Stop trying to shove the Trump or Clinton false dichotomy down my throat!

OK, enough is enough. I’ve just about had it with the “you’re either voting for Trump, or you’re for Hillary” douchebaggery, Republicans! Enough!

I’m not voting for him. Period. And tossing false dichotomies at me will not change my mind.

dumbshitI’ve gone over why Trump is absolutely unqualified and unsuited for the most powerful office in the land – and the world.

I’ve listed numerous reasons why I will never vote for him – everything from his love of force to his lack of knowledge about basic economics and foreign policy, to his flip-floppery on everything from gun rights, to abortion, to the war on terrorism.

And yet, I’m consistently seeing appeals from both Republican friends and from “conservative” pundits to stand with them and vote for Trump, because not to do so would be voting for Hillary.

These appeals range from “Oh, you must support Hillary,” to “You must not care about Supreme Court nominees,” to “Are you wasting your vote on a third party, because if you are, you’re voting for Hillary,” and all sorts of other stupid. If that’s how you’re trying to convince me, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

If you want me to change my mind about Trump, show me how he will make a better president than Hillary Clinton. Show me why I need to give him my vote.

Not being Hillary and not being a Democrat (this week) are not qualifications for President, no matter how hard you try to ram that narrative down my throat! You will not get me to vote for an unqualified, classless, boorish, uninformed lout, who is as leftist and authoritarian as his opponent, merely because he has an “R” behind his name. That’s not how it works.

As I’ve said before, Democrat and Republican are merely brand names. They are vehicles by which the candidates are delivered to us. Ultimately, it’s up to the candidate to prove his suitability for the office, and from what I’ve seen so far, Trump hasn’t even come close for all the reasons I mentioned above.

No, this is not about a protest vote.

I’m not protesting jack shit. I’m not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. I couldn’t give less of a flying rat’s ass about party labels. It’s simply about choosing the best qualified candidate for what is the most important job. And for me, neither one fits.

No, I don’t believe any candidate is perfect.

No, I don’t delude myself into believing that somehow Trump is more qualified to run the country and be the leader of the free world because he’s not Hillary. Not being Hillary is not a qualification.

No, despite his recent acceptable list of whom he would nominate for the Supreme Court, I don’t believe for a moment that a guy who, until a few months ago, thought his leftist sister would make a “phenomenal” SCOTUS nominee, is to be trusted with that decision.

No, a vote for Trump is not in any way better than a vote for Hillary. As a matter of fact, it may be worse, because when that stubborn, antagonistic, puerile dunce fucks up our country with nearly the exact same politics as Hillary, the Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves, liberals will screech about the failure of capitalism under a “Republican,” and low-information idiots will fall for it, ushering in an era of even worse, more extremist economic policies.

No, voting third party is not “throwing your vote away.” We are not the fucking Soviet Union! We have options and choices – everything from voting third party to not voting at all. And if more people weren’t chickenshit traitors to their own principles, they would see that there is essentially no difference between the two – no matter what Trump happens to write on social media or his campaign website. His history of flip flopping on issues most important to Republicans should be a big, red flag, but instead Republicans are so terrified of Hillary, that they will cast their vote for a male version of her, only with less experience and knowledge. They are both the same shit sandwich – one with mayo and one with ketchup – but ultimately, it’s still a shit sandwich, and I’m not going to swallow it when some stale roast beef is lying around.

No, a single-payer health care system wouldn’t be any better under Trump than it would be under Hillary.

No, liberal justices coming from leftist with an “R” behind his name are no better than liberal justices coming from a “D.” Perhaps you retards should have considered this before going out and casting your vote out of fear and anger, in an effort to burn down the establishment.

No, authoritarianism is no better under the “R” label than it is under the “D.”

No, I don’t fall for cheap rhetoric.

This is a Kosovo Harley. Basically it’s a gargen tiller rigged up to a trailer with a car’s drive shaft to a car’s rear axle that is mounted to the trailer. They are not very fast and are more of a nusence when they are on the road, but this is one of the main forms of transportation here in Kosovo.

This is a Kosovo Harley. It’s a tiller or a lawnmower hooked up to a trailer. They are slow, and are used to transport everything from humans, to cattle, to furniture. I’ve seen a very confused cow on the back of one of these.

No, it’s not because I’m bitter that “my guy” lost. I didn’t have a “guy.” Rob was passionate about Cruz, as he wrote a few months ago. I certainly liked Cruz and Rubio better than I liked Trump, but that’s kind of like driving a Yugo in a race against Kosovo Harleys. Hell, I liked Jim Webb better than Trump as well, but that’s quite akin to me choosing that stale roast beef sandwich over the diarrhea, beer, and corn concoction that is Trump.

If you truly feel that Trump would be the lesser of the two evils, go and pull that lever for him. I’m certainly not going to try and change your minds.

If you want me to vote for your guy, you’d better give me a better reason than, “Yeah, we know he’s a liberal. Yeah, we know he helped elect Clinton crony Terry McAwful as governor of Virginia and scores of other leftists with his donations. Yeah, we know he is a demagogue who knows little to nothing about running a country. But he’s better than Hillary, soooooo…”

You want to change my mind, show me why he would be better than Hillary. Show me some concrete proof that a guy who in a Memorial Day speech yesterday – a day when so many people commemorate the loss of their loved ones in military service – saw it fit to screech, “Memorial Day… it’s our day and we have to be very proud of it and we are very proud of it,” and invoked Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech to wonder why the venue wasn’t completely filled with people yearning to see his greatness – is somehow better than his opponent.

Otherwise, I would really appreciate it if you would stop trying to shove that bag of syphilitic dicks down my throat.


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  1. I don’t care HOW you vote. But YOU came from a country where you had no choices to a country where you do have choices.

    You have the freedom to vote for yourself, for Pete’s sake.

    I don’t care HOW you vote. But YOU came from a country where you had no choices to a country where you do have choices.

    And I DO care that you DO vote, even if it’s for yourself.

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    1. Oh, I plan on voting. Don’t worry. I just don’t appreciate the stupid being tossed at me every other day. 🙂

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      1. At the moment I do plan on voting for Trump, but believe me it will be about as enthusiastically as I would drink something that tasted like raw sewage (even if I was convinced it was good for me, a circumstance that doesn’t really apply here). And I could easily change my mind, given a *remotely* palatable option. (Seriously, I’ve found myself hoping he’d have an aneurysm; it would solve a lot of problems without making a martyr of him.)

        What pisses me off just as much as this false dichotomy are people who try to tell me it’s an act of betrayal of the constitution (specifically the 2A) to *criticize* Trump (even when you say you do plan to vote for him), now that he’s the nominee.


        1. Here’s a name: Gary Johnson. Two-term Governor of New Mexico, so UNLIKE either Clinton or Trump, actually has experience in political governance.

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        2. @3fg

          Yeah, I’ve heard of him. I need to look into that one. I’ve even heard (and repeated) the “Feel the Johnson” jokes.


    2. “And I DO care that you DO vote, even if it’s for yourself.”

      Nicki For President! 2016.

      She’s a veteran and knows just how to tell the Jihadis what to go do with themselves!

      Oh…Native born citizen. Never mind.

      So, how about Attorney General or SecDef?

      Better yet, we can create a new Department of Gut Stomping. If some puke gets annoying, we set the DOGS on him.

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  2. “but that’s quite akin to me choosing that stale roast beef sandwich over the diarrhea, beer, and corn concoction that is Trump.”

    My God, that is brilliant. 🙂

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    1. And SO true! 😉

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  3. Oh, I’m extremely disappointed.

    The bag can’t have syphilis. It’s a bag of syphilitic dicks, not a syphilitic bag of dicks.

    As a P.S. I expect to be in NoVA this weekend, if you and Rob want dinner on me let me know (you have my e-mail).

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    1. Ah. Editing error. It was originally only one syphilitic dick. It turned into a bag. LOL!


    2. Oh, when this weekend? I’m going TDY on Sunday.


      1. Should be arriving Friday and leaving early Monday morning. I do intend to visit NoVA Armory sometime Friday afternoon and hopefully contribute to their Legal Best-Defense-Is-A-Good-Offense fund. Friday evening ought to be wide open. I don’t know your work schedule. (And, oh yeah, I could probably use some advice on the cultural/legal gun environment, given that VA rather narrow-mindedly won’t recognize my CO permit this week, even though they will in July.)


        1. Fridays are late days for me, because of some stuff I usually do, and then I need to go walk the dog. NoVA is open until 8pm, so if you want to wait, and we can meet over there. Rob doesn’t usually get home until after 7. Are you staying in Arlington?


        2. Falls Church (I found a place conveniently close to the Metro).

          That timing should work pretty well. I can time things to get to NoVA not later than 7PM and hang out there until you arrive.

          Is Open Carry an invitation to officious harassment in that neck of the woods (I believe it is technically legal)?


        3. Nah. I open carry sometimes, and I’ve never had an issue. But I guess it depends on whom you run into.


      2. Possible involuntary change of plans. Please email me (won’t discuss publicly)


        1. Done. Check email.


  4. You like him, don’t you?


    1. Bwaaaahahahahahahahaaaaa!

      ISWYDT…… ;>)

      If only this actually WAS Third Grade, this election cycle would actually be appropriate….


  5. Ever since moving to the Libertarian Party a decade and a half ago, I’ve encountered the never-ending rash of “you’re throwing away your vote!!?!??!”. It’s a canard plain and simple. Voting for one of the two horrendous choices, when they’re not either of your party nor representative of your values….is throwing away your vote.

    In this country, the electorate has this strange fascination with only supporting someone who would likely win. We see this to some extent in sports, with ‘fair weather fans’, but in politics it’s an absolute derivative of the political duopoly and it’s media allies. Somehow voting against your values and principles is subordinated to peer based populism.

    Cheap rhetoric is indeed the currency of our political system, and I don’t pretend the LP is above such, but not to the extent of the two major parties. I lose no sleep whatsoever, not voting for either two candidates that I believe will be detrimental to the Republic.


    1. There’s another dynamic at work too. I’m going to describe it from the standpoint of Joe Republican, but it works for Bob Democrat too, just reverse the labels. Joe Republican might be thoroughly disgusted with who his party puts forward this year, might actually prefer the libertarian…but he really HATES the Democrats and will do anything to avoid seeing them win. The most feasible way to prevent the democrat from winning is to go ahead and vote for the sack of shit with the R next to his name, because hey, at least he’s *our* sack of shit.

      People don’t unconditionally love their own party, but they unconditionally HATE the other party.

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      1. I agree with that wholeheartedly.


    2. Unfortunately the LP just shot itself in the head, again. They went and selected a pair of statist career criminals, um, politicians.


      1. I can’t completely disagree with you….but much like other political arguments in favor of a candidate like Trump, you have to woo the voting base. Although I can’t claim to think Johnson and Weld are the best candidates for the LP nomination, when stacked against Trump v. Clinton, they and the LP platform win hands down. A mainstream-ish LP ticket… a cycle with two horrendous major party nominees…might be just the thing the LP needs to get on the debate stage, and beyond.

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      2. Word; just when you think it’s ‘safe’ to vote Libertarian, the embodiment of ‘Erlich’ from HBO’s “Silicon Valley” gets onstage and does a near-naked hula. And he was running for a leadership position? For what, ‘The Committee to Reinforce Negative Libertarian Stereotypes’?

        I’ll invoke the Imus Theorem again, “You can’t make this stuff up.”


      3. “They went and selected a pair of statist career criminals, um, politicians.”

        People keep saying this. What am I missing? If these guys are ‘statists’, the D and R candidates must be flat-out Stalinists…….


        1. Or perhaps “Big Brother”…..


        2. Johnson said he absolutely would force a Jewish baker to bake a cake for a Nazi, also that he agrees with three quarters of what Comrade Comissar Sanders says. Among Weld’s claims to shame is during the election he promised to veto anti gun rights bills, once elected he signed every one that ended up on his desk and even lobbied for some of them.


      4. Citations, please?


    3. The momentum for breaking the Two-Party System is growing. If it doesn’t happen this cycle, it will in the next one or two. I think…..


  6. More some thoughts brought to mind by your post than a reply really but…

    I have pointed out in the past that there is a very good reason that the two major parties are going to be very similar. It’s not because of any conspiracy by illuminati but by simple election dynamics. Both parties want to win. They want a majority. That means that, to a large extent, they are both going to try to appeal to at least some of the same voters.

    If, say, the Democrats got 55% of the vote and Republicans got 44% (with 1% going “other”), The Republicans, next time around, is going to have to get some of those people who voted Democrat this time. They are going to have to appeal to those voters. And if they succeed, why next time, the Democrats are going to have to do the same. And to appeal to those voters, they’re going to have to offer something they want that they weren’t offering before–and something the other party was offering is an easy option.

    After a few iterations you can see the parties starting to have a lot of overlap, a goodly range where they are both “offering” the same thing.

    That 1% other? Generally not worth going after because a large chunk of it consists of folks bordering (at least) on the fanatical who will not be swayed without going to similar extreme positions. That will lose you a lot of your own voters to the other major party (who is already appealing to a large chunk of those who hitherto have been voting for you). Losing proposition.

    Historically, that’s were “third parties” have been since the last time there was a major shakeup–with the Republican Party replacing the Whigs. Basically, any time a third party’s platform became more generally popular, the position got co-opted by one or both of the major parties.

    However, I note that Gary Johnson was polling 11% before Trump became the presumptive nominee that might indicate a change–not this time around, this election is already tanked, but for future election cycles. 1% isn’t worth pursuing, not at the cost that would go with it. 11%, or more? That’s a whole other ballgame.

    Unfortunately, the Libertarian party seems to be attempting to self destruct right along with the R and D (really? Candidate for party chair streaking at the convention? The 70’s called and they want their fad back).

    But this is why when people talk about “lesser of two evils” and point to a third party I tend to respond “adding parties and candidates doesn’t solve ‘lesser of two evils’, it simply changes it to ‘least of x evils’ with ‘x’ being the number of candidates/parties.”

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    1. What worries me about the Johnson ticket is the addition of Weld, purportedly for his fundraising value. This sounds a lot like Bob Barr redux and we know how well THAT worked out.


    2. Another way to think about what (I think) you are trying to say, is say there is a game where two people are to try to guess a randomly generated number between 1 and 100. Closest guess wins.

      The best strategy is to pick 50. No matter what your opponent picks, you’ll be closer to half of the possible values (if he picks 49, he wins if it’s 1-49, you win if it’s 50-100. If he’s dumb enough to stake out an extreme and pick 10, you’ll win on a 30 or higher). Unless, of course, your opponent ALSO picks 50, in which case it’s a tie. By trying to get as close to the center as possible without being on the far side of the opposing party, they scoop up everyone who is this side of the other party’s platform.


    3. I was going to point out that The American Independent Party and the Bull Moose Party both had enough support to collect electoral college votes since the Republican/Whig split. But both of those elections were more cult of personality support rather than actual party plank support.


  7. Nicki:
    I won’t attempt to try and talk you out of your position. If or when you change your mind it will be because of reasons you can live with. I don’t blame you a bit because I felt the same way about the other candidates I’ve had to “hold my nose and vote”for. I didn’t vote for Dole or GWB and I gleefully wrote in Pee Wee Herman in place of the execrable Juan McAmnesty. I reluctantly voted for Mitt but I wouldn’t criticize one who didn’t. In all these cases I felt the GOPe foisted these losers on us and I rebelled. I don’t feel that way this time so I will reluctantly vote for him even though he frequently gives me a migraine. Cruz was my man ever since he was elected to the Senate and bucked the Elites, including Juan.
    As I said, I know how you feel & I admire that you’re following your conscience and standing on principle.

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  8. What part of it’s MY vote don’t people understand?

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    1. I had one hag tell me I was being selfish, and that it’s not MY vote when it impacts the rest of the country. I wanted to throat punch her.

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      1. Doing so would have probably improved the species…at least, until you got prosecuted.

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        1. No, it would have improved the species, if I pulled her ovaries out through her nose.

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  9. Nicki, you crack me up. I love the way you describe things.

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  10. Being a foreigner I don’t have a vote – something that makes me really happy this time around. The relief of being able to say “This has nothing whatever to do with me” is simply wonderful.

    But if I were able to vote, then based on where we are today, I’d very reluctantly vote for Trump. And yes I totally get why you disagree and won’t. I’ve got two reasons, both of which are explained in this Schlichter article:

    1) I see absolutely no reason to expect a Clinton presidency to be better for the US than a Trump one, but there is a chance the Trump one will be slightly less bad than a Clinton one in some aspects.

    2) A big reason why I have more hope for a Trump presidency is that the MSM won’t give Trump a pass, but will give Clinton one, which means she’s a lot more likely be able to get away with bad stuff.

    Essentially it all boils down to the fact that I think Clinton would be a definite disaster as POTUS and that pretty much anything, even Trump, would be an improvement – albeit a slight one. Now if I thought there was a viable third or fourth party candidate that was better I’d vote for that in a heartbeat. If Bernie gets all sulky and runs as an independent then it absolutely makes sense to vote for the Johnson because there’s an excellent likelihood that the Berntards and Clintonistas will split the Dem vote. However in the current situation, where it seems likely that there won’t be a split on the socialist side, voting for a third party would just give the election to Clinton


    1. This is the delicious irony of this electoral cycle, the GOP is essentially voting for……’hope and change’.


      1. You have a seriously fucked up definition of “delicious.” It, like everything else about this situation, tastes fucking *awful.* 🙂

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        1. Touche’! Being a bit sarcastic……I thought it in keeping wth the theme of the politics of this year.

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        2. Ah, OK. Same page, etc., etc.

          Snark away (and carry on).

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  11. I find myself having to anything to kill a Hillary presidency but as the great Billy Beck says, “We’re not voting ourselves out of this one.”


  12. I’m not voting for any of them. But I certainly can talk shit about them.

    Gary “Feel the Johnson” might actually get some traction this time around, considering most people consider the other two about as favorable as a Taco Time bathroom at lunch time.

    Heck, Ralph Nader could probably win against Hillary or Trump and win. Even HIS unfavorables aren’t as bad as Donald J. Drumpf or Billary Clinton.

    Just last week, without even being on the board, Johnson was polling at ten percent. Not bad for someone that most people haven’t even heard of yet.

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  13. One dirty little secret lost in the background noise is that only a few months ago, back when the nomination was still anyone’s game (and especially after Cruz won Iowa), many of these same Trump supporters who are right now demonizing the #NeverTrump crowd, were themselves threatening to vote third-party or stay at home if Trump didn’t get the nomination…


    1. Oh, that’s no secret. It’s fact. And now these hypocrites are so set on winning – not the nation winning, but the Republican Party winning – that they’ll happily bend over and spread their cheeks to support him. Sad.


  14. I said it before……BOTH parties have chosen the form of it’s destructor.

    Bag the bs about ‘hope’, but I believe people in both parties do want change from the standpoint of the time of business as usual in DC is OVER. Myself, I hate that the finances of our country are run like an brain dead, pill popping, no self awareness, chooses Bob Evans over Waffle House, ex-wife expecting an lifetime supply of sugar daddies an/or future ex-spouses to sustain an unsustainable lifestyle.

    (no offense to the very capable ladies here)


  15. RetMSgt in Pa.

    We know how you feel about Frick and Frack currently all over the news.

    Any opinions on Nadiya Savchenko?


    1. Loads. Not sure what you’d like to know, though.


      1. RetMSgt in Pa.

        From what I’ve seen on the news, I wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side.

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        1. She’s a badass. No doubt. But that whole election to the Rada thing… I can’t imagine her avoiding corruption. It’s going to turn her just like the rest of them.


  16. Want to be convinced to vote for Trump? Two words:

    D.C. v. Heller

    If Hillary gets the SCOTUS picks, she will put justices on there that DO NOT recognize the second amendment as granting the PRIVATE right to firearms ownership. Keep your objections to Trump’s shortcomings; they are not ill-founded. But you have to recognize the pragmatism required here.


    1. I don’t trust Trump to pick any justice that will support the 2A. This sums up my thoughts perfectly. This is a guy who vocally supported the AW ban. This is a guy who says people on the no-fly list should be deprived of their 2A rights – even though they’re put on this list in secret and without due process.

      And you trust him to appoint pro-2A justices? I don’t.

      Sorry. No.

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      1. Can’t say I completely blame you. But effectively the presidential choice boils down to this:

        Person A (D)- states directly they will infringe your rights. 45% chance of winning.
        Person B (R) – states they will work to protect your rights. 45% chance of winning.
        Person C (I)- presumably will work to protect your rights. 5-10% chance of winning in a generous estimate.

        Seems to me B is the best bet there, given the variables. Even if there are doubts about B’s integrity, A has vowed to work against you and C doesn’t have a realistic chance to protect you, given the low probability that an independent can overcome the hurdles to get on the ballot- and then win.

        Of course you are free to disagree.


        1. I’m sorry, but I do. I’d rather the enemy I know for sure than the enemy that has proven to be a liar and flip-flopper time and time again, who is trying to piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. I can’t suspend my disbelief that much.

          The problem with every election cycle is that we convince ourselves that only the major party candidates can win, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

          I know a number of folks who very honestly have weighed the options like you have done and chosen accordingly. Unfortunately, his core supporters are frothing morons, who adore the cult of personality despite every shred of proof thrown at them.


  17. You do have choices, you have the choice to throw away your vote and allow Hillary to win. She is counting on it.


    1. Thank you for proving my point for me.

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    2. Voting for “spray tan Hillary” (or “Penis Hillary” vs. “Vagina Hillary”) is every bit as much “throwing your vote away.”

      Unless you can show me, using his historic support for positions (since even Trump admits that his campaign rhetoric is worthless–in his own words “just flexible suggestions”), that he’s any better at all.

      The man will say anything that he thinks will get him what he wants. And his word is worthless. That’s why I ask for historic positions, not just whatever he’s said this week.

      And that’s the one question nobody ever actually answers.

      I suspect there’s a reason for that.

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    3. Yes, she is counting on it. Why do you think she talked her old crony Trump into running as a Republican in the first place?

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  18. I think I postulated long ago that Trump’s “strategy” for this election was (1) If he loses in the primaries, run as a 3rd Party candidate in an effort to insure Hillary wins in November and (2) if he WINS in the primaries, to do something monumentally stupid during that campaign–again assuring that Hillary wins in November. Looks to me like he’s getting a head start on option 2.

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