I thought you wanted gender equality, ladies!

Guess what, femitards! Words have meaning, and gender equality means just that. It means your little groups and clubs get the same treatment as fraternities and other gender-specific organizations on campus.

Oh, that’s not what you wanted? Gosh, that’s too bad!

If Harvard is going to purge itself of sex-segregated institutions like fraternities, so too must they eliminate sororities and women’s-only clubs.

And the women don’t want that.


So if you must believe the male-only clubs encourage rape, then you must also accept the conclusion that these women’s clubs foster an environment where women are more likely to be rape victims. And if you think that is bullshit, you have to toss the entire study.

But coeds at Harvard don’t see it that way. They want to preserve their little clubs while telling the men to stop being so damned sexist.

Feminist_Rape_Protest_HarvardI said this a long time ago, and I’ll say it here. These women (and I use that word loosely, because some of them bear a strong resemblance to shrieking warthogs) don’t want equality. They don’t want to be treated the same as men, because if they were, they would weep crocodile tears and demand exemptions.

Oh, wait! They already do!

Students and alumni took their concerns to Harvard Yard and Twitter on Monday night, protesting the administration’s new policy and asking for women’s groups to be exempted. Many women expressed a need for safe spaces and wondered why they were being treated the same as the dominant and more-problematic male groups.

Why? Because equal treatment means just that. If Harvard is going to put an end to single-gender social clubs, it has to apply that policy equally. Or did Harvard not teach these… ladies… what equality means?

These women don’t want personal empowerment.

They don’t want equal treatment.

If they really wanted to stop rape on campus, they would demand the ability to carry a self defense tool such as a firearm at school.

But that’s not what they’re demanding, and they screech in outrage and clutch their collective pearls at the very suggestion.

Instead they want the forcible shutdown of any organization that consists of men, as if somehow that would stop a determined rapist.

They want to shut down male groups with the full force of the university standing behind them, because it provides the illusion that they somehow have power over men.

They miss the irony of having mommy and daddy college slapping the evil boys for them, even as they claim to be independent, strong feminists.

I hate the fact that they have hijacked the “feminist” label! No longer is a feminist a free-thinking, powerful, intelligent woman able to protect herself and her loved ones when needed and to advance her intellectual, career, and personal goals on a level playing field.

obey trigglyA scantily-dressed, 300-lb., unshaven, unwashed parody of a woman with rainbow hair, freakish piercings, and an attitude of entitlement has now become the avatar of feminism. An entitled Trigglypuff, demanding everyone else worship her inadequacies and hand her respect because of, not in spite of them.

Today’s feminist doesn’t want to become a stronger person. She is content with being a sad, miserable mediocrity and is empowered not by hard work, but by stomping on the rights of others like a rampaging buffalo.

She doesn’t measure achievement by how high she can climb using her own effort, but by how successful she is at keeping the competition down using force provided by others.

She wants to be handed things without bothering to earn them, she doesn’t respect the rights of others, and she wants to forcibly impose her views on them by limiting their right to speak and associate freely, as if her precious feelings obligate others to surrender their freedoms.

She doesn’t want equality. She wants special treatment, and she wants the world to advance her desires by turning reality on its head by affirming and genuflecting in front of her flaws and deficiencies, instead of working to overcome them.

Equality is parity. It’s fairness. It’s a level playing field.

It’s certainly not the erection of barriers to help the inadequate feel better about themselves.

Maybe it’s time these entitled Snowflakes learn that lesson.


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  1. All of the SJW types keep screeching about wanting a ‘level playing field’ while simultaneously demanding special treatment for their pet cause.


    1. “Level playing field.” I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.

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  2. They also don’t understand the distinction between parity and (self) parody.


  3. Clearly, the objective of the Female Chauvinist Pig (FCP) movement, has never been equality. It’s been the destruction and demotion of male institutions, so that female exclusivity could be elevated to a place of primacy.

    It really is amusing — in a bleak way — watching the FCPs have a conniption, now that their daughters might have to register for the draft, and the bringing-down of male environments necessitates (for the sake of fairness) the bringing-down of female environments.

    In saner times, men and women both understood that having male and female environments not only made sense, it was a necessary aspect of both human nature — no society has ever not had both male and female-focused environments — and civilization.

    The FCPs want to have their cake, and eat it too.

    The FCPs may have to learn (the hard way) what equality actually means.

    Be careful what you wish for. Indeed.

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    1. Clearly, the objective of the Female Chauvinist Pig (FCP) bowel movement.


      Sorry, Brad, I couldn’t resist. I have a streak of juvenile in me today!

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      1. They (FCPs) can’t eat their cake. Trigglypuff got there first and killed it. The icing went first.

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    2. The best part about it is, they threw away the main reason why women and children were traditionally protected BY men in the West and other ‘paternal’ societies, and not forced into war or drafted into the military for combat: the fact that women are the childbearers, the child rearers, who are meant to be the continuance of society and the renewal of the people.

      Y’know, the heart of a nation, a culture, a family.

      Instead, feminists look down and sneer on motherhood, have a hatred toward children, indeed, have a hatred toward anything that makes them look selflessly beyond themselves and their concerns.

      Along the same vein of no longer allowing single-sex exclusive clubs: If impending fatherhood is no excuse for a man to be removed from deployment or active duty, then, by extension, motherhood is no impediment. Especially since these same screeching retards for ‘my body my choice, me me me’ have pushed for abortion to be acceptable for ‘any reason’ then abortion will eventually be pushed as a valid procedure to send a woman to the battlefield, no matter how far along she is, so that she may fulfill, without impediment, her State declared obligations.

      And yes, that’s a horrifying idea, especially to someone like myself, to be forced to have abortions no matter the gestational age, but when the head of the Royal Midwives College in the UK also has ties to a pro-abortion group and is actively pushing an irrational “if this happens then this must also happen”: namely if the UK leaves the EU, then abortion must become legal throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy, with no logical nor medical rationale behind it… why shouldn’t I think this will eventually happen? The Left values not at all life. When you push for the State to enforce the ‘things you want’ then the State, on that same vein, has the ability to enforce the things the State considers MUST HAPPEN OR IS WANTED OR NEEDED, regardless of whether or not it is correct, just, fair or right to do so, because ‘wants’ have superseded morality.

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  4. Hehehe, they’re ‘getting’ equality not that they ever wanted THAT… 🙂


  5. Ghost Rider 6

    As long as college and university boards and administrators continue to coddle and cater to them, they have no incentive to behave like responsible, intelligent adult citizens. I’d like to think they will learn their lessons when they get out into The Real World. But too many institutions and businesses out here seem to be becoming just as bad.

    I’m just glad I’m not in college today and having to put up with their specious bullshit.


  6. The Prez told the graduation class at Rutgers not to be fragile and turn someone off because it might offend their sensibilities. It’s at the end of the speech at

    I guess even he can’t deal with Trigglypuffers


    1. Ghost Rider 6

      Well, after 22 years of self-esteem nurturing, participation ribbons, and being treated as Special Snowflakes, good luck with getting them to do that.


  7. It’s not just the girls who expect to be treated as special snowflakes. I hear plenty of such stories about young “men” in college as well. My daughter is a newly minted college Professor, in a STEM field. There seems to be a contingent of both sexes who believe they should get good grades despite learning nothing and making no effort to seek help during her office hours.

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    1. Not surprising, unfortunately. Entitled snowflakes everywhere.


    2. I saw a few like that back in Engineering school in the late 1970’s. Mostly blacks who could not hack the work whining they needed special exemptions because racism. Back then we pointed and laughed until they slunk off in humiliation. Nowdays, I guess we’d be thrown out of school for being insensitive racist white privileged patriarchs.


  8. I don’t think I could identify precisely the sources of all my thoughts about Life, the Universe, and Everything, but whatever my sources, I conclude that civilization exists ONLY to provide for well-being the very young. Anything that enhances that has a value of 1, everything else has a value of 0. As a direct factor, the well-being of women of child-bearing years has a value of 1. As providers of childcare and the repository of wisdom, the well-being of elders has a value of 1. Harley vs. Honda, hair length, 9 mm or .45 ACP, and expensive whiskey? All have a value of 0.
    We need to keep enough able bodied men around to fight the wars, kill the tigers, plant the corn, and get the women pregnant, but the rest of them can go explore until they are eaten by a T-Rex.
    I’m sorry, but that’s just the way I feel. I’m 63 years old, fat, crippled and have three college degrees. Feel free to change my mind; I have nothing else to do.

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  9. Oh, dear me. Shades of the 1960s-1970s, when being a feminist meant standing on your own two feet, unafraid. It didn’t mean drawing attention to yourself like some screaming 4-year-old throwing a tantrum at the grocery store because Mommy says ‘NO’ to another box of Choco Crunchies when there are still FIVE boxes on the pantry shelves at home.

    I have not heard the term ‘chauvinist pig’ applied to anyone in so long, it gave me a flashback!

    If these twatwaffles want to live in a world without men, then give them their own planet with no means of escape.

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    1. Aren’t there some islands we could rename Paradise Island to con the fools into moving to their Amazonian paradise? Without, y’know, the lovely benefits of the patriarch’s world, like tools, technology, machine woven cloth… antibiotics…

      I avoided the tantrums by involving the kids – both the boyo and the lass- in the household-supply keeping, and not tolerating those tantrums at all. When I get ‘why’ I tell them that it’s so they know how to take care of themselves when they live on their own.


  10. It’s actually sort of fun, watching their own Cloward/Piven monster overtake them.

    Here in L.A., the Uber Liberal Hollywood Liberals are getting a roasting over gender and racial discrimination.

    All of it is the logical end of the Liberal’s illogical policies. Ultimately, they just don’t work.

    Our social conventions developed over thousands of years of human development. Our country is the result of some brilliant minds who lived around 300 years ago. They were the most forward thinking men of their millennium. They built on the social conventions of over a thousand years of Judeo/Christian philosophy.

    In more recent times, modifying or eliminating the extreme parts (e.g. slavery, Jim Crow) is generally considered good, but trashing the entire structure leaves nothing but trash.

    Family, common values, polite social conventions, a basic honest respect for the other guy, these are the things that hold a society together. God and faith work pretty well in that mix too, I’m just want to make sure the Secularists and Atheists see it works either way.

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