Gun Control Bills Fail in the Senate

And the Twitterverse loses its collective shit.

It really is beautiful to watch. The Senate today rejected four gun control bills that were proposed in the wake of the Orlando massacre, including one that would have relieved some Americans of their rights without due process.

The first, sponsored by Grassley, would have called for research on the causes of mass shootings and increased funding for the background check system, although it would not have expanded the types of gun sales that require them.

The second, sponsored by Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., would have expanded background check requirements to include private sales and sales over the Internet.

The third, sponsored by Cornyn, would allow federal law enforcement officials to delay gun sales to suspected terrorists, including those on watch and no-fly lists, for three days and then halt the sales, but only after proving probable cause before a judge.

The final amendment, sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., would have allowed the attorney general to halt sales to suspected terrorists and allow individuals to appeal to the Department of Justice if they are denied a firearm.

Causes of mass shootings… hmmmmm… that’s what we need to spend taxpayer dollars on when our debt levels are more than 100 percent of GDP? Research on why evil exists?

Murphy, who bathed in the barely cooled blood of innocent victims and did a dance on top of their dead bodies by leading a badly-timed, classless filibuster on the Senate floor in the aftermath of the Orlando terrorist attack, stuttered and stammered, but finally admitted his bill would have done nothing to stop Orlando, Newtown, or any other monstrous act.

That third one, by the way, was supported by the NRA. Thanks a lot, jerks. I’m sure that young woman being stalked and threatened by a violent ex, who despite having no connection to terrorism whatsoever, and who winds up on the useless no-fly list along with that toddler, will be thrilled to know that she has to wait three days, hoping her assailant doesn’t find her, until she’s proven she’s worthy enough to exercise her right to purchase a tool of self defense!

And the final one to me was the most odious, since it assumes guilt, and it puts the onus on the individual to prove his or her innocence. That noxious hag Feinstein admitted exactly that in this video.

Screw your due process! Screw your innocent until proven guilty! We want gun control!

Well, luckily all the bills failed, and Twitter’s response was glorious!

Celebricunts gnashed teeth and left froth-flecked, 140-character, oh-so-profound ruminations on the subject.

Politicians engaged in hyperbole so ridiculous, one had to check to make sure it wasn’t petulant toddlers screeching how mommy was the worst mommy in the world, because she didn’t make cookies instead of adults debating critical national policy.

Idiot news whores blamed the NRA, because NRA won, even though the amendment they supported that would deprive those on the no-fly list, nearly half of whom have nothing to do with terrorism, of their rights for three days didn’t pass.

And some dimwitted, emaciated, screeching twat displayed her contempt for basic human rights.

I won’t take apart policy tonight, because frankly, it’s been done and overdone. Y’all know where I stand.

I will not support hysterical attempts to relieve me of my rights.

I will not support reactionary, unconstitutional legislation that aims to infringe on the rights of every American who didn’t commit the latest atrocity

I refuse to acknowledge uninformed calls for closing nonexistent “loopholes.”

I oppose attempts by the ignorant to tell me what I can or cannot purchase with the money I earn.

My mere possession of a specific type of firearm does not infringe on anyone’s rights – even imaginary ones like the right to FEEL safe.

Any right that requires government permission to exercise is not a right.

And any horror like the one that happened in Orlando makes me yet more determined to fight any effort to infringe on my rights and more determined to help whose who want to defend themselves.

Anything less would be an outright embarrassment to my life and my oath to my country.


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  1. Well, good. The Senate did the mostly right thing (a bill that addressed the cause of the huge casualty list, i.e., “gun free zones,” would have been the best thing) and at least didn’t make matters worse.

    The lefitst twitterverse can go fuck itself sideways.

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  2. Often times the best thing that government can do is nothing. The only one I would even consider supporting would have been the first, and that would depend an awful lot on it’s exact wording. Everything else would be dead on arrival.

    I didn’t realize Milano was such a twat. I’d say Fuck You, Too, but she’s cute and I might actually like it.


  3. Off topic; to the Marines on this blog, as someone that is looking to enlist in the future i was curious about your experiences while in the Corps.

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    1. I served in the early 70’s and except for my last 8 months, I’d do it all over again. Just as I started my 4th year, I was in a accident and my last 8 months was a steady stream of doctors. That wasn’t the Corps fault. I made good friends, some of who I’m still in contact with over 40 years later. When Saigon fell in 75, I was sent to the refugee relocation effort, some of the best duty I ever had. Boot camp was a experiance that I wouldn’t trade for anything. That was when a Drill instructor would still knock the shit out of you. Good times, hard times and the best thing I ever did.

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    2. My daughter is a marine now. Do you want me to make an introduction? She will probably have some good insight.


      1. If you want to, i wouldn’t want to bother her.


        1. I don’t think she minds. I’ll email her and ask, and will hook you two up via the email you have provided here, unless you have a different one. Let me know.


        2. Yeah email i use here is mine. I was just curious about other people’s experiences.


        3. Gotcha. I emailed my kid. If she’s not in the field, I should hear something from her soon-ish.


      2. I wasn’t wondering about one thing specifically, I was just wondering about people’s general experience.


      3. I have known many Marines and I can only say that you will get out of it what you put into it, but life is like that no matter what path you choose. I wish you well, and if you choose the military, I give you my thanks.


  4. And as the administration continues to import Syrian ‘refugees’, expect the Democrat nuts to continue to play whack a mole for the next 213 days.

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  5. Apparently “Freedom” is just a Yang worship word.

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    1. …and we are not to speak it.


    2. Ah, you can grok the greatest of holy’s? We know that an evil one’s tongue will turn to fire if they try to speak it.

      Ee’d Plebnista.


  6. The doublethink and cognitive dissonance on the left just slays me. These are the same people who pitched a hissy fit about captured terrorists being denied due process. There are the same people who flip out and start frothing at the suggestion that it might be a good idea to require that a person present a photo ID prior to voting. These are the same people who are wailing that convicted felons should have their voting rights restored.

    But all their respect for “due process and rule of law” goes right out the window if it means they have a chance of putting a dent in the Second Amendment. They’re scared of the scary guns, and their “right to feel safe” trumps everyone else’s right, should they choose to exercise it, to keep and bear arms.

    Because fuck those gun-humping ammosexuals! They have all those scary guns and I get the vapors just thinking about it, so to hell with their right to due process! I don’t care that they haven’t been charged with, much less convicted of, a crime! Their guns scare me and I want to make the scary thing go away, even if it tramples on the rights of the innocent!

    What I just cannot for the life of me understand is how they refuse to acknowledge that once you give government power, you will never get that power back. Once a precedent exists to take away a citizen’s right to bear arms because some government apparatchik thinks it’s a good idea… what’s to stop that same apparatchik from taking away your right to free speech? You’re suspected of ties to terrorism, kiddo, we can’t have you spouting their propaganda here in the homeland!

    And then these same gargling numpties will turn around and howl that conservatives are “fascists.” I mean, seriously?

    Mind. Blown.

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  7. The very enumeration of the right takes out of the hands of government – even the Third Branch of Government – the power to decide on a case-by-case basis whether the right is really worth insisting upon. A constitutional guarantee subject to future judges’ assessments of its usefulness is no constitutional guarantee at all. — Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the 5-4 majority in District of Columbia, et al., v. Heller (2008)

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  8. Looks like Alyssa Milano is off the fantasy list.


  9. Part of me is thrilled that the left is having a collective explosion of heads. Surely there will be a stroke or two amongst them. I can almost see the tantrums. Ah yess…I can feel your angerrr… Your journey to the dark side is complete…. LOL


  10. Rob, whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Your girl is en fuego.
    You are on a serious roll this week sister.

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    1. LOL!!! Thank ya!


  11. So politicians up holding their oaths to abide by the Constitution and not infringe upon citizens rights are arming terrorists, yet when the ATF under the current administration illegally sells hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels, it’s law enforcement.

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    1. Yes, you’ve earned a hundred percent. Winston, how many fingers am I holding up?

      Future seminars will meet in Room 101. Please bring rat food.


  12. I’m firmly in the “weapons of war” camp… ie., that the 2nd Am properly includes artillery, tanks and warships… but I know that I’m pushing it if I act like it’s obviously true and anyone who disagrees with this obvious truth is a horrible person. My disagreement with the NRA approved “delayed approval” bill is that it allows the pre-existence of the no-fly list and similar suspect lists. (I expect the FBI and CIA to have secret lists or those under investigation or they’re not doing their jobs but as has been pointed out, if you try to fly or try to buy a gun and are denied, your place on those lists is no longer secret.)

    As a “compromise so it hurts” though, I can’t get too upset about it. It at the very least requires the government, not the applicant, to prove cause. It might, maybe, actually keep a couple of bad guys from buying weapons at least temporarily, or at least alert the FBI that they’re trying to make purchases. Not the best, and Constitutionally problematic, but not functionally *pointless* like most proposals are.

    I think that most people really do approve of some limits, such as not selling to convicted domestic abusers or felons or the mentally ill (though that last is something to be very careful of). I think that the majority of 2nd Am supporters are at least somewhat comfortable with the background-check status quo, and promote gun ownership among law abiding non-criminals specifically.

    But gun-grabbers act like no gun laws exist, as if back-ground checks don’t exist, as if permitting and required training are not currently the law in most places. All the “common sense” non-sense exists. Machine guns are functionally illegal. The mandatory training that was such a big deal is commonly required. And when someone says… you want to take our guns away… it’s all outrage about how NO ONE wants to do that.


    Pull the other one.

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  13. I have a few questions.

    1 – How can Murphy justify publishing a blatant lie about the GOP like that, and think he can get away with it?

    2 – When is this government going to put its shoulder to the wheel and actually start enforcing the laws already on the books? My impression of the NICS check is that it is sometimes hit or miss.

    3 – A) – Has anyone besides me noticed that the LGBT community is waving a Gadsden flag with ‘Shoot Back!’ on it? B) – And has it occurred to the moronic libretards that if they don’t go along with that sentiment, they’ll lose those votes?

    4 – When are people in this country going to wake up and realize that the world is not, and never has been, anything other than a dangerous place that wants to eat you alive?

    Thanks for your responses.

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