisted during Vietnam (tho I did my tour in S. Korea) cuz that’s where the Army sent me.

        To paraphrase Nicki – eat a dick.

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        1. That’s not a paraphrase, she said precisely that.

          “Eat two dicks” would, on the other hand, be not only a paraphrase but a pairaphrase.


  4. My comments:

    “I’m a Second Amendment backer, but I support some gun restrictions”

    Erm, kinda contradictory here. I guess you meant that you support it as long as it is your Rights, not the right of the people to keep and bear arms,

    “We are the people who have true insight on this issue.”

    As does my father, who fully supports the 2nd Amendment – including that “shall not be infringed” part.

    “Without wealth and connections to keep a deferment, I was drafted”

    Whoa, class envy much?

    My father also lacked “wealth and connections” – he had enough sense to go through ROTC and go with the branch of service he wanted instead of waiting for Uncle Sam to come knocking. His older brother, who also lacked ‘wealth and connections” was deferred due to being married with a young family.

    “Assault weapons are just that: for assault. “

    What most people call “assault weapons” are more properly classed as fully automatic weapons – as opposed to semi-automatic weapons. Most people cannot tell the difference.

    “They are not for the general public to play at target practice or use for sport. They are too dangerous.”

    Are they dangerous like a wild animal? Are they capable of turning on their handler without warning and attacking? Can they break out of restraints and go after someone? No? They the weapon is not dangerous. The person handling it might be dangerous, but the weapon itself is not.

    It is through the target practice that you decry that a person gains experience in handling these tools.

    “They should be in the hands of only the military and tactical, highly trained law enforcement.”

    The argument of all gun-grabbers: only certain people should be permitted…

    And when a person is no longer in that protected class, are they supposed to just calmly hand the tools over?

    “Disagree with me? … If you’re simply a gun enthusiast who believes it’s your inalienable right to play with assault weapons, I don’t value it because you really don’t understand the consequences – you haven’t witnessed them”

    So you’re not in favor of free exchange of opinions. What about ex-law enforcement? Do we count?

    “I also understand the Second Amendment’s purpose when it was written and the state of weaponry when it was created. “

    I think not. Yes, weapons have changed since the 18th century. So has the print media. You publish your opinions on the internet, a medium that did not exist in the 18th century, so you apparently believe that the 1st Amendment still protects you.

    No one alive today can fully understand what our Founding Fathers were thinking, what they fully meant, when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We can read their words, public and private, and formulate opinions. And they are just that – opinions. In your *opinion* the private citizen, the people, should not be permitted to own “assault” weapons. (I wonder, since swords are also class weapons of assault, should they also be restricted?) I am of the *opinion* that the 2nd Amendment says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” They didn’t say what kind of arms, or that it should be only for military use, they just said arms. Arms – without infringements.

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    1. Nice! 🙂

      You didn’t use the words “eat a dick” enough, though. he he

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      1. _chuckle_ I actually had to work to keep it “civil”.

        I practically stopped at the part where he whined about not being rich enough to avoid the draft. My father knew he was going to get called up, so he made the decision to take matters into his owns hands – he went ROTC so he could go into the Air Force. The whinny crybaby who thinks the 2nd doesn’t apply to us PFCs, didn’t even have enough sense to take that route. He prefers to see himself as a victim of class. Soo, I kinda a kneejerk reaction. 😉

        The rest, well you did a better job, but I did have some fun poking holes in his (flawed) logic.

        (I’ll bet that whiney-boy has more money now than I do, yet he’s the one playing the class card.)


    2. “What most people call “assault weapons” are more properly classed as fully automatic weapons – as opposed to semi-automatic weapons. Most people cannot tell the difference.”

      That was the whole idea when Josh Sugarman made up the term “assault weapon”.

      “Assault weapons—just like armor-piercing bullets, machine guns, and plastic firearms—are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons. In addition, few people can envision a practical use for these weapons.”
      -Josh Sugarman, Assault Weapons and Accessories in America, 1988

      So they can both eat a dick.

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      1. Sugarman can eat two dicks.

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        1. He likely does. Along with a healthy helping of ass juice.

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  5. “I know assault weapons…”

    I’m here to say you don’t know me.
    Jack Schitt

    ps-eat a dick

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  6. “Eat a dick” about covers it.

    Unless you want to upgrade to “bag of gonorrhea-pus-dripping dicks”

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  7. When I hear people talk like that, my first thought is, “Oh yeah, well, I was raised in a shoe-box in the center lane of I-24 near the Harding Road exit.”

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    1. Yes, and I hear your mother got you up an hour before you went to bed so you could lick the stripe in the center of the road clean. 🙂

      This bag of dicks confuses The Declaration of Independence written by a 33 year old Thomas Jefferson with the Constitution. Mr Jefferson used the term “unalienable” not inalienable. The Declaration of Independence is probably my favorite go fuck yourself letter of all time. But its not the Constitution. He should know that if he is such an expert.

      If a weapon was not capable of “assault” whats the point of manufacturing it?

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      1. “If a weapon was not capable of “assault” whats the point of manufacturing it?”

        See this is something I just don’t understand. People who insist on using logic in arguments. Logic is so outmoded.

        (/sarc, of course)

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  8. If he’s a vet I’m a former member of the ‘Cong. Real Vietnam vets don’t use terms like “radioing coordinates for artillery firepower.” And forward observer is not a grunt job.

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  9. John, I heartily endorse the idea that you should have a seat and chow down on genitalia, followed by a healthy round of going forth and procreating with yourself.

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    1. GFY doesn’t always stand for “Government Fiscal Year”

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      1. Nor does it mean “Go Find Yahweh”


  10. “Go eat a dick”?
    You’re all way to nice, the buttmuffin should go suck start a pistol to apologise for impersonating a human.

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    1. Well, it’s a bit more fun to say “Eat a dick” if you’re of the maturity level Nicki and I are at.

      I generally discuss playing Polish Roulette (it’s like Russian Roulette only played with a semiautomatic) in similar contexts.

      *Note for the hypersensitive, if you’re about to bitch about my being insensitive to Poles and/or Russians, I have ancestry from both places, so you can eat a dick. 🙂

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      1. I just like to say, Ethnic Roulette. Like the newly invented Ethnic hand grenade, with a kill radius of 300 meters. Go ahead, think about it, I’ll wait.


        1. Once you have removed the pin from Mister Grenade, he is no longer your friend.

          You can’t disown Ethnic Grenade quickly enough.

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  11. I would like to thank this twatwaffle for providing a timely reminder of the lesson most famously taught by one Benedict Arnold: wearing a uniform and/or acting heroically in the past are not a magic shield against becoming a treasonous oath-violating SOB in the present.

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  12. Nicki,
    From a mutual (Rott) friend. She wondered if the guys family tree was a cactus because everyone on it is a prick?

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    1. LMAO!!!! Pretty awesome!


    2. Maybe he needs to eat a prickly dick.

      (Whatever the fuck that might be.)


  13. I can’t add much to what everyone else has said about this possible veteran. However, him saying that he didn’t get a college degree because he was busy fighting a war is a cop out and he knows it. And a college degree is not a mark of intelligence either. From someone who has neither a college degree, nor claims that much intelligence, but enough to know that a weapon cannot assault anyone. Oh, and even though I would like to thank this guy if he did serve in our military, he should eat a dick.

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    1. Some college degrees require a great degree of intelligence (e.g., engineering degrees) but even there that’s no guarantee you’ll show that you have enough sense to not eat urinal cakes, when it comes to thinking about guns.

      Wait a minute, not urinal cakes. Dicks. Eat dicks.

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    2. Big cop out on the college degree bullshit. He was in country for a year. When he came back, he had GI Bill to go to college for free. I think he was too busy eating dicks.


      1. Hey, eating dicks shouldn’t prevent you from getting a degree, right? Unless you eat so many dicks, you have no time to do anything else! 😉


        1. Done in a certain (generally extralegal, at least in the US) way, it could even fund the college education.


  14. By his own admission, this asswipe was an artillery RTO (radio operator), not a trigger puller. As an infantry rifle company commander, I had one of them along with the artillery forward observer (FO) with me in field in RVN. All he did, if he is telling the truth, is call in artillery fire missions for the FO. I would not call that “first hand combat.” He would have spent most of his time in the field squeezing a push-to-talk switch on a radio handset, not a trigger. I hope Jonn does a FOIA on him. I bet this clown is surprised by the blow-back he is getting from the those of us that don’t “eat Dick.”

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    1. Now admittedly I’m an army *brat* not actually army, but doesn’t even that job entail coming under fire? Or maybe you can think of it as pulling a trigger by remote control.

      Still doesn’t mean he shouldn’t eat a dick. He could have won a CMH and STILL need to eat a dick for spouting off this nonsense. (A CMH would have me phrase it a bit differently: “With all due respect, John Butler, eat a dick.”)


  15. I went over there to read the comments and I have to say the ignorance of people on OUR side is sometimes appalling. Few have called him out on the fact that “assault weapon” doesn’t mean a fucking thing; they confuse it with “assault rifle.”

    “Assault weapon” is a term invented by Josh Sugarmann (may he choke on a bag of syphillitic dicks) to apply to semi-auto scary-looking rifles, in the hopes it’d confuse people into thinking they’re full auto. He’s accomplished that, largely, but our response has been to go ahead and pretend it’s the same thing as an assault rifle, rather than reject the term as fundamentally meaningless.


  16. Nicki, I wish I never followed the link here from instapundit. Until I started to read posts here, I was content having little or nothing to do with activism. Now, I’ve had to open social media accounts to comment to these nimrods about the 2nd amendment. FI live a couple hours away from this nobody, and he says my opinion matters so I sent this:

    “Maybe I missed it, but are you a constitutional lawyer? Professor of American History? Did you ever read the Federalist books? Who the hell are you? And who (other than your family) gives a flying puck what you think? Obviously, you’re not a weapons expert because you can’t tell the difference between the liberal created “assault weapon” meme and an actual assault weapon. Where can I buy M60’s? How about an M2? SMAW’s? Assault weapons, all. Given recent history, no sane and informed person is willing to give up the God given right to self protection. Read Halbrook’s “Gun Control in the Third Reich”. Can’t happen here? Neither can warrantless searches, Executive and Judicial branches legislating, civil forfeiture, what they did to our brothers at Fort Hood, and Benghazi. Don’t know about you, but I would have LOVED my skipper to be a cross dresser. As a favor to a fellow veteran I’ll assume the column was written by a relative as you lay senseless in a nursing home bed. Hauntingly similar to that Moulton guy’s special in the Daily News last week though.”

    On all this other SJW goofy shit I read and shake my head. Fucking no-nothing experts getting a platform in print media just incenses me!!! Hate you in a good way.

    Is it possible this is a coordinated effort by the Dems to drown out all dissent, convincing those too lazy to figure it out on their own??


    1. I think I love you! LOL!

      Is this an attempt to drown out all dissent? I think it’s opportunism. They have located the 1 percent of veterans who are absolute shitslurping tools, and they’re giving them as much media coverage as possible!


    2. Oh no! They’ve got you doing it too! Careful!

      M16s, AK47s (in select fire) are assault rifles. Assault weapon truly is a meme, it’s a fictitious thing that Fe*nste*n came up with, as you said, but you then went on to use that abortion of a term as if it were synonymous with “assault rifle” which is *exactly* what they want you to do. Here’s how it works:

      1) Note that most people are scared of assault rifles, particularly because they can go full auto. (Note: doesn’t bother me…but it can’t be denied it bothers most people today.)
      2) Find a bunch of items that look like assault rifles, but aren’t, because they are semi-auto only.
      3) Call them “assault weapons.” A totally new term, so you get to write the definition of it.
      4) Hope people get the two terms confused and think the “assault weapon” is full auto and get scared of it.
      5) Ban the bunch of items you were able to arbitrarily label “assault weapons” with the unwitting buyin of people who don’t realize they’re not even full auto.

      Most of the commenters on this dipshit’s article simply denied that the AR-15 is an “assault weapon”–which, technically speaking it IS because you-know-who defined the term “assault weapon” to make sure AR-15s would be included–when they meant to say it wasn’t an “assault rifle” and couldn’t go full auto. So even our own side is confused on this.

      Don’t get me wrong! I’m glad you’ve come to the party.

      On another note, I hope that Nicki is right about the percentage of vets that are “shitslurping tools,” and that it’s not actually higher. I’m personally afraid there are a lot more than one percent Fudd vets out there.


  17. Distinctions is where we lose every time. Simply, you have a God given right to self protection. Affirmed by the 2nd amendment. Infringed by all the gun laws we’ve allowed. At the time it was written, muskets were 2nd technologically only to cannons. So we can only have rifles and hand guns…… why? Simple argument.


    1. Don’t get me wrong–I don’t agree with ANY infringing law. But I do think it’s important to make the right arguments, and pointing out to someone that what they are against is an assault *rifle* and an AR-15 isn’t an assault *rifle* but rather an assault *weapon* might prevent them from supporting a ban. (For a bonus, demonstrate how silly the concept/definition of “assault weapon” is.) Instead we have millions of people shrieking that the AR-15 isn’t an assault weapon…which is a counterfactual.


  18. What’s the old saying … if you carry around a hammer, you’re always looking for a nail?

    No that’s not the old saying. It starts if all you have is a hammer… which negates the analogy. Having a AR-15 does not mean I want use it for every situation.

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