A letter to Dan Turner

Dear Mr. Turner –

In a recent public letter you described your son Brock Turner, who brutally sexually assaulted a young woman behind a dumpster at Stanford University and was found guilty of the crime, as a “victim.”

“He excelled in school that quarter earning the top GPA for all freshmen on the swim team,” the father wrote in his letter. “What we didn’t realize was the extent to which Brock was struggling being so far from home. … When Brock was home during the Christmas break, he broke down and told us how much he was struggling to fit in socially.

“In hindsight, it’s clear that Brock was desperately trying to fit in at Stanford and fell into the culture of alcohol consumption and partying,” Dan Turner concluded. “This culture was modeled by many of the upperclassmen on the swim team and played a role in the events of Jan 17th and 18th 2015.”

turnerBased on your claim, I have to wonder just how unaware, tone deaf, and socially deficient you are, and whether your sexual predator son inherited your lack of a moral compass. The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. You may not have committed sexual assault yourself during your life, but your attempts to excuse the inexcusable certainly point to a lack of ethics and perhaps an inability to distinguish right from wrong that goes beyond simply wanting to protect your spawn tell me much of what I need to know about how you raised him and what kind of values you instilled in him.

Let’s get something straight: your son is a sexual predator. Period. He penetrated an unconscious female with his fingers behind a dumpster. He did not get her permission to penetrate her. He simply did it and left her bleeding on the ground after she had fallen. It does not matter that he was drunk. It does not matter that she was. This was not “20 minutes of action,” as you so callously refer to it. This was the forcible violation of another human being – something your son had no right to do, no matter how much alcohol he consumed. He is not a victim. He is an adult who should have been held accountable for his violent, callous actions.

But instead, he got a slap on the wrist with nary a thought to the victim he left bleeding on the ground.

I repeat – he penetrated her without her permission. He left her bleeding on the ground behind a garbage dumpster.

And yet, here you are telling the world how he’s so traumatized, he doesn’t want to eat steak anymore???

Are you that inhuman and callous? Are you that devoid of values and principles? What the hell is wrong with you?

Yes, alcohol consumption can be dangerous, and yes, it is a problem on college campuses, especially among previously-sheltered kids who are away from home for the first time and are exploring their independence by sucking down as much cheap beer as they can get their hands on. But you know what? Alcohol doesn’t cause sexual assault. It makes it easier for a predator to victimize his prey, because sexual predators look for vulnerable women and also because alcohol lowers inhibitions. But ultimately, the decision to assault an unconscious or even a barely conscious victim, whom you appear to have forgotten in your rotten attempt to defend your kid, belongs to him.

And for that, he deserves to go to prison – and for much longer than the six months he received at the hands of an equally tone deaf judge who thought your clean-cut athlete boy deserved leniency after he penetrated her and left her behind a dumpster where she was “found breathing, unresponsive with her underwear six inches away from her bare stomach curled in fetal position.”


He does not deserve leniency. He attempted to run when caught in the act by two guys riding their bikes past the scene. He apparently knew enough to know what he was doing was wrong, since he tried to take the coward’s way out and run away. He attempted to leave an unconscious woman whom he had been humping like a rabid badger in heat bleeding behind a dumpster, while he made a run for it. And you talk about that slap on the wrist he received from that pathetic judge as harsh? You think that’s a “steep price?”

Not once in your ridiculous appeal did you mention the victim! Not once did you consider that there was this human being that your son violated! Not once did you consider the woman he attempted to leave bleeding and unconscious behind a dumpster as he tried to run away from his actions that night!

Oh, your boy won’t eat? Oh, he is “shattered” and so is your family?

Did you ever once consider how the family of your son’s victim felt when they had to read media reports about her assault? About her being found with her underwear off and pine needles jammed up her vagina? With abrasions and bruises, exposed to the world?

You know why he has to register as a sex offender? Because he is one!

There are men out there whose lives have been forever ruined by false accusations. Their lives will never be the same. And the women who falsely accused them have made it more difficult for actual rape victims to step forward and get justice.

The only person who ruined Brock Turner’s life forever is Brock Turner.

Your son is the type of person my son has had to physically toss out of his fraternity parties because he was acting creepy with women, and you’re upset that he isn’t in the mood to eat a grilled ribeye?

I have news for you, Mr. Turner. Your son deserves it and so much more!

And the fact that you don’t see that makes you part of the problem.


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  1. The old man should do time in prison for being such a moron……


  2. Here is the victim’s Impact statement. It’s a bit long, but should be required reading for everyone entering college.

    I think the little shit should do the whole 14 years.

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    1. I’ve seen it. I wanted to focus the piece on this dad’s complete lack of empathy and morality. But yes, it definitely should be required.

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  3. Ghost Rider 6

    And now we know where “privileged kids” come from.

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  4. Wow, that letter though….

    I can see why parents would blindly want to believe their kid, but sometimes they just need to stay quiet and not write letters like that. The dad really came off sounding like a misogynist, or something.


    1. Or just a spoiled dick.

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      1. Ghost Rider 6

        Gee, thanks, Nicki. I could have gone all day without THAT visual. 🙂


        1. Nicky *specializes* in visuals that make one reach for the brain bleach. You should know this by now. Yet, like having to look at the gruesome twenty seven car pileup with people-parts all over the place…we come back.

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      2. Or that. I don’t know the Turner family, but on external appearances, they do seem to be spoiled/enabled/sheltered/something (I’ll stop just short of using “privilege”, because that term annoys me for some reason). Consequences for Brock’s actions are appropriate, and what they are fighting against. Just because he’s a young guy with a promising career doesn’t mean he should be able to go to parties and behave in any manner he wants.


        1. Ha, the walking turd got off way to light.


  5. Obliviousness on this scale cannot be recognized with a mere facepalm. Not sure what to do.

    (I mean, I’m sure I know what to do with robertsgunshop’s “little shit”; but I’m talking about daddy here. Mere stupidity is not something that should be punished with jail time but WTF does one do when it’s at such levels?)

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  6. I haven’t yet heard any noise from the SJ Howler Monkey Morons on behalf of this young woman, but RAPE is RAPE, and I don’t give a crap what this spoiled brat’s daddy does or says. His kid has no sense of responsibility and neither does his daddy.

    Yes, this penis on legs needs to be marked with a Big Scarlet Letter “R” for rapist, just like women in the 17th century were marked with a Big Scarlet Letter “A” for having an affair with someone they weren’t married to. If there is a rape culture anywhere in this country, it exists because of parents like this overgrown boy-child’s daddy Dan Turner, who should be horsewhipped and dragged through town until he apologizes for his contemptible attitude toward women.

    I despise both Brock and his moronic daddy for what they are: white trash. And I don’t give a crap how much money they have. Didn’t Teddy Kennedy find a way to get away with something like this, too? Oh, but wait – HIS victim drowned.

    Thanks for the article, Nicki.


  7. RetMSgt in Pa.

    Perhaps baby boy will be on the receiving end while in county lockup?


    1. No. Because he is privileged, he will spend a few months in protective custody (cons hate sexual predators), and turned loose.


  8. I found it especially disgusting to read the part where loving daddy talks about sonny boy being able to help by talking about the dangers of alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity. There was no sexual promiscuity involved in the crime this predator committed. This was a violent criminal rape, which many knowledgeable people can tell you has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with power and domination, alcohol factored in or not.

    As a young man, I had raging hormones that wouldn’t quit. I would do a dead alligator, or a live one if I could get someone to hold the tail. But I never in my wildest dreams would consider harming any female by touching them sexually while they could not give their consent, whether I was drunk, high, or passed out. Character is something that you have inside of yourself, as this punk has shown.

    I can not add anything to how despicable this father is, or how poor of a job he has done and continues to do in raising this lousy excuse for a man. The facts speak quite loudly for themselves. I have to echo Sara in wondering where are the feminist voices asking for justice for this poor woman, and calling out this father/son tag team of misogynistic losers. Apparently, they must share the feelings of these two that jail time is not in poor little Brock’s best interests.

    I can imagine that this asshole will quickly become the girlfriend of some rather large man in jail, and will have someone to protect him from harm. I hope that the six months is the longest six months of that pricks life. And I hope when he gets out, he and daddy’s relationship is completely severed. Can you say, Enabler?


    1. The voices are everywhere. Pay attention.


  9. Once again an ‘athlete’ gets off… He should do the whole time and be Bubba’s butt boy in the slammer, then let’s see how he ‘likes’ it…


  10. Daddy dearest thinks 6 months is an extreme punishment for this crime?!?! A disgusting scumbag like him deserves a heavy punishment to make him regret ever touching her.


  11. I’m in favor of castrating rapists with a hammer, or a rusty spoon.

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  12. Brock Turner pled not guilty. I don’t know if he is guilty. Under California law, not expressing remorse is a sentence enhancer. The County DA, Jeffrey F. Rosen, actually cited his claim of innocence at sentencing, demanding harsher punishment. Are you ok with that? Because it bothers me greatly.

    Demanding remorse from the innocent is a totalitarian, dehumanizing humiliation. Moreover, any expression of remorse would obviate his appeal. So his lawyers had his father write a statement, not him, to angle for less jail time. Presumably carefully crafted to play to the judge’s prejudices and biases, not those of the general public. If Turner did happen to be innocent, what options did he have at sentencing that would be acceptable to you? Anything?

    I don’t know what happened. The defense claims that two very drunk, very high college students were consensually fooling around and not yet having sex at 1 am, when two Swedish foreign exchange bicyclists came by, assaulted the guy, chased him, beat him some more, and then called the police. The police found the girl passed out the guy beaten up, and the Swedish guys upset, they arrested the guy and took him to the hospital. They took the girl to the hospital without arresting her.

    I would like to know why the girl’s sister was a defense witness. I would like to know why two guys were out bicycling at 1 am, and whether they are credible, innocent witnesses. I’d like to know whether she initially felt that she was sexually assaulted, or whether she was pressured.

    Taking the father’s statement at face value, with no admission of how unfair the legal system is, just seems lazy. Your blog is called Liberty Zone; I would submit that justice and presumption of innocence are prerequisites for liberty.


    1. 1) He never denied that he was out there humping her behind the dumpster. He denied it was not consensual. How someone who is too drunk to stand up and then completely unconscious can give consent is a mystery.

      2) why the hell does it matter why two adults were out biking late at night? This blog is called The Liberty Zone, and it doesn’t assume two guys out for a bike ride are guilty of something merely because they’re out for a ride at an hour that’s not acceptable to you.

      3) the sister was a defense witness because Turner tried to make out with her as well at the party before moving on to the victim. He creeped on multiple women. That type of behavior at a frat party prompts a number of fraternities to show the door as it makes women feel uncomfortable.

      3) the fact that he tried to run away after confronted and the fact that he was humping an unconscious person were what really prompted the guilty verdict, based on everything I’m reading.

      4) the Swedish guys stopped and talked to him because they felt an unconscious body being humped by a guy behind a dumpster was suspicious. They didn’t beat him up. His mugshot shows him clean, unless they took care not to beat him about the face. They talked to him and he tried to run. Girl was unconscious. They STOPPED him and called the police.

      I’m taking the father’s statement at face value, given the information that is publicly available. There’s no denial that the events happened. Merely a blaming on the alcohol and party culture that is present in most universities. Lazy??? Lazy is assuming he’s innocent when a preponderance of the evidence shows his guilt, because not expressing remorse is a sentence enhancer in the state.

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    2. I think you raise one decent point here, even if it probably doesn’t apply in this situation. If one is railroaded, and convicted unjustly, then allowing a sentence reduction for an expression of remorse is, indeed, implicitly coercing a confession–albeit *after* the conviction. You get three more years (say) if you DON’T implicitly confess. If you do, you prejudice any appeal that you might make on the basis of new factual evidence or even a claim that the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence.


  13. Here it is, a rebuttal letter to Mr. Turner’s father:


    1. I saw that. Not thrilled with the race baiting, but otherwise good stuff.


  14. “twenty minutes of action”…..sounds like a line straight out of a Sinatra movie or what someone gets before saying “you should put some ice on that”.
    Just put the “baby” after each phrase and it’s just like the script from the original ‘Ocean’s Eleven’.

    You, Dad, are the creator of this adjudicated perv. It was you and your family’s morals, demeanor, social mores, etc. that put this dumpster jumper on his way to hell. Suck on that, you ass splitz.

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  15. Looks like the petition to remove the judge is approaching the one million mark. I won’t hold my breath.

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  16. I am even more disgusted every time I look at this. Am I losing my grip on the English language or did Daddy Dearest also say that his baby boy wasn’t violent ON THE NIGHT OF THE RAPE? Sweet Jesus. On the other hand, the victim’s statement was stunning in its brutal honesty. This rapist and his father are monsters.

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  17. Six months for failing to video-document consent, not for rape or somnabulatory humping.

    Face facts – girls want attention and sex. Many (but not all) women regularly (but not always) give consent for the man to do whatever he wants with her body, including consent for men to continue humping after she passes out.

    The girl in this case consented to him continuing after she passed out, and only retracted that consent after being publically embarrassed. Nobody disputes that she gave consent beforehand. The only dispute is whether she, as an adult, had the legal power of attorney over herself to give such consent. Liberals say it depends on his race and political affiliation.

    According to histrionic liberals, every surgeon is guilty of rape. How’s that? Well, they put things inside their patients without consent. Sure, they may have gotten written consent before anesthesia, but they didn’t stop at each stage of stage of unconsciousness to reaffirm the consent, and they didn’t periodically bring the patient out of anesthesia to be sure the patient still wanted the surgery. Nikki wants to reserve to women not only the right to withdraw consent, but the right to retroactively decide whether they want to have withdrawn consent. I rightly call Nikki’s approach to liberty nonsense.

    Do the liberals reading this post need another perfect analogy? When a passenger books a flight, gets on the plane, and falls asleep, the pilot isn’t guilty of rape for continuing to fly the plane to the destination. Flying the plane is what was agreed upon and what everyone expects. No one expects the pilot to land anywhere else.


    1. I’m going to go get a big bucket of popcorn, and settle in for some good verbal fusillades.


      1. Ewww… Popcorn, You should at least treat your self to a good snack. Actually you should grab yourself a Pizza instead because the amount of stupid in his post your going to be hungry for a meal by the time Nicki is done with him


    2. Oh my gentle Jesus, I don’t even know where to start with this nonsense.

      Have you read her impact statement? Have you bothered to do that? If not, give it a read. It does not, even for a moment, read like the thoughts of a woman who regretted having consensual sex after the fact. It reads like the thoughts and feelings of a woman traumatized and raped by a total scumbag. But hey, according to you, she gave consent and then retroactively cancelled it, so clearly she’s lying, right?

      Where, precisely, are you getting this business that “consented to him continuing after she passed out”? I’m legitimately curious, because legally AND morally speaking, if she is as falling-down drunk as it’s implied in what I’ve read, she CANNOT give consent because she’s in an altered state of consciousness. That’s an accepted precedent, and has been for lo these many years. If your date is so drunk that she’s no longer in control of herself, the correct thing to do is NOT HAVE SEX WITH HER.

      I faced that very situation myself once in university. I somehow managed to avoid raping her. Rather than running out to get my laurel wreath, I consider my NOT taking advantage of a drunken woman to be purely the decent thing to do. I don’t feel the need to hold myself up as a paragon of virtue for NOT RAPING someone.

      Furthermore, if what they were up to was in fact consensual, why in the name of all that’s reasonable would he, when discovered in flagrante delicto, leap to his feet and run away? If he were having legitimate consensual sex with this woman, why would his first response when discovered by passersby be to flee? The logical, reasonable conclusion is that he knew full well that what he was doing was wrong, in spite of his intoxication.

      Lastly, your analogies here are laughably absurd, given that each one proceeds from the assumption that she gave full consent, which is not the established fact you seem to think it is. For accusing others of being “histrionic” your snarky “he failed to get video documentation and forms in triplicate for consent for carnal knowledge” is histrionic in the extreme. And what’s more, your “women want sex and attention – oh but not all of them, wink wink!” misogyny is, frankly, loathsome.

      You’re using your concern for “liberty” as a cloak for victim-blaming and excusing rape. Victim-blaming and excusing rapists of their crimes is bad enough, but to attempt to shroud such abhorrent rhetoric in a thin veneer of “But but liberty!!1” is just beyond the pale.

      Crawl back under your rock.


    3. Are you serious right now? Or are you just stupid?

      girls want attention and sex. Many (but not all) women regularly (but not always) give consent for the man to do whatever he wants with her body,including consent for men to continue humping after she passes out. The girl in this case consented to him continuing after she passed out,

      Have you fucking lost your mind? There is no consent when you’re incapacitated to the point where you can’t even stand up any more! If you can’t comprehend that, I have to wonder how many times you’ve stuck your needle dick in someone who hasn’t consented.

      Nobody disputes that she gave consent beforehand.

      Wrong. She said several times she doesn’t remember him and doesn’t remember giving consent. HE claimed she wanted to kiss him. HE claimed she said yes to going to this dorm. SHE never fucking claimed that.

      According to histrionic liberals, every surgeon is guilty of rape. How’s that? Well, they put things inside their patients without consent. Sure, they may have gotten written consent before anesthesia, but they didn’t stop at each stage of stage of unconsciousness to reaffirm the consent, and they didn’t periodically bring the patient out of anesthesia to be sure the patient still wanted the surgery.

      Did you fail logic in college, or are you an idiot? The surgeon goes in with a very specific purpose to perform a very specific procedure. This is all documented and signed. Have you never heard of a surgeon getting consent from family or next of kin to perform procedures other than what’s stated to save the patient’s life? JESUS HOVERBOARDING CHRIST!

      Nikki wants to reserve to women not only the right to withdraw consent, but the right to retroactively decide whether they want to have withdrawn consent. I rightly call Nikki’s approach to liberty nonsense.

      It’s only nonsense if you’re an illiterate clod, which apparently you are. I have to wonder how you’d feel if you were ass raped by a large, drunken lout who then claimed you didn’t say, “no,” so that’s consent, and since you were unconscious, all was good.

      Do the liberals reading this post need another perfect analogy? When a passenger books a flight, gets on the plane, and falls asleep, the pilot isn’t guilty of rape for continuing to fly the plane to the destination. Flying the plane is what was agreed upon and what everyone expects. No one expects the pilot to land anywhere else.

      Again with the stupid and pointless analogy that has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand. Zero. You are a FAIL.

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    4. You. Sick. Fuck.

      Many years ago, I was at a party where a lot of drinking was going on. An extremely attractive woman started coming on to me, making it clear even to socially-oblivious me what she wanted. And I was tempted because 1) I already knew and liked her a great deal, 2) she was extremely attractive.

      She was also very, very drunk. I gently declined her overtures and encouraged her to withdraw from the general party safely. Shortly after, one of the lady’s friends approached me and pointed out that the woman had wanted me. I responded by pointing how drunk the woman was, and that I was gentleman. Her friend thought on that, and told me I was right.

      Freaking damned right I was right. And later that attentive woman and I became even better friends.Bog only knows how it would have turned out if I hadn’t been sent overseas about then.

      Another minor point. I prefer willing, responsive partners. What kind of sick, tiny-dicked loser wants to screw an unconscious body? Afraid she’ll realize how under-equipped you are?

      Those Swedes? Heroes. Not just for stopping the attack, but… half naked, intoxicated, unconscious woman hidden behind a dumpster in January; believe me, even in Cal, it gets cold enough for hypothermia to have killed her, once “action boy” left her behind when he was done. (And I don’t believe for a nanosecond that the bastard — who ran when he was spotted in the commission of major felonies — was planning to dress her and take back inside when he was done.)

      You sick, rapist-excusing, testicularly-challenged, under-achieving scumbag.

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    5. “Face facts – girls want attention and sex.

      What the Hell world do you live in?!

      No, many of us are far more sane than the average sex crazed male.

      “Many (but not all) women regularly (but not always) give consent for the man to do whatever he wants with her body, including consent for men to continue humping after she passes out. ”

      Seriously, what world do you live in? No one I know would consent to having sex after they are unconscious. The only place I can think of where such thinking is acceptable, is in your warped mind.


      1. “Oh, hey strange guy I met at a party. Before I get too drunk and pass out, please make sure you continue humping my limp body. I’m all good with it.”

        What a tool!

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        1. Ghost Rider 6

          Why is there even any debate about the impropriety of Turner’s behavior? A moral person doesn’t have “action” (or continue it) with an unconscious sexual partner. Period. Been there, didn’t do that.

          Also, I generally disapprove of ad hominem attacks, but if anyone looks at the images of “Brock” and thinks “in-bred little snot”, I wouldn’t fault you.


        2. Apparently, SOME shit gobblers think it’s perfectly OK, because Brock thought the woman rubbed his back or something. What the fuck is wrong with people???


    6. Hey dumbass! When someone is no longer conscience, consent is no longer applicable! It doesn’t matter what the relationship status is. If my husband continued to have sex with me after I passed out (for whatever reason), he would be looking for his balls in the morning! How you could even come out of your damn mouth with this shit is beyond me! As a rape victim myself, I can unequivocally tell you, that douche-bag did what he did because he thought that he wouldn’t get caught!

      Who the fuck cares why the two guys were out on their bikes? Would you be saying this same shit to your sister, or mother, or daughter? Would you look them in the eyes and say, “Well tough shit. You should just get over it! He is innocent because he says he is, never mind what the police said.” Never mind. YOU probably would!

      Your stupid ass comment has put me in a most foul mood, thank you very much! Asshole!!!


      1. Danielle, I read your comment twice, and was struck by the fact that you voiced that you are a victim of rape. I am not trying to be overly sappy, or something, but I just want you to know that I am sorry that you had to go through that and truly wish you hadn’t. I am also glad that you are strong enough now to be able to speak openly about it here and know that all sane people would never consider sex with someone who not only didn’t want it, but in the case of this young lady, couldn’t want it. Thank you for being a part of this gang here that follows Nikki.


    7. There has been enough clarification of your triple distilled industrial strength milspec Weapons Grade Stooooopiiid™ statement so I’m simply going to tell you to slither back into the fertilizer lagoon you oozed out of.
      To clarify for your imperceptible intellect, a fertilizer lagoon is a pond, usually artificial, on some farms where animal excrement mixed with water is left to ferment before being sprayed on fields.


  18. When I read about the sentence for this scumwad, I was astounded. When I read her impact statement, I was outraged and sorrowful. When I read the scumbag’s father’s statement, I was outright furious.

    Given the chance to speak to Brock Turner, I’d say this: You’re lower than a syphilitic rat. May you live long… but not in good health. And when you die, may your first day in Hell last ten thousand years… and may it be the shortest.

    Given the chance to speak to this jackwagon’s father, I’d tell him that he failed as a father in so very many ways, that his noxious spawn is a waste of perfectly good carbon despite his talent for swimming and his love for ribeye steaks. I’d tell him that if he had the least bit of conscience in that melon on top of his neck, he’d be issuing a mea culpa to the woman and her family for having reared such a wretched misbegotten excuse for a man, and he should be leading the charge for his deplorable offspring to rot in prison for the maximum extent allowed by law.

    My parents love me, and I’m their only son. But if I did something like what this douchenozzle did, my parents would be right there in the courtroom watching me get sentenced to several years in prison, and they wouldn’t for a moment try to get me any leniency. They’d still love me, but they would never attempt to save me from the consequences of so heinous an act.

    If I were that fucking bell-end, I’d be more terrified of getting out of jail than going in. He’s about as popular as genital warts, and he’d best be looking over his shoulder when he’s out and about. Someone will just be waiting to curbstomp him. I don’t applaud vigilantism, but I can certainly understand it in a case like this.


    1. Reality Observer

      I would love to have some time with the son and father, too.

      Not much speaking, though – unless you consider screams of primal pain speaking.


      1. I see the intent is to go Full Stalin on them. Any particular tools (power and/or manual) you have in mind?


  19. This Father is a disgrace. His son is a pervert and if his Daddy did not have friends in high places whom spoke to the judge, then this Rapist would spend more time in Jail.


  20. […] good friend, Nicki Kenyon, wrote a great piece yesterday dealing with the letter Tucker’s father wrote to the court. Nicki has a way with words (VBEG) […]


  21. […] Worse yet, a commenter on this blog – ON. THIS. BLOG. – is defending this rancid bag of shit-stained smegma! […]


  22. I saw what that commenter said and thought, “Good-Gawd-a-mighty, Mama Nicki gonna be maaaaad.”

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    1. I hope she wore a decontamination suit. The problem with stomping on shitbags is the bags tend to burst and the contents go *everywhere*.


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