You want to lose hope for humanity? This is how you lose hope for humanity.

hopeI had to step back for a few days and not write. It feels weird how everything is crumbling around me. Two of the most unsavory characters possible are now the major party nominees for president. I see no difference between them. They’re both corrupt. They’re both noxious. They’re both authoritarian lovers of tyranny. One of them will be president.

As my parents like to say, “We came to this country to escape tyranny and statism, and now it seems to have followed us here.” What the hell?

The NRA has issued its enthusiastic early endorsement to the very man who once accused the organization of being uncompromising and criticized it for refusing “even limited restrictions.”

Cultural icons of my youth are systematically being demolished in the name of diversity – really a cover for lack of originality, but who’s going to look closely at that?

Ghostbusters now features four women with not even a nod to the classic original.

There are rumblings about making James Bond into a female.

Captain America – Steve Rogers – the quintessential fighter for good, for freedom, for American principles – has been revealed by Marvel to have been a Hydra agent all along. What in the everloving, freezing, snot-dripping fuck, Marvel??? I know this is the age of shock, where entertainment enterprises compete for who can provide the most shock value to the audience in order to keep themselves “fresh” and “original,” but seriously, WHAT? This isn’t fresh and original. This is a blatant attempt to generate buzz and appear edgy, when in fact, you’re just full of FAIL!

In the past few years we’ve seen reboots of everything from Total Recall to Star Trek to Star Wars. I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed at least the Star Trek and Star Wars flicks, but I found Total Recall to be a boring, dark, humorless fail. The remake of Point Break was an unwatchable, dull mess. Godzilla wasn’t as horrible as it could have been. Casting Godzilla as a character that is actually neutral and inadvertently winds up saving humanity from Mothra is not a bad way to revive the genre.

Further proof that Hollywood has run out of creative juices shows us planned reboots and remakes of classics such as Porky’s, An American Werewolf in London, Logan’s Run, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Stephen King’s It, which makes me want to issue a collective throat punch to every Hollywood producer involved in these unoriginal dumpster fires.

In other news that makes my soul die, 23 competitors in the 2012 London Olympic Games from five different sports and six different countries tested positive for doping, and  31 athletes (14 of whom were Russians) from the 2008 Games had also tested positive following re-examination of their samples. I get the competition is stiff, but the naive kid in me always viewed these games as a beautiful, unifying event. Way to crush my hopes and dreams, assholes!

Maybe I just need to stay the hell away from the Internet for a few weeks.


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  1. sanfordbegley

    Sadly. Truth


  2. You cant run from the internet, it will creep into the dark recess of your soul and remove all feeling and emotion.


  3. Nicki,

    I certainly have had a great deal of, um, frustration let us call it, with the current Presidential election cycle (culminating when Indiana went full turnip for Trump). However, in the bigger picture, looking beyond the Presidential race, things are quite a bit more hopeful. I have written about that in several blog posts which I still stand behind:

    Where the current thing might lead longer term:

    How the “down ticket” races do give cause for guarded optimism:

    And how, historically, despite the challenges and backsliding we see, the trend has been for improvement:

    Perhaps one or more of those will give you a bit of a “pick me up”. 😉

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  4. And Gary Johnson is the likely Libertarian nominee, despite wanting to force bakers to bake SSM wedding cakes. He’s just in it because he likes to smoke weed. I may wind up not voting for president for the first time in my adult life. I’ll vote the down ticket, even though I live in Marcy Kaptur’s district.

    The only positive I can think of for a Trump presidency is that the Democrats would be likely go along with a GOP impeachment of him.


    1. OK, so full disclosure. I know Gary, and he’s NOT in it for weed. I’m having trouble with this reported stance of his on the whole doing business with gay people thing. Once I do, I’ll make a decision about whether or not to vote for him.


  5. If it makes you feel any better, the Ghostbusters trailer was right up there with getting the most dislikes of all time:

    Personally, I just thought it looked boring. There’s enough vibrant (even indie) stuff out there that it wouldn’t be worth it to me to pay a ticket for some of this stuff.


  6. Endless sequels bore me, whether film or book. So far, the only current exception is Correia’s Monster Hunter books. The only remake I can think of that I really liked was John Carpenter’s The Thing, because it was so much truer to “Who Goes There” than the ’50s flick.

    Reboots flat piss me off. Writers too effing lazy to make up their own characters and worlds. I watched the ST Khan thing out of boredom, and only finished with ethanolic assistance. (Actually, ST:TNG and the Flying Toilet Seat put me off of ST. Enterprise almost brought me back… until they cloned the engineer just so they could butcher a sapient being and scoop his brain out.) However, I have seen some excellent work in fanfilm ST movies.

    Funny thing. I was nearly done with the first draft of Net Assets when someone convinced me to read Kings of the High Frontier. At which point I scrapped 90% of my story because I was duplicating too much of Koman’s story. I should have gone with it; probably could have sold a re-serial numbered book.

    I do sometimes like certain remakes. Shakespeare’s work is so timeless that it often translates well into new formats. I recall watching Forbidden Planet and realizing where I’d seen that tale before. (For those who don’t know… watch it. No spoilers.)


    1. I am MUCH more familiar with Forbidden Planet (probably the best SF movie of its decade) than Shakespeare (I couldn’t stand what I was forcibly exposed to), so I have no idea what you’re alluding to (and you can’t tell me without spoiling it for others….)

      As I understand it, Shakespeare himself often retold an older tale (my memory is vague but I am thinking both Hamlet and Macbeth are examples) so I can imagine some Elizabethan gent grumbling about how people couldn’t come up with new stories, as he exited the Globe theater….


  7. Nikki, just remember the saying, you can run, but you cannot hide. The stupid will find you out, internet or not. You just have to keep poking the sleeping dog. Eventually, we all hope it will get mad enough that it will either get up and leave or stand and fight, and we will at least have the chance to drive it away. The status quo is the game that the dog wants, not us.


  8. I used to get comics for a dime at the corner drugstore. They were short stories – the good guy beats up the bad guy(s) and goes back to his day job, if he has one. But it was 1958 and the corner drugstore had a college-boy soda jerk who made the Coke right there at the fountain for you. No canned or bottled stuff. I could get on the bus on Saturday and go to the library downtown and sit on the floor of the bookstacks reading Robert Heinlein’s and Paul French’s (Asimov) books, and absorbing the idea that we might have a moonbase some day.

    Debunking didn’t really get its start until some time after Cronkite admitted that he’d lied and then everything was REVISIONIST! I think it was around the time of Watergate (1974) and Nixon getting fired. The fashion became going back to real history and revising it according to YOUR idea of what it was really like, and most of it was and still is BS, not worth getting into a fistfight over it.

    Why does Hollywood the industry not make original movie any more? Simple — they’re scared to death that if they agree to an original idea, they’ll spend money on it and go broke. In the 1980s we had a placid, dull and boring day-to-day thing, but the movies we got were WOW!! The Terminator showed up looking for Sarah Conner, ET phoned home, Indiana Jones ran into his old girlfriend while he was looking for the Ark of the Covenant, the Sta-Puf marshmallow man tried to sit on a church steeple in NYC and Bill Murray confirmed that his opponent had no dick. Life was ordinary but the Blues Brothers went crashing hellbent for leather through an empty shopping mall down in Romeoville, IL and Sally Albright faked an orgasm in a roadside diner just to embarrass Harry Burns. Ripley saved the Earth from giant Alien cockroaches – again! Freddy Krueger showed up on Elm Street.

    No one in Hollywood the Industry has had an original idea since the day they were born. All they can do is copy what worked before and make it THEIR version of it. It will probably be like that for a while, but if you’re really tired of their stupidity, watch the movies from the 1930s and 1940s, especially Mae West and W.C.Fields. Try Laurel and Hardy, or a movie like ‘Some Like It Hot”. Get a copy of the silent movie ‘Wings’, shot in 1920. Basically, get out the good stuff that has lasted and let these remakes and reboots fade to black.


    1. Basically, get out the good stuff that has lasted and let these remakes and reboots fade to black.

      That’s the thing. The movies of today are now directly competing with the movies of yesterday.


  9. Ehh, honestly most of those things are nothing to worry about.

    Captain America is nothing but a stunt, to sell a bunch of comics. Even if the author of it really truly believes in that idea, I guarantee Marvel already has the inevitable future fix in place, were it turns out, these are fake memories implanted into Roger’s head/into another persons head so they themselves think they are actually Steve Rogers, it’s an alternate earth, ETC…

    Reboots/Remakes/Sequels is simply a phase, that results from how big media companies have gotten. The bigger a company gets the safer they play. Unfortunately for them the longer they play it safe the less profit returns they get. From there they will fall into a negative feed back loop as they try to play it ever safer. I’d give it a couple more years and you’ll really start seeing it all collapse on them, and you’ll start seeing indie/small/new studios really moving in to the market, with new and innovative stuff. It’s what’s happening with video games, books, and even music. This fad will fade.

    Swapping male characters with females I’d argue is a good thing, for people like us. Sure short term it’ll suck but long term it plays out in our favor. After Hollywood does a couple of these and they fail, one of two things will happen. Either they will stop listening to modern feminist so much, which is a win, or they continue trying to pander to them to prove their progressiveness, speeding up their collapse, and again we win.

    The Olympics thing is just you be naive. You have an event which there is a ton of pressure not only because the athletes them selves are competing against the best from all around the world, but also a thing that is of huge national pride. People are going to look to get every advantage they can leverage. Even if non of the athletes ever tried to cheat, remember you have countries like North Korea Competing, who you can pretty much guarantee have threats of execution hanging over the competitors and their families. So I would not think of the events as some kind pure thing in any event.

    The NRA thing was sadly expected, though it is a very worrying sign. Remember they did endorse Romney who played ball with an AWB for his state. On the surface in a choice between someone who 100% will push gun control and someone who if your willfully delude yourself, seems to want to repeal gun control laws, the choice is clear. This is troubling not because of who they chose endorse, but because they felt it was necessary to endorse someone.

    In my mind that’s a crack in the mask, revealing the NRA to be a paper tiger rather than the real one that they have been pretending to be for years. Why did they have to endorse a candidate when there have been plenty of years in the past were they have not especially when the “better” one is still extremely shitty? Because they need a victory to point to. You see it is my belief that the NRA has never been that powerful in politics, they just got very lucky 22 years ago. While I was only a young kid back when Bill Clinton passed the AWB then all those democrats got voted out, I suspect that the country was quiet unhappy with a number of democratic policies being pushed. The Democrats unwilling to admit that there people had issues with a lot of their platforms decided to lay blame on one thing thing, The NRA being opposed to the AWB. That planted the idea that the NRA was supper powerful, and every body decided to believe it. That myth became self sustaining as politicians shied away from opposing them, re-enforcing the appearance of their strength for the next 18 years. Unfortunately Newtown cracked that image, when a number of states successfully passed their own gun control laws with no major ill effects, to those who supported it, it got worse. That means the NRA needs the appearance of another major political victory, which is why they have to support trump.


  10. Sadly, I don’t see it getting any better any time soon…


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