Useless unions do what useless unions do

Useless unions threaten quality competition. Why? Because they protect worthless crap, and instead of encouraging higher quality, they merely intimidate anyone who threatens their turf.

Meet this fucknozzle Dave Westberg, the business manager for a union that represents the Seattle School District’s cafeteria workers.

Apparently the cafeteria workers are unhappy, because a church – in an effort to reach out to young people – has begun serving free pizza just off campus at Nathan Hale, Ingraham, and Roosevelt high schools once a week. Apparently it’s cutting into the cafeteria workers’ profits, because the students, instead of eating the slop barely fit for pigs that is dished out to them at most schools (y’all remember school lunches, right?), opt to get some yummy pizza instead.

“Last week we got a call from a union,” said [youth pastor Nick] Steinloski. “They said we were taking away a job, hours from employees at school in the kitchen because kids weren’t buying lunch.”

He says a union representative left a voice mail on the church’s answering machine claiming handing out free pizza was irresponsible and costing people who serve the food their livelihood, accusing the church of doing whatever it took to proselytize to the students.

“He said that if we stop serving them pizza, we would start serving them drugs,” said Steinloski. “I felt intimidated by that message.”

Enter this Westberg turd burglar, who confirmed he has complained to the church, because the free pizza is replacing roughly 500 purchased meals each week, and that is equal to 20 labor hours, and workers’ jobs are based on how many meals are sold. So, if they sell less slop, fewer workers will be needed to prepare said slop.

pizzaAnd instead of working to improve the putrefaction they serve kids in order to be competitive, Westberg and his union goons decided to threaten the church efforts to reach out to young people instead.

The intimidation worked, and Westberg and his thugs have successfully bullied the church into changing its schedule and serving free pizza after school instead, leaving the filth to serve the filth to the students without competition. Because if not… well, then they’ll picket!

Funny thing is that Nathan Hale High School allows students in 10-12th grades to go off campus for lunch anyway, so they go to local restaurants or home to get their meals, instead of paying money for dreck barely fit for human consumption. And the only kids really trapped in the in the prison of swill served by the union workers are freshmen. If I were them, I’d make sure I only brought lunch from home.

As I said, useless unions do what useless unions do. They protect their turf. They protect their revenue streams. They couldn’t give less of a flying rat’s infected testicle about food quality or the students. What they care about is having a captive customer base without competition, and without having to actually do the work to earn that customer base! They want a monopoly, and they’ve gotten it by using useless union intimidation tactics that are so commonplace among these ass felching fuckbats.

It’s not that they’re unfamiliar with the basic concept of “make better food, and the customers will buy it.” They just don’t want to make the effort to maintain their customers fairly. They’d rather use force to run the competition out of town.

You know what? If I was a kid, I’d give the union workers, Dave, and his goons the big, fat middle finger. I would boycott that cafeteria, and ensure I either went off campus to eat lunch, or simply brought my own from home. You want to threaten picket lines and intimidate the competition out of existence? You just lost any business you hoped to gain by force!

Fuck these kids! They’ll eat whatever slop we shovel at them, right Dave?

They still have choices, and I, for one, hope they exercise them to run you and your worthless, indolent labor out of that school district!


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  1. Oh, yes, institutional food.

    In Colorado we actually elect the CU board of Regents (the entire state electorate does, I mean, not just the student body). And sometimes the candidates actually come onto the campus to hear from students they would be overlording.

    I actually lobbied one candidate about the crappy dorm food.

    It did get better while I was there. You were allowed, in later years, to eat at any dorm, not just your own, and one dorm ALWAYS had hamburgers and pizza, so you had a fallback that didn’t involve paying for an outside meal, after you had already paid for dreck smeared-or-baked-onto kark.


  2. The congregation caved? Wow. When the world needs the Church to be a prophetic voice against tyranny, the so-called “leaders” cave in.

    Like four-day-old pizza crust.



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  3. A definite douchebag move. I’ve seen some complacent teachers (academic asshattery) in my time, and I picture unions of some sort are responsible for the tenure they enjoy.

    If I was a parent and got wind of that, I would pack my child a lunch and encourage other parents to do the same as a form of protest. I hate seeing a union bully another benign entity over something like that.


  4. I don’t understand this. When I was in grade school through high school, the food in the cafeterias was good.

    This is a typical meal that I remember from 4th grade: green beans, mashed potatoes & gravy, baked/roasted chicken (sliced up), biscuits and butter, apple brown betty (dessert) or an oatmeal cookie and a half pint of milk.
    That was four days a week, and on Fridays, we frequently got some kind of salmon loaf or casserole that was excellent. It was, in fact, so good that I looked forward to it and asked the kitchen ladies if they could give me the recipe to give to my mother, who was a VERY average cook. We never went hungry, we never had crappy food, and we could have seconds if we wanted them.
    Maybe my ‘nostalgia’ is based on the 1950s when people put real food on the trays instead of drek.
    I do know that in the late 1960s, the students at my university whose parents paid for their food were not getting what I would remotely call good food, because I ate there a couple of times. It was so bad I went to the Dean’s office over it, and the manager got fired eventually.
    It seems to me that, with the harping on food in public schools from the White House, the kids in these schools would get something decent to eat, but I guess most of the money goes to the union, not to the students – right?
    That’s disgusting.
    I don’t think that happens around here. The schools publish the weekly menus in the local paper.


    1. Shannon Skerrett

      Now the Michele Obama food plan is strictly followed in liberal school districts, food fit for a pig


  5. Ghost Rider 6

    All I can say is that it’s lucky such short-sightedness and heavy-handed behavior on the part of some unions has not driven a butt-load of US jobs overseas.

    There, do I win today’s prize for Sarcasm?


    1. Will you settle for the irony prize?

      I suppose you might even qualify for the coppery prize or the silvery prize.


  6. *shrug* pizza was on the menu when I Was a kid in school and presumably even in the age of the Obumfucks, still is.


    1. Baron von Cut-n-Paste

      If it’s anything like when I was in school, the word “pizza” might have been on the menu, but what it got you bore only tangential relation to the food you would expect.


  7. that being said. I almost invariably brought a sammich, and snack from home. bought milk from the cafeteria or soda from a machine. and ate my lunch in the library. I was a bullied introvert so I stayed as far the fuck away from most people as possible.


  8. I remember school lunches. I am pretty sure that they haven’t changed much since I went to skool back in the 50s and the 60s.

    I can attest that I have eaten better PRISON food than I ever ate in a school cafeteria, (and that is NOT an endorsement for prison food)

    But I think the union misses something here:

    While the school (and the union by extension) is providing a culinary CHOICE for their students, it is only a service, NOT a revenue stream or a guaranteed job position.

    MY mother seldom gave us money to buy lunch. She’d make our lunches from scratch. I can honestly count on two hands the number of times when I had to actually spend money at school to eat lunch. OVER A TWELVE YEAR PERIOD.

    In case you were wondering about how I know prison food is better than a school lunch?

    I used to be a psychologist in a few state and federal prisons over a ten year period.


    1. I am guessing you have reason to believe you weren’t getting a special meal.

      Of course, it’s likely prisoners helped prepare it–the cooks in this case would have to eat their own product, which would be incentivizing.

      Our college dorms actually had a pretty good menu–during the one week each semester that parents were explicitly encouraged to visit.


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