Rape is rape

Let’s get something straight, boys and girls. I’m the last person who will defend a woman who cries “RAPE!” after having consensual sex, because the guy didn’t call her the next morning, or because she’s having feelings of remorse. If you are conscious and capable of consenting to sexual activity, and then cry “RAPE CULTURE” a la Mattress Girl, I will condemn you. Loudly. People like Emma Sulkowicz make it more difficult for women who have experienced real sexual assault to come forward and be believed. Stories like the fake UVA controversy meant to gin up attention for “rape culture” do nothing to help victims, and ruin the lives of many innocent men.

I have raised a son. He is a man in every respect. He would never consider jumping an unconscious girl and having his way with her, and not just because he’s afraid of the consequences. He knows this would be wrong. He knows this is a violation of everything decent and good. Why? Because I raised him to know the difference between right and wrong. This is also why the letter Brock Turner’s father wrote to the judge in defense of his fuck trophy is even more appalling. I couldn’t believe I was reading an excuse for this vile behavior from a parent, whose justification for rape was “Oh, the alcohol was responsible, my son fell under bad influence, he’s a good boy who can’t eat steak anymore!”

Well, per my buddy Amanda Green, that’s not quite true either.

According to Tucker, he was in “inexperienced drinker”. However, that’s not exactly the truth, at least not according to information given to the court for its consideration at the penalty phase of the trial. “A]ccording to prosecutor Alaleh Kiancerci’s sentencing memo, texts and photos found on Turner’s cell phone, which police seized, indicate that he used alcohol and drugs in high school, well before the January 2015 assault.” Yet this information apparently had little, if any, impact on the judge when he handed down his decision.

But it gets better. Video on the phone shows Tucker taking hits from a bong and following that with drinking straight from a liquor bottle. This video was taken more than a month before the rape. A couple of weeks before that, he texted the following to a friend:  ‘Do you think I could buy some wax so we could do some dabs?’

For those of you who don’t know, dabs “are a highly concentrated potent form of marijuana that is a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrated mass.”

There are other text messages concerning pot, wanting to have a “good acid trip” and more. Not exactly the sort of thing someone who is inexperienced with liquor or drugs would be interested in. At least not if that someone is the so-called good boy Tucker claimed to be.

According to the New York Daily News, the information contained on his cell phone proves that when Tucker claimed he didn’t party much before the rape was far from the truth. In fact, “a simple glance through Turner’s cell phone — filled with evidence of his drug use and underage drinking — revealed him as a regular substance abuser, and a liar, according to a sentencing memo.”

Worse yet, a commenter on this blog – ON. THIS. BLOG. – is defending this rancid bag of shit-stained smegma!

Six months for failing to video-document consent, not for rape or somnabulatory humping.

Is that what we nowadays call jamming your fingers up the vagina of an unconscious woman and then trying to fuck her limp body behind a trash can?

Face facts – girls want attention and sex. Many (but not all) women regularly (but not always) give consent for the man to do whatever he wants with her body, including consent for men to continue humping after she passes out.

Sounds like someone for whom sex is reduced to a few minutes of 70s Ron Jeremy flicks, some lotion, and a happy sock, especially since women regularly give consent prior to passing out!

Survey says: RETARD!

“Hey, dude… I know I just met you, but let me just let you know that if I pass out from drinking too much, you’re free to hump my limp carcass!” Yeah, that’s just how women feel, moron.

MEGA_FACEPALMThe even dumber part is when he compares the rape of an unconscious woman to 1) A surgeon putting things inside a patient when said person is unconscious and they haven’t given renewed consent at that point and 2) A passenger booking a flight, getting on the plane, and falling asleep. The pilot obviously isn’t guilty of rape for continuing to fly the plane to the destination, says the idiot.

How much logic and reading comprehension fail does such thinking require?

Look, it’s very simple. If a woman passes out after kissing you, this does not give you permission to stick your dick into any part of her body. If she kisses you while she’s so drunk, she can’t even stand up, that definitely does not equate to consent to insert your appendages or any other object inside her.

It’s, simple moral logic that even a shitguzzing retard such as Brock Turner should be able to understand, as well as anyone who actually reads this blog!

The bottom line is this. If you stick your body parts into another person’s orifices without consent, you are a fucking rapist and deserve to have Big Bubba rip your ass open with his cricket bat-sized cock. No, that doesn’t mean you need a consent form. No that doesn’t mean you have to ask if it’s OK to round the bases every five minutes.

What that means is that you don’t stick your dick into an unconscious person, and you certainly don’t justify doing so when said person is so incapacitated, they can’t even stand.

It’s common decency. Too bad Turner and some blog commenters don’t get that.


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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    There’s no intelligent life on planet Earth. 😦


  2. If he was sober enough to have sex with an unconscious woman, he was sober enough to know that he should have protected her – protected her from people who are like he turned out to be.


  3. What he did is not normal behavior. Ordinary men don’t “play” with unconscious women. Even when we’re drunk. This guy’s actions cannot be excused. He is lying. He wanted something from her, and he took it, whether she agreed or not. And he got caught.

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  4. I find it difficult to believe that the person who made the statement starting ‘six months for failing to document consent” is doing anything but trolling. The statements which follow are just TOO outrageous, particularly since I didn’t notice any spelling errors; I don’t think a person who truly believes surgeons and pilots are the moral equivalents of rapists could spell that well.
    If you had a ‘eject for being a troll’ button, I’d press it.
    Note: I do not stand against reasoned discourse, and I’m even in favor of tossing out a ‘straw man / devil’s advocate’ position from time to time in order to generate lively discussion points. However, that isn’t what this person did.

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  5. So much this, and have I told you how much I love you? Have a great weekend!

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  6. I had a notion the verbal beatdown would be swift and sure, but wow. You gotta be some kind of uberdumbass to warrant an entire post from Nicki calling you out for your stupid.

    I kinda also wonder if he was trolling, but… well, sometimes people really are just that awful.

    Good takedown, Nicki.

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    1. Thanks, Darth. I can’t even begin to comprehend the level of dumbassery it takes to engage in that kind of thinking! But people are pretty dumb.


  7. Here’s to hoping the bastard is found floating, face down, in the Bay. . . .

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    1. I would prefer he be found face down in his natural habitat, the sewer.

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  8. Ghost Rider 6

    As usual, good work, Nicki.

    “…fuck trophy…” I love it! Too bad he didn’t lock Junior in a glass trophy case and lose the key.

    I wonder how many other people remember Ron Jeremy. Somehow, I always had the impression that he probably smelled bad.

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    1. Ron Jeremy is gross, but he’s damn smart. He was a teacher, IIRC. He gets marketing. He did his thing and got out of porn. The guy is actually pretty impressive as a person.


      1. Ghost Rider 6

        Hum. You just taught me about five times what I knew about him previously. Always good to find there’s something more impressive about a guy than the size of his dick. 🙂

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        1. Or what he wants you to THINK the size of his dick is.

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  9. This entire incident makes me more than just a little sick to my stomach. The only redeeming thought that I had of the short sentence that this boy rapist is the possibility that while in his late night hours, he gets a visit from a nice friend who seduces him, and takes his muffled screams as consent. And of course, because condoms are probably hard to come by in jail, it would be a shame if the poor, misguided kid came away from his jail experience with AIDS, the gift that keeps on giving. I don’t mean to make light of the disease for those that have it and are dealing with it on a day to day basis. It just seems like it might be a more fitting and lasting punishment than the one he got.


  10. “Sounds like someone for whom sex is reduced to a few minutes of 70s Ron Jeremy flicks, some lotion, and a happy sock,”


    I was thinking along the lines of plastic and lots of hot air with the aforementioned video running in the background. ‘Cause no self respecting woman would go with in 20 feet of that commenter.


  11. I have been quite the heathen in my life, if it had alcohol I consumed it, in excess. The things I have done while intoxicated would make a damn good book and an R rated movie. But I NEVER took advantage of an intoxicated woman, there are times when my drunk ass stood guard over a young lady’s who were blind drunk and incoherent, unconscious and it never once occurred to me to do anything inappropriate. I have never been so drunk that I didn’t know what my intentions were going to be.
    Take heart in the fact that he will not be looked upon kindly in lockup, they do not like rapists, and they especially don’t like spoiled little rich boys who get a slap on the wrist.


  12. I am leaning towards the guy had to be a troll. I have seen a couple of people legitimately defend that shit bag (their arguments usually revolve around we can’t know what actually happened, and it’s possible through an extremely highly unlikely series, it was actually consensual), but his arguments were to stupid to live retarded.


  13. Ghost Rider 6

    Well, I see that “Braawk the Little Shit” has been barred from Swimming USA, which means he’s also barred for life from entering any sanctioned swim meet. Not much punishment in the scheme of things, but every little bit counts.

    “Bad Braawk! No Olympic trials for you!”


    1. It’s more punishment than one might think…though I hasten to add, it’s not enough. Swimming (as a competitive sport) was an important part of his life and now he’s barred from it. Personally Swimming USA can bar me and it’s no skin off my nose, but it hits him where he used to live.


    2. Considering the $$$ in endorsements that come from athletic sponsorship, this can have a real impact. When I saw that announcement on the news, it was a bonus, from my point of view. There may be other such things happen to this jackass down the road, but not requiring him to register as a sex offender was a misstep on the part of the court.


      1. I would hope that everyone would know exactly who and what this pig are from this day forward until the last breath this rapist draws, registration or not. His father’s help has brought the sort of infamy that hopefully follows him to the grave. If this had happened to my daughter, they could have kept the jail cell door opened after they let the creep out, because after he was less than a mile away, you can rest assured that I would deserve to head right back towards that cell. I am a peaceful type, but I am also the type who tends to harbor revenge for my daughters and wife. I can’t help it, I try and protect them, and if I were to fail, I would never rest until the perpetrator had been punished. In this case, this man has not been fully punished. This is a tragedy from the very beginning. It cannot end well.


  14. I am feeling really tired and REAL OLD when I was coming up a Real Man did not even hit a girl. Rape? That was something sub human degenerates did and if found needed to be put down, Sometimes I feel like I dozed off and woke up in another universe, Perhaps I did and its called the Future.


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