Note to Commenters

It appears, due to certain ignorant fucktards failing to read the rules, I need to post a reminder.

There will be no racist commentary tolerated on this site. None. Zip.

I am not in the habit of censoring my site. I like healthy and unhealthy debate. I love cursing. It’s fun. However, racism isn’t funny, nor is it acceptable here. That is non-negotiable.

If your ignorant ass wants to post racist invective it will either be deleted or edited, depending on my mood. If you continue to be a dick, you’ll be relegated to the spam pile.

No, you have no right to demand I allow you to post your shit. I pay for this site. It’s mine. You will follow the rules, or you will leave.

Also, a reminder about moderation. First-time commenters will automatically be tossed into moderation, as will any comment with more than one link. This is to protect the site from spam, not because I want to censor you in some way. I’m usually pretty good about checking the spam trap and releasing comments from moderation quickly, but if I don’t, it’s because I’m busy, and I’ll get to your comment shortly. So, if you’re planning on sending me nasty notes about censoring you, don’t bother.

I hope that’s clear.

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  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Just a thought.

    Since “certain ignorant fucktards” imagine that it’s not possible to be “racist” when talking about Whites, it may be necessary to make it clear in the rules that “racist comments” include bigoted remarks about Whites.😦


    1. Oh, I’m fairly sure they know when they’re being racist pricks. If they don’t, they will be informed. Not politely.


      1. Ghost Rider 6

        Well, I’m glad we got that fucking straight, Nicki.🙂

        In case you haven’t noticed, I like your blog (and its rules) just fine.

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  2. Might mention the kid in the Gorilla habitat was “non-white,” which puts the lie to the animal rights folks’ claim that it was “white privilege” that killed the simian. Nope, the child was in imminent danger from a wild animal that was provoked by a very stupid crowd of onlookers.

    Since I have not seen a POV shot from gorilla to crowd, I won’t venture a guess as to racial makeup, but screaming at any animal in crisis is plain stupid. They react as, well, wild animals.

    Sad to see a terrific specimen of silverback destroyed on any account. And, yeah, this site is Nicki’s, and she handles it pretty damn well.

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    1. I mentioned it.🙂


  3. Glad I missed the comment, whatever it was.

    I do not discriminate against [laundry list]. All are equally worthless! (R. Lee Ermey again; and why am I channeling him today?)

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  4. Moroni Breitbart

    Invoking racism…automatically exposing the intellectual vacuity of the utterer. So sad that in this day and age that so many use this weak crutch so quickly.


    1. So you don’t think using the N-bomb and words like mudshark is racist? Well, guess what! You use that type of language on my blog, and you will get quickly blocked. I give less than a fuck what you think. My site, my rules.


      1. Moroni Breitbart

        You misunderstood. I agree wholeheartedly with you.


        1. Was that sarcasm? Hard to detect in comments. If so, my apologies for getting prickly.


  5. Wow, what a miserable angry leftist you are. When you play by their rules they win, when you call them out and use racist language YOU win… but dummies like you will never get it. Loserdopeians are funny

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    1. So are indecent shitbags. That would be you.


    2. You know, it’s amusing to watch Trumpanzees try to justify their own lack of intelligence. They can’t defend the Orange One based on actual facts and evidence, so they screech that anyone who opposes his statism is necessarily a “leftist.” Jackass.


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