Guest Post: Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Tomorrow Belongs To Me

by Pat Patterson

Originally posted here.

Two long and brilliantly fascinating comments:

1. I was talking with Tobiyah and Jennifer, my intelligent and VERY politically astute young (mid 20’s, early 30’s) black daughters the other night about the election,

AND I remembered my teen years, particularly 1968, the year I turned 15:

It seems to me that we didn’t HAVE ANY choices back then, from my perspective.

I voted for George McGovern on an absentee ballot the day they taught us how to fire Claymore mines (FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY) in Basic Training at Ft. Jackson (D-7-2). (He won Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.)

And then I reflected back a few more years to pre-teen years;the Bay of Pigs in 1961, the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and how we were traveling from Texas to Georgia on the old two lane roads, and the miles and miles of military convoys we had to pass.

And remembering movies like “Alas Babylon” (1960) and nightmares that the Russians were coming down the hallway to kill my baby sister, and the ‘duck and cover‘ exercises we had to practice in school, and the 1963 school civil defense school evacuation drills where we had to walk home in groups because you couldn’t count on the bus if the bombs dropped.

And I suppose I could add my experience as a young GI in Germany, knowing I was there to stop the tanks from rolling across the Fulda Gap; and walking across Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin in 1975 wearing my uniform and waving to the Soviets and East German troops.

And I concluded that we ain’t got nothing now that even comes close to being a problem, compared to then.

2. The second thought followed watching Donald Trump’s speech, after he received the endorsement of the NRA (I’m a Life Member), and listening to his rhetoric.

Casablanca858-xlargeRecently, the last living “Casablanca” actress, Madeleine LeBeau, passed away. When I heard that, I wanted to watch the scene of her crying as she sang “La Marseillaise;” and, after I did, I followed some links. That can sometimes lead to trouble, I know, but in this case, it just gave me occasion to listen to a couple of other WWII era songs, like the German paratrooper song, and the Horst Wessel song, and the apocryphal Hitler Youth song “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” (which isn’t from WWII, as it was written for the 1966 Broadway musical “Cabaret”); and then, the thought…

…the thought that I was wishing that I could be patriotic, and feel good about what Donald Trump says, without hearing (in my head) Adolf Hitler using some of the same type of rhetoric to gain leadership of Germany.

(S.A.H. :All we can do is pray and stand ready to defend our ideals.) A worthy addition to end.

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  1. I’m a bit confused. I was going to comment but I can’t tell what are your words and what are retelling of the two “long and brilliantly fascinating comments:”

    I also think I’m missing some context to your piece?


    1. The piece is a guest post. It starts below the line.


  2. Yes it does. When I said I could not distinguish between the authors comments and the “long and brilliantly fascinating comments:” I was referring to the author. Clearly not you 🙂


    1. I’m the author, and I refer to my own words when I say “brilliant and fascinating comments.” It’s a tongue-in-cheek thing I do.

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  3. I was much younger in 1968 so I guess I don’t remember the significance of the crappy choices we had then as opposed to the crappy choices we have now. To me it seems much worse now. Thing 1, or Thing 2…or some Libertarian guys who have some poorly formed ideas verging on something kind of brilliant, but as I said…poorly formed. I’m sticking with my original choice as a write in and keeping my conscience clear. The Angry Orange Man is picking up steam. I don’t want him to be president. Conversely, the Confused Granny is the worst thing that could happen. The Angry Hobbit has been mathematically eliminated for a long time (superdelegates anyone, and it’s Granny’s turn now dontcha know?). I just….can’t. The lesser of two evils is still evil. I will vote with my conscience or I will vote from the rooftops when the time comes.

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  4. A young man was complaining to his grandfather about how he wished there were three different parties to pick candidates from. The grandfather said “I just wish there was two.”

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  5. Sorry I’m late to the party, but there are even more ideas.

    The imagery is impossible to miss. More importantly, what is driving the Trump movement?

    It’s not just Obama and what he’s been doing, it’s the sum total of every President we’ve had starting with Reagan and culminating in Obama. (I’m considering the end of the Carter Admin as Point Zero.) Today’s politics, both the craziness on the Democrat side and the Trump phenomenon, is the net total from all their mistakes.

    Check it out, the changes add up and cascade.

    Reagan does mostly very well, but he also signed off on the first Illegal Alien amnesty. That started the groundswell that’s about to drown us in Syrian “refugees”.

    Bush I was better than his reputation, I actually miss him the most.

    Bill Clinton started an economic slide, but there was still a chance to recover. His backing of NAFTA and permanent Favoured Nation trading status for China encouraged a lot of businesses and money to relocate outside of the U.S. The porosity of the Southern border got a lot of news.

    Bush II saw 9/11 and launched a war in Iraq. I’m still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I really want to know why Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of war gasses was a threat to US. War stresses a society and the economy, you know the litany. Southern border gets more news when copies of the Koran are found in the camps of people illegally coming over our Southern border.

    Obama, the cherry on top of the turd. Takes a bad situation in Iraq that at least had had promise of stabilizing and trashes it. Dumps Mubarak and helps launch the Arab Spring, collapsing countries from Iraq to the Atlantic and also S.E. Asia. It wasn’t Arab Spring, it was the Militant Islamist Spring. The Iranians got a better deal from Obama than Stalin got from Roosevelt and Churchill.

    Domestically, he took what I think were the worst ideas of the Bush Admin and extended them: Bailouts and the very secret laws behind the FISA courts and Homeland Security. Liberals laughed and Reagan’s Trickle Down Economy, what’s Obama been doing with basically a zero percent Prime Rate? Who got the money? How’s your bank account, having an easy time making the house payment? What’s your credit card rate? If you’re worried about Fascist or Communistic rhetoric sounds like, consider these words: Homeland Security. Bush started it, Obama has made it gigantic. The biggest part of the joke is that they seem to look for everything except the Islamic Militants, some appearing “Moderate”, who are getting along with their war against us! Add Obamacare and your favorite pet peeves.

    Put it all together and it’s a lot of frustration, a lot of pressure that’s been building up for a few decades. It hasn’t been as bad as the Weimar Republic, but it’s been going on a long time and a lot of people have finally noticed. A few of Romney’s Low Information Voters finally got their heads out of their asses and they’re scared of extinction.

    That’s what’s driving the movement for Donald Trump.

    P.S. I remember Eisenhower and I was just finishing my morning break at school when I learned that Kennedy had been shot, I’ve seen a lot of U.S. politics.


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