Guest Post: GET OUT! By Jonathan LaForce

You came to this country, entered illegally, were fortunate enough to get educated and raised here for several years, then turned around and badmouthed the place that gave you sanctuary from an abusive alcoholic father you were escaping?

I have two words for you: GET OUT.

You have no appreciation for what you’ve been given. Nor do you, for all your supposed education, have any common sense. Blaming the US for all immigration woes, when you won’t even consider that the Mexican immigration system is so corrupt, its citizenry find it more expedient to risk life and limb crossing a blisteringly lethal desert than try to work through the system? That’s not even stupid, that’s blatant ignorance.


You spit in the face of every man woman and child who ever busted their ass and came here legally. Every person who scrimped and saved and sweated and prayed to get here legally. To do it right. To become citizens, with all the attendant rights and responsibilities thereof.

Somebody will inevitably say, “But Jon! Mormons had tons of immigrants come here from foreign countries. What about them? What about your own a ancestors?” How many hundreds of thousands of Mormon converts came here? And how many chose to enter illegally? Show me where Mormon Leadership said that violating the law of the land was acceptable?

My own ancestors, insofar as we know, came here via places exactly like Ellis Island. Or they came earlier, before Columbus. But on the whole, they came here and became Americans.

I have no problem with any person who wishes to move here, assimilate and respect the culture into which they have entered. Indeed America has a long history of this. America has a long history of accepting such men and women, and with it building a strong nation. But respect for America is paramount in all of it. When I see anti-Trump protesters waving the flags of their original countries in protest, threatening war and death for those who oppose them, I am unamused. When I see people trying to force America to change who and what we are into the country they RAN AWAY from, I am unamused.

This is America, not Syria, not Mexico. Not the PRC, or Somalia. Mass executions and beheadings simply because of differences in religion are neither acceptable nor tolerated here. Rampant corruption of the law and the rule of law by drug cartels is not acceptable. Nor is terrorism, either by foreign nationals or American citizens. If we wished to be a totalitarian state enforcing one child limits, the stoning of female rape victims, FGM, rampant anarchy and mob rule, we would engage in those activities.

This is America. For all our flaws, such behavior is unacceptable and anathema to what we are. It is reprehensible to the goals laid down for us by our Founding Fathers when they threw off the yoke of King George in 1783 and declared in 1788: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”!

If you cannot, will not abide or respect that, GET OUT. LEAVE.

America is imperfect. Yesterday I expressed great displeasure with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. I remain critical of politicians and infringements on personal rights and liberties. Such is my right as a citizen, protected by the First Amendment. What I cannot abide is somebody who came here illegally, was afforded the same rights and Constitutionally protected freedoms, spitting on the institutions which have kept her safe, and ensure that she can stand up there at that podium running her mouth in so ignorant a fashion.

As a parting shot, I offer this final thought- the story of Larry Thorne.

LauriTorni2Born Lauri Törni, he was a veteran of the Finnish wars against Russia during World War II. Never lacking for courage, Törni is one of less than 200 men to ever earn the Mannherheim Cross for gallantry in combat. He came to the US, entered as a political refugee, and under the provisions of the Lodge Act was given a green card. Then, he served faithfully in the US Army and earned his citizenship. Having changed his name to Larry Thorne, he devoted his life’s work to being the very best soldier in the US Army. His decorations for service in his new home include a Distinguished Flying Cross, two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and the Combat Infantryman Badge. Private Thorne became Major Thorne in the course of his career. He would later die in Vietnam in 1965 while leading Green Berets in combat. He is interred in Arlington National Cemetery, Section 60, Tombstone 8136. A Finnish national hero, laid to rest in that most sacred and American of places, a hall reserved for our most honored dead.

Of such men and women is America made. It is by such hands that we will continue to be buttressed and prepare against the ill winds of despotism. Let those who wish to be a part of such join with us willingly.

Larissa Martinez of McKinney Boyd High School – if what you spoke in your in valedictorian speech is truly your feelings, then LEAVE. GET OUT OF AMERICA. Don’t live under the umbrella of freedom for which you have put forward nothing of your own. Begone with thee. There are others who wish to come here, wish to help ensure this nation endures. We welcome them with open arms. As we always have, and always will.


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  1. Great comment. America no longer attracts those who want to embrace America’s values but the rift raft of foreign despots.


  2. YES. All of the above. Well said!

    This is an essay that applies to not just the US, but to migrants to Australia, to England, to Canada, to anyplace that ANYONE is migrating to.

    This applies to anyone who wants to change the country they fled to, they migrated to, into a copy of the hellhole or country they left – why the everliving fuck did you bloody LEAVE then?! Go back, since you like those things better, those things that don’t belong and harm the place and people you moved to.

    There’s a sticker here in Australia I see on cars now and again. It says ‘Love it or leave it.’

    It’s not perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than what ‘you’ left behind, or you wouldn’t be here – away from where you left.

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  3. I had no idea what this referenced for the longest time. I finally found the link to follow…and it turns out Ms. Martinez isn’t even mentioned in that story until clear near the bottom.

    Aside from this, it’s a wonderful rant; I am tired of people coming here only to try to turn this into the shithole they fled from. That applies to people immigrating to the US from various places, as well as people immigrating to Colorado from the People’s Respublik of Kalifornia.


  4. If you are gay or you are just a citizen who doesn’t want to be an unarmed,cowering target of some monster (In this case, a soldier in the army of allah) who wants to kill you/your family because you are not a follower of Islam, think about getting the means to defend yourself while you wait for the fatal bullet and/or rescue to stage. It starts with a concealed weapons license.(Hopefully,you don’t live in a democratically controlled area….They don’t want you to have a gun…oh my,no…too dangerous,don’t you know.)Learn how to use the weapon you buy…learn how to stay safe with it….learn how to hit center mass. Remember,we have yet to meet the Real Soldier of alah (trained,experienced,IsIs) with his military assault rifle and his bombs. Imagine 10 or 20 of those on a Saturday afternoon at the mall. Don’t think they aren’t here and don’t let them catch you by surprise.


    1. If you run into that sort of full bore attack by multiple people who know how to work together, your best hope is dying in a pile of hot brass. You’ll be the lone person on your side unless they’re stupid enough to hit a gun range. (I am depressingly certain that less than 1% actually carry at any given time, regardless of the number of permits handed out or whether it’s a state that doesn’t require them.) Hopefully you can take some of them with you. That will count for something. But don’t fantasize you’ll come out alive against a “real” multiple-terrorist attack.

      But! Your advice is very good for the (much more common) case of a lone nut gunman or group of two criminals who will fade over the horizon at the first sign of effective resistance.


      1. But isn’t dying in a pile of hot brass while perhaps, with luck, taking at least one with you – or even if it’s merely just hurting one of them or just slowing them down a bit so that maybe some stranger manages to escape or the help comes before they have killed everybody because they were occupied with you – still better than dying while covering behind some counter or table in vain?


        1. Absolutely. If I *must* die, I want to take some of the ratfuckers with me. That’s what dying in a pile of hot brass means to me. I want a nice, big escort into the afterlife (to steal “Game of Thrones” religion).

          I apologize for not making that clear.


        2. 🙂

          Just wanted to clarify that point.


  5. Well said, even if only referring to a tiny ice cube at the tip of the iceberg. Mexican and Central American illegals were allowed to set the precedent. Should the dems have their way with us the influx of Middle Eastern/Islam illegals/questionables will certainly change the face of America. Maybe that’s what Ms. Martinez meant when she said “And remember: What is coming is better than what is gone.”

    And to be totally irrelevant: having recently read the 4th book of Sarah’s Darkship series, I have to ask…Jonathan LaForce?? One shouldn’t be made to chuckle while reading a serious essay.


  6. The Unknown Prince

    Lauri Törni didn’t fight on Finland’s side in the Lapland War, he joined the Nazis. That’s why he had to leave Finland after the war.

    He’s filth.


    1. He fought first for Finland. Then, when the Fins made peace with the Soviets, he realized that the Soviets would come calling later. He joined the Waffen SS (I know the SS) in the hope of stemming the advance of the Soviet conquest of eastern Europe (including Finland).


      1. There are a lot of Scandinavians and Balts who preferred the Nazis to the Soviets.


        1. At the risk of someone thinking I’m trying to trivialize the matter, it’s analogous to being forced to choose between Trump and Hillary. (Now multiply that by a large number to get back to the full-scale model.) Both choices absolutely stink. However the analogy breaks down because in the case of Hitler vs. Stalin in Eastern Europe, you didn’t have a third choice.

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  7. Jonathan LaForce

    Yes, I am that Jonathan LaForce. It’s what happens when you tuckerize Sarah Hoyt and make her a (literal) nun.

    From the Biographical narrative of Major Thorne’s life, I proudly present the citation which accompanies his Mannerheim Cross, in its full entirety:

    Lieutenant Törni [Larry Thorne] is a natural leadership talent, cunning, and resourceful. In the Winter War 1939-40 and in the present war he has often shown particular courage, skill, and resourcefulness. In the war in 1939-40, a patrol led by then 4th Jaeger Battalion mess corporal Törni made contact with friendly troops (of Capt. Nikula’s separate battalion) in the vicinity of the Koivuselkä (Sugar Loaf) Regiment and Kitelä Mottis. The patrol’s path ran through a heavily fortified area guarded by enemy armored vehicles where other patrols had not succeeded in penetrating. Two days before Maj. Leinonen’s separate battalion relieved the 4th Jaeger Battalion, the destruction of enemy machinegun nests then being established on Sugar Loaf Hill was initiated. During this operation, a patrol led by Corp. Törni was sent as a feint maneuver to destroy a transport, with Molotov Cocktails and charges, that was sitting on the road along the south side of the Regiment Motti. After one of the patrol members managed to light a Molotov Cocktail and explode a grenade, one of the enemy from a nearby dugout threw a hand grenade toward him. At that moment, Corp. Törni went into action and threw a six and a half pound charge into the dugout. Throwing grenades and firing machine guns into dugouts along the road, the patrol withdrew after completing its mission. This feint succeeded completely, causing confusion among the enemy’s ranks, drawing their fire away from the direction of the main action, and assisting the destruction of the machine gun nests along Sugar Loaf Hill. The day before the west part of West Lemetti was conquered, a company composed of 18 men from Cavalry Capt. Stackelberg’s battalion were joined to the 4th Jaeger Battalion. Due to a dearth of officers, the unit was put under Corp. Törni’s command. He, with two squads formed from the company, was to destroy at night the dug-in defenders along the southwest side of West Lemetti, opening a hole, penetrating into the center of the motti (along the Käsnaselkä road), and continuing from there to destroy the defense positions of the motti that was guarded with 25 tanks. Corp. Törni’s squads destroyed the enemy bunkers, as Törni, himself at the front, threw 3-kg. charges into the openings of the bunkers while the men of his squads in the dark pointed out new bunkers. In the battle, Törni’s patrols penetrated the Käsnäselkä road where they received the command to turn to destroy the tanks and bunkers located on the west side. Other patrols did not reach the road due to the heavy fire originating from the defenders’ tanks and the positions under and around them. When approaching daylight would have made it impossible to continue the attack, Corp. Törni’s squads were commanded out of the motti. Nevertheless, the information Corporal Thorne gathered about the interior of the motti, and his courageous performance influenced from his part the defeat of the west side of West Lemetti two days later. Lt. Törni has distinguished himself in the present war as an extremely fine unit leader. Immediately following his arrival from the Finnish SS Battalion, he volunteered to command the 8th Light Unit’s armored platoon that was established on August 15, 1941 (one T-28 and 2 Vickers tanks). In the village of Auringa on September 9, 1941, he used his unit to support an attack by driving approximately 100-200 meters in front of the infantry so that the attack progressed several kilometers that day in spite of stiff resistance. On September 20, as he was supporting an attack, his lead tank bogged down in a ditch in the open exactly in front of enemy positions, about 150 meters ahead of his own lead troops. As the enemy attempted to approach the vehicle with the objective of destroying it, Lt. Törni detached a machine gun, jumped out, himself first, into the ditch from where his fire prevented the enemy from getting close to the vehicle to destroy it, and covered the exit of the tank’s crew. The enemy began a retreat that allowed the attack to progress forward several kilometers due to the tank unit’s brave action. Lt. Thorne’s action was again energetic and worthy of distinction. From September 16, Lt. Törni with his armored platoon decisively supported the infantry on the roads Prääzä-Matrossa-Äänislinna [Petroskoi] by destroying several enemy bunkers, driving the vehicle over the enemy’s machinegun positions and sometimes jumping from the armored vehicle with hand grenades. The enemy, on one occasion, ignited Törni’s command vehicle with a Molotov Cocktail, but relentlessly he succeeded in turning the vehicle back to his own lines, where the fire was extinguished, and then immediately resumed the attack. By maneuvering with his platoon normally 100-150 meters in front of the infantry, he decisively assisted our fatigued troops, whose advance would have been otherwise impossible due to the difficult terrain and the enemy’s exceptionally deep and strong field fortifications. In the battle ensuing from crossing the Suunu River, October 17-20, 1941, Lt. Törni with his unit was responsible for the following enemy casualties in one day: 75 dead and four destroyed four-opening, two-machine gun bunkers. Operating courageously, he forced an enemy tank that was seriously harassing our troops to withdraw. On account of his courage and enthusiasm, he instilled a splendid fighting spirit into his entire platoon and thus significantly and personally influenced the preconditions for battle. During the Karhumäki operation, as he was making contact with a neighboring unit on Krugloi hill country, Törni with his courier destroyed an approximately 20-man guard post located on a commanding position. As an enthusiastic patrol leader, Lt. Törni conducted several patrols, among others on March 27, 1942 in the Malku sector where he waited four hours to seize a prisoner between the enemy’s front sentry position and its base for the change of guard. On the return, he was wounded when tripping a mine. Lt. Törni led an extremely productive reconnaissance patrol between 19-22 October, 1942, on the east side of Lake Vuolijärvi. On the forward and return trips three boats had to pass through a 50-300 meter strait whose shores were manned by the enemy. Once in the enemy’s rear, Lt. Törni’s 8-man patrol, acting skillfully, acquired important information about the enemy’s rear armament works and caused heavy enemy casualties, with about 30 dead among whom were an NKVD captain and a sergeant major, from whose papers were gleaned valuable intelligence. From this patrol, the men brought back two prisoners, of whom one was a courier with his dispatch. Lt. Törni’s evident leadership skills and shrewdness decisively led to the success of the expedition and to the fact that there was not a single casualty among the men of his patrol. In the summer of 1943, Lt. Törni was ordered by the 1st Division to establish and lead an anti-partisan unit. In a relatively short period, Lt. Törni succeeded in developing an energetic esprit de corps in this unit. When in August of 1943 the unit was assigned to the commander of the 15th Reinforced Border Battalion posted on the north side of Lake Seesjärvi, Lt. Törni again exhibited initiative, skill, and courage. In December 1943 Lt. Törni was assigned to command the 1st Division’s Jaeger Company. He molded this company into an exceptionally integral, battle-ready, and highly fit unit. When an enemy battalion-strength unit on March 3, 1944, attacked our base located on the south side of Lake Seesjärvi, passing onto the land and then to the rear of the base, Lt. Törni with his Jaeger Company launched a counterattack that led to the partial destruction of the enemy unit. From the enemy unit of about 300 men, 82 were destroyed and 32 taken prisoner. Among the materiel taken were 58 automatic weapons, 5 flame-throwers, 2 automatic rifles, 115 pairs of skis, and so on. In this battle, too, Lt. Törni showed exceptional personal bravery, great leadership skill, and courage in making his decisions, as well as shrewd deliberation. The entire Jaeger Company fought in the same manner with the same exemplary spirit that it had become accustomed to see from its Company commander. Source: Jukka Tyrkkö, Lauri Törni Tarina, 66-71.

    Lauri Törni was sent to Germany and received training by the Waffen-SS, as there was no room for foreigners in the Wehrmacht. Why? To fight and resist an aggressive and vindictive USSR which had already stolen land from Finland, specifically driving Törni’s family from their home. Was he himself a Nazi? No. There is nothing in his private effects or his actions which indicate positive support for the Reich. To suggest otherwise is ignorant foolishness unparalleled.


  8. When did the Mormon leadership say it was all right to ignore the laws of the United States? From the beginnings up till 1890. Or have you forgotten the pioneer prophets’ fierce battle to keep polygamy against the wishes of the US government and 99% of the US people?


  9. Jonathan LaForce

    Do get your facts straight. While the Morrill Act made bigamy illegal, Mormons were excused from following it in return for not joining in the ACW.

    In 1882, the Edmunds Act, not only made it illegal, but increased the penalties for involvement in any way, and is now recognized as violating the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.

    So no, it wasn’t from the beginning up until the 1890s. Never mind that our civil rights were violated on several occasions by the states of New York, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois and yet we remained loyal to the Union.

    Next time get your facts in order.

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